30 Substitution (换人)


Seeing Fang Xia froze in place, Bai Xinyan took the initiative to open the door.
The person in charge who came to find Fang Xia yesterday walked in first and the person behind was naturally the assistant arranged by Yin Heng for Bai Xinyan.

Although Fang Xia was taken aback by the sudden change, because Bai Xinyan covered it up well, so she didn’t realize that her intention had actually been exposed for a while.
Seeing that the person in charge really came, she immediately calmed down forcibly, trying to deal with the person in order to avoid Bai Xinyan saying what he shouldn’t say.

However, unexpectedly, the person in charge did not look at her, but directly introduced himself to Bai Xinyan.
“Hello, hello, I am Zheng Yan (郑岩) who is responsible for handling the 《Career Story》 (职业故事) project in the company.
I come to talk to you about inviting you to be a resident guest on the show.”

Fang Xia became more and more alarmed by Zheng Yan’s attitude towards Bai Xinyan.
Not to mention, he only asked her to inform him yesterday.
Today, he came to Bai Xinyan in person.
It was weird.
Even if Bai Xinyan had a background, he was an old man with qualifications and status in the company after all.
She couldn’t say how much friendship she had with Zheng Yan, but she had known him for a long time.
She was still Bai Xinyan’s agent, so how could Zheng Yan come in without even saying hello to her.

Fang Xia was rather uncomfortable, but she felt that her conspiracy with Du Ziqian has not been discovered by anyone, at least until now.
So she took a deep breath and actively greeted Zheng Yan, temporarily preventing Bai Xinyan from saying anything to Zheng Yan that would really expose her intentions, and then immediately looked at the last person present and led the topic in another direction.
“You are Bai Xinyan’s assistant, right? What is your name?”

This man looked quite vigorous, unlike an assistant but more like a bodyguard.
However, it was obvious that he was indeed an assistant.
He bowed to Bai Xinyan, following Fang Xia’s words, which surprised the others.

“Hello, Mr Bai.
My name is Zhang Kai (章恺).
I will help you deal with work or life problems as an assistant in the future.
You can tell me anything you want at any time to ensure that it is successfully completed.”

Bai Xinyan was a little overwhelmed by his unusually serious attitude and only replied a moment later, “Uh, hello.
Well, since you are my assistant, you will definitely stay together often in the future with me, so you don’t have to be polite.
Just call me Xiao Bai.”

Zhang Kai obviously had a very obedient attitude.
He immediately nodded and replied, “Okay, Mr Xiao Bai.”

“……” Bai Xinyan was silent for a while and finally chose to give up the topic temporarily.

Upon seeing this, Zheng Yan adjusted the atmosphere with a smile, “This is obviously very service-minded, he must be a good assistant.” Then he looked at Fang Xia and then said to Bai Xinyan, “Mr Xiao Bai.
You see, everyone has known each other, so let’s start talking about business? It just so happens that the relevant people are here.”

“……” Bai Xinyan ignored the other party addressed him for the time being and deliberately said, “Can you wait a little longer? There is still one person who hasn’t arrived.”

Zheng Yan was taken aback for a moment, “Who are you waiting for?” Wasn’t it just Bai Xinyan? Fang Xia, an agent, was needed, and Zhang Kai, an assistant, even more important that he was arranged by the chairman, so he just gave him a chance to listen.
There were people who need to be waited especially?

Fang Xia felt bad, but she still didn’t have time to stop Bai Xinyan from speaking out.
“Wait for Du Ziqian, Agent Fang said he is more suitable for this show than me.”

Zheng Yan frowned and asked, “Who is Du Ziqian?”

“It’s another newcomer brought by Agent Fang, don’t you know, Mr Zheng?” Bai Xinyan said.

Zheng Yan frowned and thought about it.
In the impression, Fang Xia did bring a new person, but he didn’t know the name.
After all, he was just a newcomer with an uncertain future and he had no need to know him.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t recognize so many people in Xinghuan.

“Agent Fang, what’s going on?” Zheng Yan understood the meaning of Bai Xinyan’s words and immediately questioned Fang Xia in a cold voice.
The person he was looking for was Bai Xinyan and he also specifically instructed Fang Xia not to let other people know.
As a result, the other party was so good and she wanted to manipulate their candidates?

Fang Xia had already had a cold sweat in a short time.
At the same time, she was quickly thinking about countermeasures.
In any case, she wanted to help Du Ziqian defraud Bai Xinyan’s resources.
This matter was absolutely impossible.
Even if Bai Xinyan had no background, she would not get well if such a thing was known.
So the only way now was to resolutely refuse to admit it.
She could only say that she persuaded Bai Xinyan with a few more words, but did not mean to let Du Ziqian replace Bai Xinyan.

Fortunately, although what she said to Bai Xinyan just now was a bit explicit, she was not really blatant at all and she still pulled a piece of shame cloth.
As long as the people present, especially Bai Xinyan, believed that she was not out of bad intentions and did not disclose the news to Du Ziqian, the matter should be saved.
Moreover, although Bai Xinyan accused her, there was no direct and accurate evidence, she still had room to explain and argue.

Fang Xia thought about this, she had to explain to Zheng Yan immediately, but Zheng Yan, the person in charge, was not too foolish.
He didn’t listen to Fang Xia’s explanation and said, “If there is a problem of leaking secrets, then I can’t do serious things, so we’d better go to Pres Zhao and make things clear.”

Fang Xia dare not to let more people, especially her immediate boss, knew about this.
She smiled weakly when she heard the words and said, “It’s really just that I didn’t speak very well, which makes Bai Xinyan wrong.
There’s absolutely no leaking of secrets or something.
I have been in the company for so many years, don’t I understand the degree of leaking secrets? Why do I have to do such a thankless thing? After all, it’s a misunderstanding, why bother with such a thing to disturb Pres Zhao’s work?”

Zheng Yan was unmoved when he heard the words and insisted on letting his boss solve them.
Fang Xia’s qualifications were there.
It really didn’t seem to make such a low-level mistake.
If another newcomer, Zheng Yan might also go down the steps and wouldn’t make matters worse.
But Bai Xinyan was different.
After the two instructions about the other party, Zheng Yan had clearly realized how powerful this backer was, so his attitude towards him was no more than that of the front line.
This might have caused Bai Xinyan to be greatly wronged.
Zheng Yan didn’t think he had the face to be a peacemaker.

Fang Xia couldn’t move Zheng Yan, but eventually, a few people came to Pres Zhao.
After listening to the general situation, Pres Zhao immediately gave a click in his heart and his gaze suddenly became uncomfortable when he looked at Fang Xia.

“Zheng Yan asked you to inform Bai Xinyan about the program, how did you tell Bai Xinyan?” Pres Zhao asked coldly.

Fang Xia still barely maintained the superficial composure, avoiding the importance and replied lightly, “I told Bai Xinyan the truth.
It’s just because I think Bai Xinyan has just joined the company and the training is not yet in place.
I’m afraid that he would be too hasty to participate in this show.
The effect was not good, so I reminded him a few more words.
It was Bai Xinyan who asked Ziqian first and I answered.
After all, Ziqian has been training for a long time.
From this perspective, it’s more suitable than Bai Xinyan.
Pres Zhao, I have never done anything to leak the news.”

Du Ziqian had told her, Fang Xia herself would not be so stupid to talk about the matter.
There would be no evidence for leaking the news to other people.
As long as this hurdle could be passed and Pres Zhao could believe in her, Fang Xia felt that the matter wouldn’t be too serious.

Fang Xia’s statement sounded barely reasonable, but because of her previous convictions, Pres Zhao didn’t fully believe it and still had doubts.
However, at the same time, Pres Zhao felt that after Fang Xia’s beating last time, she really shouldn’t have the courage to target Bai Xinyan.
Fang Xia didn’t fail to see the prospect of this show.
It would be considered a violation of professional ethics to mislead Bai Xinyan with some personal emotions.
If she dared to deliberately let Bai Xinyan give the opportunity to others, she would be too courageous.

After what happened last time, Pres Zhao had discovered that Fang Xia was more stupid than he thought, but he still felt that she was also a gold-medal agent who had made some achievements.
She wasn’t so stupid, right? Unless Fang Xia only became a golden agent by relying on the early days of joining the company, plus luck.

However, despite thinking so, the facts still needed to be verified.
Pres Zhao immediately asked someone to call Du Ziqian over, but Bai Xinyan said, “If you want to see whether Du Ziqian knows the candidate for the show, won’t he know if you call him?” Someone called directly.
Seeing the posture of these three court trials, he wanted to know that Du Ziqian would not easily tell the truth.

It was obviously not a wise choice to replace the boss with someone else, but Bai Xinyan didn’t think so much and Pres Zhao couldn’t be dissatisfied with him, so the proposal was quickly realized.
Pres Zhao was also an old fox.
Naturally, he knew how to swindle people’s true reactions and said to Fang Xia, “You call Du Ziqian, pretend that no one else is here.
Just say that Bai Xinyan refuses to participate and the candidate was replaced by him.
No need to mention anything, just say these two points.”

Fang Xia’s heartbeat suddenly became louder.
If she did this, Du Ziqian might have just slipped his tongue!

Fang Xia tried to keep her expression unchanged and said, “Pres Zhao, should you just call someone over? Ziqian should be in class now and the phone should not be answered.”

Pres Zhao was taken aback.
Looking at the time, he still frowned and said, “You try first, see if no one will answer.” In fact, he wasn’t quite doubtful at first, but looking at Fang Xia’s performance, the bad guesses in his heart became worse.
It was getting more and more obvious.

Fang Xia couldn’t, so she could only dial the phone in front of a few people, praying in her heart that Du Ziqian would not answer.

However, Du Ziqian, who was supposed to be in class, lost his mind in class because he was so worried about the progress of the matter.
When Fang Xia called, he couldn’t sit still.
After hesitating for a while, he asked his teacher to leave and went to the toilet because of his stomachache.

Fang Xia heard the “beep” sound in her cell phone and it was not connected for half a minute, so she let out a sigh of relief.
However, when she was about to put down the phone and said that no one was answering, there was a beep from the receiver.

It was connected.

Fang Xia’s face suddenly turned pale.
Du Ziqian on the other end had already spoken, “Hey, Sister Xia, what’s wrong?”

Fang Xia trembled her lips.
Under Pres Zhao’s icy gaze, she finally could only bite the bullet and said, “Bai, Bai Xinyan refused… refused to participate… But, you can replace him…”

Fang Xia could almost only hear her own heartbeat as she spoke and even what she said seemed to be a blank.
However, Du Ziqian’s reaction was still clearly conveyed to her ears.

“Really!?” It was a voice of extreme joy and excitement, echoing through the entire office through the hands-free effect.

“Is it really replaced by me? Sister Xia, you are great!” Du Ziqian soon lowered his voice consciously, but the sense of joy was still strong.

Du Ziqian’s voice in Fang Xia’s ears was extremely clear, but there was darkness and chaos in front of her eyes and in her mind.
There was only one thought left that unscrupulously showed the sense of existence—

This time is really over.

Du Ziqian’s reaction had revealed the truth clearly.
Except for Fang Xia, Pres Zhao also changed his complexion at once.
After enduring it, he did not immediately attack.
He took the phone from Fang Xia’s hand and said coldly, “Du Ziqian, right? Come to the president’s office on the 25th floor immediately.” After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Du Ziqian was happy over there, but suddenly he was splashed with cold water.
He suddenly was uncomfortable and flustered.
All the joy froze on his face.
Although it was still unclear what was going on with such a sudden change, it was obviously not a good thing to listen to the tone of the other party that asking him to go to the president’s office.

Could it be that Bai Xinyan’s backer discovered that he had robbed Bai Xinyan’s resources to deal with him?

Du Ziqian felt uncomfortable, but this thing was obviously impossible not to go, so he could only grit his teeth and go to the 25th floor.
At the same time, he couldn’t help but complain that Fang Xia had done something wrong.

When he arrived at the president’s office, he saw Fang Xia standing on the side with an ugly face and a guilty conscience.
Bai Xinyan was also there and Pres Zhao’s anger was still on his face.
It was clearly directed at Fang Xia.

“Do you know why I was calling you?” Pres Zhao looked at Du Ziqian and asked in a bad tone.

Du Ziqian paused, not knowing how much the other party had understood, so he chose to shake his head.

“You don’t know?” Pres Zhao coldly snorted, “Fang Xia told you the news that should be kept secret and you guys also colluded to try to grab Bai Xinyan’s place.
Am I wrong?”

Du Ziqian was frightened by Pres Zhao’s cold face, but even though his mind was chaotic, he still instinctively shirked responsibility, “No, no… I don’t know this matter needs to be kept secret.
Sister Xia told me that she could help to fight for a chance.
I thought it was just normal competition for resources…”

When Fang Xia heard this, she couldn’t keep quiet.
She looked at Du Ziqian in disbelief at the moment and couldn’t help but shout, “You, you even slander me!? Obviously, you asked me to help you get into this show, I kindly told you the news that Bai Xinyan got the spot! If you didn’t want me to trick Bai Xinyan into giving you the spot, would I have to do such a thing? You actually paid it back by saying you don’t know!”

Fang Xia was flustered and short of breath for a long time.
When she saw Du Ziqian throwing the pot like this, her anger suddenly broke out with her previous depression and discomfort, completely losing her composure.
She didn’t look like an elite in the workplace, but like a vulgar woman who played for the sake of trivial matters.

Du Ziqian was taken aback by Fang Xia again, followed by a guilty conscience.
But he knew that it would be a big trouble to admit it, so he still didn’t want to admit it, whispering that he was innocent.

Bai Xinyan, who was sitting by the side watching the play, couldn’t help but feel a little funny when he saw it.
The two people had worked together to cheat him before, but he didn’t expect the dogs to bite each other so soon.
And to be honest, Fang Xia’s help to Du Ziqian in this matter was hard to please and it was considered to be very helpful to the other side.
He didn’t expect Du Ziqian to shift the responsibility to her in a blink of an eye.
At this time, Fang Xia might have regrets.

“Okay,” Pres Zhao stopped the two emotionally excited people impatiently and said, “You should tell the truth honestly now, don’t try to hide it.
If I find that you are still telling lies, the punishment will be strict, understand? Fang Xia, you speak first.”

Fang Xia no longer had any chances at this time.
She was even more angry and disappointed with Du Ziqian.
She was immediately being asked by Du Ziqian to get the news of the show and begged her to help fight for it.
Afterwards, the two people discussed how to coax Bai Xinyan.

Fang Xia spoke in enough detail and truthfully.
Du Ziqian knew that he had no chance to wash white, so he was discouraged and stopped struggling, and admitted everything Fang Xia had said.

The matter came to the ground, but Pres Zhao almost laughed angrily.
Even if Du Ziqian was a newcomer, he didn’t expect that a dignified gold medal agent could be so stupid.
He just wanted to scold them and felt that he couldn’t make it.

However, it was also because he made a terrible mistake.
He really shouldn’t have chosen Fang Xia to be Bai Xinyan’s agent.
As soon as this happened, it was estimated that he was going to eat and hang out with the big boss again.
He didn’t know how much bonus he would be fined this time…

Pres Zhao was in a bad mood, but he was kind to Bai Xinyan.
He deliberately cheered up and cursed Fang Xia and Du Ziqian in front of Bai Xinyan.
Finally, he said, “Fang Xia, as an agent, leaked the project information that needs to be kept confidential and an attempt to manipulate the allocation of resources that you have no right to interfere with, disrupt the order of the company, and have a serious negative impact on the artists.
These most basic requirements are violated, which shows that you have a problem with your professionalism.
I think you don’t need to be an agent for the time being, or go back and start from an assistant agent to learn again.” With a few words, Pres Zhao returned Fang Xia, the gold medal agent who managed to climb up, back to the bottom.
This treatment could be said to be quite severe.
Sure enough, Fang Xia immediately looked at President Zhao in disbelief and couldn’t help saying, “Pres Zhao, I know I made a big mistake, but it’s not…”

Pres Zhao waved his hand impatiently and interrupted Fang Xia’s plea, “Your basic professional quality is not in place.
What’s the problem if you return to learn again? If you perform well, you can still be promoted back.”

Fang Xia couldn’t help gritting her teeth.
When there weren’t so many people competing in Xinghuan, it took her more than ten years to get to her current position.
Now let her start from the beginning, she would lose her face.
The competition was still big.
She had no idea how many years, maybe she wouldn’t be able to rise back in 20 years!

Pres Zhao knew that Fang Xia would definitely have a grievance, but who asked her to do such a stupid thing.
Anyway, Xinghuan didn’t lack an agent now.
If Fang Xia had repeatedly caused troubles for him like this, she should honestly suffer a bit first.

After arranging Fang Xia, it was Du Ziqian’s turn.
Pres Zhao had no good attitude towards him as a pure newcomer, but he still said politely, “You have inquired about the news of the show and you want to fight for it.
It’s not wrong, but you use malicious means to cooperate with your agent to grab other people’s resources… What Xinghuan’s attitude has towards this kind of thing, you should know, right?”

Although Du Ziqian was usually quite good at communication and flattery, but he still had little experience in the end.
He could only show his timidity in the face of such a powerful high-level manager as Pres Zhao.
He was criticized so much that he was speechless.

“In this way, since your philosophy is not in line with our company, it’s better to seize the time to change to a company that is more suitable for you while you are still a newcomer.” Pres Zhao said, “According to the contract, employees who are expelled in violation of company regulations will also be liable for liquidated damages.
However, since you are just a newcomer, let’s forget the liquidated damages.
The termination of the contract can be handled in the afternoon, so you can go back and arrange it first.”

Du Ziqian was stunned when he heard the words.
He knew that there would be a punishment after the incident was revealed, but he did not expect that he would be asked to terminate the contract directly.
How many newcomers had sharpened their heads and wanted to enter Xinghuan.
He finally squeezed in and signed under the gold medal agent.
In a few months, he managed to establish contacts bit by bit and saw a bright future.
In the end, he would completely waste the fruits of his efforts for so long?

No, it’s not just a waste.
It was impossible for him to sign another company and get good treatment as long as the matter of being terminated by Xinghuan was spread.
No one liked the inferior goods being returned and he was a newcomer who had no bargaining chips.
One could imagine how difficult it would be once he was expelled by Xinghuan.

Pres Zhao’s methods of dealing with Fang Xia and Du Ziqian were similar.
He was not prepared to give them a chance to intercede.
After speaking, he drove people away, leaving Bai Xinyan and others behind.

“It was almost because of our management mistakes that caused you a negative impact.
I’m really sorry.” Pres Zhao was quite sincere in apologizing to Bai Xinyan.
After all, he arranged Fang Xia to be the other party’s agent, so he should bear joint several liabilities.
“As compensation, how about arranging a better new agent for you as soon as possible?”

The goal of replacing Fang Xia was achieved smoothly, but Bai Xinyan was not at ease about the compensation that Pres Zhao said.
What if it was another similar to Fang Xia?

“Pres Zhao, can I pick an agent by myself?” Bai Xinyan asked.

Pres Zhao showed a little embarrassed look upon hearing this.
It was reasonable that there was the chairman as the backer.
Bai Xinyan thought it would be fine to pick it by himself.
However, most of the best agents in Xinghuan had brought more than one popular star, they were unwilling and had no time to bring newcomers.
If Bai Xinyan had to pick these few, although it wasn’t necessarily impossible, it was actually not a good choice for both Bai Xinyan and the agent.

Feeling the embarrassment of the other party, Bai Xinyan simply said, “Pres Zhao, can I pick Zhang Kai as my agent?”

Pres Zhao was stunned, “…who is Zhang Kai?”

Bai Xinyan motioned to the new assistant who had been standing aside and reduced his sense of presence, “It’s him, my new assistant.”

“New assistant? How can he be an agent?” Pres Zhao said and was going to veto it.
Even if the best gold agents were not suitable to bring Bai Xinyan for the time being, it was impossible to let an assistant.
If the chairman knew that the agent he arranged for Bai Xinyan was so unprofessional, the bonus would have to be deducted even more.

However, Bai Xinyan insisted, “Anyway, I’m just a newcomer.
Zhang Kai can learn slowly if he hasn’t worked as an agent.
He is the assistant arranged by Mr Yin for me and I believe his ability must be fine.”

Pres Zhao reacted for a moment to who Mr Yin he meant and then felt the inability to tell what it was.
He felt helpless and wanted to vomit, “Then… then wait a minute, let me ask about it?”

Pres Zhao silently asked Yin Heng for instructions.

After a while, he got a reply: Zhang Kai has passed the training of the agent, no problem, let him be happy.

“……” Pres Zhao’s feeling of tiredness and his desire to spit out suddenly became stronger.
Since the agent was ready, can’t you just say it! Why do you want him to make arrangements? He’s going to be bald!

Pres Zhao indifferently touched his hairline, which was moving backwards, and then raised his spirits.
He smiled at Bai Xinyan and said, “Yes, Zhang Kai will be your agent in the future.
Would you like to arrange a senior assistant agent for you, lest Zhang Kai can’t cope with it alone?”

Bai Xinyan shook his head, “No, I don’t have any job to worry about by the agent now, so I won’t waste resources.
Thank you, Pres Zhao.”

Pres Zhao couldn’t help but say, “Why not? Isn’t it that Zheng Yan wants you to be on the show? Don’t you really be deceived by Fang Xia, are you really prepared not to have this opportunity?” This was the best opportunity that the newcomer could get recently.
If Bai Xinyan said that he didn’t want it and didn’t have a better resource for him, he would be even more guilty when he went to see the chairman.

Bai Xinyan couldn’t help showing a sly smile at this moment and said, “Of course, I want it.
What I said before was actually a lie to her.”

Pres Zhao: “……” He just remembered it was Bai Xinyan who suggested they call Du Ziqian directly to defraud him.
Obviously, he had noticed that Fang Xia and Du Ziqian were tricky and deliberately designed Fang Xia to expose everything.

It seemed that even without the chairman, this person wasn’t going to suffer.

He had to say that just by Bai Xinyan’s well-behaved and pure appearance, he really couldn’t tell that he still had such a mind.
It was no wonder that Fang Xia tried to take advantage of him but she looked away again and again.

However, the chairman probably didn’t know this.
Looking the way he protected Bai Xinyan, he was afraid of melting even if he held it in his mouth (简直是含在嘴里还怕化了, not sure how to translate it).
Pres Zhao couldn’t help but follow him to position Bai Xinyan as a weak and helpless little white rabbit.

Now it seemed, where is this little white rabbit!

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