22 Perform (表演)


Ding Qichen was very worried about the exchange between Bai Xinyan and that Mr Yin.
Fortunately, Bai Xinyan explained clearly later.
Although there were still some doubts and worries, Ding Qichen suddenly let go of his mind after learning about Bai Xinyan’s strength.
The gossip thing is right.
As long as people cherished their lives, they probably wouldn’t dare to do bad things to Bai Xinyan.

Ding Qichen took the idol route of singing and dancing, so the only classes that overlapped with Bai Xinyan were the general basic classes, but the two quickly became acquainted.
They always got together after class.

About Bai Xinyan’s matter, almost other people in Xinghuan knew now.
The more experienced people (veterans) had a very friendly attitude on the relationship between him and the chairman, but most of these newcomers in class together were young, lofty, and self-confident.
They didn’t want to get close to Bai Xinyan.

However, there was no such thing as Sun Zhi who directly targeting Bai Xinyan.
On the contrary, under the influence of his special physique, Bai Xinyan could feel that some of his classmates were kind to him in their hearts.

Of course, there were good intentions and malicious ones.
The first time Bai Xinyan went to the acting class, he noticed that some people looked at him with slightly unkind eyes, and the proportion was higher than that of other classmates.

However, they also only looked at Bai Xinyan with a little depth and then exchanged glances with each other.
They didn’t directly say what about Bai Xinyan.

In addition to Bai Xinyan’s participation in this acting class this day, there seemed to be something more exciting for these people.
Before the teacher came, Bai Xinyan heard them discussing excitedly together.
Almost everyone’s face had a look of expectation.

“Have you heard that our acting teacher will be changed from today?”

“I also heard about it.
It is said that a lot of students have been added to the professional Class A.
Teacher Wang (王老师) will only take the professional class in the future?”

“Then who brings us, newcomer, Class A? Teacher Wang is the best, right?”

“Tsk, I know you are ignorant when you hear it.
How could Teacher Wang be Xinghuan’s best acting teacher? Have you heard He Wenhong (何文宏)?”

“He Wenhong who has instructed several film emperors and empresses? Of course, I have heard of it, but it is impossible for him to teach our newcomer class.”

“Hey, that’s not sure.” The one, who spook, lowered his voice and said more and more mysteriously, “The gossip said, He Wenhong has time recently and he may come to take the newcomer class for a period of time.”

“Really?!” There was a burst of exclamation around him.
“He Wenhong comes to teach us? Where did you hear the news? Is it reliable?”

“It’s 80% reliable.
You’ll know when the teacher comes anyway.”

“If it is true, don’t we have the same treatment as a film emperor? This is too cool…”

“You think too much, but the movie emperor is one-to-one teaching, which is only one-tenth of the film emperor’s treatment.”

“That’s pretty cool too! If you can be taught by He Wenhong, like the film emperor, then winning the prize and flying up is just around the corner!”

A group of glamorous young people gathered together and thought excitedly.
Except for the newcomer Bai Xinyan, only one person had also left aside and wasn’t in the part of the joyous atmosphere.

This person was also the only one who didn’t look too much when Bai Xinyan came.
He just glanced indifferently, looking a little gloomy and very uncomfortable.
Bai Xinyan was a little curious when he saw this.

It seemed that before he came, he was a stranger in the whole class.
He didn’t know why the other party was alienated by other people and whether he would be pushed aside by others.

Bai Xinyan’s attention was quickly discovered by the gloomy boy.
He slightly frowned and looked at him.
Bai Xinyan found that there was a suture wound left on the brow bone of his right face, which directly damaged the original very good face and it looked more gloomy.
He couldn’t help but freeze for a moment.
But soon he reacted, showing a friendly smile at the other party.

The gloomy boy was startled by his smile.
After a while, he kept his face blank and looked away.

At this time, the teacher who had been discussed by the group for a long time finally arrived.
A thin middle-aged uncle with stubbles walked in.
From the low exclamations of other people, Bai Xinyan inferred that this should be the famous He Wenhong who was being discussed just now.

“The company has re-arranged personnel.
Your teacher Wang will only teach professional classes in the future.
From today, until the new teacher arranged by the company is in place, I will temporarily take your class.” The thin uncle stepped onto the stage and explained first.
“I’m He Wenhong and Xinghuan’s professional acting teacher.
You should have heard of it.
Let me tell you first.
My requirements will definitely be higher than your Teacher Wang and I’m not as soft-hearted as Teacher Wang.
For those who fail the assessment here, I will drop them directly to Class B.
Do you understand?”

When He Wenhong came, he gave people a horror.
These newcomers were only happy for a while and they were frightened by what he said.

He Wenhong nodded as he watched them reduce their excitement and start to take it seriously, “I basically know your progress from Teacher Wang, but I still have to see it for the performance.
Moreover, we should have a new student today.
So we will strengthen the basic and then each of you will perform a section for me to see the effect, okay?”

Of course, everyone only nodded.

He Wenhong then called on their name.
When it was Bai Xinyan’s turn, he deliberately observed for a while and then couldn’t help saying, “Your appearance is a bit restrictive.”

Limited play road was obviously not a good thing.
They discovered that He Wenhong had talked about the shortcomings of Bai Xinyan at the beginning.
The people who looked at Bai Xinyan maliciously before were a little gloat.
They thought it would be a relevant matter.
If he didn’t have the strength, he would be beaten in the face every minute.

However, He Wenhong didn’t continue to target Bai Xinyan as they wished.
Instead, he quickly lifted his brows and said, “But it should be no problem in a few years.
That’s good.
You can play more young plays while you are young.
After all, it’s not as easy to play young as old.”

At this point, he turned his shortcomings into advantages.
Bai Xinyan blinked, feeling that the acting teacher seemed to be straightforward in what he said.
He didn’t have any likes or dislikes towards him.

After finishing the call, He Wenhong began to lecture.
Having said that today was about the basics, He Wenhong really only started from the most basic.
After briefly talking about the basic theories, he began to talk about his understanding of performance, how to determine the content and method of performance, and the expression of some basics emotions.

After talking for more than an hour, He Wenhong asked them to prepare.
Next, each performed a one-man show that they felt best.
As a newcomer, Bai Xinyan was arranged by He Wenhong as the last one, so that he could learn from other people’s performances and comments, and try to avoid some low-level mistakes.

One-man shows were generally a bit more difficult than rival shows and the shortcomings would be more obvious.
A dozen students from the entire class performed one by one.
Even if they were asked to pick the one they thought was the best, He Wenhong still frowned most of the time.
Before Bai Xinyan, only the gloomy boy’s performance made He Wenhong nod his head.
Obviously, he was the best acting in this class.

Because he called the name before, Bai Xinyan knew that this gloomy boy was called Zhou Han (周寒).

Zhou Han usually looked very cold and had no expressions, but the subtle changes in expressions in the performance were very comfortable, which was very different from himself.
It could be seen that his acting skills were really good.
Bai Xinyan looked at the performances of these people all the way and his views were basically consistent with the comments given by He Wenhong.
He just didn’t know if Zhou Han’s incompatibility was because of the scar on his face or because of his acting skills.

Bai Xinyan didn’t have time to think about it, because soon it was his turn to perform.

After He Wenhong said to begin, Bai Xinyan sat on the chair, lowered his head, and stopped moving.
Others were puzzled.
When someone’s eyes were already scornful, they heard a voice suddenly rang lowly, “Did you hear it? A voice from hell…”

The sound was dark and oozing.
Many people were taken aback.
It took a moment to realize that it was Bai Xinyan.
After saying a word, Bai Xinyan seemed to laugh nervously again.
The deliberately suppressed laughter had a creepy taste, which almost made one imagine how terrible his face was covered by his hair.

“Satan is calling you, calling the devil in your heart, did you hear it?” Bai Xinyan slowly raised his head, his eyes were frozen and crazy, the corners of his mouth were stiff and false, and his face was full of evil.
“By now, don’t you understand? God is just a boring trick to deceive the world.
Stupid people are manipulated by it, but smart people should know the truth.”

Bai Xinyan stood up all of a sudden, leaned over to the non-existent person opposite, supported himself with both hands on the table, stared at the other closely, the muscles on his face twitched slightly.
He then laughed in a low voice again after a while and changed abruptly.
With an intimate expression and a whisper, he said softly, “Did you see the end of those idiots? Kroll’s dismembered body, the blood sprayed on you from Josie’s neck… You can’t forget, can you? Those scenes are so beautiful, blood, residue, death… Did you hear your own heartbeat? That rhythm full of excitement and desire.” Bai Xinyan’s tone became softer, but every word made the heart of the person who heard it tighten, “That is the devil in your heart being summoned.
Now you have to follow my guidance, face him squarely, obey him, and release him.”

“…very good.” Bai Xinyan paused for a moment, he then straightened up again, showing a satisfied smile, raised his hand, and patted gently.
Finally, he gently comforted, “Don’t be afraid.
For you, for me, and for people like us, hell is the ultimate destination and salvation.”

He tilted his head slightly to let the bangs pass through his eyes.
At the same time, a fanatical and terrifying light flashed in his eyes and a creepy smile appeared on his face.
But after a short while, Bai Xinyan recovered his initial expressionless silence and sat back in the chair and lowered his head.
The cowering posture made him appear weak and helpless as if the weird and terrifying behaviour just now was just the imagination of others.

The people who watched the entire performance couldn’t recover for a long time.
Their hearts were still full of fear and chill.
Until He Wenhong, whose face was full of admiration and surprise, took the lead to clap vigorously, the other people returned to their senses.
They couldn’t help but look at each other and found that each other’s eyes were shocked.

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