13 Like (喜欢)


Bai Xinyan’s face was elated.
Father and Mother Bai were reluctant to pour cold water on him.
They turned the topic to Yin Heng, the new demon friend Bai Xinyan had met.

However, to Bai Xinyan’s surprise, Father and Mother Bai didn’t ask too much about Yin Heng’s information.
They only checked the magic ring he gave Bai Xinyan and the ray of demon power, and found no problems.

“Your new friend is amazing.
Just look at this little thing he gave you, I guess it’s not much worse than our two old guys here.” Father Bai smiled softly after checking, “It’s quite thoughtful.
The things he gave to you were right for you.”

Father Bai praised Yin Heng, but Bai Xinyan was complacent when he heard it.
He happily took the initiative to flatter his mother and father, “Who said that? Dad and Mom are not old at all.
The demons in human legends don’t live for hundreds or thousands of years.
You two should be called young.”

Father Bai smiled and shook his head, “Legend is a legend.
Where are the hundreds or thousands of years old demons?” He said as he returned the ring to Bai Xinyan, “This magic ring is pretty good, wear it.
Your new friend looks good.
He has more experience in cultivation and living in human society than you.
You can communicate more and ask him if you don’t understand.”

Bai Xinyan naturally nodded his head and agreed.
At the same time, he couldn’t help but praised Yin Heng himself and emphasized, “Yin Heng is also very good-looking!”

Mother Bai raised her eyebrows and asked, “How beautiful is it? Is he more beautiful than Mom?”

Bai Xinyan heard the words, not too embarrassed to tell the truth.
But he was unwilling to tell lies against his will, so he lowered his head evasively.

Mother Bai understood immediately when she saw this.
She couldn’t help but laughed, “Yes, Yanyan thinks his new friend is better than Mom? Didn’t you still say that Mom is the best in the world before? It changes when you see this Yin Heng?”

Bai Xinyan pursed his mouth to show his innocence, obviously tacitly acquiescing.

Naturally, Mother Bai would not be angry at this, but she couldn’t help but teased Bai Xinyan again.
“Looking at what you said happily just now, I thought you were introducing someone you like… you just made friends and compared him to your mother, will you forget your mother when you have a wife in the future?”

Although Mother Bai was only teasing, Bai Xinyan keenly grasped the key—“someone you like”.

Bai Xinyan involuntarily substituted Yin Heng into this phrase, suddenly there was a roar in his head and his face turned red.
However, when his thoughts were confused, he responded very quickly and hurriedly said, “No! Mom, don’t confuse the concept.”

Mother Bai just said casually.
Seeing that her teasing purpose was achieved, she stopped mentioning this.
Father Bai watched the mother and son, took a sip of tea with a smile, but didn’t take it seriously.
However, Bai Xinyan listened to that simple sentence.
His heart was pounding when he thought of the idea that came out of the blue in his mind.

Using his acting skills to the maximum, Bai Xinyan pretended to be okay and continued to talk to his parents for a while until he returned to his room.
He threw himself on the bed and buried his hot face in the soft pillow.
Then he couldn’t help but rolled on the bed several times with his pillow.

Silently vented a burst of fierce emotions, Bai Xinyan only then felt that he had cooled down a little bit.
But his mind was still full of that thought and he couldn’t calm down at all.

Ah ah ah ah ah!! Did he really like Yin Heng!? He, he just met, is that okay…

In this case, it should be just love at first sight, right? That was to say, he should have a reaction the first time he saw the other party…

Thinking of his previous abnormal symptoms, Bai Xinyan suddenly realized that not only did he actually react when he saw Yin Heng, but the reaction was also quite intense.
For a while, his mood became more and more complicated, but his bias became more obvious.

From another perspective, if the previous reaction was because he fell in love with Yin Xuan at first sight, then the problem of his heartbeat speeding up as long as he got close to Yin Heng afterwards seemed to be easy to explain.
In addition, his speed of entering adulthood was accelerating, probably because of the stimulation caused by his liking to Yin Heng.
Furthermore, he did have a very good impression of Yin Heng.
He couldn’t help but think the other reason about the magic ring he gave him, and also deliberately concealed it behind his parents for Yin Heng’s sake…

The more Bai Xinyan thought about it, the more he felt that he must be really fallen in love with Yin Heng at first sight.
However, in order to avoid making mistakes, Bai Xinyan, who had no emotional experience, chose to verify it on the universal human network (read: internet).
When it came to relationships, demons were not as good as humans.

Bai Xinyan first searched “How to judge if I like someone else” on the omnipotent millennium (read: netizens).
After quickly reading a bunch of answers, Bai Xinyan felt that most of them could match his situation.
So he turned to search, “What is love at first sight”.
This time it still looked more and more similar.
And his reaction to Yin Heng was much more intense than those on the Internet said! Anything like holding your breath, accelerating heartbeat, etc., all in!

At this time, Bai Xinyan had basically concluded that he liked Yin Heng, but he still found an emotional forum around the corners and made a post after some consideration.
Describe your situation and ask for advice.

Since he described Yin Heng’s appearance level and the intensity of his reaction as extremely high, and he could not reveal his identity as a demon and said that his body was absolutely fine, the following replies affirmed his judgment—this was basically love at first sight.

However, kind-hearted netizens also reminded him that this kind of love at first sight, which was obviously based on looking at the face, was probably unreliable.
It was better to learn more about it before considering whether to develop it further.

Bai Xinyan thought after reading it.

He still didn’t know whether Yin Heng was single or not.
He didn’t know enough about other things.
He really shouldn’t be too impatient.
He needed to get along for a while to see.

Bai Xinyan thought so, but couldn’t help but touch the ring on his hand and the demon-powered bracelet on his wrist.
He titled up the corner of his mouth.

* * *

After Sun Zhi took pictures and videos of Bai Xinyan, he wondered how to use these things to teach Bai Xinyan a lesson.
It was just that Bai Xinyan was just an amateur who hadn’t made his debut yet and had no reputation.
With the little things in his hand, even if he compiled more sensational black material, it was estimated that he would not be able to make a splash.
Sun Zhi wanted to make things big, so it was best to let Bai Xinyan shouted and fought everyone.
After much deliberation, to achieve this, the only way to do this was to pull the topic on another person who was related to him.

Although Bai Xinyan was not well-known, the chairman of Xinghuan absolutely attracted much attention in this circle.
There must be many people interested in the gossip of the artists under the company’s boss hidden rules.
If he let it out, he didn’t have to worry about it.

However, as a leader in the industry, Xinghuan had one of the best network resources in all aspects.
Not many people dare to disclose the black information about the chairman of Xinghuan directly and most of them were easy to be suppressed when they exploded.

Sun Zhi thought for a while, he had become enemy with Chairman Xinghuan’s little lover.
He had already offended Xinghuan, so it was better to go to Xinghuan’s opponent, Yuexiang Entertainment (悦翔).
In recent years, Xinghuan had always been the leader in the circle, but there were also several companies that were not far behind Xinghuan and Yuexiang Entertainment was one of them.

Since its development and growth, Yuexiang had been eyeing the leading position of Xinghuan, competing with Xinghuan everywhere, and doing everything possible to pull Xinghuan down.
Yuexiang’s methods were not particularly open and honest.
They dug a lot of corners of Xinghuan.
The two companies had long been in conflict.
Sun Zhi guessed that the news about the unspoken rules between the chairman of Xinghuan and his artist, Yuexiang might be interested in it and most likely they would expose the black material directly.

And he couldn’t enter Xinghuan now.
It was a good choice to develop in Yuexiang now.

He made up his mind.
Sun Zhi tried to contact people from Yuexiang Entertainment.
But he was an unknown little character.
It was not easy to find the right way to pass things up.
After tossing for a long time, Sun Zhi returned without success.
Others heard him say that he had the black material of Chairman Xinghuan, and no one believed it.

“You are not talking about Zhao Peng, the president of Xinghuan? It is the chairman of the board? Hiss… There are not many people that the chairman of Xinghuan has met and we don’t know what they look like.
It’s just you? Can you get the material? Do you want to use personal photos to fool people into making money, right?”

After being ridiculed so impolitely a few times, Sun Zhi stopped looking for Yuexiang’s people in a fit of anger.
He was so angry that he found a few marketing accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers who were willing to take orders out with his own pocket money, and then sent the stuff out.

He deliberately edited the somewhat vague video with fabricated introductory text descriptions, which indeed created an atmosphere of unspoken rules, and then denounced this unfair and immoral behaviour.
He said that Bai Xinyan’s “self-willing and depravity” was heartbroken, it also seemed quite provocative.

After sending it out, Sun Zhi spent some money to buy some navy forwarding and spreading, then sneered in his heart and waited with excitement to see Bai Xinyan’s topic being sprayed.

In the beginning, the navy he bought took the lead and some people did curse a few words, but Sun Zhi had not had time to be happy when he found that there was a strange wind in the comments…

【Although… but… I want to say… this artist who is under the unspoken rules is really good-looking, which completely hits my cute point 1551】 (Chinese number slang, 1551 = yīwǔwǔyī, I want to cry? Perhaps…)

【Me too… it’s my favourite cute type, the one I will definitely pick when he debut】

【Wearing clothes with blood to go to the interview, it feels really hard for him… The blogger said that this to attract attention, don’t you think it’s too ridiculous】

【I think this newcomer who hasn’t made his debut is a bit like the Hercules in the video of opening the door car to rescue people… 】

【No wonder I feel familiar! If so, it’s reasonable to have blood in the clothes】

【After my careful comparison, it should indeed be the same person】

【So this is the little cutie with strange power?? Wow, this contrast is cute… 】

【That… what are you talking about? What is the Hercules of dismantling the car door?】   

【Show you @Wonderful Things in Life.
In the video of pushing the truck door with bare hands to save people in a car incident, the person who saved people and the person the blogger said should be the same person】

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