At that very moment, Liche's cheeks turned a warm pink at Cain's words, her face filled with surprise and delight.

Unexpectedly, the young master…

Caught between surprise and joy at the sudden confession, Cain slides a note across to Liche.

The note says, “This room is bugged.”


At the sight of the note, Liche blushes even deeper, bowing her head in embarrassment.
It looked like steam could rise from her forehead any second.

So embarrassing!

Despite knowing their master-servant relationship wouldn't allow for any romantic developments, she had let herself get carried away by Cain's enticing words and started fantasizing.

“Forget this ever happened!”

Liche nodded earnestly, maintaining her professional demeanor as a maid.

“I understand,” she said.

And wait a bit,” Cain replied, scribbling more on the note.

I suspect the person who bugged this room is a spy from the church, sent to assassinate me.
There's a listening device inside that pillow over there.

Upon reading Cain's note, Liche went over to the pillow, her mouth falling slightly open in shock.

She unzipped the pillow to check for the bug, her eyes narrowing.

Quickly, Liche pulled a notepad from her skirt pocket and started writing.

Do you have any idea who might be responsible, young master?

I have someone in mind, but it's not confirmed.
I plan to investigate tonight.

Then, I'll stay in your room tonight, young master.

As she finished writing, Liche declared in a firm voice,

“I will look after you today, young master.”

“I'm counting on you,” he responded.

Bill squinted, eavesdropping on their conversation through the bug.

This complicates things.

He had planned to kill Cain that night, but contrary to his plans, Cain was going to spend the night with his personal maidservant.

What now?

If Cain's personal maidservant was just a regular maid, he wouldn't have to worry; he could simply eliminate them both.
However, that's not the case.

As the personal maid to the heir of a prominent family, she's no ordinary assassin.
If he tried to kill Cain, his presence might be revealed.

Just how formidable is Kim Soo-yong?

Liche had been assigned to watch and guard Cain by the David family, her true identity hidden.
If Kim Soo-yong is able to push even her, then he is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

He wasn't chosen by the Constellation without reason.

Reassessing his skills, Bill pondered his next move.

In the midst of his thoughts, an enticing sound emitted from the bug.

“Ahh! Master, you're too strong…”

“I'll be more careful.”

“Yes, Master.”

Just how intense does it need to be for Liche, a trained assassin, to say that?

this won't do.
I'll kill him at dawn.

Given Cain's usual habits, he always visits the bathroom at dawn.

That's when he'll be most vulnerable.

So, the bug needs to stay on.

Meanwhile, Liche lay on a large bed, big enough for three, her face buried in the pillow as she tightly clung to the blanket.


Her alluring breath echoed in the room.

[The goddess of fate senses your curiosity about her touch.]

What? This is crazy.
This perverted yandere Constellation.

No, anyone would think we're actually having sex.

Currently, I'm simply giving Liche a friendly massage – back, shoulders, and legs – in gratitude for the help she gave me in the last round.

I'm not touching any sensitive areas.

…Liche is probably making those noises intentionally to fool Bill, right?

She must be.
Honestly, I never professionally learned massage, and I'm not so good that such tantalizing sounds would come from a simple shoulder massage.

I glanced at Liche's ear momentarily.

Her ears were a deep shade of red, probably from the embarrassment of her act.

“Does it hurt anywhere?”

She answered by nodding her head, her face still buried in the pillow.

She must be really shy to only nod without looking at me.

By the book, she's supposed to be deeply in love with Cain, yet she can't even face me.

With that in mind, I continued massaging her stiff shoulders.

She's pretty tense.

Well, it's expected for Cain's personal maid.

I don't know what kind of life she's had so far, but it must not have been easy.

After all, she is the personal maid of Cain, isn't she?

Cain probably had Philip, his personal butler, and Liche working non-stop.

From basic bodyguard duties to constant vigilance over Cain, even the smallest mistake would probably earn her a reprimand or a bottle to the head.

Poor thing.
I should treat her well.

Somehow, I started to feel sympathy for Liche.
Even if I hadn't experienced her hardships directly, I was now in the position to clean up after Cain's mess.

Empathy naturally surfaced.

Cain really owes Liche a lot, doesn't he?

Despite her clearly difficult life, she was ready to risk her own safety for Cain's protection.

What did Cain do to Liche, really?

I bet he threatened her or something similar.

…Maybe not.

With these thoughts, I continued to work on Liche's shoulders, legs, and back.

As dawn broke, Bill, focused on the bug's sounds, didn't let a single noise slip past him.



Listening to the heavy breathing of the two, Bill's patience was running thin.

“How long are they going to keep this up?”

There's only so much a person can endure.
Can a woman really be with a man for almost five hours in a day?

From an outsider's perspective, it's undeniable that David von Cain could be considered a titan of stamina.

Should I just kill him now?

After such intense activity, even Liche must be pretty worn out.

As Bill mulled over his next move, Cain's voice came through the bug.

I'll go freshen up.
You should rest a bit too.

Sir, then I will also…

-No, you've worked hard too.

-Yes, I understand.
Please be careful, sir.

Looks like he's finally tired.

Well, even if he has exceptional stamina, it's understandable he'd be tired after hours without a break.

But that's not the important part here.

At last, Cain has left the room.
Now's the chance.

Bill switched off the bug and activated his illusion clone technique.


Black fog rose from his body, gradually taking his shape.
A figure identical to Bill appeared before him.

Bill looked at his illusion clone and spoke in an energetic voice.

“Cain should be in the hallway now.
He'll return after his shower, so draw him towards me.”

Seeing where Bill was pointing, the clone nodded and left the room.

He'd love to command his clone to kill easily.
But illusion clones, unlike normal ones, can only mimic appearance and can't attack anyone.

Not only that, they can't speak, and their movements are much slower than normal clones.
They even can't share the clone's experiences.


There's no significant difference when it comes to assassinating someone with a normal clone.
He'd survived several crises with this technique alone.
He'd even managed to kill some renowned adventurers.

So, assassinating the naive Cain would be easy.

With this in mind, Bill looked in the mirror.
To best imitate the butler, he smoothed out his clothes' wrinkles and pulled his mouth into a straight line with both hands.

Dawn was breaking.

Bill had been laser-focused on the bug's sound, not missing a single noise.

Footsteps sounded from the other end of the hallway, steadily growing louder.
It was Cain, just as expected.

Bill maintained his cool facade, waiting for the right moment.

And then…

“Philip!” Cain's voice echoed through the hallway.

Bill turned around, portraying the perfect image of a startled servant, “My lord, you've returned.”

“Yes, and you're up early.
Is there something the matter?”

“Nothing of the sort, my lord.
I merely had some paperwork to attend to.”

“I see.” Cain looked as if he had just finished a heavy workout, his hair damp and skin flushed.

Inwardly, Bill smirked.
Yes, this was the perfect moment.

“My lord, allow me to escort you to your room.”

As he began to walk, he made sure to lead Cain down the path where his clone waited.
Soon, the foolish Cain would meet his end, and Bill's plan would finally come to fruition.

Bill's illusion clone, placed in Cain's path, began to execute the plan.
The hurried footsteps grew louder, showing Cain's fear.

Hearing this, Bill couldn't help but break into a grin.

Ah, I love these footsteps.
This is the signal I've been waiting for.

A struggle for survival, a desperate search for hope.

Soon, he would witness the expression shifting from hope to despair.

The thought made him smile even more.

But this wasn't the time to let loose.

Bill shook his head, returning his expression to the kind smile he had perfected.

Finally, Cain emerged, dashing through the corridor towards him with a hopeful look on his face.

The perfect bait was on the hook.

Liche, tilting her head, asked Cain about Bill, who was now lying unconscious on the floor.

“My lord, why is this man smiling?”

“Perhaps he's dreaming of successfully carrying out an assassination.”

Cain smiled smugly as he spoke.

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