coughed lightly, turned around and said to the recording team: “The second dish, we want Huaishan roast chicken.”

Then he turned his back to Jiang Dao.
The corners of his mouth couldn’t help turning up into a small smile.

The director was silent for a moment, then sighed.
“Just now, the question and answer, let’s refilm it.”

Although it is a variety show and pays less attention to ‘reality’, there are some things that can’t be said.
Even if a guest did not intend to cause this effect, such things may not be acceptable when submitted.

Thinking of this, the director emphasized to Jiang Dao: “Remember to say the name of the dish in a while.
The full name is ‘Huaishan Roasted Chicken’, don’t be too brief.”

Jiang Dao was quite sensitive to the atmosphere, vaguely feeling he said something problematic when everyone’s faces changed.
Hearing the director’s emphasis at this time, he instantly understood where the problem was, and he couldn’t help laughing out loud.

After cooperating with Chu Yinlong to re-record the question and answer, the red team got another token with the words “Huaishan Roast Chicken”.

During the intermission, Yi Bailu laughed and went to Chu Yinlong’s side to gloat over the misfortune.
“If we win all the dishes, won’t Brother Yao and Weiwei be miserable? They can only eat mustard and salted duck eggs at noon, hehe…”

Seeing the camera beside him recording, Chu Yinlong followed her meaning and replied casually: “Can’t help it, we are too strong.”

Yi Bailu nodded: “Yes, it is fortunate that we have Brother Long.”

Chu Yinlong smiled and looked at Jiang Dao: “Xiao Dao is also very strong, it’s a surprise.”

After a pause, he asked, “What other variety shows has Xiao Dao recorded? Or, what works?”

Jiang Dao was originally savoring the fragrance of food wafting in the hall, and wondering in his heart when he would be able to eat.
Hearing the sudden question, his mind was blank for a moment.

After being at a loss, he thought about it carefully.
When he read this book back then, although the villain Jiang Dao was everywhere, there was almost no description about his origin and works.
The focus was on how he robbed Zhou Wei’s role as soon as he appeared, then fawned over Tang Yao in variety shows, and later made a scene in the online drama crew…

The original book gave too little information, which caused Jiang Dao to be unable to say what works he had.

Fortunately, even if he didn’t pay attention to himself, someone still paid attention.

Tang Yao leaned in at this time and interjected with a smile: “Xiao Dao and Weiwei were selected from the same talent show.
Although neither of them were able to form a group, they were lucky enough to be remembered by the audience.”

After speaking, he looked at Jiang Dao.
“You and Weiwei belong to the same company.
Can you really bear him eating pickles and salted duck eggs at noon? Would you like to release some water2as in go easy on them in the third round?”

Jiang Dao: …

“You already have two dishes.” Tang Yao continued, “Give the third one to us?”

Before waiting for Jiang Dao to answer, he added: “You gave Weiwei yogurt in the morning.
I see you’ve been taking good care of him, so you will also give us languocai in a while, right?”

“No.” Jiang Dao ruthlessly refused.

No one can make him voluntarily give up the food he is about to get.

Not even Zhou Wei, the protagonist of this book.

Tang Yao smiled helplessly, turned his head and shouted at Zhou Wei: “Weiwei, are you sure that Xiao Dao is my fan? You asked me to intercede, but I don’t think it would work.”

On the opposite side, Zhou Wei frowned and looked suspiciously over at Jiang Dao.

Seeing Zhou Wei’s look, Jiang Dao suddenly remembered.

Yes, it seems to be mentioned once in the novel that “Jiang Dao’s eyes are not right when he looks at Tang Yao”, and he always “revolves around Tang Yao” when recording variety shows.

However, these things were not emphasized in the book later, so he didn’t have much of an impression.

Given this, it makes sense why Jiang Dao, the villain in the novel, keeps targeting Zhou Wei.

Seeing that the recording crew also came to join in the fun, Tang Yao smiled and said to the camera, “Don’t think Weiwei is small, he has a lot of heart, and doesn’t want to beg for mercy himself, so he said Xiao Dao was my fan and lied to me to get me to beg for mercy.”

After being slapped in the face by Jiang Dao and questioned by Tang Yao, Zhou Wei was naturally eager to prove himself: “No! When we participated in the draft together, he said he was your fan, and even showed us photos of you collected in his mobile phone!”

Hearing this, Jiang Dao was horrified.

The album on his mobile phone is full of Tang Yao?

He crossed over two days ago, and hasn’t had time to sort out the original owner’s photo album… Maybe, Zhou Wei really is right.

“Are you really a fan of Brother Yao?” Yi Bailu looked at Jiang Dao in surprise.
“I can’t see it at all.”

“You’re too calm as a fan!” Lu Yun also came to join in the fun.
“Aren’t you excited to record a variety show with your idol? You were the first to knock him out in the second round!”

Jiang Dao: …

He just subconsciously took care of the most threatening one first.

“What are you thinking?” Even Chu Yinlong couldn’t help teasing him: “You really don’t plan to release water to your idol?”

“I,” Jiang Dao was speechless, and finally decided to tell the truth in a certain way, “I think, nothing is more important than eating.
If it’s another reward, then fine.
But food, not possible.”

Hearing this, Lu Yun’s face was full of respect, and he gave Jiang Dao a thumbs up.

Lu Yun laughed and said to the camera: “See, Xiao Dao is conscious he’s here to record Eat! When you edit it, just put three big words on top of Xiao Dao’s head – Come.

Jiang Dao: …

After the chaotic slapstick break, the ten-minute break was over.

After the guests finished their makeup, they were brought back to the outdoor challenge area.
The layout completely changed once again.

In the field, instead of the previous two stakes, there were two rings about the height of one person.
The rings are connected by four horizontal bars, and shafts are installed on both sides.
When the ring rotates, the four horizontal bars will sweep down in turn, about ten centimeters above the ground.

“Footwork, I understand.” Chu Yinlong smiled helplessly, “Isn’t this equivalent to skipping rope?”

“The principle is actually the same.” Tang Yao echoed, “But I don’t think that with the director’s habit, the activity will not be so simple.”

As expected, they heard the voiceover announce:

”The third round of challenge, footwork.”

“All three players in each group enter the rotating mechanism at the same time in this challenge.
During the challenge, the legs of each player will be tied to their fellow team members.
The mechanism will rotate at an accelerated rate over time.
Once a player touches the mechanism, the challenge will be considered a failure.
The team that persists for a longer time wins and will get the last dish.
Those who fail…”

“The losing team’s punishment does not need to be said,” Lu Yun interrupted the director.
“The losing team eats salted duck eggs!”

The crowd responded with giggling laughter.

This challenge is actually a test of teamwork.
Similar to two-person three-legged running, this activity is a three-person, four-legged contest based on the speed of the mechanism’s rotation.
If they’re not careful, they’ll hit the pole and fail.

“Bailu, stand in the middle.” After receiving the rope from the staff, Chu Yinlong said, “Xiao Dao is about the same height as me, so it’s balanced if we stand on the outsides.”

“Okay.” Yi Bailu happily agreed, smiling.
“Hugging two handsome guys left and right, I’m a winner in life!”

Jiang Dao didn’t care about this, took a rope from Chu Yinlong’s hand, and leaned over to tie his leg to Yi Bailu’s.

Who knows, halfway through the tie, he suddenly heard Chu Yinlong ask: “Xiao Dao… Where did you learn this binding method?”

Jiang Dao turned his head, only to see Chu Yinlong looking at him with a strange expression on his face.

After a moment of silence, Jiang Dao asked, “Isn’t it okay to tie it like this?”

Chu Yinlong chuckled softly, “It’s too sturdy, it won’t work.
It’s better to use a single loop to bind it, leaving some room for movement.
Otherwise, if the cooperation is not good, if the two people fall in different directions, using your tying method will hurt the joints.”

Indeed this made sense.
Jiang Dao nodded, removed the rope, and learned Chu Yinlong’s method and tied it again.

Chu Yinlong looked at Jiang Dao with a faint smile in his eyes.

After tying their legs, Yi Bailu suggested they take a few steps and try it out.
In order to keep her balance while walking, she stretched out her arms and wrapped around the waists of Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong respectively.

Jiang Dao couldn’t help frowning when someone suddenly touched his waist.

This feeling…he didn’t like it.

But, it doesn’t make sense.

During the first round of challenges, he and Chu Yinlong were stuck together, and he even hugged Chu Yinlong, not only did he feel no discomfort, but he was rather greedy.

How could Yi Bailu just touch his waist, but his mind kept rolling with the idea of ​​kicking people into the air?

“Get ready, go!” Yi Bailu ordered, and began to try to move around.

Jiang Dao came back to his senses, but he didn’t keep pace for a while, and staggered.

Chu Yinlong reached out and grabbed Jiang Dao to help him stabilize his center of gravity.

“What’s the matter? This cooperation…” Halfway through speaking, he suddenly changed his words.
“Forget it, come on, you also embrace Bai Lu’s shoulders, so that you can be more stable.”

Although Jiang Dao didn’t really want to touch Yi Bailu, in order to win the challenge and taste the food, this discomfort can still be overcome.
He was not pretentious, and put his hand on Yi Bailu’s shoulder.
Immediately, Chu Yinlong’s arm overlapped his and landed on Yi Bailu’s other shoulder.

Across the two thin layers of fabric, the body temperature slowly passed between the overlapping limbs, and the muscles of Chu Yinlong’s arm gently pressed Jiang Dao’s arm.

This time, Jiang Dao felt that the touch was no longer annoying.
It even seemed to have relieved the uncomfortable feeling of being touched on his waist a lot.

After the three of them tried a few steps while shouting the rhythm, and gradually grasped the key to cooperation, the recording team announced the start of the challenge, with the temporarily leading red team playing first.

The three of Jiang Dao came to the rotating mechanism side by side and stood up, and the mechanism was quickly opened.

At first, the rotation speed of the mechanism was not fast.
After they safely crossed the three horizontal bars, they discovered a problem that they had not considered:

“No, we can’t go forward.” Jiang Dao frowned, “Just lift your foot and let the pole go over it, you can’t take a step.
Otherwise, if you go too far forward, you won’t be able to cross.”

“I found it too!” Yi Bailu shouted, “Would it be better to jump directly on the spot?”

Chu Yinlong hurriedly stopped: “No, we can’t jump, if we jump…”

However, before he finished speaking, the pole had already turned close to them, and within easy reach.

“Jump!” Before there was time to discuss, Yi Bailu shouted, trying to take off with both feet.

Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong were not ready, and in a hurry, they could only follow the jump, but because the height of each person’s flight and the swing angle of their legs could not be precisely controlled, the tied feet became a drag.
Although they succeeded in crossing the bar, the three of them stumbled when they landed.

Yi Bailu, who was standing in the middle, suffered the most.
No leg could move freely.
She immediately lost the center of gravity and pulled the clothes of the two people beside her unable to escape, kneeling forward and throwing them on the ground.

Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong reacted extremely quickly, and almost immediately pulled Yi Bailu up, ready to meet the next crossbar.

Unfortunately, they were still too late.

Before the three had time to straighten out their rhythm, the rotating mechanism suddenly accelerated.
The crossbar arrived ahead of schedule, hit their ankles, and stopped.


The first half of the variety show (team competition part) is finally wrapped up~

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1as in go easy on them2as in go easy on them

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