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Gossip was a blogger who paid special attention to the entertainment industry because the news and gossip they released have always been reliable.
They were somewhat authoritative in the fan circle and had many fans.
They suddenly opened up Bai Xinyan.
In addition to the popularity of Bai Xinyan’s rapid explosion, they could basically explain one thing—Bai Xinyan is related to the entertainment industry and will not be a pure plain person.
(I use “they” because I’m not certain the Gossip account is a she or a he)

Sun Zhi immediately felt that the Gossip matter was going to be in the same direction as him.
Maybe it was based on their thoughts and the video photos.
Otherwise, the reaction would not be so fast.

So Sun Zhi started reading a long Weibo about Gossip, thinking that he would see an article exposing Bai Xinyan’s hype and unspoken rules.
However, Sun Zhi’s triumphant smile froze on his face little by little.

【The truth about the fact that strange little cuteness became popular overnight

Yesterday, a video of a boy with strange power dismantling a car door to save people was wildly spread on the internet.
I watched it too and I was shocked just like many people.
The strange boy seemed less than half the weight of the poor man and he was so tender like a porcelain doll.
At first sight, I thought it was an MV.
As a result, he pushed the truck and opened the door with his bare hands the next second, which almost scared me to death.
Out of the old way, I have been seeking (being) the truth (scared) and begging (to reach) the state of (not) degree (fully), so I spent a lot of time picking up this video and this strange boy.

At first, I thought it might be a fraud.
After all, this body strength is too unscientific.
A man with a height of 180 could carry two buckets of pure water.
But after I picked it up for a long time, I found out that this really seems to be true!?

Here are a few other videos I found, as well as some information I found out.
Simply analyze…


It can be seen that the video has no traces of editing, nor is it filming.
Both the car accident and the wounded people are real.
In other words, this should indeed be a real video of a talented, strange boy doing good deeds to save people.
So old-fashioned, I withdrew my previous suspicions.

But I found something else.

Many netizens are questioning the video’s popularity so fast and they are suspected of deliberate hype.
To be honest, this strangely powerful boy looks too dazzling.
I am also a little sceptical.
Just picking up data is my strength, so I analyzed the source of the video, the stage progress of the heat explosion, the effective proportion of well-known bloggers participating and the comment replies are as follows—


You should have seen it here too.
Yes, I slapped myself again very painfully.
The whole incident is reasonable from the appearance of the video to the spread of popularity.
The people who watched and commented are basically living people and there is no navy.
It is basically certain that there is no deliberate hype so far.

However, at the same time, I still found some traces of organized navy in related news and found something more interesting—before the previous video had not fully spread, there were several small marketing accounts in the circle that sent a post about the strange boy together.
But it’s not hyping the video of saving people, but exploding the black material of this person.

So you now know why I posted this long Weibo, right? This strange boy is actually an insider.
He is within the scope of my business!

So I continued to take a deep dive and then I really found something very interesting.

According to those colleagues (barely half of them, they are still more technical than them) broke the news that the name of this strange boy, Bai Xinyan.
He is a newcomer interviewed by Xinghuan Entertainment.
It is said that he is arrogant and has many low-level plays.
He is also the one who accepts the unspoken rules and does not hide that he is in a relationship household, but still flaunts his power in front of other people in the company.

Then a bigger bright spot came.
They also revealed the relationship of this related household, saying that Bai Xinyan climbed up to the chairman of Xinghuan.
(Attached are the original text and screenshots of the so-called evidence video)

I laughed when I saw this.
You should understand why I laughed? [I can hardly fucking breath.jpg]

In short, I’m basically sure that this is nonsense, but after all, I’m a truth-seeking and honest gossip expert, so I checked it carefully.

Then I found out that I was slapped in the face again… This strange little cute named Bai Xinyan really really related to the chairman of Xinghuan… [Quickly ascend to heaven.jpg]

Xinghuan Entertainment is definitely a big name for everyone, right? Those well-known artists of Xinghuan Entertainment, XX and XXX, must be even more familiar.
But when it comes to the general manager and president of Xinghuan, only those who are familiar with the circle, such as some industry insiders or senior fans, can immediately remember them.
Most people have to go to Qianduyi (千度一) to find the news before they know their surnames and what they look like, right?

But if you change to the chairman of Xinghuan, even someone who knows everything about the entertainment industry like me can’t find the information about this person, let alone the photos.
The chairman really did his best to keep a low profile.
He never attended any events, did not have any photos or information, and even kept his employees completely confidential.
It is said that only the president of Xinghuan has seen him.

In addition, everyone knows the ethos of Xinghuan.
There are basically no unspoken rules going through the back door.
So I really didn’t believe that this matter could have something to do with the chairman of Xinghuan.
Moreover, the person in the Maybach in that video didn’t show his face at all and it was completely impossible to determine who it was.
However, following the attitude of seeking truth from facts, I went to inquire to the staff of Xinghuan and got the following reply: [Screenshot.jpg]

(I heard that the assistant chairman did find a new person to attend the interview and went to the chairman’s office yesterday.
He also waited for the interview to be over and walked in front of a lot of people.) (The one driving in this video is our assistant chairman)

Then I was frightened.
My heart said, my mother, can the chairman do whatever he wants? I don’t pay attention to the relationship and I’m still in front of many people.
But I remembered again, this assistant chairman seemed to have appeared in the rescue video! Moreover, the chairman of such a big company is definitely much smarter than me.
Can he bring hatred to people and ruin the company’s culture?

So I watched the videos from all angles carefully and then I found this [Screenshot.jpg].
This Maybach is obviously the same one in the black video.
In other words, when he saved people in a car accident, the chairman of Xinghuan was there, and he asked his assistant to help.

Hearing a lot of cold-eyed and unkind things, both Bai Xinyan and the chairman of Xinghuan are quite positive.
So I had two bold guesses.
First, Bai Xinyan himself was with the chairman of Xinghuan; but from this longest video we can see that Bai Xinyan ended up in a taxi and had no communication with the chairman’s assistant.
So this guess is wrong.
Second, the two met by chance because of a car accident and then found that they had a lot of fate, so they cherished each other; after all, they both wanted to go to Xinghuan and had been on the same road, which left an impression if it was difficult to guarantee.
Then the chairman found out that the other party was a newcomer to the company for an interview, so he made friends with the other party out of appreciation.

Anyway, the general logic is correct, so I asked the insider again to confirm that when the assistant chairman went to find someone, he said that he appreciated Bai Xinyan’s deeds of helping others.

As for whether it is really just appreciation, I think it is still possible to look at the face of this newcomer.
But soon I remembered the strength of this person… emmmmm, does anyone really dare to do anything to him? What should I do if he breaks a human bone when he’s a little excited…

In short, it’s almost the same.
After all, the conclusion is that the strange power is real, dismantling the car door is real, the rescue is real, it is true that Xinghuan interviews newcomers, and it is true to know the chairman of Xinghuan.
There is no deliberate hype.
If you have to count, it is true that someone is in the dark.
(认识星寰董事长也是真的, not sure)

Then it is true that I slapped myself on my face many times [Face lost.jpg]

In summary, this newcomer is a bit interesting.
So I have to try again to see if I will get slapped this time—

In view of Bai Xinyan’s strange power, I believe his relationship with Chairman Xinghuan must be very pure!

Oh, yes, in fact, there is still a little bit to pick up, that is, who is talking to half of my colleagues in black and white.
After all, Bai Xinyan hasn’t made his debut yet, so it stands to reason that he shouldn’t have deliberately hacked his home.
But I don’t want to pick it off because this person is too stupid.
He even pulled the chairman of Xinghuan into the water.
It didn’t feel interesting to pick it off.
And since he also provided part of the truth, I’m still kind and don’t pick people out to prevent him from being sued by Xinghuan.

Of course, if Xinghuan checked it out by themselves, it wouldn’t matter to me, hehe.

This gossip is exclusively produced by Gossip.
Misappropriation will be punished.】 

This long Weibo seemed to be looking for Bai Xinyan’s troubles, but it reversed several times in the middle, and finally washed away the stains on Bai Xinyan’s suspected back.
Even the relationship between Bai Xinyan and the chairman of Xinghuan, which was difficult to fully explain, was drawn to very upright thinking by the blogger’s teasing tone, and he also mocked Sun Zhi, a black man.
It seemed to be a neutral angle, but in fact, it was completely defending Bai Xinyan.

Sun Zhi looked so angry that it was not until the end that he suddenly felt cold.
The Gossip account could find so many things.
He had not been able to catch up with Yuexiang now, if Xinghuan really found out… In fact, Sun Zhi was already on Xinghuan’s blacklist long before Sun Zhi was worried.
Whitewashing Bai Xinyan from the side of the big V was the first step and the next step was to expose Sun Zhi, an idiot who harmed others and himself.


The author has something to say:

No Responsibility OOC Small Theatre:

Gossip: I bet that Bai Xinyan and the chairman of Xinghuan are pure confidant friendships! I will definitely not get slapped this time!

Netizen: Why do I see the flag standing high →_→

A few years later

News: Bai Xinyan comes out! Said that he has been in love with the chairman of Xinghuan for many years!

Gossip: …md, it hurts

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