31 Return a Gift (回礼)


After the matter was resolved, a few people no longer stayed in the president office.
Zhang Kai, who had just taken over the position of agent, had quickly entered the state.
After Bai Xinyan said that he would participate in the show, he took the initiative to communicate with Zheng Yan on related issues, asked Bai Xinyan’s opinions from time to time, and finally reached a basic agreement with high efficiency and directly let Bai Xinyan sign the contract.
He didn’t look like a novice at all.

Of course, this was also due to Yin Heng’s factor and Zheng Yan’s good treatment of Bai Xinyan, but it had to be said that Zhang Kai’s professional ability and efficiency were very good.
Zheng Yan couldn’t help but sigh that Bai Xinyan had a vision before leaving.

When only the two of them were left, Zhang Kai introduced himself to Bai Xinyan again.

“Mr Xiao Bai, my body is the octopus spirit and I just broke through the Golden Core Stage.
Mr Yin arranged for me to be responsible for your work and safety in the future.
Please give me more advice.” Zhang Kai bowed again.

Bai Xinyan was stunned when he said he was an octopus spirit.
Maybe it was because his hometown was inland, he had never heard of such a demon before.

Bai Xinyan only reacted after a moment.
He quickly asked Zhang Kai to straighten up and said embarrassedly, “I will trouble you in the future.
Really, you don’t need to be so polite.
Don’t you always feel embarrassed if I ask you to help do something in the future?”

Zhang Kai really had a spirit of service.
Hearing Bai Xinyan’s words that this would affect him, he immediately refused to abide by the redundant etiquette and agreed, “Okay, Mr Xiao Bai.”

“Don’t call me “Mr”.
You’re my agent now.
How can an agent call his artist by his honorific name?” Bai Xinyan said after hearing the other party’s advice.

“……” Zhang Kai hesitated this time, seeming to make a judgment, and then said.
“I will omit the word ‘Mr’ in public when there are other people.
In private, it’s still business as usual.
I hope Mr Xiao Bai won’t blame me.”

Bai Xinyan: “……” Zhang Kai was too polite.
He felt that he probably couldn’t speak to the other party.
Moreover, Zhang Kai’s speech was a little bit literary.
Bai Xinyan was a little curious about what kind of environment the other party lived in for a while.
Were all the demons in the sea so retro? Or was it because there were not many humans in the sea, so there wasn’t a change as fast as on the land?

Bai Xinyan was a little curious, but thinking that he had just met Zhang Kai, he didn’t ask any further questions.

In the afternoon, Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng met.
Yin Heng asked about the progress of the matter again.
In fact, Yin Heng had already received the complete news from Pres Zhao and Zhang Kai, but he deliberately asked Bai Xinyan again to prevent him from being dissatisfied.

Bai Xinyan was naturally not dissatisfied and he also praised Zhang Kai directly.
“Thanks to you for finding Zhang Kai for me, otherwise I will definitely not be able to find a suitable agent in a short time.” Bai Xinyan said, “And thanks to you again for asking the person in charge to come and look for me directly, otherwise I think it’s estimated that it will be troublesome to expose the previous agent.”

Bai Xinyan looked at Yin Heng, who still made his heart beat faster every time he approached.
He cleared his throat a little embarrassedly, blushing and said, “When we first met, I said I would give you something as a gift in return, but it hasn’t been fixed, so it took a bit longer.
But now it’s done and I will give it to you.” Bai Xinyan said as he took out something like a green and white bracelet.

“This is Qingxin Vine (清心藤, or pure heart vine?), which I planted myself after I got the seeds from my father.
This is a spiritual plant that is good for divine consciousness.
It can soothe and nourish divine consciousness, and also has the effect of breaking illusions.” Bai Xinyan explained briefly.
He smiled shyly and said, “Although it may not be as good as the magic tool you gave me, this is the best thing I can think of for you.” Although Bai Xinyan could take a more precious magic tool for Yin Heng as a return gift if he asked for it from Father Bai and Mother Bai, but in comparison, Bai Xinyan felt that it would be more worthy of the other party’s heart by giving something like this that he devoted himself to.

Qingxin Vine itself was also a very rare spiritual plant and this plant was personally planted by Bai Xinyan.
During the planting process, it was infused with a lot of vitality in his body.
Therefore, it grew exceptionally well and the effect was naturally much better than under normal circumstances.

After Qingxin Vine grew, it no longer needed soil moisture.
As long as the supply of aura was maintained, it could work without withering for a long time.
So Bai Xinyan simply knit the mature Qingxin Vine into a bracelet and woven it into a thread with the hair he fell then weaved it together.
The hair he fell also contained some vitality, which could spend a lot of time for Qingxin Vine, which was better than just feeding with spiritual energy.

Bai Xinyan also took the time to make a bracelet.
Although it was only a very simple style, he had also practised many times before he had made such a good-looking finished product.
At the place where the bracelet was knotted, Bai Xinyan also asked the other person to think of his own ideas at a glance, and made a cartoon bunny decoration with his own hair.

The verdant vines were clear and full of colour.
They were very harmonious with the white and delicate fluff.
The decoration of the cartoon bunny added a sense of fun and playfulness, which was extraordinarily cute.

Yin Heng looked at this cute bracelet that was obviously inconsistent with his own style, especially the cute little white rabbit, and felt that he had been touched to a soft place that he had never had before.

Perhaps since that incident many years ago, he had gradually lost the ability to accept the kindness of others, and all the subsequent experiences had deepened this fact a little bit—no one had given him pure goodwill, either for an exchange of benefits or the sugar-coated shells.
Yin Heng couldn’t get any moving emotions from it, but only soberness and disgust.

But Bai Xinyan is different.

Because Yin Heng knew very well that only to Bai Xinyan, the help and preferential treatment he gave were pure and nothing else.
There was no interest in mixing and hypocritical courtesy.
He didn’t have any plans for Bai Xinyan.
He just hoped that the other party could live well.

Because of his righteousness and courage about his own efforts and Bai Xinyan’s good intention to give back, Yin Heng wasn’t shy or suspicious and believed that the other party was also out of pure goodwill.
Otherwise, if anyone else, even if they didn’t actually have any bad plots against Yin Heng, they were good for him out of sincerity, but Yin Heng would only treat them with a sceptical attitude and wouldn’t give them more opportunity to “see people’s hearts over time”.

To put it bluntly, Yin Heng actually lacked a sense of trust in other people.
In addition to losing the ability to accept good intentions, he also lost the part of taking the initiative to give good intentions.
There was only Bai Xinyan for him to be kind to each other almost unreservedly.
Because he first gave Bai Xinyan pure kindness, he could comfortably accept that the other party was purely good to him, so he could feel the warmth and moving emotion that most people were almost accustomed to.

Couldn’t help to say that this is just the right fate.

Yin Heng took the bracelet in silence.
Bai Xinyan smiled happily.
His eyes filled with brilliant light.
He looked up at Yin Heng and said, “Are you going to wear it? I’ll help you wear it, okay?”

Yin Heng only felt that Bai Xinyan’s eyes were looking up and his appearance was directly carved into the soft place that he had just opened up in his heart as if it could never be erased from now on.
Suddenly, his throat was a little bit dry and he couldn’t help rolling his Adam’s apple slightly.

However, Bai Xinyan, who didn’t get an answer, suddenly looked a little disappointed, “Don’t you want to wear it? Do you think I made it too childish…”

Yin Heng immediately recovered and replied in a low voice, “No.”

Bai Xinyan’s eyes suddenly lit up again.
This time, he went straight to his hand, “Then I will put it on for you.
The left hand or the right hand? Well, the ring and demon power you gave me are in the left hand, so I’ll put it on your left hand.”

As Bai Xinyan spoke, he took back the bracelet that had just been handed out from Yin Heng’s hand and then leaned close to Yin Heng’s left wrist with excitement and eagerness.

There seemed to be nothing unsightly about the other party from the tips of the fingers to the strands of hair.
Even just looking at the wrist made people feel that he must be extraordinary.
Bai Xinyan approached Yin Heng.
The more he felt the coldness of the opponent’s body, he felt his heart beating faster and his cheeks were stained with crimson unknowingly.

He held his breath involuntarily and cautiously attached the bracelet to the slender, fair-skinned wrist that showed good looks from the bones.
Then he carefully encircled it with the bracelet then passed the knot to secure it.

During the whole process, Bai Xinyan’s movements were very careful as if he was doing something serious and careful thing as refining utensils and elixirs instead of wearing bracelets.
But even so, Bai Xinyan’s fingers inevitably touched Yin Heng’s skin several times.
Yin Heng’s body temperature was much colder than ordinary people and contact was a burst of coolness.
However, Bai Xinyan accidentally rubbed the other’s white porcelain-like skin several times.
When the coolness of his fingertips transmitted to his heart, it was already hot, making his face steamy more and more hotly.

Yin Heng looked down at Bai Xinyan, only to see the top of his head buried in his efforts.
This little head, Yin Heng, was no stranger now.
He knew how good the soft and thick hair felt to the touch.
He also knew that the other party would accidentally show a pair of extremely cute rabbit ears from the hair.
Now just looking at it, Yin Heng couldn’t help feeling that Bai Xinyan’s hair seemed to scratch an itch in his heart.

Yin Heng allowed Bai Xinyan to move on his wrist.
He only felt the fresh taste of Bai Xinyan’s body.
The warmth that came from Bai Xinyan’s fingertips when he touched occasionally, together with this itch, stirred up fiercely in his heart.
It was a pity that Bai Xinyan had already tied the bracelet before Yin Heng could figure out what the thought was in his heart.

“Okay, okay.” Bai Xinyan backed away and at the same time let out a sigh of relief.
Obviously, it was just a very simple matter.
He didn’t know why he felt particularly exhausted.
Although he wanted to get close to Yin Heng, he was a little bit afraid of not daring to bear it.

Yin Heng only felt the air in front of him and then the uncontrollable thoughts just faded away quickly.
He couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief.
He looked at Bai Xinyan’s results and said, “It’s very beautiful.”

Bai Xinyan smiled contentedly when he heard the words, “You like it! This Qingxin Vine should be very effective.
Would you like to try it now?”

Yin Heng couldn’t refuse Bai Xinyan’s request at all, so he tried it immediately and released his divine consciousness to contact Qingxin Vine.

As soon as it touched, Yin Heng felt a comfortable cooling sensation permeating his divine consciousness and immediately showed a little surprised look.
With the strength of his divine consciousness, it was difficult for ordinary spiritual plants to have such obvious effects.
Moreover, his cultivation level had entered a bottleneck period and his divine consciousness had become somewhat stagnant, making it more difficult to produce effects.
But what he didn’t expect was that this Qingxin Vine could immediately make his divine consciousness a lot more comfortable at once.
Such an effect far exceeded the common spiritual tools that were beneficial to divine consciousness.

You must know that the divine consciousness was only available after the Nascent Soul Stage and the spiritual tools that could act on the divine consciousness were already quite precious.
And to the level of this Qingxin Vine, it could almost be said to be a good thing with a price but no market.
Therefore, strictly speaking, the gift Bai Xinyan gave him was rarer than the gift he gave to the other party.

“How do you feel?” Bai Xinyan asked impatiently.

Yin Xuan nodded, his expression still a little moved, “Very good, much better than I thought.”

Bai Xinyan couldn’t help showing a somewhat proud expression and said with a smile, “This is what I cultivated with my vitality.
It is, of course, much better than ordinary Qingxin Vine.
By the way, I will feed it with vitality once in a period of time in the future, so the effect will definitely be better maintained.” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but feel proud when he saw Yin Heng’s satisfaction, “I can only give such a gift.”

Yin Heng’s face changed slightly when he heard the words, frowning and asked, “What’s the matter… with your vitality?” In fact, he wanted to figure it out a long time ago, but he never had a chance.
Although he had been determined that this matter was harmless to Bai Xinyan, there was still the issue of guilt, which was somewhat worrying.

Bai Xinyan didn’t mean to hide it from Yin Heng, he said directly, “Actually, I don’t know very well.
It’s said that my mother accidentally ate a very special spiritual plant when she was pregnant with me, and then probably the effect of the spiritual plant ran to me.
There was nothing else, it just added a kind of energy in my body, and this kind of energy is very special.
This energy can make animals and plants grow better and faster, and can cure diseases and injuries.
Anyway, it’s not enough to promote the enhancement of vitality, so it is called vitality.”

Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but complain, “Because of this, my father always asks me to grow vegetables for him.
This time, I helped him grow a lot of vegetables for the seeds of Qingxin Vine.
Moreover, my poor cultivation base is also because too much vitality blocked the meridians, so no amount of cultivation was effective.” Although he hadn’t practised much before.

Yin Heng was silent after listening and said, “It’s hard for you.”

Bai Xinyan, who had just complained of his own initiative, became embarrassed again when he heard that, but couldn’t help but emphasize, “So I have spent a lot of effort on this gift, you, don’t you not cherish it.”

Yin Heng rubbed Bai Xinyan’s hair with his left hand wearing a bracelet and promised warmly, “No.”

* * *

Du Ziqian was quickly terminated by Xinghuan and Fang Xia, who was demoted back to the assistant agent, resigned and left Xinghuan a few days later.
It was estimated that she couldn’t stand the gap in status.

These two things caused a lot of discussion in Xinghuan, especially the latter.
Many people were wondering why Fang Xia, a qualified gold medal agent, was suddenly demoted.
However, because there were few people who knew about it and they closed their mouths tightly, the truth didn’t spread.
However, some smart people guessed a little direction by combining the news that Du Ziqian and Fang Xia left around, and put things together more truly and completely after the news that Bai Xinyan became a resident guest of the reality show《Career Story》spread.

But no matter what they thought, everyone seemed to be more and more polite to Bai Xinyan.
Even Zhang Kai, who was originally just a professional rookie, received treatment in the agent department comparable to those of senior agents.

“《Career Story》 has now begun to be promoted on the Internet.
The recording time of the first four issues is from next week to the end of the month.
We will go to the recording location with Li Zhibai and Jian Han (简晗).” Zhang Kai said to Bai Xinyan, “Do you need me to pack your luggage?”

Bai Xinyan shook his head quickly, “No, no, I’ll still be able to pack my luggage.”

Zhang Kai heard the words and said, “Then you can bring your own clothes and necessities.
I will prepare the other things.”

“En… okay, trouble you.” Bai Xinyan felt that he might not have fully adapted to Zhang Kai’s thoughtful care like a personal butler and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart when he answered.

Two days later, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai, as well as the same company’s artist Jian Han, got on the plane to the recording location of the first episode.

Jian Han was also a popular first-line artist in Xinghuan, but she wasn’t an actor but a singer.
She was known as the little diva of the singing world and was also a hot figure in the circle.
Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai were resident guests, while Jian Han was only the first special guest.
Each issue of 《Career Story》 had fixed six guests, of which five were permanent residents, two were from Xinghuan, two were from another investor, Youjia Entertainment, and one was from Strawberry Satellite TV.
The special guests were changed every period and the candidate wasn’t completely determined.
They might be adjusted at any time according to the artist’s schedule.

The first episode of the show was naturally the more eye-catching, the better.
Therefore, in addition to the top traffic, Li Zhibai, who was quiet, Xinghuan also arranged Jian Han, a singer in the music industry, to help raise the popularity later.
It had to be said that it was quite a considerable.
The program 《Career Story》 was highly valued.

Jian Han’s appearance wasn’t particularly good.
Not as good as Bai Xinyan and far worse than Li Zhibai, but what made her outstanding lay in her voice.
Unlike general female voices that tend to be feminine, Jian Han’s voice was relatively low and had a rather sexy magnetism, which was very rare.
And although her usual voice was relatively low, she could easily control various high notes and various styles when singing, so it was no wonder that she would become a little diva.

Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai were already familiar with each other, but Jian Han was relatively unfamiliar.
Fortunately, after contacting her, he found that the other party was fairly easy to get along with.
Bai Xinyan didn’t feel the other party’s negative emotions towards him, so the atmosphere was okay along the way.

But more than an hour, the plane landed in the destination City H, which was the city where Strawberry Satellite TV was located.
Bai Xinyan were taken directly to the TV station building by the staff of the program group.

“The hotel and the reception banquet have been arranged.
When the two of Youjia arrive, we will go there together.” When the producer and director of the program group saw Li Zhibai and others, they enthusiastically came over to greet warmly and introduce each other, “This is Gu Chenghao (古成皓), the new film emperor and also our resident guest.”

Gu Chenghao was the newest actor at the Jinyue Award at the end of last year.
The Jinyue Award was one of the two authoritative film awards in China and all he could get was certain strength.
Gu Chenghao wasn’t a very popular star.
His previous star fortune had been relatively ordinary and he had gone through ups and downs.
But after all, he had acting skills and strength.
Now he had won the Jinyue Award at nearly 40 years old.
Although the limelight and income might not be as good as Li Zhibai, his career development was also very good.

Perhaps he had experienced a lot in the circle, Gu Chenghao was quite stable and peaceful, and Bai Xinyan felt that he wasn’t difficult to get along with.

After waiting for a while, the two artists of Youjia also arrived.
The two permanent residents on Xinghuan were men while Yujia happened to be two girls.
It was also a combination of a newcomer and the front line.
The first line was the popular little flower Ai Qiao (艾巧) and the newcomer was Tang Yuying (汤钰莹).
Tang Yuying might be slightly better in terms of their appearance alone, but Ai Qiao had a popular aura that Tang Yuying didn’t have.
Therefore, when the two stood together, the confident and generous Ai Qiao was more eye-catching.

Li Zhibai and Ai Qiao had worked together in a drama.
The relationship between the two wasn’t good but it was also passable.
After arriving, Ai Qiao took the initiative to greet Li Zhibai, the only one she knew.

“Hi~ It’s been a long time.” Ai Qiao said to Li Zhibai in an easygoing manner.

Li Zhibai’s character outside was still a high, cold, and nobleman, so he was still very caring to other people, so he just nodded to Ai Qiao and also replied, “Long time no see.”

Ai Qiao obviously also knew Li Zhibai’s personality and didn’t care, so she turned to look at Bai Xinyan next to him, just wanting to get to know him.
However, Tang Yuying, who was following her at this moment, said abruptly, “Sister Ai Qiao, did you know Li Zhibai before?”

“……” The few people who heard this were silent for a moment in awkwardness.

Bai Xinyan looked at Tang Yuying, who was unaware of the awkward atmosphere.
Although she seemed to be trying to cover it up, she couldn’t help but keep her eyes on Li Zhibai, who had a cold face.
The colour of admiration in her eyes was very obvious.

Seeing that Ai Qiao didn’t respond, she couldn’t help but stretch out her hand to pull the corner of the other party’s clothes.
Her face was shy and a little eager, apparently wanting Ai Qiao to introduce her to Li Zhibai.
Bai Xinyan keenly discovered that Ai Qiao, whose clothes were being pulled and was regarded as a spoiled object, rolled her eyes insignificantly in response to this.

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