”I ’m suffering… ”

In the desolate backyard, Huai Shi sat on the steps of the garden, sighed to the sky, and stared blankly at the ground.

At this moment, he deeply felt that he was a miserable child.

Tricked by the intermediary to apply for a job at a prostitution shop, he could encounter a corpse on his way home for no reason, and was inexplicably thrown into a cell because of a box, and then was thrown into another cell after being released for less than a day.

Now, in order to survive, he had to accept the help of a crow, but the biggest ability of this crow was to make him constantly die and revive.

Wasn ’t it all for nothing in the end?

If he had to die, couldn ’t he just die once?

He had to die dozens of times…

He was almost numb from dying.
The unheard-of skill ”Death Sense ” was about to take shape!

If he was lucky enough to survive this time, he could level up this skill to LV10 before he died!

”Instead of complaining, why don ’t you die more? This kind of meditation can at least exercise your source material.
Maybe you can break through 99% of the progress bar and become a sublimator soon, ” the zebra-striped crow with insufficient ink beside him suggested.

”I ’ll be damned if I believe you! ”

Huai Shi completely ignored her and stared at the deserted garden, thinking: Who am I? Where am I? School will start in half a month, and I ’m so poor that I ’m about to die.
Besides looking for death, what am I doing?

Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows and came up with an idea:

”Hey, do you have any way to make money? ”

”Yes, ” the zebra crow said casually while combing its feathers, pointing to the road outside the door, ”Walk ten minutes, take the bus, turn left after one stop, and you ’ll be at the bank.
Rob it, and you ’ll have everything. ”

”…Who doesn ’t know how to rob a bank! ” Huai Shi rolled his eyes.
”Don ’t you have any magic to turn stones into gold or something? ”

”Ah, magic, that ’s a long story.
But I do know how to make gold.
However… ”

”However what? ”

Huai Shi leaned over, his eyes lit up.

”However, the cost per gram is about 3,000 yuan in East Xia currency. ”

She said calmly, ”The net gold produced in this way is usually used as a spiritual material in various ceremonies and altars.
If you want, I can get you two pounds. ”

”What do I need gold for if I have money! ”

Huai Shi was speechless.

He could only sit on the steps and continue to stare blankly until he heard a faint sound of glass breaking, which woke him up.

It sounded like a glass bottle being kicked and shattered.

So crisp in this hot summer afternoon.

Huai Shi turned his head in astonishment and looked towards the front yard.

”Someone ’s here? ”

The crow raised her head thoughtfully and looked worried, ”Did I get caught for stealing electricity from your house? ”

Huai Shi was first stunned, then suddenly realized, and stared angrily, ”When the hell did you do such a thing behind my back! ” ”In fact, I also stole a network cable.
The WIFI signal is pretty good. ” Crow took out a smartphone from under her wings.
”Need a password? ”

Huai Shi glared at her, stood up, and walked stealthily to the corner of the house.
Crow stepped on his head skillfully and also peeked out her head.

In the corner of the dilapidated courtyard, a person was surreptitiously looking around and then reached out to lift up another companion who had flipped over the wall.
Both of them fell to the ground, carrying something in their arms and wearing masks on their faces.

”Ah… ”

Crow whispered, ”Do people who rush for electricity bills still climb walls these days? ”

”Probably thieves. ” Huai Shi gritted his teeth and picked up a half iron rod from the corner of the wall.
”This kind of thing is not uncommon. ”

”Oh? ”

Crow looked at Huai Shi thoughtfully and then smiled strangely.
”I hope so. ”

Huai Shi ignored her, lowered his voice, and quietly peered at the scene in front of him.
The two burly men put on gloves, looked around, whispered a few words, and then sneaked in through the broken window on the side of the house.
Huai Shi carefully opened the back door of the house and heard the creaking sound of the old floorboards.

The heavy footsteps first wandered around the living room, and then went upstairs, constantly opening doors.
Soon, he heard the sound upstairs.

”No one ’s here! ”

”Look for it first and see where he hides his things! ”

Then there was a sound of things being turned upside down, and the sound of things being broken constantly.
Huai Shi listened with a toothache.
Originally, he was already penniless, and the valuable things were pawned by his parents a long time ago.
There were only a pair of worthless furniture left.

These guys had managed to survive for so long, but it turned out that they were ruined today.

Fortunately, although he was penniless, the house was big enough, and there were plenty of empty rooms.
Even if they searched, it would take a long time.

Huai Shi took a deep breath, grabbed the stick, and followed upstairs stealthily, hearing the rough sound coming from his own bedroom.


The sound of a drawer falling to the ground.

Damn it, my desk.

Then there was another crisp sound, and things in the cabinet fell to the ground.


The table lamp and things on the table fell down.

”Look at this! ”

It seemed that they had found something.
Huai Shi heard the sound of a zipper being pulled, and then the dull echo of the piano body being hit.

”Not in here? ”

”Could there be a hidden compartment? ” One of them guessed.
”Smash it and take a look? ”


Huai Shi was furious.

He didn ’t care when they searched the house, but now they wanted to smash even his rice bowl.
This grudge was getting bigger and bigger!Without hesitation, he stuck his head out and saw two people with their backs to the person on the ground.
One of them had already picked up a hammer, and anger rose in his heart.
He raised his stick and jumped forward.

His plan was to knock out one of them with a stick and then hit the other before they could react.
Things went smoothly.

There was a loud bang.

The person holding the hammer fell to the ground, but then Huai Shi saw the iron pipe he was holding break in half and fly out.

He was stunned for a moment.

The other person also hesitated for a moment, then his eyes flashed with anger and he rushed towards Huai Shi.

Huai Shi instinctively kicked out, causing the person to stumble, and then grabbed a nearby chair and smashed it down.

The person didn ’t seem to be hurt, and got up from the ground, clenching his fists and becoming more ferocious.

Huai Shi took a step back, but then realized that he was no longer weak and powerless.

He coldly smiled and began to use his military boxing skills, going through three sets of moves.

Despite his efforts, he didn ’t seem to be making any progress against the strong man in front of him.

The man ’s movements were agile and his punches and kicks were powerful.
Huai Shi was hit in the face and felt his head spin.

But he refused to give up.
He realized that he couldn ’t run away from his own home.

Suddenly, he felt a cold sensation on the back of his head and instinctively lowered it.
The person he had knocked down earlier had gotten up and was swinging a hammer at him.

Huai Shi was then tackled to the ground and a hand grabbed his neck.

”Kill this little bastard! ”

The person ’s eyes were full of hatred and he spoke through his mask.

The other person raised the hammer and aimed it at Huai Shi ’s head.
It seemed that karma had caught up with him quickly.As the iron hammer was being lifted, he struggled desperately, but couldn ’t remove the hand choking him.
In the chaos, he could only pull off his mask, revealing his scarred face.

”Oh my god, help me… ”

Huai Shi screamed.

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”Quick, think of something sad! ” Crow yelled at the top of his lungs.
”Think about how you died in your dreams…how many times, how tragic! ”

Huai Shi suddenly felt exhausted.
What was the point of thinking about those things when he was about to die? Oh well, he might as well prepare himself for death.

He could die peacefully, it was a good idea!

Thinking of the countless horrific deaths he had experienced in his dreams, Huai Shi felt a wave of grief and anger.
The accumulated weight of those memories of death, like an illusion, almost made him suffocate.

The more he died, the more he feared death, because death was so terrifying.

In that instant, he felt a surge of heat in his right hand, and then, as if by magic, his clenched fist seemed to contain something.
Something like tiny grains of sand, completely full.

Without thinking, Huai Shi instinctively scattered those things from his hand.
The black dust flew out from his fingertips and landed on the face of the person holding him.

The hand choking him loosened a bit due to the sudden attack.
Huai Shi suddenly opened his eyes and rolled away, hearing a loud boom in his ear.

The hammer that had been resting on the back of his head shattered the floor.

The deafening sound scared him out of his wits.

But then, before he could even get up, he saw the person who had been holding him contort their face, their face turning red, and then they began to cry loudly.

And the person holding the hammer was stunned for a moment, then their eyes turned red too…

What the hell was going on?

Chili powder?

In his confusion, Huai Shi accidentally inhaled the rapidly decomposing black dust floating in the air, and a strong acid pain spread from his nose.

”Be careful, that ’s ’calamity ash ’! It ’s troublesome if it gets on you! ”

Crow ’s warning was always one step too late.

Huai Shi finally realized that the acidic pain on his nose wasn ’t from external stimulation, but from the pain and sorrow deep inside him.

It was like being fired by the garbage supervisor, losing his livelihood, like his little Shiba Inu, whom he had raised since it was a puppy, being stolen, like working 996 every day and going to his girlfriend ’s house to find her in bed with another man, like the sudden news of a death or cancer, like being a useless author who couldn ’t write anything for days despite promising two updates a day.His lungs were spasming, his eyes were burning, and his nose was full of sourness.
Uncontrollable sadness spread in his chest, and memories of falling down the stairs at the age of three and having his five yuan stolen by a fat child in the arcade at the age of six, as well as his unreliable parents who disappeared after donating money and running away, flooded his mind.
He had come to the interview hoping to return home safely, but now he was inexplicably involved in prostitution…

”Oh heavens, I ’m so miserable! ”

Huai Shi howled to the sky, a mournful scream from his throat, wailing and crying uncontrollably, tears flowing non-stop…

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