33 Limelight (风头)


After Yin Heng answered, he planned to explain his “mind” honestly, but Bai Xinyan, who received a satisfactory answer, was no longer ready to continue this topic.
He directly blocked what Yin Heng wanted to say later on the other side of the screen.
There was no opportunity for explanation anymore.

That night, Bai Xinyan fell asleep contentedly.
When the show started recording the next day, he looked much better than the others.

Seeing that he was no longer inexplicably upset, Li Zhibai wanted to ask what happened last night, but when the program was recorded, Li Zhibai was completely in no mood to pay attention to Bai Xinyan’s little temper.

“Training a police dog!?” As soon as the theme of the first issue was announced, Li Zhibai immediately exclaimed, which immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

The name of this reality show variety show was 《Career Story》.
The content was for their guests to experience and show some special careers that were not well known to the public.
For the sake of the program effect, the careers experienced in each episode were kept secret from the guests before the recording.
The theme of this first issue had just been announced.
It turned out that they were asked to be police dog trainers.

The director who announced the content immediately looked at Li Zhibai and smiled knowingly, “Is it a pleasant surprise? The first issue especially won you benefits and you can still play with the dog while you are working.
Don’t you feel very touched?”

Li Zhibai, who had just collapsed a little bit, still didn’t look much better when he heard that, but his eyes became more and more dead.
Silently, he looked at the director with the cool face that he used to.

The director was a little confused by his reaction, so other people were also a little weird.
They couldn’t help but guess was it Li Zhibai who was afraid of dogs?

Bai Xinyan on the side knew the reason and couldn’t help being a little funny.
Li Zhibai’s cultivation was average and he was more affected by his original form.
Although foxes and dogs were both canines, they hadn’t dealt with each other much since ancient times.
In particular, professional dogs such as police dogs that had been trained by humans were still quite threatening to ordinary foxes.

Li Zhibai was a demon.
Of course, he wasn’t afraid of dogs that hadn’t grown up yet, but he wouldn’t be very comfortable touching them.
The show ran into trouble from the beginning.
It was estimated that Li Zhibai’s image would be lost from the first episode.

“It’s been confirmed in the show’s contract.
You shouldn’t be particularly afraid of and allergic to the animals you see every day, right?” It was reasonable that this was what the artist had promised, but the director asked again when he saw that the most popular Li Zhibai didn’t respond very well.

Upon seeing this, Li Zhibai hesitated for a while and said, “No problem, but I may not be very fond of dogs by nature, I’m afraid I won’t be able to do it…”

The director smiled happily when he heard the words and said, “There’s no way.
You can only ask for more blessings.” Police dogs certainly wouldn’t bite people casually.
As long as there was no accident, he would like these big stars to make a fool of themselves a little bit more and increase the popularity of the show.

The popular star, who was popular everywhere, was dismissed by the dogs.
It was so contrasting.
The director decided to rely on this setting when he thought about it.
He also didn’t think that Li Zhibai’s so-called ‘not very fond of dogs by nature’ would be exaggerated and obvious, but the reality show was that as long as you wanted to cut, there was basically nothing that you couldn’t cut.
The final effect presented to the audience depended largely on the bias of the editing.

Unlike Li Zhibai, who had already begun to worry about his image, many of the guests were very eager to try the content of this episode, especially the two girls, Ai Qiao and Jian Han.
Obviously, both of them were people who like small animals and dogs and they cheered differently from Li Zhibai.
After that, the two of them got together to talk and discuss various topics about dogs very happily.

The group took a minibus to the police dog training base in H City.
Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan sat in a row.
Leaving Tang Yuying, who was her companion, Ai Qiao had a good time and sat directly together with Jian Han.
However, everyone would have to record the show together for a long time.
They should get acquainted with each other and it wasn’t necessary to sit with people in the same company.
However, when Tang Yuying saw that Ai Qiao didn’t care about her, her first reaction was to look at Li Zhibai and then stop her gaze on Bai Xinyan who was next to him as if she wanted Bai Xinyan to give her position.

Bai Xinyan was stared at by her for a while.
The other person looked as if she had bullied him, making Bai Xinyan quite uncomfortable and almost couldn’t help jumping up like sitting on pins and needles.
However, after agreeing to “fry CP” with Li Zhibai to block Tang Yuying’s rotten peach blossom, Bai Xinyan certainly couldn’t give up the position to the other party, so naturally, he could only pretend not to see it.

Fortunately, Tang Yuying still listened to her agent’s words.
She couldn’t help but hope that Li Zhibai would treat her differently for a while, but she saw that the other party was unmoved.
She woke up and felt aggrieved then found another place to sit down.

Li Zhibai, who had also been baptized by the bitter and eager gaze for a long time, only breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this, leaned closer to Bai Xinyan, and whispered his thanks.

“Don’t leave me alone in the future,” Li Zhibai said in a low voice to Bai Xinyan, “I don’t think she will stop for a while.
I can only rely on you!”

Bai Xinyan thought that Yin Heng almost admitted that he liked him in disguise last night and was in a good mood.
He also felt comfortable with Li Zhibai, so he agreed very happily.

With Bai Xinyan blocking it a little, Li Zhibai, who barely moved on from Tang Yuying’s affairs, couldn’t help to look pale again when he remembered that he was about to go to a place with a lot of dogs and had to spend two or three days with them day and night.
He looked at Bai Xinyan whose mood was fluctuating and didn’t know what he was happy about.
He couldn’t help but ask, “If you’re not afraid of dogs, how can you still be so happy?” Rabbits were the prey of dogs.
Could Bai Xinyan still like dogs?

Bai Xinyan scoffed at Li Zhibai’s narrow racial concept and said, “I have no racial discrimination, and on the contrary to you, I’m naturally liked by all kinds of animals.
This show will definitely get a good rating, why can’t I be happy?”

《Career Story》 needed to increase its highlights, naturally not only for guests to experience, but also for them to compete with each other.
There were rewards for winning and punishment for losing.
Although Bai Xinyan didn’t deliberately make a fuss, he said that he must have a good ranking with such an unconcealed look of joy.
He still saw that Li Zhibai, the person who had already been placed at the bottom, had a toothache.
Trying to bite.

However, as soon as he arrived at the destination, Li Zhibai immediately lost his biting spirit.
The strong smell of a group of dogs was a bit pungent to him.
Li Zhibai had become sluggish from the moment he got out of the minibus.

However, he also knew that in the eyes of unsuspecting people, his state seemed a bit negative, which could easily cause dislike and doubt, so he tried to use his demon power to block part of his sense of smell and try to keep it as normal as possible.

“These two are Instructor Wang and Instructor Liu from the training base.
Next, they will explain and demonstrate the work of police dog trainers.” The director introduced the two and gave the six guests a general introduction to the rules.
“You will receive two days of training under the guidance of two instructors, train a police dog yourself, and then conduct an assessment on the third day.”

Both instructors were in their twenties, squatting on their feet with the mighty but well-behaved big German shepherd dogs.
The two introduced themselves and also introduced their police dog companions.

Li Zhibai stepped back without a trace while Ai Qiao and Jian Han had their eyes shining.

“We will take you to get familiar with the base first, then go to the training ground to give you a basic explanation and demonstration, and then you can choose a dog to train.” Instructor Wang said.

“Can we choose it ourselves?” Ai Qiao asked in surprise suddenly.

“Yes,” Instructor Liu nodded, “We have twelve dogs you can choose.”

“Wow!” Unexpectedly, there was still such a big choice.
Several interested people suddenly looked forward to it.

The training base wasn’t too big but not too small.
The cafeteria, dormitory, and various training facilities were very complete.
The location of the kennel was also very large.
These days, they were going to live directly in the training base.
The two instructors especially led them to recognize the way of the dormitory and cafeteria.
They also talked about the regulations and requirements.

“Pull the wake-up bell at six in the morning, tidy up the housework and go to the playground to run exercises at six-thirty, and go to the cafeteria for breakfast at seven.
Lunch is from eleven to one o’clock and dinner from five to seven o’clock.
When the time passes, there will be no more food, so you must eat on time.
The dormitory doesn’t turn off the lights at night, but you must get up at six in the morning, so I suggest you don’t stay up late.”

The dormitory was for two people, but the six of them were three men and three women, so two people must go to live with other people.
On the male side, Gu Chenghao took the initiative to live with other police officers.
The atmosphere on the girl side became stiffer and Jian Han finally gave in.

After dividing the dormitory, it was time to go to the training ground and start learning how to train police dogs.
There were many types of police dogs, such as tracking dogs, search and rescue dogs, patrol dogs, drug search dogs, etc.
Different police dogs had different training methods and focus.
However, the instructors only gave them a brief introduction.
What they need to teach them was only the most basic training, including anti-feeding training, basic smell training, tracking, identification, and biting.

The two demonstrated these training methods one by one in turn.
Their two police dogs were obviously well-trained.
They were very obedient and smart throughout the process, which made everyone admire them again and again.

However, during the anti-feeding training, something went wrong.
Police dogs didn’t know how to eat food from people other than familiar trainers.
Instructor Wang asked them to take the food one by one to try.
No one else was given a look by the awe-inspiring police dog and Li Zhibai was even given slightly bared teeth.
Instructor Wang smiled when he saw it, “Liefeng (烈风, in English called Gale) doesn’t seem to like you very much.
It’s probably because you are more handsome than him.”

Li Zhibai, who was recognized for his looks, couldn’t help feeling that the discomfort he had faced with the dog just now had alleviated a little.

However, when it was Bai Xinyan’s turn, as soon as he approached, Liefeng looked up, and after a while, it couldn’t help but wave its tail and lean directly in front of Bai Xinyan.
Everyone was surprised when they saw this.

Bai Xinyan knew that his vitality had always been welcomed by animals, but no animal that come in contact with him didn’t want to stick to him, so it wasn’t surprising that he reacted to Liefeng.
Moreover, the food he gave was stained with a lot of vitality.
Bai Xinyan wasn’t sure whether Liefeng could really hold back to eat it.
But if Liefeng really ate it, then it would obviously save Instructor Wang’s face.
Even if Bai Xinyan wasn’t too familiar with the world, he could feel that this wasn’t good, so he didn’t take out the food directly, but tried his best to isolate the vitality of the food.

Fortunately, although Liefeng couldn’t help getting close to Bai Xinyan, it was meticulous in executing the order.
Although its attitude was somewhat wavering, it still didn’t touch Bai Xinyan’s food in the end.

Even so, Instructor Wang was already very unbelievable and couldn’t help asking Bai Xinyan how he did it.
Bai Xinyan could only explain, “I’m naturally loved by the animals.”

Instructor Wang was still a little unbelieving.
He asked Instructor Liu to bring his Zhenlei (震雷, in English called Thunder) to try again and the result turned out to be exactly the same.
The police dog, which was originally quite cold to people other than the trainer, wagged its tail into a flower when it encountered Bai Xinyan, which made it worse than an ordinary domestic dog.
If both Liefeng and Zhenlei knew what their orders were, they would have thought that they had changed their masters.

“You have a great talent.
Police dogs are like this.
Those dogs that haven’t been trained may take the initiative to follow you when they see you.” Instructor Wang couldn’t help but sigh.

Bai Xinyan smiled, “It’s not so exaggerated.
They just like me more, but they are still loyal to their master.” They just took advantage of the vitality in the body.
These animals were actually very smart.
Although sticking to him, but they mostly wanted to use him as a delicious power bank and only those who had been tested and approved by them would be regarded as their own.
If they got benefits from him, they might turn around and share them with more valued objects.

“It’s a great advantage to have this talent.” Instructor Wang said, “Like you, it’s especially suitable for our business.
If you can be accepted by dogs quickly, you will get twice the result with half the effort in training and communication.
If you don’t like dogs like Li Zhibai, then it will be a waste of time.”

Instructor Liu also joked, “In fact, you can consider becoming a dog trainer.
If you don’t join the military police, it’s also appropriate to train guide dogs.
Guide dogs are particularly scarce now and good trainers may earn more money than being a star.”

Bai Xinyan smiled and shook his head, “I’m just close to the animal.
If I really become a trainer, I will definitely not be as good as your instructors.”

“Well, but among a group of novices, then you have an advantage.” Instructor Wang looked at other people, especially Li Zhibai, “You have to work hard next, or the first place is probably out of play.”

Ai Qiao laughed when she heard the words and deliberately said, “The first place is hard to get.
I just hope that I won’t be the last to be punished.
I think Li Zhibai will be the bottom between us.
This should be no need to worry about this.”

Everyone suddenly laughed when they heard this.
Only Li Zhibai’s face was stiff.

Li Zhibai: I can’t laugh.jpg

After being given a demonstration and explanation, everyone first went to the cafeteria to have lunch and then returned to the dormitory for a lunch break.
After that, it was their turn to pick the police dog they wanted to train.

The two instructors took them to the kennel and showed them the twelve dogs available for selection.

Most of these dogs were German shepherd dogs and there were two Labradors.
They all looked like adult dogs, but they were far inferior to Liefeng and Zhenlei they had seen before.

“Instructor, don’t each police dog have only one trainer? If we can choose, are these dogs without trainers?” Jian Han couldn’t help asking.

Instructor Wang said, “Yes, these dogs don’t have trainers.” He sighed as he said, “To be honest, these are actually dogs that didn’t meet the police standards and were eliminated.”

Everyone was surprised when they heard this but soon took it for granted.
No wonder these dogs seemed to be inferior to Liefeng and Zhenlei in all aspects such as their mental state.
Moreover, let them do the show, it was certainly impossible to train their police dogs with trainers, it made sense to use these eliminated dogs.

Worried that several people would be disappointed or unhappy after knowing this, Instructor Wang quickly said, “Although they don’t meet the police standards, they are carefully selected and have been trained for a long time.
They are smarter than ordinary dogs.
It can meet your requirements by itself.”

Tang Yuying couldn’t help but ask, “Since they can meet the requirements, what else do we need to train?”

Instructor Liu suddenly smiled and said, “They can do it, but now they won’t listen to you and obey your instructions.
It’s not easy to train a police dog from scratch.
Two days, as long as you can make these basic, the dog recognizes you and obeys some of your instructions, it’s already pretty good.
To put it bluntly, it’s actually you, not them, who are evaluated on the program.”

Although other people thought Tang Yuying’s question was a bit ridiculous, but Instructor Liu’s words still pointed out the parts they didn’t think about thoroughly.
Suddenly, they started to think about serious competition.

Of course, except for Li Zhibai.

Maybe added Tang Yuying.

Li Zhibai didn’t say anything.
When they tried to contact these dogs as the instructor said, he became more obviously and prominently the one hated by cats and no dog was willing to pay attention to him.
The better-tempered ones just avoided him and the more tempered ones just barked at him like Liefeng.

Li Zhibai’s attitude was also quite negative.
Facing this big house dog, after being tried one by one with courtesy, he frustratedly stood aside.
Although his downcast and melancholy look was very attractive, it was obviously useless for the dog.
In the end, the two instructors were soft-hearted to watch and the program requirements weren’t available, so they could only force him to arrange a Labrador with the best temper and the most obedient.

At the same time, another Labrador was assigned to Tang Yuying.

If Li Zhibai wasn’t seen by dogs for objective reasons, then Tang Yuying was completely subjectively initiative.
Although she claimed to be not afraid of dogs, she appeared to resist and be timid once she got in close contact with dogs.
She was hard-headed but actually wanted to avoid it.
Especially when feeding the dog, she seemed to be very afraid of being bitten.
More than once, she quickly pulled her hand back before feeding and the two instructors frowned.

Because Tang Yuying didn’t dare to come into close contact with the big dogs one by one, in the end, like Li Zhibai, she failed to reach a two-way choice with the dogs.
The instructor arranged a relatively docile and smaller Labrador.

“The little girl is a little courageous.
She does it normally but gets scared when she sees a big dog.
But this is a police dog and will never hurt people casually.” Although the instructor didn’t like Tang Yuying’s performance, she was relieved that she still looked very young and weak.

Tang Yuying also knew that her performance wasn’t very good, so it was inevitable that she was a little depressed, but seeing that she and Li Zhibai were treated the same, and only the dog breeds they chose were the same, somehow she was a little inexplicably happy.

However, Li Zhibai still didn’t contact or even deliberately avoided her.
He was leaning against Bai Xinyan, trying to use his disguise aura to attract the dog and balance the smell that the dog hated.

Tang Yuying wanted to see the male god again and wanted the male god to take a look at her but she could only see him, who was intimate with Bai Xinyan.
Her dislike towards Bai Xinyan finally accumulated.

Especially since her performance was so bad just now, but the other party was in the limelight, thinking that she should really hate Bai Xinyan.
The other party might be against her.

Bai Xinyan did make a splash just now.
Not only did the dogs want to rub on him, they even took food from others and gave them to Bai Xinyan.
When dealing with Bai Xinyan, it was called courteous flattery to compete with each other, which not a few lay down and roll; treating other people without mercy, it crossed the river and broke the bridge, taking the food and turning its head then abandoning the feeder.

Seeing the lovely dog in their heart who accepted the food when they thought it was a “happy relationship”, it turned its head and gave the gift they gave to the “Xiao San” (third party or third wheel or mistress).
Not only Ai Qiao and Jian Han, who had long been coveting the dogs, even Gu Chenghao, who was a stable Buddhist, couldn’t help but feel a little displeased with Bai Xinyan.

In order to avoid public anger, Bai Xinyan could only quickly choose a big German shepherd he was most optimistic about and then just stepped aside like Li Zhibai and stopped grabbing other people’s resources.

Those dogs that weren’t picked still wanted to rub against Bai Xinyan, but they were still trained.
Under the management of the two instructors, they slowly calmed down, accepted the reality aggrievedly, and began to try other options.

This issue itself was the theme of the police dog trainer.
The director knew that it would never make people feel bored.
After all, police dogs could sell cute and handsome.
The basic interaction between dogs and people could be edited to be very interesting things.

However, the director was overjoyed that in addition to the police dog, several guests actually contributed more than one interesting feature!

Although Tang Yuying’s flirtation wasn’t pleasing, the reality show itself needed to have conflicts and revealed the true face of the star.
Bai Xinyan’s and Li Zhibai’s peculiar physiques were completely opposite, which made the director feel like he had found a treasure!

To be honest, this physique that animals liked or hated was often heard in life.
However, in reality, most of them was exaggerated, which definitely couldn’t achieve the obvious effects of Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai.
If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, if he saw a scene like this in a show later, the director might think it was deliberately designed and faked.
However, this was really true.
Even the director couldn’t help but wonder whether Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai would have been a bone and a dog dealer in their previous lives.

Looking at the camera, Bai Xinyan smiled and brushed the dog’s fur.
The director had an inexplicable hunch in his heart—

《Career Story》 show was definitely going to be popular! And among these guests, the one who had benefited the most might be this newcomer who was still unknown!

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