29 Trap (诱骗)


Now it seemed that if she wanted to give Du Ziqian the opportunity, it was obviously not feasible to start from the project team.
First, Du Ziqian had no bargaining chips; second, Fang Xia’s face was not enough; and third, Bai Xinyan had a lot of face and bargaining chips.
Therefore, not only could they not develop from the project team, but they couldn’t even disclose to anyone else, so as not to spread the matter to Bai Xinyan’s backer.
Otherwise, she and Du Ziqian definitely wouldn’t get last.

If you can’t let other people know, you can only start with the person involved.
And after thinking about it, it was true that the only way to say to Bai Xinyan was more likely to succeed.
As long as Bai Xinyan was willing to give up, there was nothing wrong with Du Ziqian fighting for it.
If Bai Xinyan could be persuaded to give the spot directly to Du Ziqian, it would not leave any words behind, but also save the trouble of competing with others later.

However, it was obviously not an easy task for Bai Xinyan to take the initiative to give up such a good opportunity.
Fang Xia imagined that if she didn’t directly notify Bai Xinyan, she told the project leader that Bai Xinyan rejected it and recommended Du Ziqian instead then being discovered by Bai Xinyan, she finally gave up the simplest and rude scheme.
After all, in the same company, Bai Xinyan had a background.
If he wanted to hide the past smoothly, not only for a moment but for several years and decades, he had to have the luck of winning the lottery.

There was no way to bypass Bai Xinyan.
The only way left was to persuade Bai Xinyan to refuse.
Fang Xia pondered for a while and still called Du Ziqian, ready to discuss with him how to let Bai Xinyan give up the opportunity.

Knowing that Fang Xia had the news of the reality show, Du Ziqian had just expressed joy when he heard Fang Xia say that the candidate had been decided to be Bai Xinyan, immediately his face stiffened.
Fortunately, the words behind Fang Xia brought his heart to life again and immediately thought about how to fool Bai Xinyan.

Of course, as Du Ziqian thought, he still couldn’t help feeling more and more jealous towards Bai Xinyan.
All kinds of dark and negative emotions surged in his heart.
He really wanted to coax Bai Xinyan more and more sweetly.

Du Ziqian and Fang Xia worked together for a long time.
Finally, they figured out their words roughly, ready to talk to Bai Xinyan that “moved by emotion and reason”.
However, what they didn’t know was that Bai Xinyan had received the news that they had deliberately concealed for a period of time so that they could use it to think about countermeasures and add vinegar to make a change.

Li Zhibai contacted Bai Xinyan as soon as he knew that the project team agreed to recommend Bai Xinyan.

At that time, Bai Xinyan was chatting with Yin Heng.
He didn’t really want to pay attention to Li Zhibai’s information at the beginning, but couldn’t stand the repeated bombardment by the other party, so he took a closer look at what was going on.

“Reality show?” Bai Xinyan didn’t expect that not long after he first joined Xinghuan, Li Zhibai would recommend him a job.
When it came to business matters, Bai Xinyan quickly found out with Li Zhibai about the situation.

Bai Xinyan: Are you sure that the production team agrees to choose me?

White Fox: Of course, there is definitely nothing wrong with what my agent said.
Your agent will notify you soon.

Bai Xinyan: Oh

Bai Xinyan: Then let me see if I want to go or not.

White Fox: ? ? ? Do you still want to refuse!?

Bai Xinyan: I’m good at acting.
I may not perform well in reality shows.

White Fox: Are you good at knowing that you have to try it, and for such a good opportunity, a small fire is at least, you have the heart to not go??

Bai Xinyan: Why don’t I have the heart to not go? I didn’t have much interest in reality shows in the first place and I didn’t want to debut so early.

White Fox: …okay, you have the chairman and you are self-willed, right?  ̄へ ̄

Bai Xinyan: Y(^_^)Y

Li Zhibai looked at Bai Xinyan’s stubborn expression and was maddeningly angry.
He wondered why he, a popular front line, would suddenly feel envy, jealousy and hatred for a newcomer who hadn’t made his debut? Sure enough, it was because he didn’t have a good chairman who could bring himself up and give him resources.

Li Zhibai was silently sad and then he could only continue to pull Bai Xinyan on board in a low voice.

White Fox: This show really has great potential.
If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t necessarily have such a good opportunity QAQ

Bai Xinyan: Let me think about it again

White Fox: Promise me, promise me, promise me.
Don’t worry about your performance, I will cover for you!

Bai Xinyan: …I don’t feel you are very reliable.

White fox: …you should just go with me, can’t you!? The first time I’m on a reality show, I’m so nervous QAQ.
If you are my friend, please help me once!! T^T

Bai Xinyan: …okay, okay, I will agree if there is no problem.

White Fox: ! ! Xiao Bai! I knew it!! You are a demon with affection and justice! Unlike Brother Shao, who frustrated me all day, knowing that I don’t want to go to a reality show, I still have to go (TOT)

Bai Xinyan: Thank you for the compliment, but your agent also is your agent, okay

White Fox: I know, but I can’t bear it…

White Fox: By the way, what kind of demon you are? We are all so familiar, don’t you reveal it? You knew from the beginning that I was a fox, which is unfair.

Bai Xinyan: …alright, let me tell you, I’m a rabbit demon.

Indeed, as Li Zhibai said, the two of them had become familiar.
Bai Xinyan was not a demon who was afraid of his true form being known by others.
He didn’t tell Li Zhibai at first because he didn’t want to be teased by him.
Now it seemed that Li Zhibai had no chance of winning against him in words, so it didn’t hurt to tell him directly.

White Fox: Ra, ra, ra, rabbit??? Are you kidding me? You are obviously not afraid of me at all!! How could it be the rabbit!!!!!

Bai Xinyan: I’m a rabbit demon, not an ordinary rabbit, why must I be afraid of you? And my mother is still a tiger.

White Fox: Old, old, old, old tiger!!?

White Fox: That… Xiao Bai, you don’t need to ask me to be a guest at your house in the future.

Bai Xinyan: ? So are you afraid of tigers?

White Fox: Yeah, I’m not afraid.
It’s just a little… biological instinct…

Li Zhibai obviously used voice input, exposing his trembling tone cleanly.
Bai Xinyan kindly did not expose him and promised not to let the other party meet his mother as much as possible.

White Fox: Fortunately, you are a rabbit, not a tiger… But wait a minute! So, isn’t your father a rabbit? Rabbit and tiger together!?

Bai Xinyan: Yes

White Fox: …your father is a real warrior.
I kind of want to meet him and learn in person…

Bai Xinyan: But my dad and my mom have been together, and you dare not see my mother…

White Fox: …that’s still… Excuse me, goodbye.jpg

Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai chatted messily for a while and learned about the reality show.
Originally, Bai Xinyan was not very interested in reality shows, but he quickly became very interested after hearing that it was a professional reality show that he could experience various human professions.
It was said that he was interested in human life and his professional experience was also helpful in shaping his characters when performing.

Bai Xinyan was basically sure to take over this job, just waiting for the agent Fang Xia to inform him as Li Zhibai said.

It was reasonable that this day happened to be an afternoon when Bai Xinyan did not have a training session.
Fang Xia should be very clear about his schedule, so there was no need to worry about the interruption.
She should call to inform him soon.

However, after Bai Xinyan had finished chatting with Li Zhibai, he waited for almost two hours before finally receiving a call from Fang Xia.

“Bai Xinyan? Do you have time now? There is something very important to discuss with you, can you come to the company to see me now?” Fang Xia’s tone was fairly stable.

Bai Xinyan frowned when he heard the words.
He returned home without classes in the afternoon.
It took more than an hour to get from home to the company.
Now Xinghuan employees would have to leave work when he waited.
Moreover, he already knew what Fang Xia was about to say and there was no need to make a special trip.

“Isn’t it okay to just say something like this? If it’s not particularly urgent, you can talk about the general situation now and wait until I go to the company tomorrow to discuss the other things in detail.” Bai Xinyan didn’t want to be troublesome, so as Fang Xia said.

Fang Xia was silent for a moment after hearing the words and agreed to Bai Xinyan’s proposal, “This matter is indeed very important.
I’d better wait for you to come to the company to talk in person tomorrow.”

In the end, Fang Xia hung up without revealing anything.
Bai Xinyan frowned slightly.
Although he couldn’t feel Fang Xia’s mood change over the phone, it seemed something was wrong with the other’s tone and reaction.
If Fang Xia really wanted to inform him about the reality show, then he shouldn’t have such an attitude toward such good news.
And even though this matter was really important, it shouldn’t be so unclear on the phone that it wouldn’t be revealed at all, right?

Looking at Fang Xia’s performance, it seemed that what she wanted to talk about was not about the reality show, but about Bai Xinyan’s something negative news.

Bai Xinyan felt a little suspicious, but he didn’t think too much.
He planned to go to the company tomorrow to see her again.

In the evening, a few people gathered to play games together.
Now he and Yin Heng, as well as Li Zhibai and Ding Qichen, who came to rub their thighs, almost formed a fixed team.
However, Ding Qichen had more training, hadn’t so much free time and had less time to participate.
Although Li Zhibai was supposed to be a popular frontline with a full schedule, but in fact, he often indulged in games and was not busy at all.
He didn’t know that he was so angry that he had to pick his feet at home every day.

Because there were other people in the team, Yin Heng’s words were much less than when he was alone with Bai Xinyan.
Basically, he only answered Bai Xinyan’s words, so the voice channel was basically filled with Li Zhibai’s voice.

That night, the three, who had a thigh strap and paddling in the back row with peace of mind, began to talk with Bai Xinyan casually.
Naturally, he (LZB) asked about the reality show.

“I don’t know.
The agent hasn’t told me yet.
Just say that there are important things, so we must talk it face-to-face.” Bai Xinyan replied.

Li Zhibai was surprised.
“Your agent is too cautious, isn’t she? There is good news, why is it so mysterious and serious?”

Bai Xinyan said, “Listening to her tone, it doesn’t seem like good news.”

Li Zhibai was taken aback and soon couldn’t help but say, “Xiao Bai, I didn’t lie to you or cheat you.
This show must have a good prospect.
Otherwise, Brother Shao wouldn’t have to ask me to pick it up.” Although Shao Ping spoke very viciously to him, he was actually quite good to him in actual actions.
The work he took were always the best and he wouldn’t desperately give him notices for his own achievements.
Moreover, his vision was very accurate.
Although he had not received much work, they could basically improve him.
Otherwise, with his popularity, it would be impossible for him to be so idle like this at all.

Bai Xinyan gave an “um” and said, “I know, you don’t need to lie to me.
But my agent, I don’t understand her thoughts.”

Yin Heng, who had been silent after hearing it, finally couldn’t help but ask, “What happened to your agent?”

Bai Xinyan paused and told Yin Heng everything.

Yin Heng knew about the reality show.
After all, it was about Bai Xinyan.
Of course, Pres Zhao had asked him for instructions.
Yin Heng’s reply was based on Bai Xinyan’s wishes.
It was reasonable to say that he had already responded.
It was estimated that Fang Xia’s time to receive the notice was not short, but it didn’t matter if she didn’t tell Bai Xinyan directly.
It was just as if she really felt that the matter was important and should be talked face-to-face, the attitude did not make Bai Xinyan feel like something bad.

Hearing what Bai Xinyan meant, he wanted to take over this job.
In this case, if Fang Xia got any more moths, it would definitely annoy Bai Xinyan.

Yin Heng frowned, thinking that Fang Xia should be replaced when something went wrong last time.
Otherwise, if Bai Xinyan didn’t tell him, he might not even know if the little guy was wronged by his agent.

“I will ask the person in charge of the project to talk to you directly tomorrow.” In the end, Yin Heng didn’t have any comments from Fang Xia, but he had already decided in his heart that if this person’s attitude still did not come back, he would directly replace her.
Even if he didn’t want Bai Xinyan to discover that it was his own hands, he could still find a decent reason to do it like the previous arrangement with He Wenhong.

Bai Xinyan felt sweet when he heard the words, but still said, “Well, I can solve it by myself without a problem.” Bai Xinyan thought Fang Xia couldn’t do anything to him.
Anyway, he wouldn’t suffer in the end.

“No trouble,” Yin Heng settled the matter.
“Tomorrow I will let the assistant I arrange for you to go to the company.
It just so happen that he is almost finished training and then let him deal with your agent.”

“Oh, all right.” Bai Xinyan didn’t insist.
When Yin Heng said so, he completely put Fang Xia’s abnormality behind.

Li Zhibai, who was embarrassed to interrupt, silently sent a private message to Ding Qichen, who had a lower sense of existence: Do you think we are a bit redundant…

Ding Qichen replied: Do you realize it now? Actually, I have already…

Li Zhibai: ……well, I never expected that my beauty becomes redundant one day.

Ding Qichen: ……

It was said that he was popular on the front line.
Only after contacting him did he know the feeling of disillusionment.
Ding Qichen felt that he had completely lost the awe that he had when he just learned that he was playing games with Li Zhibai.

Life is such a joke.

* * *

The next day Bai Xinyan arrived at Xinghuan early to find Fang Xia.
Fang Xia still looked unsmiling and sullen, but Bai Xinyan could easily feel the eagerness and anxiety in her heart as well as such a frustration.

This was……

Bai Xinyan suddenly frowned slightly.
He felt that things might be a little complicated and it was obviously not a good thing for him.

“You’re here? Sit first.” Fang Xia poured a glass of water for Bai Xinyan, then took a stack of data and sat opposite him.
“That’s it.
Now there is a reality show and we need to choose a newcomer in our company.
Now the program team is going to choose you after discussing with the company and we have to ask your opinion.”

Seeing Bai Xinyan wanted to say something, Fang Xia quickly said, “You don’t need to rush to give an answer.
My suggestion is to think about it before making a decision.
If you agree, you can participate in this reality show.
It’s a debut.
It stands to reason that you have just started training for less than half a month which is actually not in line with the regulations.
Although this reality show does seem to have potential, this kind of show is shot throughout the day.
For an artist, the requirements are also relatively high.
You haven’t learned the relevant courses in-depth and you may not get used to this kind of high-intensity that needs to maintain your image all the time.
Once you make a fool of yourself in front of the camera, it’s very easy to recruit hackers when you don’t have any works and fans.”

“Moreover, your future plans and personal settings have not been determined yet.
It’s probably not a good thing to rashly participate in this show and debut ahead of time.
The reality show debut is somewhat sensational.
I think you want to take the route of a powerful actor.
If this is the case, it’s better to play steadily for a period of time, at least complete the basic training and then choose a better play and a good role to debut.”

“This show is really good, but you have good conditions in all aspects and you don’t lack this opportunity.
For the long-term development in the future, it’s better to think about it.
And although it looks good, this show doesn’t necessarily have the ability to be hot and you don’t have to be the one who can fire it.
In short, the risk is still great, so we still need to consider it carefully.”

Fang Xia talked a lot about Bai Xinyan, seeming to be very polite as if she was thinking about him.
If Bai Xinyan couldn’t feel the true thoughts in the other party’s heart, he was afraid it would really make sense to listen to Fang Xia’s words.

Although Fang Xia’s remarks were not really wrong, she exaggerated the negative possibilities without mentioning the positive effects at all, so that people felt that the program seemed to be very inappropriate, only the disadvantages were the same.
If it wasn’t for Bai Xinyan, but other newcomers who had no experience and believed in their own agents, he was afraid that they would really be frightened by the other party’s words and would not dare to ask for this opportunity.

It seemed that Fang Xia didn’t want him to agree to participate in this show, but why? It didn’t seem to be any good for him not to participate in Fang Xia’s mind.
Bai Xinyan looked at Fang Xia, thinking silently.
Even if the relationship was not good, he was still an artist who was led by Fang Xia.
It would definitely be beneficial to Fang Xia if he got good resources.
But now the other party wanted to persuade him to take the initiative to give up this resource and from the perspective of psychological reaction, it was not as high-sounding as she said.
On the contrary, Fang Xia knew that this spot was rare, so she was nervous and guilty when she misled him.

After Bai Xinyan gave up on his own initiative, this opportunity would naturally be given to other people.
No matter how she didn’t like him, Fang Xia had no reason to hope that the good resources would fall on the artists under the hands of other agents.
But if the artist who got the resources later was also her own artist, then it seemed to make sense.

It didn’t take long for Bai Xinyan to figure out the general truth.
Li Zhibai and Ding Qichen both reminded him about the direct competition between him and Du Ziqian.
Bai Xinyan originally thought it didn’t matter because he had the strength, Fang Xia also seemed to be frightened by him.
Although he felt a little sinister from Du Ziqian, he should not be able to bully him.

However, Bai Xinyan now found that he still overestimated him.
Although these people certainly couldn’t really bully him, after all, the other party’s true thoughts were not hidden from him.
But even so, if they made such small actions from time to time, that also ruined the mood.

Moreover, Bai Xinyan felt that he had underestimated Fang Xia, but he didn’t expect this person to have the courage to make trouble with him.
It seemed that his anger was not cruel enough last time and the other party still thought she was easy to be cheated and bullied.

Then this time he would just make things worse and replace Fang Xia.
As for Du Ziqian, Bai Xinyan guessed that the other party should also be aware of it.
Perhaps he had proposed it first.
After all, they were all artists under her hands.
If Du Ziqian had no idea, Fang Xia didn’t need to do such an offending thing.

However, in order to avoid being wrong, Bai Xinyan thought about it or tried a little bit to pretend to be moved by Fang Xia and said, “Then newcomers are not suitable for this job? Then why does the program team still find a newcomer?”

Seeing that Bai Xinyan was moved, Fang Xia was immediately delighted and continued to persuade him, “It’s not completely unsuitable.
If it’s a newcomer who has already been trained in place and wants to take the popular route rather than relying on strength to debut then they can join this.
The program is barely suitable and the risk will be lower.
But if you have the strength and the training time is not long, it’s not appropriate to take greater risks.
After all, you will definitely have better and more suitable opportunities in the future.”

In order to achieve her goal, Fang Xia also wore a high hat to Bai Xinyan against her will, boasting that he was a powerful artist.
Young newcomers were often easily fooled by such words.
They were determined to rely on their own ability to get ahead and were unhappy when they were stained with others’ light.
Fang Xia wanted Bai Xinyan to fall into such a trap and took the initiative to give up this opportunity for the sake of “moral integrity”.

When Bai Xinyan heard the words, he let out an “oh” as if he was about to nod and agree to Fang Xia’s suggestion.
But when Fang Xia couldn’t help showing her expectation, Bai Xinyan suddenly said nonchalantly, “Since it’s not suitable for the strength line, in other words, people like me and Du Ziqian shouldn’t go, right?”

Fang Xia’s face suddenly stiffened.

Du Ziqian wanted to take the strength line, but Fang Xia’s bunch of words were basically exaggerated and fooled Bai Xinyan in order to let him give the spot to Du Ziqian.
As a result, Bai Xinyan put himself in the same camp with Du Ziqian.
If they were suitable, they were both suitable.
If Bai Xinyan was not suitable, then Du Ziqian was definitely not suitable.
Fang Xia suddenly got stuck and she didn’t know how to continue to persuade the other while picking out Du Ziqian at the same time.

After a while, Fang Xia pretended to be calm and said, “Ziqian has been training for several months, which is actually a little bit more suitable than you.”

Bai Xinyan continued to pretend not to find anything, but said unintentionally, “Oh, if I refuse, will you let Du Ziqian go?”

Fang Xia really did not see that Bai Xinyan was acting again.
At the moment, she thought that Bai Xinyan was going to agree to take the initiative to give up the spot and a trace of excitement reappeared on her face.
She restrained her joy before pretending to be calm and said, “To be honest, if you want to choose a newcomer, Ziqian is definitely the most appropriate one.
Although it may have a little impact on future development, it can be regarded as taking risks for you and other newcomers.” Fang Xia said and sighed, “It’s estimated that other people will not be willing to agree, but Ziqian has always been nice and has a good relationship with other newcomers, that is, he will be willing to do this kind of thing.”

Bai Xinyan listened to Fang Xia’s words, silently refreshed his impression of human impudence.
While still maintaining a superb performance and pretending to be moved, he sincerely said, “If this is the case, let the program team send the news to let all the newcomers make their own choices.
Du Ziqian can’t suffer losses alone.
And maybe he’s not willing? He still has the right to know and the right to choose.
Agent Fang, let’s go to the program group to explain the situation now? If it doesn’t work, I’ll go myself.
After all, the program group was looking for me at the beginning.
There’s no reason to let Du Ziqian take the trouble for me.”

Fang Xia was righteous and strict.
Bai Xinyan behaved more righteous and stricter than her.
After hearing what he said, Fang Xia didn’t dare to let him find the person in charge of the program group.
Even if he found it, Bai Xinyan was sure to give the opportunity to Du Ziqian before he could go.
Instead, now, he just wanted to make it public to all newcomers and prepare to occupy the spot!

“No, no, Bai Xinyan, wait.
Let’s clarify the matter first…” Fang Xia quickly stopped Bai Xinyan.
At this time, Bai Xinyan’s cell phone happened to ring.

Bai Xinyan said “I’m sorry” and answered the phone first.
Fang Xia was a little relieved when she saw this.
At the same time, she began to quickly think about how to dispel Bai Xinyan’s thoughts just now.

“Well, yes, I’m in the agent’s office now.
Come here with someone.” Bai Xinyan said and hung up the phone.
He explained under Fang Xia’s suspicious gaze, “I tell you that Mr Yin arranged an assistant for me.
He came to report today.
I asked him to come directly to get to know you.”

In fact, Bai Xinyan had already planned to separate from Fang Xia.
There was no need for Fang Xia to recognize his assistant.
Therefore, the focus of Bai Xinyan was actually still behind—

“By the way, he also said that the person in charge of the company’s project team has something to discuss with me, so he also came together.” Bai Xinyan smiled innocently and looked at Fang Xia who had turned pale and said, “Just so we can talk about the matter face-to-face.
It seems inconvenient for too many people… But should you call Du Ziqian?”

“Let’s figure out what’s going on, bit by bit.
What do you think?”

Bai Xinyan’s lines were flawless and Fang Xia’s mind was panicked for a moment.

“Knock, knock, knock,” the knock on the door happened to sound and Fang Xia’s face suddenly turned pale and ugly.

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