26 Puppy Love (早恋)


“Cough, cough, cough…” Li Zhibai, who was caught off guard, was very embarrassed and quickly stopped Bai Xinyan’s words, “You don’t know, then I don’t want to ask.
Why are you so loud… and I said the gland smell, not body odour, it is unique to humans!”

Bai Xinyan glared at him, “I’m not a fox.
Don’t ask me these things.”

Li Zhibai nodded again and again, “Okay, okay, don’t ask this.
I guess you are not a fox then what kind of demon are you? I can’t feel it at all.
Is it hairy? If so, how do you take care of your hair?”

“……” Bai Xinyan was about to be defeated by Li Zhibai’s persistence, but he didn’t want to tell the other party that he was a rabbit.
He felt that if the other party knew about it, he would probably be ridiculed by him again, even asked more about how to wash and comb his hair.

“I’m leaving.” Bai Xinyan said dryly.
For another person, he might have thrown them away long ago, but Li Zhibai is also a demon.
His strength was different from that of a mortal, so it would be a little noisy when pulled.
(拉扯起来动静会有点大, not sure how to translate)

Li Zhibai was still experiencing excitement of the same kind.
He was very disappointed in Bai Xinyan’s reaction to not wanting to talk more, but his eyes lit up again quickly.
“Are you going to find the man in the photo for dinner? He is also a demon, isn’t he? I said that ordinary people can’t look good… better than me.” Li Zhibai comforted himself and bragged a little, then said like gunfire, “If he can grow up like this, is he also a fox? I think it’s quite possible.
Even if he’s not, he should know how to take care of it, right? Xiao Bai, look, since we are all demons, it’s not easy to meet each other.
You guys eat together, can you bring me along for dinner? I also have a lot of nursing tips that I can teach you! By the way, I am a star and have more experience than you, so I can take you with me.”

Li Zhibai looked at Bai Xinyan eagerly.
It was really easy for people to sink under the beauty with that beautiful face.
However, Bai Xinyan suddenly sounded the alarm in his heart.

Bai Xinyan was accustomed to the beauty of Mother Bai and his immunity to beauty itself was relatively high.
Coupled with the being impact by Yin Heng, he couldn’t stir up any waves for other people.
At this time, seeing Li Zhibai’s beauty and charming appearance, not only did not feel soft, he suddenly increased his vigilance.

Although not as good as Yin Heng, there was no doubt that Li Zhibai was still very good-looking, at least… mostly better than him.
Everyone had a love for beauty.
Li Zhibai wanted to get to know Yin Heng with him.
What if… if Yin Heng was so amazed by him, what should he do if he compared him directly? And even if Yin Heng didn’t judge people by appearance, but seeing Li Zhibai’s pursuit of beauty, maybe he was fascinated by Yin Heng’s face? Then he would still have one more love rival.
Moreover, they were both carnivores.
Maybe they have a more common language than him and Yin Heng.
Even the status, it seemed that the chairman and popular celebrity were more in line with each other.

The more Bai Xinyan thought about it, the more crisis he felt.
He quickly rejected Li Zhibai.
The result of his trial of Yin Heng was still uncertain, so he didn’t want to be so stupid as to trouble himself.

In fact, what Li Zhibai loved was only his own beauty.
Yin Heng was better-looking than him and he didn’t want to admit it at all, let alone fancy the other.
He just wanted to exchange the experience of becoming the beauty with the other party, but he didn’t have any further ideas.
If in public, he didn’t even want to stand with the other to avoid being compared.
However, Bai Xinyan chose to save others and felt that Yin Heng was more beautiful.
How could someone who attached great importance to good-look (颜控) like Li Zhibai being looked down on and gave him a big pot in his heart.

Li Zhibai, who didn’t know why he was firmly rejected by Bai Xinyan, begged several times without result and finally had to give up temporarily.
However, through his hard work, he had to get all kinds of Bai Xinyan’s contact information first and got a perfunctory promise to chat with him when he was free.

Bai Xinyan finally got rid of the other party, temporarily relieved his heart and went to find Yin Heng.
He decided to avoid the two people meet as much as possible in the future.
Unexpectedly, Yin Heng took the initiative to ask questions about Li Zhibai during the meal.

“Is the person you want to compare photos with today called Li Zhibai?” Yin Heng asked.

Bai Xinyan’s heart jumped and felt a little guilty, “Um… yes.” Just knowing a name shouldn’t matter, right?

“He took an acting class with you? Did he bully you?” Yin Heng was a little worried.
He asked Zhuo Xuan to check Li Zhibai’s information.
The other party didn’t seem to have a very good temper and his position was much higher than Bai Xinyan.
If they were not in the class together, Bai Xinyan would be wronged.

“Ah? Bully? That, that’s not the case.” Bai Xinyan replied after a daze.
Speaking of bullying, actually, he should be the one who was bullying the other party when he was playing.
Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but still have guilty in his heart, but thinking about his secret love and temptation, he still thought about it and deliberately said to Yin Heng, “But he is very… er, shameless and he doesn’t have any ambition.
Teacher said he doesn’t pay attention to improve his acting skills and put his energy into maintaining his appearance.
He is quite angry.” Bai Xinyan paused and added in a low voice, “And his acting skills are not as good as mine.” (臭美, actually it meant to show off one’s good looks shamelessly but I just “shameless” word)

Yin Heng didn’t care about Li Zhibai’s acting skills and appearance at all.
He just praised Bai Xinyan’s words, “He was arranged by the company to be brought to He Wenhong.
You were chosen because of your talent.
You must be more powerful.”

Seeing that Yin Heng hadn’t caught the point of his words at all, but he hadn’t paid attention to Li Zhibai at all, Bai Xinyan didn’t know whether he should be disappointed or happy.
He could only answer vainly.

Yin Heng saw that he was a little unnatural.
He still felt a little worried and asked again, “Is that Li Zhibai difficult to get along with? If you don’t get along well, should I let you go to class separately?”

Although Bai Xinyan wanted to reduce Li Zhibai’s impression in Yin Heng’s heart, he was too embarrassed to really slander others.
Seeing Yin Heng’s serious intentions, he shook his head quickly and said, “It’s okay.
He is… a bit too enthusiastic… but nothing bad.”

Bai Xinyan hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should tell Yin Heng that Li Zhibai was actually a fox demon.
But it shouldn’t matter if he told about it, right? It seemed that the relationship between fox and snake was not good and snakes didn’t grow hair.
Li Zhibai wanted to consult with the care of fox fur but couldn’t find Yin Heng.

Bai Xinyan was thinking about it, so he heard Yin Heng say again, “If you think he is not good, don’t hold back, you know? I asked Zhuo Xuan to take the time to sort out a copy of Li Zhibai and He Wenhong’s information.
I’ll take it to you.”

Information? Bai Xinyan reacted when he heard the words and suddenly realized a problem—there must be photos in the information! In other words, had Yin Heng already seen what Li Zhibai looks like!?

Bai Xinyan was shocked but couldn’t help struggling for a while and asked, “That… have you already seen it?”

Yin Xuan was stunned, “En, I took a look.”

“What… what do you think of Li Zhibai?” Bai Xinyan asked more and more quietly.

Yin Heng didn’t know why, but he still replied, “He seems very popular, but his personality is a bit arrogant.
If you conflict with him, remember not to suffer.” Yin Heng couldn’t help but feel weird as he spoke.
Bai Xinyan seemed to be very concerned about his opinion of Li Zhibai, could it be…

Did the little guy have a crush on this man!?

There was a thunderbolt in Yin Heng’s mind.
But the more he thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case.
Otherwise, why did Bai Xinyan keep saying good things to Li Zhibai and he was cautious when he asked his opinion.
This… This seemed to be the state of the child testing the elders in the family after talking about the object by himself?

Thinking of this, Yin Heng’s mood suddenly became complicated.
His first reaction was to disagree.
Without even recalling what kind of person Li Zhibai was in the information he saw, he crossed the opponent.
After the idea of ​​disagreement took over the whole thinking directly, Yin Heng came up with a bunch of “reasonable” reasons for disagreement.
For example, Li Zhibai would not take care of people if he was not good at character.
Although he was popular, his strength was generally his good-looking face.
The love between the two artists attracted too much attention, and Bai Xinyan and the other party were easy to be black.
Although demons didn’t mind much about this, society still didn’t accept true homosexuality, which was more troublesome for artists.
Strictly speaking, Bai Xinyan shouldn’t have puppy love before reaching adulthood as well as the different paths of human-demon and so on.

Yin Heng suddenly came up with a series of disadvantages to Bai Xinyan.
In short, there was nothing good from beginning to end.
But when he thought that Bai Xinyan had a crush on Li Zhibai and that he might even be angry with him because of his opposition, Yin Heng felt that his heart was unprecedentedly uncomfortable and beyond description.

This was probably the sad state of mind of the elders after adolescent children’s puppy love at home? Yin Heng tried to find an appropriate and honest explanation for himself.

The complex-hearted Yin Heng watched Bai Xinyan’s silence for a moment, but couldn’t help but said, “The time for human being good-looking is very short.
There are many things to consider when making friends.
Don’t make choices too lightly.” Yin Heng tried to persuade Bai Xinyan gently.
A demon who had always been cold-spirited became a spiritual mentor without a teacher.

Bai Xinyan was confused by Yin Heng.
He didn’t know why Yin Heng suddenly said this.
Moreover, it was just made friends casually.
Why did he think that the time for human being good-looking was not long enough? Did Yin Heng mean that Li Zhibai’s good-looking time was too short to be a friend of him?

But… But Li Zhibai is also a demon…

Bai Xinyan suddenly became more and more guilty.
He originally wanted to conceal Li Zhibai’s strengths (just referring to his face) to reduce Yin Heng’s impression of the other party.
But now that Yin Heng said this, if he didn’t explain it, he would feel like he was lying.

Hmm… he really didn’t know how to lie to people…

However, since Yin Heng had seen Li Zhibai’s photos in the information, if he still said so, did it mean that he had not any special affection for Li Zhibai’s appearance? On the contrary, the tone was still a bit dislike…

When Bai Xinyan thought of this, he felt that he had been thinking too much before.
In that case, it was okay to tell Yin Heng that Li Zibai was actually a fox demon, right? He could no longer bear the inner condemnation of disguised and deceptive.

“Li Zhibai is also a demon?” Yin Heng’s brows suddenly wrinkled tighter after hearing Bai Xinyan’s words.
How come Li Zhibai turned out to be a demon? Wasn’t there a lot of reasons for his opposition that didn’t hold up at once? It was more likely that Bai Xinyan wanted to have puppy love.

Yin Heng’s face obviously became dark and continued to ask, “Then what monster is he?”

“It’s a fox,” Bai Xinyan replied.
At the same time, he couldn’t help but say, “In human legends, the fox demons and snake demons always look good.
It seems that they are quite accurate.”

“Fox? Isn’t that your natural enemy?” Before thinking of Bai Xinyan, he said that Li Zhibai was overly enthusiastic and Yin Heng’s face became darker involuntarily.
Although the demons nowadays couldn’t eat creatures with intelligence, whether they were demons or humans, there were a lot of ways to cultivate by eating weak demons in the past.
Even if Li Zhibai couldn’t break through Bai Xinyan’s defensive magic weapon and couldn’t really hurt Bai Xinyan, but it was difficult to guarantee that the opponent’s approach was not due to ulterior motives.
Moreover, Bai Xinyan still had the big bug of overflowing vitality.
Li Zhibai’s purpose was not simple.

Yin Heng’s vigilance and rejection of the popular artist from his company suddenly rose to the apex.
He didn’t realize that Li Zhibai’s purpose could not be simpler.
He just wanted to discuss the issue of washing and brushing with Bai Xinyan.

However, after Yin Heng spoke his words, he immediately remembered that he was also Bai Xinyan’s natural enemy and must be much more threatening than that Li Zhibai.
Bai Xinyan was not even afraid of himself.
He was even a little sticky and certainly would not stay away from that Li Zhibai because of this.

Sure enough, Bai Xinyan just didn’t care too much and replied, “Well, that’s true.” Then he said to Yin Heng, “But I think he might not be able to beat me.
He probably spends all his time maintaining his beauty.
I feel that his cultivation base is not much higher than mine and his strength is not as strong as I am.
Moreover, he is really shameless on his good-looking.
After being pestered by him and asked how to wash the hair for a long time, I feel tired.” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help showing an aggrieved expression, “I don’t even know how to wash and brush the hair especially.
Anyway, the hair will be very white and clean after taking a shower in a human form.”

“……” Yin Heng couldn’t help being silent for a while.
He realized with hindsight that his understanding might be a bit biased.
If the little guy liked that Li Zhibai, he wouldn’t complain to him like this, would he? And hearing Bai Xinyan’s last words, Yin Heng couldn’t help but remember the long furry white ears he saw that day and then thinking of the human form in the bath…

Finding that his thoughts began to run in a dangerous direction again, Yin Heng quickly stopped and firmly maintained the calm expression on his face.
He was relieved when he mosaic all the pictures of the naked rabbit-eared boy taking a bath.

In any case, after eliminating the bigger trouble of Bai Xinyan’s “puppy love”, Yin Heng was still very pleased and his prejudice against Li Zhibai was not so heavy.
Since the opponent was not much stronger than Bai Xinyan’s cultivation base, it was estimated that there would be no threat to Bai Xinyan.
But just in case, he still looked for the opportunity to see for himself whether the other party was really safe or not.

As for Bai Xinyan’s side, at this time, he had almost ruled out the hidden danger that Yin Heng might be interested in Li Zhibai.
His attitude became natural after a sigh of relief.
But as an honest rabbit who wouldn’t deceive, he couldn’t help but confirm it directly at last.

“Do you think Li Zhibai’s photos look good?” After Bai Xinyan got the information, he found that there was a photo on it, which was still a good colour photo, so he showed it to Yin Heng and asked.

Yin Heng glanced and said without hesitation, “It doesn’t look as good as the photos in your resume.”

“!” Bai Xinyan heard the sound of his heart in full bloom all of a sudden.
When his brain was still in chaos, the crimson had already filled his cheeks to the roots of his ears.

That night, Li Zhibai, who didn’t know that Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng had drawn a wave of hatred and slandered him in front of each other, enthusiastically came to Bai Xinyan to chat.

White Fox: Xiao Bai~

White Fox: Xiao Baibai~ Are you there?

White Fox: Xiao Baibai! What are you doing and keep ignoring me [angry]

Bai Xinyan, who slowly turned from the chat interface with Yin Heng, replied: Study.

God, he was really studying just now, but he only replied to Yin Heng before he had time to deal with Li Zhibai.

White Fox: …study, study what? Can’t it be the homework assigned by Teacher He?

Bai Xinyan: Biodiversity

White Fox: …are you kidding me? Why do you learn this?

Bai Xinyan: Teacher’s new paper, I must read it.

White Fox: ? What kind of teacher is this…

Bai Xinyan: Biology teacher

White Fox: …okay, I won’t ask.
By the way, did you just use your real name as your nickname?

Bai Xinyan: Isn’t this clear?

Yin Heng also used his direct name.
What was wrong with him do something like Yin Heng? Bai Xinyan thought silently.

White Fox: It’s too rigid, just like middle-aged and elderly people who don’t know how to access the Internet, let’s change another one.

Bai Xinyan: No change

White Fox: Just change to your original form as a nickname, like me?

Bai Xinyan: No change

White Fox: …you don’t know good heart o( ̄ヘ ̄o#)

White Fox: Forget it, have you finished your study now? What are you going to do? Let’s have a chat if we are free.
I am making a face mask and a hair mask.
Would you like me to recommend it?

Bai Xinyan: …as a demon, you don’t need to use these things, right?

White Fox: Who said that! Even if compared with the natural beauty of this fox, these human care products only have so little effect, that can’t be let go! Even if it is zero point zero one, it is very important in high-level competition, you know.
It is precisely because you all have this kind of mentality, only I am earnestly improving this zero point zero one.
When the quantitative change causes a qualitative change, maybe I will surpass your Mr Yin, don’t you know?

Bai Xinyan: …although you have great perseverance, you can’t surpass Mr Yin.

White Fox: ╭(╯^╰)╮ wait until the day I pass, you will know how great it is

Bai Xinyan: Actually, you can also practice acting when you do skincare.

Thinking of the heartbroken He Wenhong, Bai Xinyan suggested to Li Zhibai sympathetically.

White Fox: …no, then my mask was not used up all at once o(╯□╰)o

Bai Xinyan: In addition to making facial masks, you can practice many times and you can also look at classic fragment analysis when making facial masks.

White Fox: I know you are a good student… So do you really have no knowledge of brushing to pass on to me? Or let’s play the game.
Don’t mention studying, thank you…

Bai Xinyan: …I really don’t understand how to brush hair.

White Fox: Then let’s play games.
Don’t study all day.
Studying is so boring.
Human being has invented so many fun things, you have to torture yourself with the ugliest one

Bai Xinyan… Bai Xinyan really moved a little bit.
Mainly it was because he had never played any human games before.
He only played the demon version of hide-and-seek (find a group of demons that had turned into ants or mosquitoes in the whole mountain), and lifted high (bungee jumping at 10000 meters or flying directly in the sky) things like that.
After going down the mountain, he knew that the entertainment activities of human beings were becoming more and more abundant, but he never thought of trying it.
Now that Li Zhibai mentioned it, Bai Xinyan was a little interested.
To be honest, he had always been interested in human life and he liked acting for this part of the reason.
After all, the growth environment when he was a child was too closed.

Bai Xinyan would agree made Li Zhibai a little surprised, but in order to prevent him from regretting, Li Zhibai quickly guided him to play a popular game on his mobile phone.
He dragged him to form a team and turned on the team voice in the game by the way.

“Let me tell you, this game is super hot now.
There are some big-time anchors who might earn enough to catch up with me.
But I played it well, so I can take you as well.” Li Zhibai boasted then told Bai Xinyan about the rules of the game.

“So it just takes points, kills the enemy, and wins with a high score after the time is over?” Bai Xinyan said after listening, “What’s the difference between so many characters? How do defence, assault, and support work? And what are the skills? Explain, what do you mean by cooling, de-control, and AOE?”

“…Xiao Bai, are you really pure game white?” Li Zhibai wailed then said after a while, “Forget it.
This round is open, let’s play it first.
You can go one by one later.
Just follow me, press whichever skill is bright.”

Bai Xinyan, a very novice, gave an obedient “Oh” upon hearing this.

“It’s okay.
This is the Fish Pond Bureau.
Watch the boss take you to fly.” Li Zhibai said confidently.

After five minutes…

“Er… this one is not very lucky.
The opponent is a bit strong.
The next one will definitely win.
Believe it or not, Xiao Bai!”

Five minutes later…

“Pig teammate! I almost won and ran to give someone a head to the other side! Xiao Bai, this strange pig teammate, let me promise to take you to fly!”

Another five minutes…

“It’s not… what about the agreed Fish Pond Bureau, why is there a master in such a low rank! I don’t believe it, can’t I still win today?”


“That… Xiao Bai…” After the sixth ‘five minutes later’, Li Zhibai, who was passionate about the whole process, finally couldn’t help but ask Bai Xinyan, “Is there any kind of studying halo on your body that causes the game to lose the buff? Why don’t we try to separate first?”

Bai Xinyan said an honest “Oh” again.

Five minutes later.

“Sure enough, I won! Just say that the level of this master is still very good! Xiao Bai, you really have a debuff on you!”

“What does debuff mean?” Bai Xinyan, who had not had a chance to go to Qiandu so far and could not understand what debuff was, asked calmly.
Li Zhibai, who refuses to admit that he was actually a chicken (菜鸡, a new word for “rookie”, here), was still madly shaking the pot just now.
He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.
Bai Xinyan said that he didn’t understand anything and didn’t know anything.
When he was dragged to play the game, he lost all of them.
He still had to push the pot, feeling a little bit unkind.

“Ahem, let me just talk about it, it shouldn’t be so mysterious.” Li Zhibai quickly changed his breath and said, “It’s okay.
Let’s continue the team, this time we will definitely win!”

Bai Xinyan continued to obey the arrangement, although he wanted Li Zhibai to let him study the rules first…

After a few more rounds between the two people—

“…there is nothing fun in the game, I’m going to study!” Li Zhibai silently went offline.

Bai Xinyan: “……”


T/N :

Okay, I know it’s too sudden.
Yeah, I’ve changed the released schedule so danmeis will release in weekend.
This series will release on Saturday and the other one will release on Sunday.

Also, the misunderstandings are still ongoing wwwww if the “villain” do something like Xiao Yan did (slander their rival love), I will hate it but for Xiao Yan, I found it cute instead XD

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