19 Accountability (问责)


“Do you want me to help?” Yin Heng, who felt quite guilty, asked.

Bai Xinyan suddenly woke up from being coquettish when he heard the words and immediately shook his head, “Don’t bother you.
The agent has changed her attitude and her works seems to be okay.
The online affairs are also arranged, which should be handled well.” Then Bai Xinyan remembered that Yin Heng was also dragged down because of Sun Zhi’s revenge on him and he apologized, “I’m sorry, you were also secretly photographed.
I will explain the bad things on the Internet.”

Yin Heng paused.
Seeing that Bai Xinyan really didn’t want him to intervene, he just said.
“It’s all right.
I said before that I haven’t been photographed before.
But let me handle the clarification? Now I’m involved in the matter.”

Bai Xinyan still shook his head, “The agent said that it would be okay for Xinghuan official to make a statement, which would be more upright.
I don’t need to do anything special to avoid being targeted by the sunspots.” Yin Heng was very low-key and had never revealed any information to the public.
Obviously, he didn’t want to receive extra attention.
Knowing this, Bai Xinyan was naturally unwilling to drag the other party down because of helping him.

Yin Heng found that Bai Xinyan seemed to be very determined on this matter.
He was completely different from when he accepted the magic tool he gave him before.
He hesitated for a while and didn’t insist on it anymore.

Yin Heng guessed that it was probably Bai Xinyan who didn’t want to rely on others and insisted on relying on his own ability to succeed in his own career, so he refused his intervention.
Maybe there was something in it that didn’t want to implicate him, but it showed the youthful spirit besides being well-behaved.

A child of this age, which he heard that there would be a rebellious period, was unwilling to let the elders point out their own affairs.
Thinking of this, Yin Heng felt that he might still have to help Bai Xinyan as he planned in the first place.
However, the first time he did this, he made a mistake on the point of the agent.
He must be more considerate in the future.

After asking about the relevant situation, Yin Heng’s intention to send Bai Xinyan home in person was also dispelled and he decided to go to Xinghuan to deal with the matter.
Bai Xinyan thought that Yin Heng had always been such a serious person to attend to the company, so he said goodbye to the other party and went home without thinking about it.
He planned to show the contract to his parents and then consult a professional to judge.

* * *

The big boss suddenly came to inspect for two days in a row.
The CEO of Xinghuan, Zhao Peng, was quite frightened.
However, he could easily guess that the boss was likely to come for the newcomer who was especially taken care of, so he asked the secretary to collect Bai Xinyan’s information temporarily before Zhuo Xuan came to look for him.
However, he had deliberately asked one of the best agents to take Bai Xinyan and what he took out was also a rare preferential contract.
In addition, the chairman made such a high-profile show yesterday.
This newcomer should basically be able to go smoothly in Xinghuan, right?

Pres Zhao thought so, but he didn’t expect that after Zhuo Xuan came, his attitude was a little bit (strange as if he wanted to) inquiries something.
After clarifying the specific situation from Zhuo Xuan’s mouth and the information sent by the secretary later, Pres Zhao suddenly felt like a bolt from the blue.

In fact, after Yin Heng told him to arrange a good agent for Bai Xinyan, he deliberately considered it several times before selecting Fang Xia.

In terms of ability, Fang Xia is the best group of Xinghuan’s agents.
Although she was not a leader, she was currently one who had a few artists and was most suitable for bringing newcomers.
Moreover, Fang Xia was a decent person and she was very protective of the artists she took.
She would never let the artists take advantage or suffer the losses outside.
Although a little strict, she had a good relationship with her previous artists and shouldn’t be difficult to get along with.

And Yin Heng’s request at the time was not to let Bai Xinyan find out that he had received special treatment, nor let others in the company find out.
It just happened that Fang Xia didn’t like people who go through the backdoor under unspoken rules.
Many people in the company knew that for the artists she actively wanted to sign, others would naturally rule out this kind of speculation.

As to whether Fang Xia’s unwillingness, Pres Zhao was not worried.
Even if she was a decent person, none of the agents who could get along well was honest and upright.
It was impossible that she didn’t understand this situation and flexibility.
Pres Zhao had emphasized to her overtly and secretly that this newcomer would have to follow along without any traces.
She should not think that the other party was playing a ticket and just be perfunctory at work, but had to plan carefully and figure out a way to get the person to debut.
In short, he must be treated carefully.

Fang Xia frowned at first, but in the end, she agreed quite well.
After all, an excellent employee should know the current affairs no matter how much she disliked people who go through the back door.
At least, she couldn’t affect her work because of her personal emotions.
Pres Zhao felt that Fang Xia had seen the mixed in the entertainment circle for so many years, even if she was a crew, she should have the consciousness to calm down for the people involved, not to mention that she was an agent who should be both sides.

Therefore, Zhao Peng really didn’t expect Fang Xia to target Bai Xinyan.
Even if she didn’t like it, she just directly suppressed the people first.
As the result, she was directly broken by a fledgling minor.
It was ridiculous and embarrassing.
It made him wanted to eat and hang up.

However, he was also a little blind.
It seemed that Fang Xia’s ability and her emotional intelligence were still lacking.
The position of being a gold agent was probably because Xinghuan itself had a lot of resources and fair distribution.
Therefore, Fang Xia didn’t need to engage in human relations with intrigue, so she could bring out a few well-qualified artists.
If she changed to a small company with tight resources and a poor atmosphere, Fang Xia guessed that it would be the kind that made wedding dresses for others.

Moreover, the newcomer under the care of the chairman didn’t seem to be a fuel-efficient lamp.
At a young age, he could beat Fang Xia by himself.
He just attracted people’s eyes in an interview.
If he didn’t make his debut, he was praised and blackened.
He was also connected with the chairman that could be described as quite a blockbuster.

Not to mention, it was just this fascinating trait and it was also a good seed to be an idol star.
There would no lack of topic.

And the big boss obviously valued him very much.
Bai Xinyan didn’t suffer any losses.
Instead, he got Fang Xia dealt with and made a lot of effort to come up with a perfect response plan but the big boss came to him for punishment.

Although the troublemaker was Fang Xia, Pres Zhao could only admit that he did not know people clearly.
He cautiously admitted his mistake to the frosty Yin Heng and then accepted the instructions.

“I will inform the public relations department to cooperate fully in the online public opinion and public relations.
In addition, if Young Master Bai doesn’t like Fang Xia, should I change his agent?” Pres Zhao asked cautiously.
Although he could be regarded as the elite with a successful career, he was a little trembling every time he faced Yin Heng.
He felt that the other party’s momentum was not like an ordinary businessman, but something powerful □□ big man with an extremely dangerous atmosphere.
Now the other party’s mood was obviously not good, the sense of oppression he brought was even stronger.

Yin Heng was silent for a while before he said, “Not for the time being.
Please choose a suitable time to change it later.
Don’t let people see the intention.”

Pres Zhao quickly understood what Yin Heng meant and nodded, “Okay, it won’t be obvious to people.”

“You can beat this Fang Xia then don’t go wrong with the next one.” Yin Heng finally said, “Your bonus will be deducted by 20% this month.”

Pres Zhao promised again and again.
He couldn’t help wiping the sweat off his head after going out and breathed a sigh of relief.
It was just fortunate to deduct 20% of the bonus, but if something went wrong again, it would be really troublesome.
Obviously, Yin Heng was cold, but when bearing his angry gaze, Pres Zhao couldn’t help sweating in a cold sweat.

If it were not for the impressive salary and Yin Heng rarely came to the company, he would really not dare to be the CEO of Xinghuan.
It was too scary.
Pres Zhao thought that and sighed in his heart.

After returning to his office, Pres Zhao immediately called Fang Xia and the director of the public relations department to deal with the online affair about Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng.

At this time, Sun Zhi, who had already been stared at, wasn’t aware and was even complacent just because there were more people questioning Bai Xinyan.

* * *

After a day of fermentation, the spread of Bai Xinyan’s car accident rescue video had become wider and wider.
In contrast, only a few people knew about secretly filmed videos and slanderous comments released by Sun Zhi.
Many people just swiped the video at random, marvelled at Bai Xinyan’s strange power, and turned to the next hot spot.
They were not interested in digging into Bai Xinyan’s identity.
Only a small number of people who had doubts about the video or admired Bai Xinyan’s face would take the initiative to learn more.

Therefore, the mainstream hot spot on the Internet now was “cute with strange power contrast” and this was the hot search that climbed to the top searches.
There were also many doubts that Bai Xinyan’s strength was true or false and whether it was hype, but Bai Xinyan’s identity as a newcomer to Xinghuan and the unspoken rules of the chairman of Xinghuan had not spread so widely.

However, under Sun Zhi’s tireless guidance, it still led some people.
Most of them were people who believed that Bai Xinyan was a malicious hype.
They speculated with malicious intent and became more convinced when they saw something that could be used as evidence.
At the same time, they showed a proud face “Sure enough, I know” and then mocked Bai Xinyan and other believers in a tone that everyone was drunk and I was awake.

Although these people were still a minority, Sun Zhi still looked excited.

And he was pleasantly surprised to find that a big V gossip account in the entertainment industry with a lot of quasi-fans posted a message about Bai Xinyan.
The headline was “The truth about the fact that strange little cuteness became popular overnight.”

This, this… didn’t this mean to expose the inside story of Bai Xinyan!?

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