27 Metaphysics (玄学)


Is there really any metaphysics that he has to lose in any game? Bai Xinyan, who always felt that he was lucky, did not believe in this evil.
He carefully understood the mechanism and operation of the game then tried to arrange a few games by himself.

Then he really didn’t win a game.
The best time was a draw.

During the period, because of a moment of excitement, he accidentally broke the screen of the phone…

Bai Xinyan had not encountered obstacles in anything except cultivation since he was a child.
He didn’t expect to play a game and overturned the boat.
He couldn’t win in any round.
He also broke the equipment and went to Father Bai to repair it with magic.
He didn’t know how embarrassed it was when he was being teased.

Therefore, Bai Xinyan, who was deeply hurt, could not help but find out Yin Heng.
He made complaints about Li Zhibai’s behaviour of pulling him on the boat and fleeing by himself.

As a result, Yin Heng sent a sentence: You just played, it is normal that you can’t win.
That fox can’t win with you.
Obviously, he is not good enough.
Don’t blame yourself.

Although Yin Heng unconditionally defended himself, Bai Xinyan still did not feel happy about it.

【I think I really got some strange bad luck.
Otherwise, I won’t really lose every time.
Sometimes I can obviously win, but in the end, I still lose.
It seems that the probability is really a bit abnormal.
Moreover, I also broke the phone screen… I may be really not suitable for playing games QAQ】

Following Li Zhibai in the game for a while, Bai Xinyan had learned a little bit of basic cute characters.
He felt a little better when typing these three letters (QAQ) and sighed in his heart that human beings are really very creative.

Yin Heng didn’t know that his comforting effect was not as good as a face expression.
On the contrary, he felt softer after seeing the chubby facial expression, and immediately replied to Bai Xinyan’s words: 【No, a real master will lead you to team up and you will definitely win.
You have no bad luck at all.】

【But I can’t find a master to form a team with me.
Sometimes teammates are at a good level, but the opponent is always more powerful TAT】

Yin Heng paused and after a while, he sent a few words: 【Shall I work with you?】

Bai Xinyan opened his eyes wide, quickly poked the screen and asked: 【You used to play this game too?】

【That’s not true, but mortal games are not difficult to learn.】

“……” Bai Xinyan’s typing fingers immediately held back.
Even if the other party was Yin Heng, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.
His heart said, I thought the same way before I played.

However, Bai Xinyan quickly realized that whether he could win or not, it would not be a loss to be able to play a game with Yin Heng, so he immediately let Yin Heng also play the game and formed a team to start the game.

Yin Heng took a moment to quickly read the rules of the game and so on then he calmly started the game.
It was not that he was arrogant, but if Bai Xinyan really had the bad luck that the game would lose, then Yin Heng felt that he was probably the lucky person who would win the game.

He had tried very few games, most of which were gambling in nature, but he didn’t know why, even as a pure novice who didn’t understand the rules, he could win every gambling, which could be said to be full of luck.

Even if this was a mobile game that he hadn’t touched before, if he was luckier, Yin Heng also felt that he would definitely not lose.
After all, when Zhuo Xuan played a popular mobile game before, he had to blacken the number and gave out the top card after he tapped the screen.
And if you wanted to compare strength and technology, Yin Heng’s reaction ability was much faster than ordinary people.
Even if he was not so familiar with the game, it was easy to be comparable to ordinary masters.

Contrary to him, Bai Xinyan could be said to have no confidence at all.
He had almost accepted the character design that his game would lose.
Unexpectedly, after one round—

“Wi…win?” Bai Xinyan opened his eyes and couldn’t help asking.
In fact, even if this game was very promising from the beginning, Yin Heng’s performance was very carried and completely unlike the novices who had just come out quickly, Bai Xinyan still did not hold much hope.
Until the end of the time, their score exceeded the opponent’s score.
It could be said that there was no possibility of a comeback.
Bai Xinyan later realized the hope of victory until the words “Congratulations on Victory” that Bai Xinyan had never seen before finally popped up on the screen.

Finally, Bai Xinyan could pass the novice task of winning a game.
Bai Xinyan put aside his previous frustration and said to Yin Heng excitedly: “I know that Mr Yin, you really are much more reliable than Li Zhibai! What game I must lose? There is no such a thing! It’s because Li Zhibai is too weak!”

Yin Heng heard his rare excitement and his expression softened a lot.
He thought that the child really liked games and he was so happy to win a game.

“Continue?” Yin Heng asked.

Bai Xinyan immediately recovered from the joy of breaking the curse and said without hesitation.
“En, en! Continue, continue! Maybe tomorrow my position will be higher than Li Zhibai!”

So two demons, who had never played video games before, played mobile games together until midnight.
Because he won all of them, the more he played, the more fun he felt that he could hardly stop.
Bai Xinyan, a young man with internet addiction, had completely forgotten his usual biological clock for going to bed early.
If Yin Heng hadn’t insisted on it, he would not stop to sleep until twelve o’clock.

Indulging in games really is a big problem in educating younger generations.
After finally making Bai Xinyan turned off the game to rest, Yin Heng couldn’t help thinking of it.

However, in fact, he also underestimated the degree of Bai Xinyan’s addiction.
After agreeing to Yin Heng to go offline, Bai Xinyan, whose brain was still excited, couldn’t help but sneaked onto the game again and lined up by himself.



Bai Xinyan couldn’t believe it.
“Is it what I got for playing solo?” He didn’t want to admit this, so he played the next round, the next round, the next…

Ten straight defeats.

So Bai Xinyan’s internet addiction was quickly cured.

“It seems that I couldn’t win without Mr Yin.” Bai Xinyan finally recognized the facts.
“The game is really nothing fun.
I’d better go to sleep.”

Although Bai Xinyan slept very late, after all, he was a demon who could not sleep.
He was still in a good state when he got up the next morning.
This morning, there was a physical class.
Bai Xinyan and Ding Qichen were in the same class.
They naturally gathered to talk during the break.

“Does your agent bring a newcomer who hasn’t made a debut?” Ding Qichen couldn’t help but ask Bai Xinyan at the beginning, “I heard a bit of messy news.
I heard that the man has returned to the company in the past two days?”

Bai Xinyan nodded and replied, “Yes, I have seen him.”

Ding Qichen frowned upon hearing this.
Lowering his voice a little, he said, “I heard other students gossip, saying that that person is now the most promising among the newcomers of Xinghuan.
He is extremely capable and is valued by the agent.
The young newcomers are holding him and serving him as his follower.”

“Really?” Bai Xinyan didn’t respond much when he heard the words, but he didn’t understand a little bit.
“Why do you want to hold him as a follower? Du Ziqian is just a newcomer.
Isn’t it better to hold the agents or those artists who are already in the forefront?”

“Generally, where can those powerful people and newcomers get in touch normally? Many of them don’t have an agent yet.
That… is it Du Ziqian? I heard that he has a future.
Of course, some people expect the other party to become popular and give them a hand.” Ding Qichen said and then asked Bai Xinyan a little worried.
“You have the same agent, taking the actor route.
Will there be conflicts in resources in the future? I listen to the gossip of those people, your agent seems to be quite partial to that Du Ziqian.”

“Well, maybe it is.” Bai Xinyan answered ambiguously, “but I don’t think there is anything like that in terms of resources.
Teacher He said he would leave me a message for a suitable role.” And I also have Mr Yin.

Bai Xinyan didn’t say everything, but He Wenhong’s name was obviously enough for Ding Qichen’s heart.
Moreover, he also remembered the relationship between Bai Xinyan and the chairman… he couldn’t tell what the relationship was.
In short, Bai Xinyan looked like he should not suffer.
Ding Qichen, who was relieved, quickly turned to other topics.
Bai Xinyan unknowingly told him about the game yesterday.

“Ahem… the chair, the chairman of the board of directors took you to play the game?” Ding Qichen almost shouted out, “Have you reached this level of communication?” Forget about eating together every day, leaving out he was an unmarried person, do you have time to play mobile games together? Moreover, the chairman is the one who carried the person? (孤家寡人, one who is cut off from others (idiom) / one who has chosen to follow a solitary path / can also be an indirect way of referring to an unmarried person)

Do the bosses of the companies and the wealthiest businessmen not to attend their proper duties these days?

Bai Xinyan didn’t understand his point of exclamation.
“Is it too much to play a game together? We haven’t been to each other’s homes and we haven’t made appointments to go out together.
We are far worse than many friends?” Bai Xinyan said in a slightly resentful tone.

Ding Qichen was silent when he heard this.
He thought that ordinary people would not think that they would really want to be friends with their bosses like ordinary people.
It would be good not to be flattering and trembling.
How could they still want to visit each other or even make an appointment to watch a movie and press the road? And as for Bai Xinyan’s resentment, it was like complaining about his boyfriend who was incomprehensible and not active enough.

Ding Qichen still didn’t dare to take this feeling seriously and followed Bai Xinyan’s words to change his exclamation point.
“You mean that the chairman leads you to win every game and you keep losing when you play by yourself? Isn’t this a level issue?”

Bai Xinyan explained.
“No, my level is not that bad, but no matter how I team up with other people, I will lose, and at best I can only a draw.
Only with Mr Yin can I win.”

“Although the probability is indeed very small, maybe it’s just a matter of level plus a coincidence? It should not be as mysterious as you think?” Ding Qichen did not witness it personally and always felt that Bai Xinyan’s words were a bit exaggerated.
“I also tried this game.
Do you want us to form a team to see it when you’re free?”

Bai Xinyan looked at him and asked seriously.
“Are you highly skilled?”

“Er… so-so.” Ding Qichen said honestly.

Bai Xinyan immediately looked at him with pity, “Then you can be ready to quit the game.”

“…is it so exciting?” Ding Qichen looked suspicious.

To correct their various postures in the physical class, it also made it difficult for a group of newcomers who were no longer children to press their legs and lower their waists.
Except for those who had a foundation in dancing, most of the students had been tossed in misery after one class.

However, although Bai Xinyan had never learned dance, he was the most relaxed among them in the group.
As a “strong body” demon, his flexibility was naturally quite good.

After class, Ding Qichen, who was sore all over, watched Bai Xinyan, who was relaxed and didn’t even sweat, went to the chairman for dinner, and deeply felt the gap between them.

During the meal, Bai Xinyan didn’t feel embarrassed to say that he agreed to go to bed.
As a result, he got up to play games again and even lost ten consecutive games.
Fortunately, he had always been well-behaved in Yin Heng’s eyes.
Although it seemed to be a little guilty today, Yin Heng only regarded him as embarrassed about the game addiction.

Bai Xinyan had scheduled an acting class for the newcomer class in the afternoon, but because he changed the class, the afternoon time was free.
Thinking of his tragic record in the playing solo last night, Bai Xinyan, who had begun to be suspicious of the so-called metaphysics, tried to pull Yin Heng and try again.
However, as the chairman of a large company, Yin Heng might not be as idle as him?

In fact, Yin Heng was much more idle than Bai Xinyan and the chairman did not need to manage daily affairs.
He now came to Xinghuan every day just to meet Bai Xinyan for a meal.
As a newcomer of Xinghuan, Bai Xinyan’s course schedule was quite full.
There were classes for both weekends while Yin Heng’s schedule was basically empty, but occasionally there were things that must be handled by him.

Therefore, when Bai Xinyan asked Yin Heng if he would have time to play games with him in the afternoon, Yin Heng naturally agreed immediately.

However, Bai Xinyan soon found that he had forgotten one thing—

“Why did you lose so many points?” Yin Heng’s memory was definitely good.
Not to mention that he could remember things that were not forgotten but a little bit of a snack.
Seeing that the points he had spent the night pulling up for Bai Xinyan fell back again, although Yin Heng didn’t feel so distressed, he quickly realized the deep-seated problems reflected in it!

Bai Xinyan played the game secretly by himself.
He seemed to have lost a lot, at least for more than an hour.

In combination with the game interface, the time he spent as a good friend, Bai Xinyan betrayed it mercilessly*.
Yin Heng immediately determined that after Bai Xinyan agreed to go to bed, he stayed up late to play the game secretly.

*(再结合游戏界面无情出卖了白忻言的好友最近上线时间, not sure how to translate it)

“……” The inexperienced Bai Xinyan was caught off guard and was caught by Yin Heng.
After a moment of silence, he wanted to get through.

Upon seeing this, Yin Heng couldn’t help but think of the books that he had recently read specifically about human education for children.
He felt that Bai Xinyan might be heading into the abyss of gaming and Internet addiction teenagers!

It’s really hard to take good care of the little guy.
Yin Heng sighed in his heart and recalled the suggestions in those books.
It was said that such a situation was better to limit children’s time through communication, or gave a reward to reduce children’s dependence on games and cultivate self-control.

So Yin Heng thought about what kind of requirements he wanted to put forward as a prerequisite for rewards like teacher’s praise in class? Get excellent in the assessment? Or just take the class seriously and let him play once for a few hours?

Yin Heng, who had no parental experience, racked his brains, and then confronted Bai Xinyan’s face that pretended that nothing happened and tried to fool through him with a pair of eyes full of pitiful writing that directly exposed himself.

Then there is no more.

“It’s okay if you divide it, you can win it back right away.” Yin Heng directly left behind all the requirements and restrictions and took the initiative to play with Bai Xinyan.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long before Bai Xinyan’s points came back.
At this time, Bai Xinyan almost accepted his fate or the metaphysical physique of Yin Heng.

Don’t even think about being an internet-addicted teenager.
From now on, he would focus on holding Yin Heng’s thigh.
When Yin Heng was away, he didn’t have to try to find him.

Bai Xinyan enjoyed playing games here.
That newcomer in Class A, who had only one class with his classmates, was taking an acting class.
The total number of people in this class had not changed compared to the previous class, but there was one less Bai Xinyan, but Du Ziqian had more.

Others still didn’t know about Bai Xinyan change his class.
Seeing that class time was coming and Bai Xinyan hadn’t come yet, they couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

Just as Ding Qichen heard, Du Ziqian still had a place among these newcomers, especially in acting class.
Those who were somewhat unkind to Bai Xinyan in the last class could be regarded as his fans.
When Du Ziqian came back, he was naturally surrounded by them.

“Why hasn’t that Bai Xinyan arrived yet?”

“Brother Ziqian, I heard that Bai Xinyan was brought by your agent?”

“Yes, yes, I didn’t expect that Brother Du would be in the same agent as Bai Xinyan.
She deserves to be a gold-medal agent, really insightful!”

“Brother Du, do you know the origin of that Bai Xinyan?”

A group of people chatted around Du Ziqian.
Du Ziqian, who had always enjoyed the feeling of holding the moon among the stars, frowned fiercely in his heart this time.

What happened? These people seemed to pay more attention to Bai Xinyan than him? Besides, the matter between Bai Xinyan and the chairman had not been spread, why these people had no negative feelings about his attitude?

The relationship between Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng had been clear on the Internet.
Naturally, Xinghuan spread more and Du Ziqian found out after a few inquiries.
However, he originally thought that such a newcomer who had no strength to rely on unspoken rules would be beaten by everyone, but now it seemed that these guys who had been holding him did not reject and belittle Bai Xinyan.

Du Ziqian was unhappy, but on the surface, he said calmly.
“Yes, Xiao Bai was also brought by Sister Xia.
I don’t know where he came from, but I think he is probably a rich guy.
I heard that he had a friendship with the chairman? He thinks it’s fun to be an artist, just come and have fun, the temperament is different from those of us grassroots.”

In Du Ziqian’s tone, he seemed to have a good relationship with Bai Xinyan.
What he said seemed to hold high, but in fact, he was pulling hatred for Bai Xinyan.
He had used this little trick very skillfully and would generally achieve the desired effect.

However, what he did not expect was that after Du Ziqian finished speaking, not only did other people fail to understand his meaning and follow along, but some people couldn’t help but say, “I don’t think Bai Xinyan will play ticket (玩票, using his background just to amuse himself).
He must really want to be an actor.” Otherwise, where can he have the perseverance to practice the performance to that level?

Du Ziqian, who had always maintained a gentle expression, couldn’t help but frown.
He was about to say something, but he saw He Wenhong came in.
He quickly swallowed the words questioning Bai Xinyan that he almost blurted out on impulse.

Being able to take He Wenhong’s acting class could be said to be a rare opportunity.
With his ability, maybe he could also have the opportunity to take a separate class? Although Bai Xinyan is a special case based on his background, He Wenhong is certainly not happy to accept such a student, right? Moreover, his acting skills are the best in the class.
With Bai Xinyan for comparison, maybe He Wenhong would give him a chance if he appreciated it for a while?

Although knowing that the probability of realizing this idea was very low, Du Ziqian still held a little hope.

This time He Wenhong didn’t call the roll.
He only called Du Ziqian who was absent from the last class.
Seeing the number of people right, he began the class.

The others looked at each other for a moment and could only guess that Bai Xinyan was late.

Unexpectedly, Mr He appreciated Bai Xinyan so much last time, but now that he hadn’t arrived, he didn’t even ask about it, which was really indifferent.
Many people couldn’t help but think so.

Until the first half of the class was finished, Bai Xinyan still did not show up, so someone finally couldn’t help but ask He Wenhong.
“Teacher, Bai Xinyan didn’t come to class, do you not contact him?”

Du Ziqian’s heart jumped when he heard this.
He didn’t want others to know that Bai Xinyan was taught by He Wenhong alone.
Under the same agent, the other party’s qualifications were much worse than him.
As a result, the treatment of the two was so far worse, so that these people knew where his face was going to be put.

He could only hope that He Wenhong would not answer clearly out of dissatisfaction.
Du Ziqian prayed anxiously.

“Bai Xinyan has changed class.
He won’t be in the newcomer class anymore.” He Wenhong did not give a clear answer, but it was not because of dissatisfaction, but out of protection for Bai Xinyan.
After all, it was indeed a bit exaggerated for the newcomer to take class alone.
It was inevitable to be jealous when others knew.

However, Du Ziqian didn’t know this.
Instead, he just wondered He Wenhong, like his agent Fang Xia, didn’t like the task of carrying Bai Xinyan, as he inferred.
He immediately felt happy and his expectation of being liked by He Wenhong was a little higher.
Except for Du Ziqian, everyone else was in an uproar.

“Change class? Which class to? Aren’t we the best class already?”

“Who said our class is the best! There are also professional classes.
We’re just newcomers, okay?”

“But the teachers in the professional class can’t compare to Teacher He, right?”

“Although Teacher He is more famous, the professional class is definitely better than our class?”

He Wenhong didn’t disclose where Bai Xinyan changed.
The curiosity of the others grew stronger and they discussed with each other fiercely.

However, no one dared to guess the truly correct answer.
Du Ziqian, who knew the inside story, did not speak, so he discussed it.
The most likely answer that came out was Professional Class A.
After all, He Wenhong said last time that Bai Xinyan’s level was already at the top of the professional class.

Du Ziqian was unwilling to join the discussion.
He was quite dissatisfied with the fact that these people were all paying attention to Bai Xinyan and almost ignored him.
However, after class, someone still remembered him, who was in the same agent as Bai Xinyan, and asked him.
“By the way, Brother Du, do you know which class Bai Xinyan has changed to?”

Du Ziqian tried his best to control the sinking face, pulled up a gentle fake smile, and said casually.
“I don’t know, but maybe he was sent to Class B.”

Du Ziqian thought he didn’t show anything wrong, but he didn’t expect that after he finished speaking, there was a moment of silence around him.
The eyes of other people looking at him were a little strange as if they were a little… pity?

Du Ziqian became angry when he saw this.
What face do these people have to pity him? Moreover, he didn’t say anything wrong.
Those who had no strength would have been eliminated to Class B.
If Bai Xinyan had a background, wouldn’t he go to Class B? What he said was clearly the most reasonable situation, what is going on with these people?

“Brother Du…” A moment later, the most active person in the class whispered to Du Ziqian, “That… have you never seen Bai Xinyan’s live performance?”

As this person’s voice fell, Zhou Han, who had always been silent, suddenly said, “If Bai Xinyan is going to Class B, you don’t have to enter Xinghuan’s gate.” After speaking, he sneered and left.

Zhou Han and Du Ziqian had never dealt with each other.
The acting skills of the two were actually similar.
Zhou Han’s external conditions were a little better than Du Ziqian.
However, Zhou Han couldn’t communicate, so Du Ziqian kept forming gangs to suppress this most powerful competitor.
Therefore, it was not surprising that Zhou Han would say something to satirize Du Ziqian.

However, Du Ziqian also knew the strength and character of the other party.
He was surprised to see that he was satirizing himself while speaking more for Bai Xinyan.
Looking at the other people’s faces showing more or less approval, and even someone faintly gloating at him, Du Ziqian finally frowned and realized that something might be wrong.

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