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The social software called “WeChat” has very high usage here.
Basically, everyone who knows each other in reality will add each other as friends on WeChat.

But why… Zhou Wei and Jiang Dao are obviously newcomers from the same company, and have participated in the draft together, but they’re not WeChat friends yet?

Whether Zhou Wei was too shy, or whether the original owner Jiang Dao was too narrow-minded, was impossible to verify.

Jiang Dao touched his pocket and found that the phone was not on his body, so he smiled apologetically to Zhou Wei: “My phone is in the room, I’ll go back and get it.”

Zhou Wei immediately said, “Let’s go together, I’ll go back too.”

The two walked side by side.
When they came to the door of the room where Jiang Dao stayed, they happened to meet Tang Yao coming out of Chu Yinlong’s room next door.

“Yo, why did you two come back together?” Tang Yao greeted them with a smile.
“Doesn’t Weiwei live downstairs?”

“He forgot his phone in the room, I came with him to add a friend.” Zhou Wei didn’t hide it at all.

Hearing this, Tang Yao smiled: “That’s right, why don’t we also add each other, Xiao Dao?”

After speaking, he turned his head and called out to Chu Yinlong: “Brother Long, you too!”

Jiang Dao: …

He just went out for a few laps.
How did he become so popular all of a sudden?

He knew Chu Yinlong was paying attention to him inexplicably, but why is Tang Yao here to join in the fun?

“Go, get your phone, we’ll wait for you.”

Seeing Jiang Dao standing still, Tang Yao urged with a smile.

Helpless, Jiang Dao had no choice but to enter the room to get his mobile phone, and addZhou Wei, Tang Yao, and Chu Yinlong to his contacts list.
Tang Yao then took Zhou Wei away with satisfaction and returned to the floor where the remaining guests and staff stayed.

Jiang Dao ignored Chu Yinlong who was still standing by the door, went back to his room, and closed the door.

When Jiang Dao came out of the shower, he found that Zhu Yao had wrapped up the dinner party and was calling on the balcony of his room.

After listening to a few words at random, Jiang Dao judged that the upper management of the company should have assigned another artist to Zhu Yao, and asked him to temporarily focus on that newcomer.

Jiang Dao slouched into the armchair beside the bed and ruffled his hair with a towel.

“Okay, I understand.
En, don’t worry.”

Zhu Yao quickly ended the call, hung up the phone, and sighed.

Jiang Dao wiped his hair and asked casually, “Is there anything you need me for?”

He and Zhu Yao did not live in the same room, but as an agent, Zhu Yao had another room card.
His presence here at this time should not be for small talk.

Zhu Yao frowned and looked at Jiang Dao: “Put your clothes on.”

Jiang Dao looked down at himself, stretched out his hand to close the open bathrobe, and fastened his belt.

Zhu Yao’s face was expressionless: “I asked you to change into pajamas! Don’t dress like this.
If someone comes to you, will you open the door naked?”

“How am I naked?” Jiang Dao defended.
“I’m wearing underwear and a robe.”

Zhu Yao was silent, and finally restrained himself from cursing.

“I received a notice from the company just now that ‘Taoyuan Dreamland’ invites you to participate in the recording.
It will be a two-day and three-night trip on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of next month.The popularity of this show is very high, and the opportunity is good, do you want to go?”

Jiang Dao was surprised: “You didn’t agree directly?”

He thought that Zhu Yao would be fully responsible for all his work arrangements.

Zhu Yao pushed his glasses: “I should have agreed for you, but I always feel that something is not right.
A show with this kind of reputation and popularity took the initiative to invite you… To be honest, your current status and works are not enough for them to pay attention to you.”

Hearing what he said, Jiang Dao understood.

It was probably Chu Yinlong who recommended him, which is why the variety show would issue an invitation to him.

He didn’t expect it to be so quick.

Thinking of the conversation in the afternoon, Jiang Dao asked: “How much money does this show give?”

Zhu Yao: …

Jiang Dao said again: “If they give more money, go.
If they give less money, forget it.”

Zhu Yao couldn’t bear it any longer: “You go for me! Even if you go for free, you still have to go to this show!”

Hearing this gnashing tone, Jiang Dao was delighted: “Then why do you still ask me?”

“I’m just worried that you promised something behind my back that shouldn’t be promised.” Zhu Yao said lightly.
“But looking at you like this, determined to retire, I estimate that you will not rush to do such a thing.”

Jiang Dao pouted, who cares.

Zhu Yao reminded again: “It’s best not to have any scandals.
Even if there are seniors who are willing to support you, you should pay attention to yourself.”

Jiang Dao looked at Zhu Yao solemnly: “Don’t worry.”

After a few more words, Zhu Yao left Jiang Dao’s room.

Jiang Dao casually left the wet towel on the back of the armchair, took off his bathrobe, threw himself on the bed wearing only his underwear, and rolled around while hugging the soft bedding.

Record a variety show, then record a variety show.

After filming today’s variety show, he figured he finally understood the basics of filming.

Compared to the battles he has experienced, this job is too simple for him.
It is almost too easy to make money.

If so, why not do it?


Hahaha – Love the interaction with JD & the agent.

Agent: There’s this thing…

JD: What about it?

Agent: Want it?

JD: Haven’t you already decided for me?

Agent: F*CK!

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1as in not paying attention to seniority or hierarchy.
Almost disrespectful2add a friend or add friends is a literal translation of how people in Chinese talk about adding friends/contacts to their phone/social media

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