from the position of the voice, he was the other person chasing Yi Bailu.

Jiang Dao rushed forward with his sword in hand.

Lu Yun turned around and ran away shouting, “Who is it? Who is it? Who killed Xiao Tang so quickly?!”

With such a shout, Jiang Dao didn’t even have to recall his height.
He chased after him and stabbed Lu Yun on the back of the head.

Voiceover: “Lu Yun, OUT!”

Outside the field, Tang Yao, who took off his blindfold, was shocked.
“Xiao Dao is so fierce? Killing god, killing god…”

Lu Yun couldn’t wait to leave the arena, so he took his blindfold, pretending to be shocked, and shouting exaggeratedly in a stage tone: “It turned out to be you, Xiao Dao! We’ll settle this later.
If I can only eat salted duck eggs this time, I will buy two boxes of salted duck eggs and send them to your house!”

Jiang Dao tilted his head slightly.
After listening, he thought about it, and said, “That’s fine.”

It just so happened that he hasn’t eaten salted duck eggs yet, so it’s a good idea to give it a try.

Lu Jun got angry and stabbed Jiang Dao’s chest twice with his inflatable sword, scolding while laughing, “Still so obedient after killing me, I’m talking to you!”

When Lu Yun left the field, the “beeping” sounds in the field obviously became much weaker.

Anxious, Zhou Wei ran around in the field, shouting aggrievedly: “Why so fast! I’m the only one left? Brother Yao and Brother Lu are both out?”

Nearby, Jiang Dao curled the corner of his mouth, strode forward, and raised his sword to “kill”.

Unexpectedly, his movements were blocked by someone.

Chu Yinlong’s voice sounded, with a faint smile: “Don’t be too serious, we’re recording a show.
Let Bailu and Weiwei PK first.”

Jiang Dao was puzzled for a while.

Chu Yinlong leaned close to Jiang Dao’s ear and lowered his voice: “It’s just a game, let some water out so it looks good for the recording.”

Jiang Dao: …

No wonder Chu Yinlong didn’t solve Zhou Wei after so long.
He was even wondering if this game was really that difficult.
It turns out that everyone didn’t fight seriously in order to make the program look good?

Forget the others, since Chu Yinlong can stop him accurately, he is obviously able to defend himself well.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Dao couldn’t help muttering: “I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

In the next second, a short and deep laugh came from his ear.

“Don’t worry,” After laughing, Chu Yinlong said, “We can win.”

In the field, without the pressure brought by Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong, Yi Bailu and Zhou Wei kept exchanging blows and beeps.
The fight was evenly matched-either he missed or she didn’t hit.
The two kept spinning in circles, two inflatable swords waving in the air, at most only touching each other’s arms and shoulders.

When he felt that it was enough.
Chu Yinlong patted Jiang Dao’s back lightly with his inflatable sword.
“Go, solve Zhou Wei.”

Jiang Dao curled the corner of his mouth, not liking the feeling of being ordered by a stranger.

However, he wouldn’t complain.
Following the beeps that kept ringing on the field, he headed in Zhou Wei and Yi Bailu’s direction.

At this moment, Yi Bailu screamed in surprise.

Immediately, the recording team announced, “Yi Bailu, OUT!”

Jiang Dao didn’t even pause, and chased in the direction Zhou Wei fled.

Off the field, Lu Yun smiled and found fault: “Why is Xiao Dao so accurate! He can definitely see! Who put the blindfold on him? Are they cheating?”

Yi Bailu raised her hand to take off the blindfold and smiled.
“Brother Lu, let me tell you about popular science.
There is a creature in this world called a bat.
They don’t need to use their eyes to see, and can accurately identify the surrounding situation with sound!”

Lu Yun snorted arrogantly, and put the shoes back on, stomping hard around the ring, creating a series of beeps.

In the field, Jiang Dao’s footsteps paused slightly, as if he was disturbed by the noise outside the field.

Tang Yao smiled and shook his head.
“Brother Lu really has a childish innocence.”

Yi Bailu was depressed: “He’s obviously making trouble.
You make him sound good!”

In the end, Zhou Wei was blocked in the corner.

Zhou Wei was also smart.
He leaned over and knelt down with his inflatable sword in his arms, trying to use his knees and hands to shift positions to avoid the harsh beeping of the special shoes.
Coupled with the assistance of Lu Yun off the field, he was about to escape successfully from the attack of Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong.

However, the two opponents he encountered were not ordinary people.

Chu Yinlong turned his head slightly.
After listening carefully for about two seconds, the inflatable sword in his hand suddenly fell down and in front of Zhou Wei’s shoulder.

Feeling the impact on shoulder, Zhou Wei subconsciously took a breath and quickly ducked aside.

The next moment, Jiang Dao’s inflatable sword gently tapped on Zhou Wei’s forehead, impartial, neither light nor heavy.

“Zhou Wei, OUT!”

“The second challenge, the red team wins!”

The recording team ruthlessly announced the result.

“Win.” Chu Yinlong pulled off the blindfold and looked at Jiang Dao.
“The second dish, what do you want to eat?”

Jiang Dao also pulled off the blindfold and let the pink fluffy rabbit hang around his neck.
After thinking about it, he replied, “Let’s eat chicken.”1吃鸡 or ‘eat chicken’ is a meme from PUBG: ’大吉大利,晚上吃鸡’ aka ‘Winner, winner, chicken dinner’

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw everyone, from the players to the staff, look at him with inexplicably strange eyes.


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1吃鸡 or ‘eat chicken’ is a meme from PUBG: ’大吉大利,晚上吃鸡’ aka ‘Winner, winner, chicken dinner’

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