After a restful bath, I immediately plopped down onto my inviting bed in my room.

It's time to reassess my secondary strategy and my abilities.

The primary aim is to return the constellation to Kim Soo-yong.
But what if I fail?

To be honest, bringing him back won't be a walk in the park.

Hence, a backup plan is crucial.

If Kim Soo-yong doesn't reclaim the constellation, I'll have to assist him covertly.

Typically, this eccentric constellation is backed by supportive churches, but the chances of this happening have dwindled significantly since the future altered.

But how can I help?

At the moment, I'm likely to be expelled from my family.

It's almost certain that the family leader, David Von Thomas, is aware of the disintegration of Cain's secret guild.

So, expulsion from the family for causing such severe harm is almost guaranteed.

Actually, being expelled would be the least of my worries.
Frankly, I can't protest if David sends assassins after me.

When I think about it, my situation doesn't really allow me to worry about anyone else.

If I get expelled, I'll have to use my game knowledge.
I need to secure a hidden asset and support me quietly.

Not just that, I could also support with cash items using points.

However, I need to be discreet.
If I mess up, I could cause too many deviations from the original plot.

If it strays too far from the original, the outcomes become unpredictable.

In that case, my knowledge of the future becomes useless.

Of course, dying and reverting back to the past is an option, but I don't really fancy dying deliberately.

I remember the searing pain of the gaping wound in my stomach.
It was indescribable.

I don't want to go through that again.

Thinking about that incident gave me the chills.

I've roughly outlined a plan.
Now, let's examine my abilities in earnest.

Game Setting Abilities: Volume control, effect quality control, color setting, map viewing, inventory, cash shop…

The only abilities I can currently use are volume control and the cash shop.
But among those, the volume control is the only one I can fully use.

Given my current points, I can't buy much from the cash shop.

Should I attempt to use the effect quality control?


[Using the effect quality control will consume 500 points.
Do you wish to proceed?]

500 points…
The cost isn't as steep as I anticipated.

Last time, 'Map View' cost me ten times more points than it should have.
It seems that superior capabilities demand more points.

Honestly, with 'Map View', if it's not glitching like last time, you can pinpoint the enemy's location instantly.

5,000 points might be a fair trade.

I'll pass for now.

To be honest, I don't really need that ability at the moment, nor do I see its value.

Well, it might come in handy someday.

After reviewing my strategy and abilities, I gazed out the window.

It was already nightfall.

I should get some sleep soon.
But first, a trip to the bathroom is in order.

With that thought, I opened the door and stepped out.

Wow, it's really dark.

The gloom is so thick that I wouldn't be surprised if a ghost materialized.

This feels like some sort of bravery test.

Feeling a bit creeped out, I hurried towards the bathroom.


Despite walking a fair bit, I still hadn't arrived due to the mansion's enormity.

This mansion is obscenely large.
How annoying.

I didn't realize its size while playing the game, but experiencing it in person, it's quite vast.

Honestly, it's no exaggeration to say it's larger than the high school I went to.

After mumbling to myself and walking some more, I finally made it to the bathroom.

The provisions were surprisingly good.

Given that the game world isn't as modern as Earth, my expectations were low, but magic seemed to replace technology, making little difference.

…Or perhaps it's because of the location.
The facilities here are impressive.

I haven't seen what the common folks use yet.
So, I shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Anyway, let's get this over with.

Once I was done, a magic stone in the urinal activated automatically, flushing the water.

After washing my hands and stepping out, just as I was about to head back to my room, I felt something behind me.
I quickly turned around.


Was it my imagination?

There was nothing behind me, despite what I'd felt.

For some reason, I felt a wave of unease and hurried back to my room.



It seemed like someone was mirroring my footsteps.

I turned around again.

As I expected, the corridor was empty.

To verify whether I was being overly paranoid or someone was indeed following me, I didn't hesitate to use 'Volume Control'.

When I maxed it out, I gasped.
Sweat trickled down my spine.

I was overtaken by an overwhelming sense of impending doom.

I wasn't imagining things.
Someone was tailing me.

Who could it be? Philip? Is the family plotting to kill me?

That wouldn't be surprising.
To them, I'm just a nuisance.


This doesn't match how the family's assassins typically operate.

They usually strike outside the mansion, not in a place where evidence could be left behind.

But right now, that's not the main concern.
I need to escape.

If I die now, I'll return without any new knowledge.

That can't happen.

There's no death more pointless than that.
With this thought, I resumed walking, feigning ignorance.

I can't let them know I'm onto them.

Running would be futile with my current physical condition.
So, I'll walk, giving the impression that I'm unaware of my pursuer.

I need to find Liche, or a soldier, or a butler.

That way, I can at least learn who the person is before I die, if not avoid it entirely.

After about 30 seconds of walking with apparent ease, I spotted a butler emanating a similar aura to Philip's.

Who is this? Not Philip.

However, his black trousers and tidy black tie confirmed he was a butler in the David household.

Which suggests he could be another one of the David family's assassins, like Philip.

I quickly approached him.
Noticing me, he bowed courteously.

“Greetings, Cain-.”

“Skip the formalities.
Someone's tailing me.”

At my words, the butler looked taken aback.
I dismissed his reaction, turned around, and pointed behind me.

“Someone's following me from over there…”



I couldn't finish my sentence.
It felt as though my stomach had been set ablaze.

Blood poured out from my back and mouth, and I felt my energy draining away.

I glanced at the butler, moving just my eyes.

He was casually cleaning a blood-soaked dagger with a handkerchief, smiling cheerfully.

What? What just happened?

I was certain I'd sensed someone behind me.

I'd even risked death to ramp up the volume to 100 for additional information.

Could it be?!

“Are there two assassins?”

At my question, his smile twisted.

“Ah, I'd say you're half right.”

Half right? What does that mean?

I wanted to think more, but the pain was too intense, preventing any clear thoughts.

My vision started to fade.


[The Goddess of Fate sighs in disappointment at you.]

As that message appeared, my vision went completely black.

Simultaneously, at the same location.

The Goddess of Fate, witnessing Cain's downfall, couldn't conceal her disappointment.

“····· Not what I expected.”

She had known that Cain was doomed.
Hence, she'd been watching with anticipation, excited to see how he'd evade his fate this time.

At first, things weren't too bad.

Despite what she knew of Cain's abilities, he had swiftly identified that he was being pursued.
That was commendable.

However, oblivious to the assassin's capabilities, Cain had recklessly approached the butler in the corridor.

And just like that, he dashed her expectations instantly.

“?gnoy-ooS miK ees ot kcab og tsuj I dluohS”

What?! Why did I suddenly start speaking backward?

Surprised, she looked around her.

She wasn't the only one.
The entire world was beginning to rewind.

Could this be?!

She moved her gaze from the world to the screen.

The butler was looking around, bewildered.
The blood pooling on the floor began to flow back into the lifeless body of Cain.

The world started to turn backward, with Cain at the epicenter.

Seeing this, the Goddess broke into a twisted smile.

I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.
I want to make him mine.

This was a first for her.
A man she desired so much.


Her heart pounded like never before.
This was an entirely new experience.

Could this be····· love?

It must be.
Although she had never been in love, she had heard that your heart races uncontrollably when you gaze at the one you love.

Considering this, she could feel her face growing hot.

She never felt this way while watching Kim Soo-yong.
She was interested in him, but that was it.

Now, looking at Cain, she wanted to lock herself in a room with him forever, not wanting to share him with anyone else.


Once the regression ends, she will have no recollection of this.

Cain must have used the regression at least once to survive against Kim Soo-yong.

But her lack of memory about it indicated that this was a power beyond even the gods.

She needed to find a way.
Otherwise, she would lose this emotion, this memory.

What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do? What to do?

Despite scouring her knowledge, she found no solution.

As she was growing anxious, the regression finally concluded.

“Heuk! Heuk! Heuk!”

[The Goddess who sees fate tilts her head at your condition.]

Where am I?!

She quickly surveyed her surroundings.

This wasn't the family mansion but rather the first place she found herself when she initially left the hideout.

Did I go back in time?

Cain, are you unwell? You're looking rather pale.”

Noticing my blank stare, Liche regarded me worriedly from the side.

Seeing her mask, it's clear that I've gone back to around the time we fled from the hideout.

I was lost in thought for a moment.
Let's hurry back to the family mansion.”


Phew····· I'll have to think while we walk.

If things stay as they are, I'll die tonight.
He did confirm that my statement about two people was only half correct.

Only half·····.

What's certain is that I'm not alone.
I definitely felt the presence of someone following me.

As I lower my head for a moment and walk while recalling all the knowledge about the game.


I bumped shoulders with someone.

“Excuse me.
Can you watch where you're going····· Sorry, I'm so sorry!!”

“I'm sorry.
My younger brother wasn't paying attention.
Please forgive him this once.”

Why are they apologizing so profusely for a mere shoulder bump?

Left with no choice, I shifted my gaze to those who were apologizing.

“No, it's alright.
I was·····”

Just as I was about to apologize.

In front of my eyes, two women who looked exactly the same were kneeling and begging for mercy.

Half the answer is correct····· Ah!!!

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