Under the scorching sun, sweat poured down his back.

When Huai Shi came back to his senses, he found himself standing on the playground, with the sound of hehe and haha coming from behind him.
It seemed like he was doing some kind of radio gymnastics with his opponent.

Before he could react, a kick came from behind.
A muscular man in a tank top pointed at him and cursed, ”Chen Bo, you coward! Didn ’t you eat? ”

He pushed his opponent aside and gestured, ”Come on, let ’s practice. ”

Huai Shi looked over his shoulder and saw the slogan on the wall behind him.

Sweat more in peace, bleed less in war.

Before he could react, his body seemed to move on its own and charged towards the muscular man, no, the instructor.


A punch straight to the door.

Huai Shi ’s vision went black and he felt a sharp pain.

”Again! ” The instructor beckoned to Chen Bo.

Until now, he realized that he seemed to be in a strange state of possession, like a ghost behind him, passively feeling the feedback of this body.

Although it felt like he was in a dream, the pain was real and there was no discount.


Another trip and joint lock, Huai Shi felt his face hit the ground.

”Again! ”


”Again! ”


The scene kept changing, and in those fragmented dream fragments, he seemed to be repeating the process of being abused by several instructors.

It was like they were specifically targeting the unlucky person who possessed him, beating him up for not having proper form, being slow to react, about to eat, or just starting training.

Eat, sleep, beat Chen Bo…

There were even nightmares mixed in about being with a group of muscular naked men in the dormitory…

In the stinky and smelly environment, Huai Shi had completely given up hope.

Until Chen Bo could barely fight back against several instructors with military boxing and became a slightly bigger loser, he was expelled for fighting with idle people during his police training…

He became a new idle person in society!

It was really gratifying.
Huai Shi almost cried.
He finally didn ’t have to be beaten up anymore.

What the hell is going on?

Did he accidentally get a super-being-beaten system?The following experiences were indescribable.
Huai Shi ’s identity kept changing in the fragmented nightmares, from an unlucky trainee getting beaten up by the instructor with military boxing, to a small-time gangster fighting with a knife in scorching weather, then to a guard squatting in front of the door checking for any anti-pornography and illegal publications, and then to a deadbeat turtle who greets guests and looks after the girls every night, and finally to a bald middle-aged man attending meetings…

This guy really likes attending meetings.

Study meetings, seminars, inspection meetings, research trips, report meetings…
He invested his limited energy into infinite meetings…

Those fragments kept overlapping and stacking up like a perilous building until it collapsed at its limit, breaking into thousands of pieces.

Huai Shi ’s consciousness was also pulled and split, hundreds and thousands of himself running parallel in hundreds and thousands of nightmares, constantly looping.

It was like a $150 computer trying to handle the workload of a galaxy computer.
In the end, his brain was running so hard that it seemed to create flames inside his skull, burning everything to ashes.

All the nightmares shattered.

Huai Shi opened his eyes, panting heavily, sweat dripping down his face and sliding off the armrests of the chair onto the damp floor.

The clock on the wall was still slowly ticking.

It had only been five minutes since he closed his eyes.

He had been beaten up eighty or ninety times, fought dozens of times, been hospitalized several times, spent hundreds of days on the run, sent countless girls in skimpy clothes to the pink room…
and attended countless meetings.

It was truly an all-in-one social experience.

”…It ’s really…
hell… ”

Huai Shi muttered blankly and couldn ’t hold himself up, sliding off the chair.

In a daze, he closed his eyes.

Just let me die…

For a moment, he seemed to see his future miserable life and sincerely made this wish from the bottom of his heart.

Then, it became like all the wishes he had made before.

-There was no possibility of realization.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already the next morning.

He was still lying on the floor, but he felt much more comfortable, as if he had taken some magical medicine.

Soon he saw the IV needle stuck in his hands, a bottle of saline and a bottle of glucose…

”Are you awake? ”

A crow ’s head suddenly popped out from the corner, cheerfully congratulating him, ”We ’ve cured your pigeon disease! ”

”…Thank you very much. ”

”A doctor ’s heart is like a parent ’s heart, don ’t mention it. ”Crow waved its wings and flew to the edge of the table, sitting down with its legs crossed and expertly lighting a cigarette with a wing.
Smoke escaped from under its feathers, making it look peculiar.

”So, did you gain anything? ” Crow asked.

”Is staying alive considered a gain? ”

Huai Shi got up from the ground, unable to remove the IV needle and had to sit carefully on the chair.

It was then that he realized he was completely different from before – he was a man with an attribute panel.

He quickly opened the Book of Fate and examined his data on the first page.

Ignoring the inexplicable ”Stress Period ” label and the empty Holy Mark and Miracle Inscription columns, the skill column below was simple and easy to understand.

The common sense and education that represented LV3 were still extremely embarrassing.
He hadn ’t even finished high school, and some of his knowledge had been returned to the physical education teacher.

The art that represented his cello skills was something he was proud of, reaching LV6 and already in the professional category.
To improve further, he would have to rely on 99% sweat and that 1% of talent.

And the inexplicable ”Death Premonition ” skill was still gray.

It felt more and more like some strange game.

Could it be that he had to spend money to level up?

Huai Shi felt a little worried.

After using it last night, Huai Shi finally had a preliminary understanding of its classification.
According to the Book of Fate ’s rules, only abilities that could be skillfully mastered and used at will would be recognized as skills.

The limit of a person ’s skills that they could reach in their lifetime through learning and continuous practice was LV10, or level ten.

The first few levels of regular skills were relatively easy, but just like the settings made by unscrupulous game developers, the higher the level, even a slight increase would require hundreds of times more effort.

And for some people, level ten, which was already the end point, was just the beginning.

Huai Shi knew this very well.

It was like two papers with the same perfect score.

Sometimes levels didn ’t mean anything, they were just a convenience for the Book of Fate to measure himself.

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Feeling the weight of the task ahead, Huai Shi continued to look down, and then he realized that he had gained several new skills overnight.

[Combat · Basic Military Boxing LV4]

[Detection LV4]

And a somewhat silly [Illegal Group Management LV3]


”What the hell? ”

Crow exclaimed, ”Why is the copywriting for this skill LV6 already? ”Huai Shi couldn ’t help but roll his eyes: ”Of course, you try connecting and opening hundreds of them in a row, and then write hundreds of meeting records and learning experiences to try! ”

As for other military boxing, Huai Shi didn ’t have a deep understanding and could only learn the basics through passive beatings and observation.

Only when he was writing these hundreds of records and experiences would he truly shed blood and tears.

On this night, his greatest achievement was not learning how to do military boxing or how to watch the police…but how to fill the word count in his drafts!

Nowadays, he could even subtly insert an entire Pacific Ocean into his updates without leaving a trace, and accurately divide them into sections of three thousand characters each to avoid writing too much.

”You should remember this section well and use this format when writing records in the future. ”

He patted the Book of Fate in his hand and proudly sighed, ”If I were to write a novel, I would make a fortune. ”

”Those who write novels don ’t have a good ending. ” Crow said ominously in his ear, ”Many people start balding before middle age, like that butterfly person, that Guo person, and that wandering military person… ”

Huai Shi shuddered.

I can ’t afford to provoke them, forget it.

”But speaking of which… ”

Huai Shi opened the book and turned to the appendix file at the end.
Those files seemed to have lost all their value, with most of the writing already faded away, leaving only a monotonous table.

”Why do these people ’s memories appear in the book? ”

”Oh, don ’t you know? ”

Crow seemed surprised and said calmly, ”The Book of Fate is bound to you now and only records things related to you.
I guess these fragments were included because they all died because of you? ”

”… ”

Huai Shi was stunned.

”Ah, there are probably more than seventy in total. ”

Crow said lightly, ”Unfortunately, only four or five people had enough active source material to leave their most memorable records in their memories.
Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer people with awakening qualifications.
You should thank them. ”

”… ”

Huai Shi took a deep breath and felt chills all over his body.
He subconsciously leaned back, trying to distance himself from Crow and the book.

But soon he realized that even throwing the book and Crow into the ocean would probably be useless.

He finally understood why the military had suddenly arrested him for questioning.

Perhaps it was because those people from yesterday…had already died?

They were all dead.

Only he was left.

Even just thinking about this made him shudder, as if that blood-stained fierce ape was already standing behind him, grinning at him.For a long time, he finally calmed down, and dryly chuckled, ”Does it have to be so exaggerated? ”

”Yes, it is that exaggerated, Huai Shi.
This world is like this, not as stable as you imagine.
This sky, this earth, this country, this city…
actually hides more things that you have never seen before.

-The absolute truth that cannot be known by people, the border that ordinary people cannot step into, and the hell that cannot be seen by anyone.

If you always stay in the realm of the present, this narrow shelter, you will never know the truth. ”

She admired the boy ’s stunned expression.

She asked softly:

”-Huai Shi, do you desire to have a soul? ”

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