In the middle of the summer night, there was no wind.

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The place was too silent.
Thick clouds in the sky obscured the moonlight, leaving only a few dim stars.
The night was dark like thick ink.

The village households in Batou Village all rested early, and only the whimpering of the wind and the intermittent barking of dogs could be heard in the silent fields.

After a few rumblings of muffled thunder, a flash of lightning pierced the night sky.

A sneaky figure suddenly appeared in the field.
He looked left and right, looked around, and after confirming that there was no one around, he arrived at the only house in the east of the village where the lights were still on, and tiptoed over the dirt wall.

At this time, in that family’s house, Gu Yin was lying on the kang, staring at a bean lamp on the table in a trance.

Just a few days ago, she was still an ordinary person living in modern times.
After graduating from college, she inherited the family’s time-honored porridge shop.

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The porridge shop was left by her grandfather, and it stood to reason that this craft should be passed on to his son and daughter-in-law first.

But unfortunately, her parents died in a car accident the year she was just in college.

In order to fully fulfill her grandfather’s wish, Gu Yin gave up life in the city after graduating from university and returned to her hometown.

Not long after that, her grandfather passed away, and Gu Yin devoted herself to the porridge shop.

But in the past two years, the business of Gu’s time-honored porridge shop had become more prosperous.

Gu Yin opened several branches in one go, but she fainted during overwork when she was about to show off her grand plans.

After the darkness, when she opened her eyes again, she transmigrated in the past era and became a farmer’s daughter-in-law with the same surname and name.

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The original owner’s situation was much worse than her.

After the death of her mother, her father remarried.
After the stepmother gave birth to two sons, the family was even more poor.

Later, when she was almost ten years old, there was a locust plague in her hometown.
Her father took her stepmother and fled with his children.

Although there was no disaster there, the family’s money was spent on the way to escape, and food had become a problem.

The stepmother couldn’t tolerate her, so she blew pillow air (talks on bed to convince him) to her dad two or three times, and Dad Gu took the girl who was still called Gu Daya to the side of the road and inserted a sale tag.

On the same day, the Wu family from Batou Village asked to buy Gu Daya.

From their ancestors to this generation, the Wu family in Batou Village were all farmers who worked in the fields, and their population was also thin.
Logically, they were not rich enough to buy a maid to come back to serve them.

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But the family’s eldest son, Wu Qingyi, was told by a wandering Taoist in the early years, that he would die young leaving behind his widow alone.

There were many people in the village who believed in that kind of Taoism, and Mrs.
Wang’s vision was also high, and not many could get into her eyes.
Therefore, although Wu Qingyi was born tall and strong, with a handsome appearance, he did not get married even when he was fifteen years old.

People from the countryside married early, and it was not uncommon to be a parent at the age of fourteen or fifteen.
Seeing that if she dragged her son down any longer, he would not get married, Mrs.
Wang, was so anxious that two fire bubbles rose from her mouth.

They decided to use all their savings to go to Renyazi to buy a child bride for their son.

Then she happened to meet Gu Daya with a sale sign stuck on the side of the road.

At that time, the little girl was so hungry that her face was yellow and her skin was thin, her hair was disheveled.
Her clothes were dirty.
She looked only eight or nine years old, but even if she was so messy  it failed to cover her beautiful facial features and clear eyes.

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The old man of the Gu family was also a smart person.
At that time, when he saw Mrs.
Wang stop, he stepped forward to sell his daughter, saying that his first wife who died was a maid from a well known family, and her appearance was famous in their countryside.
His own girl had been brought up to be smart and clever.
Although she looked a little worse as she was hungry, dragon birthed dragon, phoenix birthed phoenix, so the girl would definitely look beautiful in the future! And then he quoted a very affordable price.

The Wu family’s couple had saved 10 taels of silver to buy a decent maid, but Gu Daya in front of her only cost half the price.
How could that not make people excited?

However, after scrutinizing Gu Daya carefully, Mrs Wang still showed a dissatisfied look, saying that she looked so young to be her daughter-in-law as her son was fifteen years old.
Although the girls in Renyazi were a little more expensive, there were many older, grown-up girls!

Because of that, Father Gu lowered the price again, and finally made the deal for four taels of silver.

Wang saved a lot of money and was in a good mood, and immediately took Gu Daya to change into a new dress.
On the way, she met a poor scholar who wrote books for people, and he even gave her a new name, Yin.

After that, Gu Yin arrived at the Wu family.

Wu Qingyi didn’t know his parents’ plans.
But only when he saw another person in the family, he knew that the little girl in front of him was his future wife.

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