It was like breaking a water-filled balloon.

Blood spurted out.

But when the blood fell on the blade, it quickly disappeared, completely absorbed by the blade.
With the infusion of blood, the gap on the blade quickly grew, restored, as if time had reversed.
In the end, gorgeous golden patterns appeared on the bronze blade.

It looked as if it had been crafted with life.

Ai Qing took a step back, ignoring the bloodthirsty howl coming from the blade, coldly pulled the knife out of the snake ’s throat, shook off the blood on the blade, and returned it to Huai Shi.

”It ’s usable, although it has a big appetite, it ’s still decent against living creatures – this kind of contraband will cause a lot of trouble if it circulates on the market, so be careful with it. ” She glanced at Director Fu, who was hesitant to speak, ”After all…it ’s the responsibility of the Astronomical Society to collect dangerous items. ”

She blatantly classified this border relic, which posed a threat level above C, as D, and then claimed it as the property of the Astronomical Society under the guise of collection.

With a flip of her hand, this thing was now called Huai…wasn ’t it a bit too much?

Before he could object, Director Fu heard a hair-raising sound.

On the gradually lifeless body, the temperature had not yet dissipated, but no more blood spurted from the wound.
Instead, black smoke rose from the body ’s limbs and bones.

The black smoke was like a viscous liquid, covering the body of the Sublimator of the crying snake inch by inch, as if swallowing it.

Then, a bone-chilling chewing sound rang out.

Every time the chewing sound rang out, a huge gap appeared on the body, as if something invisible was constantly gnawing on it.
In the end, the black mist dissipated silently.

Only a pale skeleton remained in the layers of shackles.

Whether it was the soul, flesh, or even the bone marrow, they had all disappeared without a trace.
Even if it was boiled in a pot for a long time, it would probably only result in a pot of boiling water.

Even the calcium was too scarce to absorb any more.

A gust of wind blew, and it disappeared into dust without a sound.

The brief ”feast ” ended in the stunned expressions of everyone present.

”Well, I ’ll leave the rest to you guys. ”

Ai Qing nodded calmly at Director Fu, ”I will submit a request for support to the higher-ups, and I hope that the Social Security Bureau and the Special Affairs Department will cooperate more in the future. ”Director Fu remained silent for a long time before nodding his head dryly.

The cleanup of the scene was now the responsibility of the Special Affairs Department, thanks to Ai Qing ’s consistent style.
Huai Shi once again enjoyed the privilege of being chauffeured in a special car.

It was like when a leader went on an inspection tour, attended a meeting, and then brought back local specialties.

”Oh, by the way, come by tomorrow afternoon. ”

Before leaving, Ai Qing told him, ”There ’s a package for you. ”

What package?

The east wind?

Huai Shi didn ’t dare to ask too much, glancing at the wheelchair girl who had just cleaned the ground with missiles.

Anyway, it was like a ding sound, and a task was completed.
Equipment +1, materials +3, experience +5…
It seemed that he had also buried some foreshadowing for the main story.

There were still many doubts in his heart, but fortunately, he had a way to solve them soon.

Huai Shi took out his phone and opened his contacts.

So, which lucky partner would have the opportunity to have lunch with him and answer his questions?

”What the hell is this? ”

Half an hour later, in the most popular Full Sparrow restaurant in Xin Hai, Liu Dongli spewed out the tea he had just drunk and coughed violently.

”Return to the Pure Land, what ’s wrong? ”

Huai Shi looked confused.

It took Liu Dongli a long time to catch his breath before he lowered his voice and asked, ”Are you sure it ’s the Blissful Land and the Return to the Pure Land? ”

Huai Shi nodded, and then saw him bow to himself and was about to speak.
He quickly pressed down Liu ’s hand and said, ”Don ’t rush to speak, what the hell is Return to the Pure Land? ”

”An illegal religious organization, in short, it ’s a cult. ”

Liu Dongli ’s explanation was concise and to the point.
Now he was wiping his cold sweat and feeling scared.
”Friend, why did you stir up such a big mess? They ’re all a bunch of lunatics, but they ’re also fighting cultists, super terrorists among terrorists…
just like ISIS, you know? ”

”Guizhenghe, right? ” Huai Shi nodded knowingly.
”I ’ve seen it… ”

”Guizhi my ass! ”

Liu Dongli was so angry that he slapped the back of his head.
”Can you be serious, brother? If this isn ’t handled properly, not only will you be finished, but the whole Xin Hai might be gone! ”

”But even if you say that, I have no idea. ” Huai Shi thought for a long time and asked, ”Which is more powerful, them or Green Day? ”

Theft is never good, try looking at


Liu Dongli was blocked by his strange question for a long time, not knowing whether he was brewing some thoughts or trying to correct his thinking.

”This is not…
a category, you know? ”He struggled for a while and didn ’t know how to explain it to Huai Shi concisely.
He could only say, ”Green Day is a group of anti-social psychopaths, but mainly they target the Astronomy Association for terrorist attacks, you know? ”

Huai Shi thought for a while and slapped his knee, ”You mean the heroes of Liangshan, right? ”

”…It ’s probably similar in nature.
Although the heroes of Liangshan and Green Day are not good people, their main goal is to go to Tokyo, take the bird position, and then my older brother will be the emperor, my second brother will be the second emperor, and I will be the grand general.
So ultimately, it ’s an internal struggle. ”

Liu Dongli sighed and put down his teacup, ”Let ’s talk about the Pure Land Sect.
The illegal organization not only opposes society but also opposes humanity, but their nature is more complicated than Green Day. ”

”Yeah, go on. ” Huai Shi nodded and secretly took notes.

”Their base is in Hell outside the border, a place called Blissful Land.
Even if the Astronomy Association can ’t catch the coordinates, they can ’t be wiped out completely.
They have caused a lot of trouble over the years, and Manchester is said to have been affected by them…But ultimately, their biggest threat is what ’s behind them. ”

When Huai Shi heard the name Manchester, which seemed familiar, he was stunned for a moment.
Soon, he was attracted by Liu Dongli ’s words again:

”What they worship is one of the twenty-four Destruction Elements calculated by the Astronomy Association based on the prophecy of the former chairman, something that can be called a god-the Rancher. ”

”Destruction Element? ” Huai Shi was surprised.
”Why does something that sounds so powerful be called the Rancher? Does he raise cows? ”

”…More or less. ” Liu Dongli said numbly, ”The reason why it is called a Destruction Element is that in the evaluation of the Astronomy Association, there is a probability, ability, or talent to destroy the current realm.
It ’s not as gentle as a nuclear bomb, but a more twisted transformation and subversion.
In short, it is the power to turn the current realm into hell…
You can think of it as the Demon King of the Apocalypse.
There are still twenty-three others that are equally powerful, but only a few have been announced.
You might have seen the remains of one of them many times. ”

As he spoke, he pointed to the sky outside the window.

Huai Shi curiously leaned out and looked at the blue sky in the afternoon, with white clouds mixed with the traces of fish schools, which appeared in the coral among the clouds and cast a ripple of water towards the earth.

He was first at a loss, then puzzled, and then plunged into shock.

”Wait, Coral Clouds? ” ”Yes. ”

Liu Dongli sipped his tea expressionlessly, ”To be precise, it should be called Old Gaia, representing the destroyed old world…
Those things are too far away for you.
All you need to know is that the coral clouds floating in the sky are its remains.

Ranch Master, Heaven, Pied Piper, Old Gaia, Grey Man, Golden Dawn…
Among the nine destruction elements currently announced, Ranch Master ranks first.

According to the secret information circulating in the dark, it is even involved in the secret of the collective demise of the old gods in 1650, and the depth behind it is unfathomable, enough to drown ten thousand of you.

How about it, are you scared now? ”

”… ”

Huai Shi was silent for a long time, raising his hand, ”Excuse me, I think I just heard…
Heaven? ”

Liu Dongli looked at him puzzledly for a long time, ”Ah, yes, it ’s Heaven, the literal meaning of that kind, it ’s paradise, and the specific detailed information is beyond my knowledge.
What are you asking this for? ”

”Nothing, just asking, just asking. ”

Huai Shi awkwardly smiled, feeling that he had heard the word somewhere before, but couldn ’t recall it, so he could only scratch his head: ”You haven ’t said why the Ranch Master is called this weird name? ”

”In simple terms, it ’s probably the food chain. ”

Liu Dongli scratched his head, picked up the chopsticks, and drew a circle around everything Huai Shi saw, finally stabbing into the just-served sparrow hotpot, picking up a sparrow leg:

”You see, in the eyes of those lunatics of the Purified People, this world is a huge food chain that runs through the realm, border, and hell.

Just like sheep eat grass, and people eat sheep, if the clergy regard the believers as a flock of sheep and pride themselves as shepherds, then the person who commands all shepherds at the top of this distorted hell food chain is the Ranch Master, right?

After the essence of the gods was twisted by hell, the Ranch Master can be said to be an out-and-out evil god.

The whole world is nothing more than a huge ranch for it, and all living beings are just its food.

What the Purified People pursue is to merge with their gods in the final contraction and circulation of this food chain and become the incarnations of the Ranch Master…
In fact, the so-called paradise of bliss, for the Ranch Master, is nothing more than a plate, and they are just tools for cleaning the tableware for the Ranch Master, and even these tools themselves are edible environmentally friendly materials…
just like this. ”

He paused for a moment, stuffed the braised sparrow leg into his mouth, and chewed it loudly:

”Now, do you understand? ”

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