01 First Sight (初见)


City S, one of the most prosperous cities in China and even the whole world.
At 7:30 a.m.
on weekdays, even in the suburban section far away from the central city, traffic had already started.

It was rare for Yin Heng, who has rarely visited the company, to rush to Xinghuan Entertainment, which is located in the central city, in the morning rush hour.
However, he was unlucky and got stuck in a car accident.
Zhuo Xuan, an assistant and part-time driver, observed the situation and reported: “Sir, it is estimated that it will take about 20 minutes to pass this congested road.”

There was no other way than waiting for traffic jams.
Even if the value of the car they were riding in was more than eight digits, it was still a car and could not fly directly, except for the drivers of other cars to carefully keep their distance after they noticed the car.
In order to avoid being asked for high-priced compensation for squeezing, there was no advantage in the congestion tide of the morning peak.
So when he heard Zhuo Xuan’s words, Yin Heng replied and began to close his eyes and rest his mind, waiting quietly.

Ten minutes later, they slowly advanced a distance of several hundred meters, and the traffic police who received the call to the police also arrived at the accident scene.

With traffic police command and management, the traffic flow had accelerated a bit, but Zhuo Xuan, who saw the accident scene, slowed down instead.

The car accident was very serious.
It was a small truck that crashed into a private car.
The truck had a heavy load.
After the collision, the private car rushed to the reverse lane and got stuck on the metal guardrail on the side of the road.
The car’s engine has smoked, and there is obvious squeeze deformation.

There were also a few other cars that had collisions because they couldn’t react in time, but the situation was not too serious.
The people in the cars got out of the car without any injuries.
The situation of the people in the truck and the private car was very bad, and they seemed to have lost consciousness.

The truck driver had been rescued, but the car door was deformed and was blocked by the truck.
The traffic police encountered difficulties in rescuing the wounded people inside.

Zhuo Xuan’s ears were far better than ordinary people, and it was easy to hear the traffic police discussing: The situation is not so good, they can’t move the truck to open the car door, and are afraid of causing secondary damage, they can only wait for the tow truck to be transferred before we act.
But now it is the peak period, the tow truck will not arrive soon, and the ambulance will take a few minutes, so we can only wait first.

After detecting the vital signs of the wounded, Zhuo Xuan solemnly asked the man in the back seat with a stunning but cold expression: “Sir, they have trouble saving people, I can help?”

The man’s expression who closed his eyes did not change at all, but only faintly replied: “Yeah.”

Zhuo Xuan, who got permission, was about to get out of the car but saw someone approaching the accident area before him, talking to the traffic police who blocked the scene.

He was a very good-looking boy, with excellent facial features and almost flawless, not sharp, but soft and well-behaved, quite pleasing.
Especially a pair of eyes were big and quick-witted, and people who were far away could feel the look inside.

The boy was asking the traffic police to let him help, but he was undoubtedly rejected, so his face showed a little aggrieved and anxious look as if he was a little child who couldn’t get the candy, and it made people feel softened.

But Zhuo Xuan’s surprise was far better than the others, because not only did he know this young man, he also happened to be his key research object these days!

After a moment of shock, Zhuo Xuan reacted quickly, turning around and speeding up his speech and said to his employer: “Sir, I saw Young Master Bai, he wants to go and save people.”

Yin Heng immediately opened his eyes when he heard the words this time, frowning and looking over.

The young man looked very good, his skin was almost dazzling in the morning sun, and he was slightly mature and full of vigour in an exquisite suit.
Standing in a messy and grey car accident scene was particularly conspicuous.
And such a beautiful background didn’t hinder his appearance.
Instead, it made him look like a green cabbage in the muddy field after the rain.
It was watery, plump, pitiful and cute, bringing infinite vitality to the whole picture.

Yin Heng couldn’t help but stunned when he saw this picture, but after confirming that the other party was indeed the “Young Master Xiao Bai” that Zhuo Xuan said, his brows wrinkled deeper.

The man even immediately put his hand on the door switch, and almost opened the door to go.
But after a while, he became sane, and changed to tell Zhuo Xuan: “Go and help.”

The tone this time was far from the coldness than before, and there was even a little eagerness that Zhuo Xuan rarely saw.

“Yes, Sir.” Zhuo Xuan was a little confused, but on the surface, he still answered steadily and quickly got off the car.

Although he had already expected it, but now it seemed that he (YH) paid more attention to this Young Master Xiao Bai than he expected.
In this case, he couldn’t make any mistakes in this help order.
Zhuo Xuan thought while quickly thinking about the next response.

* * *

Bai Xinyan was a little monster who had just gone down the mountain.
He came to City S to be an actor and received an interview notice for his resume that he voted for Xinghuan Entertainment.
The interview time was today.

In order not to be late, he set off deliberately for more than an hour early.
He didn’t expect that there was still a troublesome traffic accident, not to mention the traffic jam.

Bai Xinyan felt bad when he felt the loss of vitality from the wounded people in the car.
A man and a woman in the car were not slightly injured.
The man suffered head injuries and was not rescued in time.
Although the woman had no fatal injuries, there was a child who was only three or four months old in her stomach.
If no measures were taken, the child would not be able to save it.
Abortion was also very harmful to the mother.

Seeing that the traffic police were still unable to rescue them for a while, Bai Xinyan had to find a way to try it by himself.
After all, it was three lives, he had encountered them all, and he was able to save them, so he couldn’t be ignored.

But helping others didn’t mean that he could help just like that.
Professionals were at a loss for the time being.
How could they be convinced by just a few words when he looked at an underage teenager? Bai Xinyan spoke to the responsible traffic police for a long time.
Although the opponent had been very good because of his special physique, he just didn’t let it go.

“I’m really strong.
I will never hurt the people in the car or myself! If you don’t save people, it may be too late.
Let me try.” Bai Xinyan bitterly said and worked hard.
Convincing the police uncle in front of him, he couldn’t help but regret that he hadn’t practised well.
Otherwise, if his parents were here, these troubles would be solved with just one technique.

“Okay, little classmate, you have this spirit of righteousness and courage, but we definitely can’t agree to this kind of thing.
This car is still loaded with goods, and a group of people may not be able to move together.
You are alone with thin arms.
Don’t even think about it with your thin-legged ones.
In case you have an accident or make the wounded people seriously injured, it’s not worth the loss.
And the car is still smoking.
Have you seen it? It might be dangerous to stand here, you still have to go to school, right? You go quickly.” Facing Bai Xinyan’s plea, the traffic police uncle’s response was also very painstaking.

After being rejected repeatedly, Bai Xinyan confirmed that the road to verbal persuasion was nowhere to go, so there was only one remaining way—acted first and then reported!

After making up his mind, Bai Xinyan found that sleepy came to deliver pillows (白忻言就发现瞌睡来了送枕头, is there someone who could understand this sentence?).
Someone rushed over here, and he directly approached the traffic police uncle who was talking to him before: “Hello police officer, I want to ask about something.”

Bai Xinyan made a decisive decision and swiftly jumped into the gap between the truck and the car.
In order not to affect the wounded people, he deliberately chose the position in the middle of the truck, put his hands up and pushed forward—

The person who came over suddenly was naturally Zhuo Xuan, who was ordered to help Bai Xinyan.
The traffic police uncle was distracted by Zhuo Xuan, but he soon discovered Bai Xinyan’s small actions and immediately wanted to stop the other party and shouted him to come back.
However, before his words were uttered, there was quite a neat gasp around.

“Little classmate, don’t mess around! Hurry up…” The traffic police uncle, who hadn’t realized what had happened, only thought that the others were surprised by Bai Xinyan’s dangerous behaviour, and only found out that it was not right after half of the words were said.

How… it seemed… the truck had been pressed from the side of the car to be upright?!

“Why did the car move?”

“I’m not mistaken, right… It seemed that the kid pushed the car straight?”

“That is at least a few tons weight truck, which can be driven by one person?”

“Looking at the kid who actually pushed it… Oh my god, how much strength does he have to do it?”

“It’s just this small body… Although the car is indeed upright, why do I not believe it so much?”

“Maybe the kid ate spinach?”


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