In the end, the Holy Mark itself is the remnants of miracles.

However, the miracles of the Abyss lineage do not come from the realm, but from the observation and verification of the seven pillars of the astronomical society on the axis of the realm, as well as the exploration and investigation of hell over several eras.

It can be said that they are the essence left behind in the dead worlds.
Once, it was recognized as the Holy Mark lineage most suitable for deep exploration of hell.

Unfortunately, with the fall of the Ideal Country and the disappearance of the previous chairman, it has now fallen apart and is gradually forgotten.
There are only a few cats left, and they are hardly seen except for a few secret departments within the astronomical society and a few pioneering institutions around the world.

The reason why these six lineages are recognized as the Six Great lineages is not only because of their infinite potential, but also because they are more likely to produce the crowned ones who are crowned by heaven and crowned as kings by hell among the fifth-order Sublimators.
Moreover, each of these six lineages has a figure that surpasses the mortal world and transcends the fifth-order, the ”archenemy ”.

The supreme beings, the gods walking among humans, the humanoid hell, exist only in the realm, and they distort the world.

For example, the biological father of the White Emperor of Dongxia, the recognized first explorer of hell, Traveler Chu Hai, the first person in history to enter the depths of the abyss and come back unscathed; the green-necked one in the Tianzhu lineage who stirred the Milky Way and poured it into Baghdad out of anger; the twin archenemy, Gatekeeper, who once opened the gate of heaven in Rome and made all realms without darkness…

These are monsters that can overturn the realm.
Even the realm is not enough to support their existence.
In order to maintain the stability of the realm, they can only operate in special borders and hell.

With such confidence and mastery of one of the Six Great lineages, Dongxia is naturally not afraid of going to war with the Blissful Land.
As long as they are in the realm, they can almost pop up and fight like playing whack-a-mole.

Because of this, Ai Qing was so confident in letting Huai Shi take Shen Yue to their deaths.

With the Social Security Bureau as a backup, it is almost impossible for anything to go wrong.

Even if the situation is bad, Shen Yue is only a third-order Sublimator.
If she can ’t win, she can always escape.
If she can gain some credit and come back, she can also give an account to the Social Security Bureau.

However, after hearing about Jiu Feng ’s advancement from Liu Dongli, Ai Qing ’s expression became serious.

Even if the overall situation is not affected, no one wants to be a pawn sacrificed in part.

After sorting out the entire situation, Ai Qing pondered for a moment and suddenly asked abruptly, ”Since you are planning to use explosives, why not choose a more efficient method? ”

”You… ”

Liu Dongli was taken aback for a moment, then understood what she meant, and instinctively shook his head, ”It ’s impossible. ”

”No, it ’s possible. ”

Ai Qing raised her eyebrows and played with the phone that still had one bar of battery in her hand.
She said calmly, ”It ’s strange to say, but I actually have a friend working in the Realm Coordination Department.
You know what I mean, right? ”

”… ”

Liu Dongli nodded complicatedly.

He understood, in various senses.

Regardless of whether the unfortunate friend mentioned by Ai Qing is pronounced as ”friend ” or written as ”tool ” and can be coerced by her, this plan seems to have a possibility…

So, Ai Qing slowly stood up and stared at the box of explosives that could blow up the entire football field.

”Then, let those big shots up there see the abilities of the small fries. ”


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Huai Shi now feels a crisis from the bottom of his heart.

Out of nowhere, an ally jumped down from the sky to snatch his head!

In an instant, he didn ’t even care about Qi Wen anymore and wanted to rush over, but Qi Wen ’s many hands tightly entangled him, making it difficult to break free.

So, Huai Shi watched helplessly as the slender halberd rotated in the air and tore through Qi Yuanzhou ’s blood curtain, beheading him.

And the head fell into Qi Yuan ’s hands.

”He actually…hid here? ”

The face on the head slightly lifted, staring at the surprised assailant in mid-air, then reached out, the blood curtain gathered and turned into an iron fist, smashing fiercely on the assailant, smashing her into the wall, unable to get out.

But Qi Yuan, still standing proudly on the altar, slowly bowed his head back to its original position, leaving only a grim blood line.

And in that blood line, black shadows constantly seeped out, intertwining behind him into a huge shadow that suppressed everyone ’s breath.

The power that differentiated from Jiu Feng attached to him, but that power did not come from the nine grim heads, but from the headless neck that wept blood.

From the severed neck, black blood slowly dripped.

He bathed in this blood, coldly staring at the assailant on the wall, reaching out, the black blood curtain disintegrated, and countless strands of blood lines pierced towards the assailant.

In an instant, the coat that enveloped her was torn to pieces, and countless fluttering fabrics turned into a grim ghost face, breaking out of the shell!

The huge halberd suddenly contracted, turning into the shape of a long sword.
The blade swallowed and spat, rotating in the air.
Wherever it passed, all the entangled blood lines spontaneously ignited.

The blade pointed at Huai Shi, who was more than ten meters away, and he could feel the inexplicable heat.
Obviously, it was extraordinary.What shocked Huai Shi even more was that after the overly large coat was torn apart, what was revealed was a petite girl ’s body, little leather shoes, black stockings, and a sailor suit…

Was it actually a JK?

If it weren ’t for the ferocious mask on her face, he would almost suspect that he had ended up at some bizarre comic convention.

In the midst of the chaos, the two of them looked at each other, both seeing the surprise in each other ’s eyes.

Huai Shi was stunned for a moment, then immediately became furious: ”What are you, a second-tier, doing here trying to show off? ”

Rijian Amber also became angry, and surprisingly spoke in fluent Dongxia language: ”You ’re a first-tier, do you have any right to criticize me? ”

”We Dongxia have our own national conditions, it ’s none of your business! ”

Huai Shi retorted, but before he could finish, he was interrupted by a scream.

”Huai Shi! Huai Shi! Huai Shi! ”

Qi Wen pounced on him again.

”You ’re full of shit! ” Huai Shi was furious, he swung his axe and chopped at his head: ”Go to hell and stay there! Stop coming back! ”

The thunder axe and the poison heart crossed paths.

Qi Wen ’s face was chopped to pieces, but his movements didn ’t stop at all.
Three arms and two spider legs emerged from the mud and stabbed at Huai Shi.

Immediately after, his mashed face quickly recovered, staring straight at Huai Shi, screaming incessantly: ”Huai… ”

”Don ’t you dare to spam! ”

Seeing this bastard about to spam three or four pages in his Book of Destiny, Huai Shi was so angry that he rushed up and delivered a jumping chop!

He chopped him to pieces again, and he recovered again.

Not just his face, but his arms and legs too.
Even if Huai Shi chopped him in half, he could rejoin himself.
Even if his attack was weak, as Huai Shi ’s attack continued, the organs he mutated became more and more bizarre.

In less than a minute, his body was covered with a mess of eyes, noses, hands, feet, tentacles, claws, and even exposed internal organs.
At first glance, it looked like a pot of dog shit curry stewed with offal, which was extremely disgusting.

Soon, Huai Shi discovered the source of this abnormal vitality.

At this time, Qi Wen had been injected with the black blood from the Nine Phoenix Lord by Qi Yuan, and it was a very high-grade product, completely turning him into an undying mud monster.

What to do if the output is not enough?

Huai Shi quickly retreated, took out Crow ’s instruction manual and flipped through it desperately, finally finding the answer to this problem on the last page:

【Take drugs】

——The white one, one for fighting, three for killing enemies, all for self-destruction.


What drugs?

Huai Shi frantically searched his body, looking for the travel bag fragments stuffed in his chest.

MP3? No! Mobile phone? No! Keys? No! Wallet? No! Porn magazine? No! Wait…
why would there be such a thing in the bag?

Huai Shi was stunned as he looked at the three big characters ”Dragon Tiger Leopard ” on the thick magazine, not understanding why Crow would stuff this thing into his bag.

Was he afraid that he would be scared in this dark subway, so he gave him a book to relieve his loneliness?

”Eat my hidden weapon! ”

He swung his hand and smashed this thing at Qi Wen, then continued to search, finally finding a tube of granules from his pocket.
They were pure white like snowflakes, like rock sugar, looking crystal clear.

After prying open the bottle cap and taking a sniff, Huai Shi couldn ’t help but laugh out loud, feeling extremely happy, as if he had flown into the sky, everything was pleasing to the eye.

Looking at Qi Wen, he thought, oh, this little thing is ugly and cute, and upon closer inspection, it ’s really cute and he wanted to go over and touch it.

He quickly came to his senses.

Of course, he knew what this thing was.

If Ash was the crystallization of death and his own negative energy, then this thing was the entity formed by the condensation of life and happiness, which Crow had once mentioned — the Dust of the Liberated.

Generally used to make various high-level recovery potions, but it can only be condensed from the source material of a person who died happily.

In foreign countries, some workshops even sponsor TV stations to organize a special program to fulfill people ’s last wishes in order to collect these.

A pound of Ash could only sell for about a hundred thousand, and this thing was also a hundred thousand — but the unit was one piece! One piece costs a hundred thousand!

Thinking of this, Huai Shi ’s heart was broken.

He really didn ’t want to eat it!

But looking at Qi Wen, who was pressing closer and closer and had quickly evolved from a little fire dragon into a Ditto, and then looking at the person ’s head that was about to be snatched away, he gritted his teeth, stomped his foot, pried open the lid, and poured out three pieces at once.

Then, in one breath…
he stuffed it into the big hole in his chest.

Yes, that ’s what the instruction manual said.

Don ’t ask why, ask and the answer is I ’m awesome — Crow ’s postscript.

Huai Shi just hoped that she hadn ’t tricked him this time, but after stuffing it in, he realized that something seemed wrong?

This Dust of the Liberated is positive energy, right? But his Holy Mark, and what filled his chest…
didn ’t seem to be anything positive or uplifting, right?

Putting the two together, would they…


Huai Shi ’s vision went black.

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