18 Feeding (投喂)


In fact, Yin Heng’s so-called “dining together by the way” was not really by the way.
He rarely attended to his company and the number of times he came to Xinghuan was even rarer.
If Bai Xinyan was not taken into consideration, he wouldn’t make a special trip to Xinghuan after finishing the task at a distance of kilometres away.

After receiving Bai Xinyan’s very positive reply, Yin Heng seemed to see a little bunny with his eyes shining towards the carrot.
He was in a good mood to restrain his evil spirit and asked Zhuo Xuan to pick up the person.

Thinking of having dinner with Yin Heng, Bai Xinyan immediately put the strange feeling behind and sincerely thanked Chang Jiayi.
He then said that he had something to leave.

Zhuo Xuan waited for someone at the exit, then took Bai Xinyan to find the familiar Maybach, and respectfully invited him to sit on it.

Bai Xinyan realized that before he saw Yin Heng, his heartbeat started to fluctuate as if this was a signal to approach the other party, making him involuntarily turned up his mouth when he felt it.
Until he met those eyes that were so deep that they seemed to be able to suck people in, Bai Xinyan suddenly showed a big smile.

“What are we going to eat?” Bai Xinyan asked after greeting Yin Heng.

Yin Heng, who could easily see the essence of eating food in his expression, laughed and said, “Go to a private restaurant that specializes in non-human beings.
What do you want to eat? I can notify the boss to make arrangements in advance.”

Bai Xinyan was surprised, “Aren’t we going to an ordinary human restaurant?”

Yin Heng shook his head, “The ingredients in that private restaurant are all aura and taste good.
Eating it is also good for demons.”

The food that ordinary humans eat lacked aura and contained a lot of impurities.
It was useless for non-humans like them to eat and it was difficult to eat.
In addition to the cultivation base, the little demons that couldn’t open the valley must eat and the non-human creatures who reached the valley were basically not good at eating.
However, in order to integrate into human society, even if many demons didn’t need to eat, they still pretended to follow the crowd.

Bai Xinyan was naturally not able to open the valley, but as a demon, it was not a big problem not to eat for ten days or half months.
But at the same time, no matter how much ordinary food was eaten, it was not enough to be full.
Once you switched the food to aura, how much you could eat depends on the absorption efficiency and capacity of the aura, not the size of the upper stomach.

Bai Xinyan, who thought he would be able to eat and drink a lot, realized that he might not be able to “have a big appetite” after hearing Yin Heng’s words.
He was a little disappointed, feeling that he was wasting Yin Heng’s “beauty and food”.

However, Bai Xinyan still honestly said a bunch of the names of the dishes he wanted to eat.
He didn’t know what kind of politeness was at all.
When Yin Heng did what he said, he immediately contacted the owner of the private kitchen and asked to make preparations in advance.

Because it was a place that didn’t entertain ordinary people, the location of the private restaurant was quite hidden.
There were some formations around it to prevent ordinary people from entering it by mistake.
After Yin Heng and the others arrived, the boss welcomed them specially, served them personally, and took them to the private room.

“I didn’t expect, Mr Yin will come today.
The preparations were a bit hasty.
The dishes will be served after a while.
I hope Mr YIn will forgive me.”

The simple and honest-looking boss opened the chairs for them and said while pouring tea, “This is the new tea made by Lao Hou.
It was selected the most aura of the new buds and they were specially reserved for you.
Sir, and this guest, please try it.
And Assistant Zhuo, also have a drink.”

Bai Xinyan picked up the teacup and sniffed it lightly.
A fresh and sweet smell jumped into his nose with aura, which smelled very nice.
Yin Heng had already taken a sip.
His expression didn’t change, but he said lightly, “Yes.”

Although Yin Heng’s expression seemed a little cold, the restaurant owner was relieved when he saw this and smiled, “Then this batch of tea will also be delivered to your house?”

Yin Heng nodded somewhat indifferently.
The boss continued to ask with a smile, “Some of the dishes have already been prepared.
Would you like to be served now or wait a while?”

Thinking of Bai Xinyan’s seemingly greedy appearance along the way, Yin Heng couldn’t help softening his complexion and said, “If you are ready, let’s eat first.”

Then the boss nodded and asked people to serve food.
Soon, the table was full of dazzling arrays.

“Pick what you want to eat.” Yin Heng said to Bai Xinyan, who was still holding a small teacup.
Considering his low-level cultivation ability, he couldn’t help but tell him in advance, “Don’t eat too much, you can come to eat next time.”

Bai Xinyan nodded, poured the precious tea in the cup into his stomach, picked up the chopsticks, and looked eagerly at the food in front of him.
Yin Heng could almost see the long ears trembling excitedly on his head.
There was a smile in his eyes.

This time, Bai Xinyan’s speed of solving food was much slower than the previous when he was at Xinghuan staff restaurant.
However, the taste of this private restaurant was really good, much better than the staff restaurant.
In addition, the ingredients had an aura, so Bai Xinyan enjoyed eating more.

Seeing this, Yin Heng couldn’t help feeding a piece of spare ribs to his bowl.
Bai Xinyan, who was immersed in eating, was taken aback.
He took a look at Yin Heng then he blushed and gnawed the ribs completely.
He was so serious that he looked like a little white rabbit holding a carrot and gnawing it.

Yin Heng stopped eating himself.
Instead, he took feeding Bai Xinyan as a matter of business.
Anyway, eating these foods was just a drop in the bucket for him.

Zhuo Xuan, who had been sitting on the other side of them for a long time, couldn’t help but complain to vomit in his heart.
He then buried his head in the meal diligently, reducing his sense of existence with professionalism.

However, Yin Heng’s fun didn’t last long.
After Bai Xinyan ate diligently for a while, he couldn’t help but burp.
Although he wanted to continue to satisfy his taste buds, he could only reluctantly put down his chopsticks.

Although it was obvious that he was satisfied, Yin Heng still asked Bai Xinyan, “Is it delicious? If you like it, let the restaurant deliver you a takeout regularly?”

Bai Xinyan was stunned when he heard the words and then shook his head quickly.
“There’s no need takeout.
My dad cooks at home and he still doesn’t let others do it.
He must be unhappy to order takeout.
When I’m not at home, these dishes are not suitable to be eaten in front of ordinary humans.” But he also affirmed the taste of the restaurant, “Although the raw materials here are not as good as those planted by my family, but the foods are much better than my dad’s.
I really want him to learn the chef’s craft.” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help sighing as he spoke.

Yin Heng didn’t expect that Father Bai would be a person who controlled the kitchen.
He didn’t insist on feeding Bai Xinyan for a long time.
After all, it sounded like Father Bai was not good at cooking, but if the raw materials were better, it would be more beneficial to Bai Xinyan if he ate it.

“Would you like me to ask the boss to bring a few recipes to Senior Bai? It’s okay to have the chef come and teach.” Yin Xuan asked instead.

“Still can’t,” Bai Xinyan said in a rare tone of helplessness, “how can the recipes for meals be spread out casually.
Moreover, my dad always thinks that his own cooking skills are particularly good, so he doesn’t want to learn from others.”

When the little rabbit scolded the elders, he showed a serious and thoughtful look.
He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw it, “Then, you can come here to eat if you have time.”

Bai Xinyan nodded happily at first and soon thought of another question.
He hesitated after looking at Yin Heng and asked, “Then what is the price here? I just signed the contract.
I don’t think I can make much money at the beginning…” In fact, there was a card given by his family, saying that he could swipe it casually without worrying about money, but in front of Yin Heng, Bai Xinyan felt that he should show his self-reliance.
Human beings had a term called parent-dependent adults (啃老, this is from “啃老族”, meaning “those people who don’t work and totally live off their parents”, here).
Although demons generally didn’t have this concept, a demon as powerful as Yin Heng, might not like those who were useless and could only depend on their parents?

Yin Heng didn’t know the twist and turn in Bai Xinyan’s heart.
He just thought that Father and Mother Bai, who didn’t understand human society, didn’t give him any money.
He originally planned to say that he was free, but after thinking about it, he said in another way, “It’s not very expensive and I have shares in this restaurant, so I can give you a discount.
Come if you want to eat, don’t worry about not being able to afford it.”

He didn’t understand the “not very expensive” and “discount” in Yin Heng’s words, Bai Xinyan believed that and he was really happy.
He took the initiative to promise, “Then I will invite you to eat here when I get my first salary!”

Yin Heng nodded and glanced at Zhuo Xuan.
While sighing in his heart, Zhuo Xuan silently noted that he would tell the owner of the private restaurant later that if Bai Xinyan came to eat in the future, the bill would be given to him, only a small of the to-do list.

After a meal, the two did not leave immediately.
Yin Heng asked Bai Xinyan about signing a contract with Xinghuan today.
Bai Xinyan hesitated for a moment and still told the other party what had happened.
Including Fang Xia’s unfriendly attitude at the beginning, the controversy he caused on the Internet, and the involvement of Yin Heng.

Although Bai Xinyan wanted to solve the problem by himself as much as possible, Yin Heng is the chairman of Xinghuan after all, so it was naturally easy to know.
And even if he didn’t pay special attention to it, Bai Xinyan still felt a bit wronged by Fang Xia and some people on the Internet.
Speaking out was not to complain, but to coquettishly beg for comfort to Yin Heng unconsciously.

Of course, Bai Xinyan’s sensibility knew that he couldn’t make this too obvious, so his tone was mostly statements, like just answering Yin Heng’s questions dryly without any other meaning.

“I feel that the agent seems to be biased against me.
I don’t know why she signed me.” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but bring a little complaint in the end.
Although he only slightly pursed his mouth, but because he had a cute face, so it looked very loveable.

Yin Heng frowned shortly after Bai Xinyan answered.
Seeing his last grievance when he talked about it, he couldn’t help but produce a trace of anger, as well as confusion and self-blame.

After all, he always wanted to take care of and protect Bai Xinyan.
However, under his special care, Bai Xinyan encountered troubles and difficulties just after signing the contract.

The car accident was an accident, but what happened to the agent with a bad attitude? Didn’t he deliberately explain that Zhao Peng should look for someone with good abilities and conduct to take Bai Xinyan?

Zhao Peng has been the CEO of Xinghuan for so long and his ability is also very good.
Could such a small matter go wrong?

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