25 Photo (照片)


Suspected to be a fox demon, Bai Xinyan was not afraid.
Although even if the cultivation became refined, the species still had an influence on the demons.
It was still a common phenomenon to be afraid of natural enemies unless the cultivation base was much stronger than the opponent.

However, Bai Xinyan was a different kind in this respect.
Although he was regarded as a rabbit on most carnivorous diets, it might be because the white body of Mother Bai was a tiger.
Bai Xinyan still had no fear for those natural enemies even if his cultivation was poor.
This was like this for Yin Heng and he felt even less afraid of the suspected fox demon in the room whose cultivation level was obviously worse.

So after being surprised, Bai Xinyan knocked on the door as usual.
Hearing He Wenhong said, “Please come in,” he opened the door and walked in.

Apart from He Wenhong, there was another person in the room.
The man was sitting on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone.
He raised his head and glanced at the door when he heard the sound, just in time with Bai Xinyan’s line of sight.
Both of them were taken aback for a moment.

Although many demons looked good, not all of them were.
And you wanted to look particularly good after transformation and there were some that you couldn’t meet.
Bai Xinyan didn’t expect that besides his own mother and Yin Heng, he would be able to meet another extremely amazing demon so quickly.

This person’s contour and facial features were all exquisite.
The corners of the eyebrows and eyes were full of amorous feelings.
The water waves in a pair of peach blossom eyes were full of romantic charm.
It was worthy of being the highest appearance rate in human legend.
Yin Heng’s beauty was fierce and frightening, but this person’s appearance was more pure and gorgeous, but there was no such a shock like caused by Yin Heng’s appearance and temperament.

Well, sure enough, Yin Heng still looked better.

Bai Xinyan looked at the other party.
After a moment of surprise, he was very calm.
It was the opposite of the situation where he had forgotten to breathe when facing two Yin Hengs.
He immediately came to this conclusion in his mind.
At the same time, the other party also looked at him for a while then turned to He Wenhong and said, “This is the new talent you are talking about with good acting skills? How old is this, is he an adult?”

When Bai Xinyan heard this, his impression of the fox suddenly became a little worse and his face sank slightly.
He Wenhong, who was on the other side, said to the man angrily, “People are better at acting than you at a young age.
Are you embarrassed to leave here to talk about age?”

The other side shrugged nonchalantly.

Seeing this, He Wenhong snorted coldly and turned to greet Bai Xinyan, “Xiao Bai, come in.
Here, this is your classmate today.
He is also your senior brother, Li Zhibai (黎知白).
You should know each other, right? There is still a “white” letter (白 = Bai meant white) in both of your names.”

Bai Xinyan paused when he heard what He Wenhong said.
This Li Zhibai should be well-known.
Most of the artists that he could bring were not unknown people.
Moreover, looking at Li Zhibai’s face, it was obvious that he was a very popular material.
But after all, Bai Xinyan just came out of the deep mountains and old forest not long after, and he didn’t deliberately understand which celebrities are in the current circle, so he actually didn’t know him.
It was just that he didn’t know him and he didn’t have to say it.
Although Bai Xinyan had a little bad impression of this fox, he still politely greeted him, “Hello, I’m Bai Xinyan.”

Li Zhibai’s personality seemed to be a bit bad.
Seeing Bai Xinyan with a smile, his face was radiant, but his words were not very pleasant, “Hello, Xiao Bai.
Well, this name is quite suitable for you.”

“……” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but glare at Li Zhibai.
He Wenhong saw that the two of them were “struck with swords” (剑拔弩张, idiom meant a state of mutual hostility) as soon as they met, and he hurriedly came out to make the rounds.
He also glared at Li Zhibai and said, “Okay, it’s Xiao Bai.
Then you will be Lao Bai (老白 = Old Bai).
It’s just right.”

Li Zhibai suddenly changed his face, “Where am I getting old?”

“Are you younger than Xiao Bai?” Seeing Li Zhibai still struggle with reason, He Wenhong waved his hand with a headache, “All right, all right.
Let’s change to Da Bai (大白 = Big Bai)? One is Xiao Bai and one is Da Bai, just right for the brothers in the same discipline.”

Li Zhibai was still a little dissatisfied, but after all he was finally honest and did not continue to raise objections.

Bai Xinyan discovered that when Li Zhibai was said to be “old”, he acted as if he had been stepped on his tail.
His enchantment (BXY) was much stronger.
He immediately noted the weakness of the other party in his heart.
He was ready to speak to him again later.
His words would be used to fight back! After getting acquainted with each other noisily, He Wenhong started to teach them formally.

Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai were two different types of students.
If the former was a serious and obedient student, then the latter was a scumbag who was always distracted and lazy and only made a surprise before the exam.
Both had talents, so the latter could almost pass.
But for the teacher, it was no ordinary hate that iron couldn’t become steel.

Li Zhibai was talented and capitalized.
His popularity was fast.
In just two or three years, he had become a popular and powerful top first-line niche.
His acting skills were also considered excellent among actors of the same age.
But in He Wenhong’s view, with Li Zhibai’s talent, his acting skills could be improved a lot.
Now that was, acting in a big director film would not be delayed.
Occasionally, there would be one or two eye-catching clips of excellent performance, but it was a little worse to win the award.
However, Li Zhibai was still very unconcerned about improving his acting skills and he seemed satisfied with himself.
He Wenhong had said it many times and had no effect.

Obviously, he had talent but didn’t work hard.
He Wenhong, a pursuing teacher, was really angry in his eyes and thought of many ways to try to arouse Li Zhibai’s self-motivated.
This time, he accidentally found Bai Xinyan, a young seedling with great acting skills.
After He Wenhong immediately pulled the person over to become his student, he thought of such a good control group, which might be used to stimulate Li Zhibai.
So after thinking about it, he put them together for class.

In order to achieve the purpose of stimulating Li Zhibai, He Wenhong directly took out a classic segment of a famous movie.
After analyzing and explaining it to them, he let them try it out in a play.

The content of the movie was a bit old-fashioned.
It was a story of two boys who were exchanged when they grow up and they gradually discover the truth, creating more contradictions and entanglements.
One of the two boys was born in a wealthy aristocratic house and the other was an abandoned orphan.
Because of a conspiracy, they were exchanged for fate.
The truth was not revealed until many years later.
Although the plot was old-fashioned, the theme of the film was quite deep, the details were well portrayed, and the actors’ performance was very superb.
Therefore, it was a highly praised classic film.

He Wenhong chose a fragment of the first encounter between the two when they grew up.
Powell (鲍威尔), the fake rich young master, discovered the traces of the conspiracy and gradually guessed that he was not the real aristocrat.
After a secret investigation, he found the child who was replaced.
And the real Powell, who had been fallen to the bottom of society, did not even know that he was supposed to be a son of a noble family with a wealth and superiority.
He had to rack his brains and exert all his strength to make a living every day.
The first time the two met was a deliberate arrangement by the fake Powell with complicated considerations and plans, while the real Powell was ignorant, always puzzled and frightened.
He carefully avoided the noble young master for fear that he would rub his dirty clothes against the other’s luxurious clothes.

Hearing He Wenhong asked them to perform this scene, Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan had no objection, but when He Wenhong said that Li Zhibai would play the real Powell and Bai Xinyan would play the fake Powell, Li Zhibai’s big eyes immediately glared.

“I play that garbage porter?!” Li Zhibai shouted as if he had been stepped on his tail again.
“I don’t want it!”

He Wenhong immediately gave him a stern look and emphasized his tone, “The role requirements, there is nothing that an actor can’t perform! This is the basic professionalism!”

He Wenhong looked cold and hard, with a straight face, looking really scary.
Li Zhibai himself seemed to be thunderous and rainy.
His momentum suddenly weakened when he saw the situation.
He stopped glaring and raising his voice, but he still grunted dissatisfiedly, “This role is not suitable for me.
It doesn’t match my image.
I don’t know how to take on such an imageless role, so why do I have to practice.”

“Unless you plan to act in idol dramas for the rest of your life and never get the film emperor, you will play it for me honestly!” He Wenhong said unceremoniously, “Your Junior Brother Bai is still watching.
You are ashamed to be better than you playing tricks in front of so many younger brothers?”

Whether he was scared by He Wenhong’s roar or he was really embarrassed to lose face in front of Bai Xinyan, Li Zhibai finally accepted the arrangement honestly.
But Bai Xinyan still heard him spit out the complaints about it, “It’s okay to play an idol drama for a lifetime.
I won’t be old anyway.”

It’s really a fox without motivation.
No wonder they seemed to dislike each other.
Bai Xinyan thought silently that he must convince the other party when deciding to play and never take him as a novelty thing because of his age!

Bai Xinyan’s fighting spirit was high, Li Zhibai was reluctant.
In addition, there was a gap in the accumulation of acting skills between the two themselves.
Bai Xinyan had a special physique as a golden finger.
Finally, he successfully taught Li Zhibai to be a human being.

Although Li Zhibai listened to He Wenhong exaggerating Bai Xinyan for a long time, but because of Bai Xinyan’s age and appearance, he didn’t care about it.
As a result, the feeling of being suppressed after a scene was unusually strong.
When the other party tried to come over to talk to him, even if it was facing such a well-behaved face, Li Zhibai felt weird and chill.
It’s terrible.

Li Zhibai was shocked immediately.
Later, he couldn’t find his own rhythm of the performance.
Compared with Bai Xinyan, it was a complete mess.

Although Li Zhibai didn’t pursue too much in acting, he still didn’t want to be the one who was dragged down by the other.
He had always felt that his acting skills were already quite good.
Even if he was playing against the old film emperor in a big production movie, he would not be crushed into disgrace.

However, in fact, the situation was generally that the other party deliberately cooperated with his acting for the overall effect, so Li Zhibai felt it was okay.
Now Bai Xinyan had deliberately suppressed him with acting skills without restraint, Li Zhibai immediately felt unprecedented pressure.

When he ended the performance in a vague way, Li Zhibai still couldn’t believe that he was suppressed by such a young newcomer that he could not fight back.

He Wenhong on the side could see clearly.
He was overjoyed when he saw Li Zhibai finally touched, but he continued to teach unceremoniously, “What kind of mess are you acting? Even if this role is not suitable for you, that would not even cause a lot of laymen’s faults.
Anyone who finds a rookie class will probably perform better than you just now!”

Li Zhibai also slowly recovered.
Hearing He Wenhong’s words, he remembered what he had done just now and couldn’t speak for a while.

“Look at Xiao Bai! He is not suitable for that role.
His appearance is far from the character setting, but how is his acting? How are you acting?” He Wenhong hit the iron while the iron was hot and pulled the hatred to Bai Xin Yan with all his strength, “As a senior, you have several years more experience than others.
Are you so embarrassed to be so inferior to the junior?”

Li Zhibai was trained to wilt visibly with the naked eye.
He lost his sense of narcissism.
However, thanks to the perfect face everywhere, he looked particularly lovable, and suddenly He Wenhong couldn’t keep on training him.

“All right, let’s sum up and reflect on the previous paragraph.
You two will play it again in a different role.” He Wenhong saw that Li Zhibai’s role in stimulating Li Zhibai was probably also played.
After all, he didn’t continue to criticize.
He praised Bai Xinyan and asked them to go to the next step.
Bai Xinyan felt that Li Zhibai was a bit annoying, but with his perception, Li Zhibai did not have any malicious or repulsive attitude towards him.
Even though He Wenhong and Bai Xinyan thought him a lesson, Li Zhibai still did not have any negative emotions towards Bai Xinyan, but still had some recognition and admiration.

Bai Xinyan slowly realized that.
In fact, this fox wasn’t very bad either.
It was just a little short mouth.

Bai Xinyan, who had changed his mind, was less aggressive the second time he faced the scene.
Li Zhibai also raised his spirit seriously.
The effect this time was much stronger than the last time.
Although Li Zhibai still did not handle it as well as Bai Xinyan, but it was not so bad anymore.

He Wenhong reluctantly nodded his head this time and then began to playback two videos of the performance.
Little by little, they found and analyzed the flaws and deficiencies in them.

In the whole process, how much praises Bai Xinyan received, and how much criticism Li Zhibai received.
However, neither of them was obviously excited or disappointed about this.
Obviously, they were relatively stable in their mentality.

He Wenhong finally said to Li Zhibai, “I ask you, do you know that you are now paying attention to improving acting skills?”

Li Zhibai paused when he heard the words then nodded.

He Wenhong was immediately happy, but his face was still sullen.
He continued, “Then you will spend a few hours a day to complete the tasks I assigned you if you don’t have an announcement in the future, is it okay?” Li Zhibai was too lazy.
For the homework given by He Wenhong, he always used no time as an excuse.
In fact, all his free time was used to manage his appearance and body.
He Wenhong talked to Li Zhibai’s agent, but it didn’t help.
Seeing that there was an opportunity now, he immediately wanted to make the person work hard in his performances.

Li Zhibai paused longer this time, and he thought about it.
Finally, he looked at He Wenhong and said, “Then… three hours a week when I’m not filming?”

He Wenhong said that every day, Li Zhibai changed it to weekly.
He Wenhong suddenly became angry again.
He immediately took Bai Xinyan and said to Li Zhibai, “Xiao Bai, you tell him.
How long do you spend studying performance every day?”

Bai Xinyan was stunned for a moment and then replied in a low voice, “I haven’t spent much time lately…” No way, most of his free time was on Yin Heng.

“……” He Wenhong was so angry that he took a deep breath and continued to ask, “How long did it take you to study before?”

This time Bai Xinyan thought for a while and replied, “A few hours a day.” Most of them were watching movies.

After Bai Xin said without saying the last sentence, He Wenhong naturally said to Li Zhibai, “Do you hear? How long do you think you should spend?”

“Er… six hours a week?” Seeing He Wenhong’s eyes widened again, Li Zhibai hurriedly said.
“I have an announcement to catch up that it’s impossible to have time every day like Xiao Bai.
And I don’t think I have such a good talent.
You don’t have to expect too much of me…”

Seeing Li Zhibai’s lazy energy coming up again, He Wenhong was distressed, “Then Xiao Bai will take the film emperor in the future.
You’re still acting in idol dramas.
Don’t you lose my face!”

“If Xiao Bai takes the film emperor, I can go to match him.
It will definitely not shame you to play the most beautiful role in it.
Fans originally liked my face more than my acting skills.” Li Zhi Bai said indifferently and quickly looked familiar with Bai Xinyan.

He Wenhong originally thought that Li Zhibai was now conscious, but he did not expect that he would come back again in a short time.
There was no fighting spirit at all.
He Wenhong felt tired for a while and felt that he didn’t have the energy to see Li Zhibai.
He waved his hand and dismissed the two of them.

Li Zhibai didn’t realize He Wenhong’s tiredness but left in relief.
After going out, he couldn’t help but complain to Bai Xinyan, “I don’t know why Teacher He has to spend my energy on acting.
I don’t want to be a powerful film emperor, but I want to be a super-popular star.
Moreover, I’m too good-looking.
Many roles are not suitable and directors who can win awards don’t like to use them, so there is room for improvement in acting.” Li Zhibai said that as he took out his phone and took a picture of his face.
He said with a little intoxication, “And they said, I have the world’s most beautiful face.
So many fans like it.
Shouldn’t I take time to take care of it carefully?”

“……” Bai Xinyan originally thought that Li Zhibai was depressed by He Wenhong’s class and wanted to vomit bitterness with him.
After all, he had a buff on him that “will want to express the inner thoughts, even more, when he gets closer”, and Li Zhibai’s appearance was indeed too delicate and gorgeous, which was actually a hindrance on the path of the powerful actor.
As a result, when Bai Xinyan was thinking about how to comfort him a few words, Li Zhibai exposed his true thoughts—In fact, he did not lose much, just paving the way and making excuses for his self-improvement and narcissism.

Bai Xinyan admitted that the other party was indeed very good-looking and could be compared to his own mother, but Bai Xinyan couldn’t agree with the attributive “No.
1 in the world”.
Coupled with the kindly waste of Li Zhibai’s preparation to comfort him, Bai Xinyan immediately retorted with a little dissatisfaction, “You’re not the best-looking in the world.
I’ve seen people who are better-looking than you.”

Li Zhibai immediately raised his eyebrows, looked back and forth at Bai Xinyan, and said, “Little Junior Brother, lying is not a good habit.
There can be no more beautiful person in this world than me!”

Bai Xinyan curled his lips, “That’s because you didn’t know it.
I never… I basically don’t lie.”

Seeing that Bai Xinyan couldn’t even pretend that he didn’t lie, but he also exposed the facts.
Li Zhibai felt that he was exaggerating, so he smiled and asked, “You said there is someone better than me.
Is there the evidence?”

Bai Xinyan just wanted to say Yin Heng’s name.
After a pause, he took out his phone and said, “Wait, I will find you a photo.”

In fact, Bai Xinyan hadn’t saved Yin Heng’s photos because the other party had no photos spread out.
Bai Xinyan was embarrassed to take photos in person, so his photo album was still empty.
But Bai Xinyan actually wanted a few photos of Yin Heng.
Although he could see real people from time to time, the photos could be viewed anytime and anywhere.
They were pleasing to the eye and could talk about lovesickness, and didn’t conflict with meeting directly.
It was just that Bai Xinyan didn’t find the opportunity to ask for it directly.
The sneak shots would definitely be discovered.
Now, taking advantage of arguing with Li Zhibai, he could openly request Yin Heng to provide photos!

Bai Xinyan immediately sent a message to Yin Heng expectantly, explained the cause and effect, and then confidently asked the other party to send a few photos.
And in order to convince Li Zhibai, be sure to take a close-up, half-body and full-body photo, from all angles!

Bai Xinyan felt that Yin Heng would definitely not refuse him, because he would lose the argument with Li Zhibai if he didn’t give a photo.
Although Yin Heng sometimes avoided him a bit, he was definitely reluctant to let him lost.
Bai Xinyan, who was full of self-confidence, waited happily for the arrival of a large number of photos.

On the contrary, after seeing Bai Xinyan’s news, Yin Heng fell into a brief, strange silence and intense psychological confrontation.
Bai Xinyan was right.
Yin Heng did not want him to lose, but it was a bit strange for Yin Heng to deliberately take pictures for this reason.
After all, he was a demon who never took pictures and didn’t even like other people paying too much attention to his appearance.

Yin Heng felt a bit weird how he thought about the fact that he wanted to show his face deliberately in his photos, and probably had to be used to “compare his beauty” with others.
However, when Bai Xinyan began to urge, Yin Heng finally compromised.

Out of an unprecedented sense of shame, he drove away Zhuo Xuan first and took two photos by himself.
With such a face, a selfie taken by Yin Heng, who had no experience and skill, was not ugly, but it was still a lot worse than a real person.
After finally overcoming the psychological barrier, Yin Heng suddenly worried about the quality of the photos.

After a while, Yin Heng, who confirmed that he had no talent for taking pictures, called Zhuo Xuan back, and confessed calmly against the cheeky thought that had been quickly established, “Take a few photos of me, Xinyan wants to use it.”

Zhuo Xuan was immediately excited when he heard it.
Want to… want to use it? How to use it? The little white rabbit would not be yellowed by impure human information, right? And even asked him directly? Could he take this kind of photo?

Zhuo Xuan, who was full of small trains, was stunned for a long time until Yin Heng showed him Bai Xinyan’s request and realized that he was thinking too much.

No wonder Mr Yin was so calm… He was the only one who seemed impure.
Zhuo Xuan introspected silently.

Zhuo Xuan’s photographic level was not good, but it was definitely better to find angles and not easy to collapse when taking other people’s shots than self-portraits.
Zhuo Xuan took a lot of shots in a row.
Finally, after Yin Heng’s review, he selected four or five shots and sent them to Bai Xinyan.

Bai Xinyan had been waiting for a long time at this time.
Li Zhibai basically confirmed that he was just bragging.
When he was about to completely expose him to end the argument, he heard a few messages prompts, and then Bai Xinyan’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Look, does this person in the photo look better than you?” Bai Xinyan got several photos of Yin Heng at once and immediately showed off to Li Zhibai with joy, and at the same time testified his own words.

Li Zhibai looked at it disapprovingly, but the next moment he felt a thunderbolt on the blue sky.
He directly took Bai Xinyan’s phone and looked at the photos over and over again, almost staring through the screen.

“There is really no PS and no picture editing? How could it be possible!” Li Zhibai’s eyes widened, obviously unacceptable.
In fact, the person in the photo was not better than him in terms of facial features.
It could only be said that he was perfect but each had his own style.
But if you looked at the entire face, although both were beautiful, Li Zhibai was not as atmospheric and impactful as the other.
If standing together, it could be imagined that Yin Heng was more likely to be noticed at first glance and Li Zhi Bai was the one that was suppressed.

“Who is this person? I’ve checked all the photos of people on the Internet that are said to be beautiful and I have never seen him! Isn’t it the dummy you pinched out?” Li Zhibai was unwilling to believe it and couldn’t help questioning.
He knew that some Taoists could be humanoid puppets and their faces could be pinched.
This person’s appearance had never been posted on the Internet.
It wasn’t normal.
However, if he was a school flower or grass, many people secretly took photos and put them on the Internet, let alone at the level of him and Yin Heng.

Bai Xinyan suddenly puffed up his cheeks when he heard this and glared at Li Zhibai, “Of course, it’s not fake! Don’t you even know the chairman of your company?”

“You mean… this person is the Chairman of Xinghuan?” Li Zhibai felt more and more unbelievable.
“Are you kidding me?”

“Who wants to kid you, you just can’t afford to lose.” Bai Xinyan snatched the phone back, angrily not showing it to Li Zhibai.

Li Zhibai looked at Bai Xinyan’s anger very real and remembered that the agent seemed to have mentioned to him recently that a newcomer had something to do with Chairman Xinghuan.
In the end, he slowly believed it.
But why did a chairman grow up like this! Not a celebrity, even a photo had not been posted, it was too outrageous! He didn’t know that beauty was the treasure of the world and should be shared with more people!

Li Zhibai was crazy in his heart, but he believed that he could still afford to lose.
After thinking about it, he said to the puffed Bai Xinyan, “Well, I give up, this chairman is indeed so much better than me a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny bit.”

However, seeing Bai Xinyan’s face improve when he heard that, Li Zhibai couldn’t help but said, “But isn’t this chairman not young anymore? At least he is older than me.
I guess he won’t be as good-looking as me soon.”

Li Zhibai is a demon.
The speed of ageing was naturally more than a little bit slower than human nature, so it was natural to say that.
But what Li Zhibai didn’t know was that Yin Heng was also not an ordinary person, and his cultivation was much stronger than him.

Bai Xinyan, who heard Li Zhibai’s meaning, immediately made a babyface again.
He looked at the other person and said seriously, “No, Mr Yin will only be slower than you, that is, he will always look better than you!” Anyway, he just didn’t want Li Zhibai to say that he looked better than Yin Heng.

Li Zhibai initially thought that Bai Xinyan was just saying something outrageous, but looking at his eyes and expression, he gradually felt that the other party was saying this very firmly and seriously.
Li Zhibai suddenly felt suspicious and frowned slightly when he looked at Bai Xinyan.
He didn’t feel any demon energy or spiritual power in the other part.
Would this be only what he thought?

Li Zhibai felt that he might be thinking too much, but soon Bai Xinyan took the initiative to verify his conjecture, and said, “Moreover, Mr Yin’s original… his body is definitely better than you!”

Li Zhibai heard these words and realized that Bai Xinyan really seemed to be no ordinary person, even the chairman of Xinghuan.
He was surprised to cover Bai Xinyan’s dissatisfaction that he was not as good-looking as others.

Li Zhibai had never encountered other demons since he was a child, let alone Bai Xinyan.
He could not see the special existence of demons at all.
And unlike the demons that he occasionally encountered, Bai Xinyan was a newcomer to his company.
He could be regarded as his junior brother and he would definitely contact him frequently in the future.

Although Li Zhibai had already adapted to human life, a racial gap still existed after all.
Without a friend of the same kind, there was no one to share, complain about, or ask for help on many things, and there was still a little bit of loneliness.
Now that Bai Xinyan seemed to be a demon, Li Zhibai immediately became interested in discussing demon life with the other party, such as talking about how to restrain the instinctive influence of the original form, such as wanting to shoot and play when he sees the ball; There was also the question of how to take care of the original hair; whether to wash it with the human shape or the original shape to make it cleaner when taking a bath.

However, discussing the demons naturally couldn’t be said in the public.
Knowing that Bai Xinyan was also a demon, Li Zhibai immediately changed his expression and wanted to take him to his own lounge to discuss in detail.
The original hair care problem had troubled him for a long time.

“Bai… Bai Xinyan? What are you doing, guys?” Li Zhibai was interrupted by a female voice before his plan was implemented.
Bai Xinyan turned his head and found that it was Fang Xia.
The other party brought a young man, probably also an artist, and happened to run into him and Li Zhibai.
Perhaps seeing that the atmosphere between the two of them didn’t seem to be friendly, Fang Xia asked aloud in addition to saying hello.

Li Zhibai was a popular niche in one of Xinghuan’s cash cows.
Fang Xia naturally knew him, but there had never been any intersection before.
She just heard that Li Zhibai seemed to be a little arrogant and not particularly easy to get along with.
The set was also like the high cold prince.
Although Bai Xinyan had a hard background, he was a newcomer after all.
If there was a conflict with Li Zhibai, the two would not suffer any loss, and her agency might be criticized.

Fortunately, Fang Xia’s concern was not discovered.
Bai Xinyan nodded and said hello to her, and said in a slightly unfamiliar manner, “Agent Fang, we just finished class together.”

Li Zhibai raised his eyebrows slightly, looked at Fang Xia and the young man behind her, and said, “Are you Xiao Bai’s agent? Hello.
I don’t need to introduce myself, right? Who is this one next to you?”

Fang Xia was stunned.
Although her relationship with Bai Xinyan was really cold, his address to her was so unfamiliar in front of other people, which immediately made Fang Xia feel a little embarrassed and lose face.
But Bai Xinyan couldn’t be provoked, so she pretended to smile indifferently and said, “Of course, we all know Young Emperor Li (黎小天王, dunno how to translate this better).
I thought you had some trouble just now.
It’s fine.
This is Du Ziqian (杜子谦), the newcomer I brought.
He took time off and went back to his hometown some time ago, but he hasn’t met Bai Xinyan yet.”

When Bai Xinyan heard this, he set his sight on Du Ziqian and took a close look.
It was no wonder that he just swept this person out just now.
Du Ziqian’s appearance in the entertainment industry was really mediocre.
He didn’t attract much attention at first.
Nowadays, with a flower peacock like Li Zhibai for comparison, it was even easier to be ignored by people.
However, his facial features were fairly correct and the effect should be fine after applying makeup, but it was more convenient to create different types of characters.
After all, he was under the same agent.
Bai Xinyan nodded to Du Ziqian, “Hello.”

Du Ziqian was quite enthusiastic and greeted Li Zhibai first, “Hello, Senior Li! This is the first time I meet you in the company.
Your real person looks much better than on the camera and you are better to see in person.”

Li Zhibai liked others to praise him for being good-looking.
Du Ziqian just scratched his itchy spot and he immediately smiled back to the other party with “insightfulness” and forgot that he was still spitting out in his heart just now.

Du Ziqian smiled unhurriedly and then said to Bai Xinyan, “Are you the newcomer Bai Xinyan that Sister Xia just took? Seeing that you are quite young, can I also call you Xiao Bai? You can be regarded as my junior brother.”

Bai Xinyan had become the junior brother in the mouth of others again.
Bai Xinyan didn’t mind.
It was said that many people who graduated from a school or a brokerage company in this circle would call it so.
It could be seen that the junior brothers were not very close.
If the other party liked it, just be called so.

As for the name Xiao Bai, the small characters plus the last name were not very intimate names, but people who called it this way were generally higher in terms of position, seniority, seniority, and age.
Therefore, He Wenhong and Li Zhibai are called Bai Xinyan ‘Xiao Bai’, obviously there was no problem.
Du Ziqian is also a newcomer.
He was actually no better than Bai Xinyan in every aspect, but it seemed that the other party should use the advantages of age and seniority to call it this way.

Bai Xinyan didn’t care.
He nodded and said, “Yes.”

Du Ziqian smiled more kindly and said, “Xiao Bai, you have finished class, do you want to join us? Sister Xia is going to analyze the plan for next month with me.
If you are okay, do you want to be together?”

Bai Xinyan was startled, not knowing what Du Ziqian’s plan required him to do.
“No need? I…” He was about to say that he was going to eat soon, when Li Zhibai on the side suddenly interrupted, “I still I have something to talk to Xiao Bai.
If you have a business matter, go quickly.”

Fang Xia didn’t want to stay in this embarrassing scene for a long time, so she should go right away.
Du Ziqian naturally didn’t insist anymore, but when he left, his eyes still looked at Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai without a trace.

Bai Xinyan frowned slightly.
Although it was not very obvious, Du Ziqian’s inner thoughts seemed to be inconsistent with his kind and enthusiastic performance.

“Is your relationship with your agent not good?” Li Zhibai suddenly lowered his voice and asked Bai Xinyan.

Bai Xinyan paused and replied, “…just a little bit.”

“No wonder,” Li Zhibai said, “I think your agent obviously has a better relationship with that belly.
You are both newcomers.
You are not a man and a woman.
There will be conflicts in resources in the future.
That belly is shallow, I think.
From the face, I feel that the other just like his name and don’t measure much.” (子谦, his name or Ziqian meant modest child or something like that)

When Li Zhibai said this, Bai Xinyan also felt the sense of disharmony that Du Ziqian had given him before.
It really seemed to be somewhat defensive and exclusion, which was the opposite of the intimacy he showed.
Such a person who was so inconsistent, as Li Zhibai said, was very likely to be narrow-minded.
Even if Bai Xinyan was not very familiar with the world, he knew that he was not suitable for contact with him.

Sure enough, Agent Fang Xia was really not a good choice and the people involved were not very good.
In comparison, even Li Zhibai, who was so stinky that he was about to go to heaven and owed him a little bit, looked much more loveable.

Bai Xinyan didn’t know.
After separating from them, Du Ziqian couldn’t help but ask Fang Xia.
“Sister Xia, what class did Xiao Bai take with Li Zhibai?” Bai Xinyan is just a newcomer, it was reasonable that it was impossible to get together with a popular front line like Li Zhibai.

“……” After thinking about it, Fang Xia knew that it was Bai Xinyan’s acting class that was proposed by He Wenhong alone, but she didn’t know how to tell Du Ziqian for a moment.
Du Ziqian is a newcomer she was very optimistic about.
Although his appearance was a bit ordinary, his abilities in all aspects, especially his acting skills, were outstanding.
He was the best one in the newcomer class.
Moreover, he usually worked very hard and he was a bit strong.
If Bai Xinyan, a newcomer who was later, had the opportunity to have a class with He Wenhong alone, Du Ziqian would definitely find it difficult to accept.

Fang Xia didn’t want to talk about it because she didn’t want to hit the other party.
However, Du Ziqian saw her hesitant, realizing that the matter might be more exaggerated than he thought, and couldn’t help but ask more questions.

After all, she couldn’t keep it for too long, Fang Xia finally told Du Ziqian.
After Du Ziqian listened to it, there was a thunderbolt.
He couldn’t help asking and confirming it several times, but he still couldn’t accept such a thing.

Fang Xia could only comfort him.
“Now your newcomer Class A is also led by He Wenhong, it’s not bad.”

Du Ziqian’s eyes were a little red after hearing this.
If he didn’t know that Bai Xinyan was being taught separately, he didn’t know how happy he would be to have He Wenhong teach Class A, but now that he knew that Bai Xinyan, who was also a newcomer, had a much higher treatment than him.
He could get closer to people at such a level as he Wenhong and Li Zhibai.
How could Du Ziqian be happy because he had gotten one-tenth of the benefits he received.

“Why?” Du Ziqian couldn’t help asking, “Sister Xia, why can Bai Xinyan be brought directly by He Wenhong? It’s never been like this before, right? And didn’t you say that you only intend to take me as a new person? Why did you suddenly sign Bai Xinyan?” If Fang Xia didn’t sign Bai Xinyan, would it be… would it be his opportunity?

Fang Xia’s face suddenly became dark when she heard Du Ziqian’s words, “Do you think I’m deliberately partial to Bai Xinyan?”

Du Ziqian was taken aback by her bad tone.
His rationality instantly returned.
He shook his head quickly and said, “No, Sister Xia, I know how hard you take me.
You definitely can’t be partial to others.
I just… don’t understand.
I’m really curious.”

Du Ziqian was valued by Fang Xia.
Not only because he was able to work hard, but because he was also sensible and had a good ability.
When Du Ziqian was softened, Fang Xia let go of her temper to her promising junior.
To be honest, Bai Xinyan’s things did look like she was partial and Du Ziqian’s dissatisfaction was also natural.

Fang Xia slowed down and calmed Du Ziqian, “Don’t worry.
I’m definitely not going to favour him over you and I can’t command He Wenhong.
But you don’t have to envy Bai Xinyan.
The artists I bring have always relied on their ability to make their heads.
As long as you have the strength, you will definitely go farther than those who have no strength and can only rely on those imaginary things.”

Fang Xia not only believed that Bai Xinyan was relying on his background but also preconceived that the other party’s professional ability should not be very good, so she comforted Du Ziqian in this way.

Du Ziqian could also easily understand Fang Xia’s meaning.
She was not partial to Bai Xinyan and Bai Xinyan’s ability was not as good as his own, but the other party was given such an unprecedented opportunity.
To put it all together, it was almost equivalent to a conclusion—Bai Xinyan had a strong background.

Thinking of this, Du Ziqian still hesitated.
After all, there was basically no such thing as someone who had a background in Xinghuan who could open the back door, so he tentatively asked Fang Xia.
“Then who can command He Wenhong? It is said that he still requires a high level of students.“

The meaning of Fang Xia’s just now was no longer appropriate.
Naturally, she would not answer Du Ziqian again.
She gave him a stern look and said, “I’m just making an analogy.
There’s no command.
Don’t ask more about it.
Bai Xinyan… If you two can have a good relationship, try it.
It’s best not to have any conflict.
It should be your resource.
I’m sure I won’t give it to others.”

Du Ziqian understood now that Bai Xinyan did have a background and the background was so powerful that he could not even engage in evil with the other party.
For Fang Xia’s obvious defence of his meaning, Du Ziqian was very moved on the surface and said a series of grateful words to Fang Xia.
However, in fact, he couldn’t help but grow dark thoughts in his heart.

Why? It was that he looked average and worked hard to finally be signed by Fang Xia, a gold medal agent.
Bai Xinyan was born with a good face, so he could do whatever he wanted based on his background and grabbed the agent and resources directly.
He had to be cautious to the other.

He practiced and improved his acting skills every day.
He finally became the top one among the newcomers, but it was still wishful thinking to want to be taught by He Wenhong alone.
Because of his background, Bai Xinyan could get the treatment of the film emperor even if his acting skills were poor.
He was able to befriend a popular star like Li Zhibai.

Why! Why didn’t God give him a good-looking face! Why is the one with the background and not him!

The injustice in Du Ziqian’s heart was frantic and raging, but on the surface, he smiled at Fang Xia as if he was really a simple-minded big boy.
As the object of Du Ziqian’s malice, Bai Xinyan was trying to get rid of Li Zhibai who suddenly became enthusiastic.

“I don’t know what is suitable for washing fox hair or how to get rid of body odour! You let go of me, I’m going to find Mr Yin for dinner!” Bai Xinyan puffed up his face and shouted aggressively at Li Zhibai.

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