t the airport.
Chu Yinlong and Jiang Dao entered the waiting room from the VIP channel in a very low-key manner, and quickly boarded the plane.

For the previous filming of “Come on, Eat!”, Jiang Dao sat in business class.
This time, traveling with Chu Yinlong, Longqi Entertainment bought first class tickets for both of them.

Jiang Dao curiously lowered the seat, and tutted his mouth: “You can lie down and sleep…”

People in the book world really can enjoy life.
Even traveling is so comfortable.

Chu Yinlong’s seat was right next to Jiang Dao.
Seeing Jiang Dao lounging in the seat, he couldn’t help smiling: “Go to sleep if you’re sleepy, it takes four hours to fly there.”

“I’m not sleepy…” Jiang Dao closed his eyes, laying back on the half-lowered seat.
“But I really haven’t slept well recently.”

“What? Too busy with work?” Chu Yinlong asked.

“I’m not busy, I actually have nothing to do.” Jiang Dao closed his eyes and muttered in a low voice.
“It’s just that the surroundings are too quiet at night, and I can’t sleep well.”

Hearing this, Chu Yinlong shot him a strange glance: “The environment is too quiet, so you can’t sleep well?”

Jiang Dao let out an “en”, dragging the lazy nasally sound.
“Very strange?”

Chu Yinlong: “It’s very strange.”

The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and Jiang Dao replied faintly, “It’s not serious.
I can sleep enough to make up for it during the day.”

Otherwise, even if he didn’t care about having two dark circles under his eyes every day, Zhu Yao would be furious.

At this time, Chu Yinlong’s assistant came over with a tablet and whispered something in Chu Yinlong’s ear.
Chu Yinlong took the tablet and immersed himself in business.

Jiang Dao didn’t speak again, shrank his shoulders, and changed to a more comfortable angle to nest in the seat.

After Chu Yinlong dealt with the matter at hand, he told the assistant a few more words, and when he turned back, he found that Jiang Dao had actually fallen asleep.

Through the curtain, he looked at the flight attendants who were constantly walking in the business class at the back.
Hearing the noise coming from the passengers boarding in economy class, his eyebrows raised involuntarily as he turned back to look at Jiang Dao, who was sleeping soundly.

Jiang Dao slept well during this nap.

He didn’t wake up until the plane was about to take off and the stewardess came to remind him to put away his seat and fasten his seat belt.
He stretched out, and was refreshed.

Soon, the plane taxied, took off, and rushed into the sky.

After enjoying a lunch on the plane, Jiang Dao flattened his seat again and took a good nap amid the rumble of the engine.

At 3:50 in the afternoon, the plane arrived in Jiashi3city name.

The commercial car of the Taoyuan Dreamland program team was already waiting for them, and had already picked up Mu Zhixing who came from Lushi4another city.

Seeing Mu Zhixing, Chu Yinlong nodded and greeted: “Director Mu.”

Putting down the cup in his hand, Mu Zhixing  nodded to Chu Yinlong, and then quickly turned his eyes to Jiang Dao who was following Chu Yinlong.

Jiang Dao looked over, and the moment he met Mu Zhixing’s gaze, he straightened his body unconsciously.

Although, Zhu Yao took him to learn about the director’s life and preferences after knowing he was also a guest on the show, at this moment of meeting, Jiang Dao had a clearer understanding of Mu Zhixing—this person is not easy to deal with.

“Are you Xiao Dao?” Mu Zhixing asked with a smile, “Hello, I’m Mu Zhixing.”

“Hello!” Jiang Dao immediately put on a look of surprise and awe, “Ji… uh, jiu yang!”5jiu yang is a very polite/respectful (also more old fashioned) greeting that vaguely means “I’ve heard about your respected name for a long time and am glad to have finally met”

Director Mu was at a loss and flattered, but shook his head with a smile: “Acting skills are not good enough, little guy.”

He is over fifty with gray hair, and saying “little guy” was quite appropriate.
It also made him seem kinder.

Jiang Dao was slightly startled.

Looking at Director Mu for a moment, he also smiled.

“The agent said that I should be in awe of my seniors.”

Since he couldn’t deceive the other party’s sharp eyes, Jiang Dao simply stopped pretending: “But I don’t think you are fierce, and am not afraid… But I have watched your movies and interviews, and truly respect you.”

While talking, he found a place to sit down at will, and the crampedness just now disappeared.

“Oh? You’ve watched my movies?” Mu Zhixing asked with a smile.
“Which one is your favorite?”

“My favorite…” Jiang Dao thought for a while and replied, “Homecoming.”

Upon hearing his answer, not only was Mu Zhixing surprised, but Chu Yinlong also looked over in surprise.

“Really?” Mu Zhixing glanced at Chu Yinlong, and asked Jiang Dao with a smile.
“Don’t just pick a movie we worked on together to make us happy.”

“That’s not true, “Han Xiao”  is also a collaboration between you and Teacher Chu, and it’s also a war themed film.
But I don’t quite understand it,” Jiang Dao said bluntly.
“As for “Homecoming”… those war scenes… are very real, and moved me.

Mu Zhixing’s eyes fell on Jiang Dao’s face, and was silent for a long time.

“Dishonest little guy.” In the end, he shook his head with a smile.
“You haven’t seen war, so how do you know if it’s real or not?”


Author has a habit of naming the chapter title based on the last sentence/paragraph in the chapter.

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1Another nickname for Chu Yinlong.
Basically calling him little baby Long2KDL is ‘net slang for “I just saw / heard / read something cryptic that proves how sweet-in-love my ship is, omfg!”3city name4another city5jiu yang is a very polite/respectful (also more old fashioned) greeting that vaguely means “I’ve heard about your respected name for a long time and am glad to have finally met”

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