12 Go Home (回家)


Bai Xinyan got into Yin Heng’s car and found that his heartbeat seemed to be a little faster again.
He couldn’t help being more and more sure that his previous abnormal situation was related to Yin Heng.

Fortunately, except for a little suffocation for the first time, there was no uncomfortable feeling afterwards.
Bai Xinyan felt that even if it was caused by Yin Heng, it shouldn’t be a big problem.
After thinking about it, he decided not to tell other people about it, including his own parents.
Otherwise, if they knew that he was uncomfortable in contact with Yin Heng, they would definitely prohibit him to communicate with this new friend.

Yin Heng didn’t know that Bai Xinyan was thinking about concealing important hidden dangers related to his physical condition.
Along the way, he was teaching him how to respond to police inquiries, so as to hide his identity from ordinary people as much as possible.
Although it was not difficult to only making a transcript, but Bai Xinyan’s previous strength was indeed beyond ordinary people, which would inevitably lead to other people’s inquiry.
Even if most people didn’t think of demons, they thought it was Bai Xinyan’s talent.
However, in order to ensure that there was no trouble, it was better to keep a low profile as much as possible.

Bai Xinyan knew that he lacked social experience, so he obediently followed Yin Heng’s suggestion and tried to weaken his own role when making transcripts.

The police had no intention of embarrassing him.
Coupled with Bai Xinyan’s special physique, the policeman’s attitude who asked him was just like a spring breeze.
After the end, they also praised Bai Xinyan.
“It’s really thanks to your help.
Otherwise, the two wounded people don’t know what will happen until the ambulance came.
The doctor in the hospital said that the situation would be more serious and dangerous.
At least the child in the belly of the pregnant woman would definitely not be able to be saved.” He patted Bai Xinyan’s shoulder, showing a kind smile, “Really a good boy! Do you need us to write you a letter of commendation? Can I help you comment on it? The Top Ten Youth in the City, Three Good Students, or something?”

Bai Xinyan shook his head quickly.
“No, thank you.”

Bai Xinyan insisted on saying no and the other party did not insist.
He turned curiously and said, “Looking at your appearance, you really can’t tell that you are a strong man.
You have been very strong since you were young?”

Bai Xinyan nodded when he heard the words and took out the prepared words.
“My mother has great strength.
I inherited her and have been strong since I was young.
However, my strength has surpassed my mother when I was a teenager.
I can propel a car, but everyone says they can’t tell by looking at me.”

“Normally, even if you have muscles, you should look like a celebrity.
I really can’t see such great strength.” The police sighed and couldn’t help saying, “I still think it’s incredible now.
Can you demonstrate it again? If you are still tired, then forget it.
We are just a little curious.”

Bai Xinyan thought for a while and agreed.
“I’ve almost recovered.
If you want to see it, I can try it.” Although he should be low-key, the more important thing was to rationalize things and prevent others from being suspicious.
They thought it was normal for Bai Xinyan to be strong.
Therefore, Bai Xinyan should not refuse this matter.

This time, Bai Xinyan didn’t touch the car again.
The police thoughtfully took Bai Xinyan to the parking lot, provided his own motorcycle, and asked Bai Xinyan to try to move it.
Motorcycles were much lighter than cars and most people could move them.
Obviously, the other party specially gave Bai Xinyan a much simpler task.

Bai Xinyan simply picked up the motorcycle with one hand and put it down after more than ten seconds.
In this way, it was easy to judge that his strength was far beyond ordinary people.
There were more than just police officers who were mentally prepared among the bystanders.
Seeing this scene, there was a burst of surprised comments and admiration.
Someone else recorded the video and showed it to others with a look of enthusiasm on their faces.
It was obvious that they were very satisfied watching the show.

When Zhuo Xuan saw this, he wanted to come forward to remind the shooter to delete the video.
After thinking about it, he retreated and ignored it.
If Bai Xinyan wanted to be an artist, he would always be exposed to various lenses and this video would only have a positive effect.
Probably it could bring topics and popularity, but there was no need to delete it.

After leaving the police station, Bai Xinyan still took in Yin Heng’s car and was sent home.
Unexpectedly, the two of them happened to be on the same way.
They lived in a suburban area far from the city centre and they were in the same direction.

Also because of this, the two could meet on the road this morning.

Bai Xinyan was a little surprised.
After all, Yin Heng is the chairman of Xinghuan.
He did not expect his residence to be in such an inconvenient location.
But when he thought about his own home, it was because Father Bai and Mother Bai did not like to live in a place with too many people, so they chose a suburban villa with a higher concentration of spiritual energy.
As demons, it was normal for Yin Heng to choose something similar to them.

Bai Xinyan didn’t care about the concentration of aura.
He probably was born with no talent for cultivation and no amount of aura had any effect to him.
Compared to most other demons, he was very happy to deal with ordinary humans.
The villa he currently lived in was basically the same as that prepared for Father Bai and Mother Bai.
After he joined Xinghuan as an actor as planned, he would probably still find a house close to the company by himself.

Yin Heng was not yet ready to meet Bai Xinyan’s parents in front of Bai Xinyan, so he only sent him to the gate of the community.

“You can contact me at any time.” Yin Heng said before Bai Xinyan got off the car.

Bai Xinyan turned his head to look at him when he heard the words and asked, “Then I can’t contact you if I have nothing to do?”

Yin Heng said with a slightly helpless tone, “Of course, you can.”

After getting a satisfactory answer, Bai Xinyan smiled and said goodbye to him then bounced back home.

Although this community was located in the suburbs, its position was still relatively high-end with good facilities and greening.
The distance between each household was relatively far away.
It took Bai Xinyan a while before he reached his door.

Every household had a yard with a large area, which could be used to plant flowers and trees.
The Bai family had only moved in for a few days and the yard had been covered with plants.
What they planted were not ornamental plants, but vegetables that could be used to eat.
It looked a bit out of place.

These dishes were the treasures that Father Bai took care of.
Bai Xinyan picked a cabbage leaf and smelled it after entering the door.
Confirming that his father had just cleaned them, he put them directly into his mouth.

“Um… it really is much worse than the one grown at home.” Bai Xinyan quickly chewed a few times and swallowed the cabbage.
The next moment the door opened from inside, a very beautiful woman who didn’t apply any powder appeared at the door.
Looking at Bai Xinyan, she smiled and said, “Yanyan is back? How was the interview?”

“Mom,” Bai Xinyan jumped over and hugged Mother Bai who looked only ten years older than him.
He replied while changing shoes, “The interview was not bad and I also met new demon friends!”

Mother Bai raised her eyebrows when she heard the words, “Oh? New demon friends? How did you meet? Wait, sit down and talk.
Look at you blushing like that, drink water first.” With Mother Bai’s finger touch, Bai Xinyan felt a chill on his face.
The heat dropped suddenly and then a glass of water floated over the coffee table.

Bai Xinyan took a sip while holding the cup.
He sat on the sofa, facing Father Bai who was holding the newspaper.

Father Bai looked like he was only in his thirties.
He looked gentle and honest (长相斯文清隽).
He was completely different from the glamorous Mother Bai’s temperament, but they looked very harmonious when they were together.

All three of the family sat down, Bai Xinyan began to talk about what happened that day.
From the morning’s car accident to rescue people, Yin Heng, who turned out to be a demon, including his original ears accidentally exposed, as well as the ring and a ray of demon power that Yin Heng gave him.
Bai Xinyan said all of them.
Only the abnormal reaction when he saw Yin Heng, he concealed it, so as to avoid Father and Mother Bai having bad ideas about Yin Heng.

However, after listening to Bai Xinyan’s one-day experience, the first thing that Father and Mother Bai paid attention to was that it suddenly turned into a problem.
They checked Bai Xinyan from head to toe again and found that the aura circulation in his body, which was usually almost motionless, did not know what triggered it, suddenly jumped to a relatively high-speed state.
It seemed to have maintained it well.
There was also the special vitality in Bai Xinyan’s body, which used to be stagnant and accumulated in the meridians, but now they were beginning to show signs of flow.

As the child of two top demons, Bai Xinyan became a good-for-nothing (废柴) in cultivation because of the blockage of meridians and the slow operation of spiritual energy.
His development was much slower than that of ordinary demons.
Father and Mother Bai had thought of many ways to try to solve this problem, but they had not been able to succeed.
Now, without knowing the reason, things seemed to be solved suddenly.

Father Bai frowned when he saw this and then asked carefully what happened when Bai Xinyan’s ears suddenly appeared.

However, due to Bai Xinyan’s deliberate concealment of key information, Father Bai still failed to discover anything from it.
Fortunately, after inspection, Bai Xinyan’s body was not negatively affected.
Strictly speaking, it was an unexpected joy.
Father Bai could only roughly speculate a reason that was barely passable.
First, let’s relieved his wife and Bai Xinyan’s heart.

“It is estimated that the aura in S city is relatively scarce.
After staying a few days, the aura in Yanyan’s body has reached a critical point and started to operate independently to make up for it.
There is no harm to the body, but the absorption and development of the aura has accelerated.
According to the current state, Yanyan may reach adulthood soon.” Father Bai said.

“Adulthood?” Bai Xinyan was startled when he heard the words and was immediately surprised.

Because of his slow growth, he was expected to enter adulthood for a long time, but all children wanted to grow up quickly.
For Bai Xinyan, the long growth period before adulthood was the only thing he was dissatisfied with in his life.
The thing was simply a big mountain on the road to the demon life.
Unexpectedly, now that the mountain suddenly disappeared and he would be able to become a real adult soon! Maybe he could still catch up before his human identity reached eighteen years old.

Bai Xinyan was completely overjoyed.
His eyes were so bright that there seemed to be bright little stars shining inside.
Upon seeing this, Father Bai couldn’t bear to hit his good mood.
He swallowed the unresolved questions and hidden worries back to his throat.
He just reminded him to pay attention to his health in the future and tell them in time if there was a problem.

Bai Xinyan nodded hurriedly.
His face was full of joy.

According to his speculation, these abnormal reactions should be related to Yin Heng.
In this way, Yin Heng was like his own lucky star! Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but think of it happily.
Recalling Yin Heng’s jealous and resentful face (越发觉得赏心悦目起来), it felt more pleasing to the eyes.

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