11 Sneak Shots (偷拍)


Zhuo Xuan, who finally found his sense of existence, reminded again, “Mr Bai’s second round interview has also begun, but I had already informed the interviewer to push back for Mr Bai.
It is right to go down now.”

Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng were both shocked when they heard the words.
They only realized that they had spent so long time chatting.
Bai Xinyan quickly jumped up from the sofa, hurriedly trying to rush to the interview.

“Don’t worry.
Let Zhuo Xuan explain it with you.” Yin Heng stopped him.
He made Bai Xinyan’s clothes look new from the inside out with a magic trick and said softly, “I’ll take you to the police station after it’s over.”

Bai Xinyan looked at his clothes, then looked at Yin Heng, blinked, and nodded quickly.

Although he still didn’t understand human sophistication, he could also see that Yin Heng wanted to support him.
Thinking of what he might have been targeted during the previous interview, Bai Xinyan quickly accepted this “back door” behaviour without any pressure.
Anyway, with his strength, Yin Heng’s company would definitely not lose money after signing him.

* * *

As Zhuo Xuan thought, Bai Xinyan’s time in Yin Heng’s top-level office did give others a lot of room for imagination.
Including Zhao Peng (赵鹏), the CEO of Xinghuan, who had already revealed a bit of information, couldn’t help but guess what was the relationship between Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan, let alone those who didn’t know the inside story.

Except for Bai Xinyan, the others who participated in the interview did not leave but were waiting for the second round of interview.
During this time, everyone was naturally full of imagination, some were purely curious, and some were malicious.

After a few interviewers came out after a round of interviews before they found out that Bai Xinyan was not there, they were told by the staff that Bai Xinyan had been invited by the chairman, and they were all surprised.
However, they were much more stable than these young people who came for the interview.
They quickly reduced their shock, and they also boasted about him and said with great eyes that they didn’t have to disturb the conversation between Bai Xinyan and the chairman for the second round interview.

The female interviewer who offered to sign Bai Xinyan was also surprised and frowned.
Someone came over and whispered to her, “Sister Xia, you have a really good eye! The selected newcomer is connected with the chairman! The future resources are just around the corner!”

Hearing the strong envy in the other’s tone, this Sister Xia smiled without emotion and said: “Then I will borrow your good words.
I hope it’s a good thing.”

Hearing a hint of unhappiness in her tone, the other party was taken aback.
He immediately remembered Fang Xia (方霞), Xinghuan’s gold medal agent, who had always been the most unused to take shortcuts with unspoken rules of character and behaviour.
After a few more polite sentences, he stopped talking.

“I won’t watch the second round.
I will be busy doing something else.” Bai Xinyan was not there.
Fang Xia didn’t plan to spend any more time here and left after an explanation.

She was originally not the interviewer in the plan, but suddenly expressed that she wanted to come and see new talents being added, but she picked Bai Xinyan.
Bai Xinyan was not there, it was normal for her to leave other people at this time and naturally, there was no hindrance.

Fang Xia returned to her office and looked at Bai Xinyan’s information again.
She thought of some things about this newcomer that the president had found her to explain two days ago and as well as “the incident” that Bai Xinyan was involved in a rare occasion with the chairman of the company today.

Fang Xia is one of Xinghuan’s gold brokers, the most influential group in the entire brokerage department.
For some interviewees who had carefully understood the relevant information, it was not difficult to recognize this great person.
Naturally, there was a hope that they would be liked by the other party during the interview.
As soon as Fang Xia left, several people who participated in the interview changed their faces, including Sun Zhi.

Fang Xia left before the interview was over.
Obviously, she was not interested in the people present and those who failed would naturally look ugly.
But they also knew that it was unlikely that they would be favoured by gold medal agents.
Although it was inevitable to lose, they were not too excited.

Only Sun Zhi noticed Fang Xia’s frown when she heard Bai Xinyan’s absence, and then she didn’t look at the group of them again.
She whispered a few words with other interviewers and left.

The other party did not leave when the first round of interview was over.
Instead, when the second round interview was about to start, she left after discovering that Bai Xinyan was not there and her reaction to Bai Xinyan’s affairs was particularly obvious.
Although it did not seem to be a good response, it at least showed a clear concern.

In this way, Sun Zhi, who was very jealous of Bai Xinyan, could easily guess that Fang Xia had taken a fancy to Bai Xinyan.
He didn’t expect that Fang Xia had already decided to sign Bai Xinyan.
He just thought that she was slightly optimistic about Bai Xinyan.
But even so, the jealousy in Sun Zhi’s heart still burned more and more fiercely.

Sun Zhi tried his best to show no clues on the surface until most of them finished the second round interview.
Bai Xinyan finally came back with Zhuo Xuan who accompanied him and was particularly friendly to the remaining interviewees.
In the friendly treatment, the fierce emotions suddenly overwhelmed Sun Zhi’s rationality.

But in the end, he didn’t have the courage to rush up to find trouble in front of Xinghuan’s high-level manager.
With a lot of hatred, he only figured out a way to harm others and not benefited himself then secretly looked for a chance to take a picture of the dirty coat that Bai Xinyan left in the waiting room.

* * *

The second interview is a multi-person interview to examine the candidate’s adaptability and personality characteristics.
Bai Xinyan caught up with the last group and found that the female interviewer who was a bit disgusted with him before was not there, so he couldn’t help but relax.
The rest of the interviewers saw Zhuo Xuan deliberately send Bai Xinyan down again.
They were speechless and their attitude towards Bai Xinyan became more cordial.
Therefore, the entire interview with Bai Xinyan felt much smoother than the last time.

After the interview was over, Zhuo Xuan deliberately said in front of others, “Mr Bai, Mr Heng is already waiting for you downstairs.”

Hearing this, other people’s impure thoughts suddenly become dirtier.
Even Ding Qichen, who hadn’t thought much at all, had bad ideas.
Looking at Bai Xinyan’s eyes, he was a little bit inquiring and worried.

Bai Xinyan was probably the only person present who didn’t think about going in that direction.
Seeing that other people’s eyes were not right, he thought it was because he found out that he was walking through the back door with Yin Heng.
Since he had accepted Yin Heng’s behaviour to support him, Bai Xinyan not only didn’t feel bad but happily smiled at Ding Qichen as if showing off to his new friend.

However, in the eyes of other people, this was exactly the arrogance after climbing into the big boss.

Bai Xinyan looked simple and well-behaved.
He was not yet an adult, so he shouldn’t be contaminated with unspoken rules.
However, seeing with their own eyes that he not only stayed in the chairman’s office for so long, but also changed a set of clothes, and now he was so happy to follow people.
He looked like he was willing to accept and enjoy it.
Everyone suddenly felt complicated.
Some people sighed in their hearts and at the same time, they were ready to flatter themselves in front of Bai Xinyan in the future.
Meanwhile, others were angry and resentful that the opportunity didn’t fall on them.

Ding Qichen wanted to ask Bai Xinyan about his situation again.
He didn’t think that Bai Xinyan would be willing to sell himself, but the current situation was indeed easy for people to think like that.
What Ding Qichen was more worried about was that the chairman had different plans, but Bai Xinyan didn’t understand.
He followed the other party stupidly and something might go wrong.
However, due to Zhuo Xuan’s existence, Ding Qichen still frowned and did not speak.
He could only watch Bai Xinyan say goodbye to him and go to find the “gentleman” who was waiting for him.

Contrary to Ding Qichen, Sun Zhi’s mind was pure malice.
Seeing that Bai Xinyan was highly valued by the chairman of Xinghuan, Sun Zhi felt that he should have no chance to join Xinghuan.
Thinking of this, his idea of ​​revenge against Bai Xinyan naturally became stronger.
After thinking about it, he quickly went downstairs, looking for Bai Xinyan’s shadow everywhere.

No one was seen outside the hall.
Sun Zhi reacted after a while and hurried to the parking lot.
He happened to see Bai Xinyan sitting in the back seat of a Maybach while Zhuo Xuan was in the driver’s seat.

Sun Zhi immediately raised his phone and pressed the camera button to Maybach.

From the opened car door, Sun Zhi vaguely saw a figure in the back seat.
It must be the chairman of Xinghuan.
Although he couldn’t see his face clearly, he only looked at his body and figure.
The chairman didn’t seem to be a fat, middle-aged uncle in his imagination.
On the contrary, he had broad shoulders and long legs with excellent proportions.
His hands were on his knees were fair and slender.
It was the one that would make the hand control (the phone user probably) scream and lick the screen.
No matter how old he looked at it, he wouldn’t be too old.

“How could it be…” Sun Zhi almost screamed when he saw this, but at this moment Maybach also closed the door and started the engine.
The roar covered Sun Zhi’s voice.

Sun Zhi was shocked.
Quickly he closed his mouth and hid in.
He waited for the car to drive out of the parking lot then came out.
He looked at the picture he had just taken with surprise.

Because he was not using a professional camera, still a little far apart, and a sneak shot, the video was rather blurry.
Not only was the chairman completely invisible, but Bai Xinyan’s face was a bit blurred.

Sun Zhi looked unsatisfied, but he estimated that he wouldn’t have a second chance, so he didn’t continue to be annoyed.
Instead, he considered how to use this video to make Bai Xinyan suffer. It’s best you don’t make your debut and you lose your fame to get rid of my anger!

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