34 Nice Surprise (惊喜)


Bai Xinyan, as a pure newcomer, originally the program group paid less attention to him than those popular ones, but after half a day of recording, the director didn’t hesitate to let the photographer remember to focus the camera lens on Bai Xinyan.
Fortunately, the program team was also rich and powerful.
There were a lot of cameras arranged, so it wouldn’t say to favour one and discriminate against other (倒也不会厚此薄彼得很厉害, not sure how to translate).

The six people finally chose their own training dogs.
The others tried to stay away from Bai Xinyan and kept their dogs away from him, so as not to accidentally “surrender to the enemy”.
Only Li Zhibai could only be as close to Bai Xinyan as possible, otherwise, the dogs wouldn’t stay by his side.

When the two stood together, the contrast was very obvious.
Li Zhibai watched with a gloomy look at his Labrador called Lizi (栗子, Chestnut in English) rubbing against Bai Xinyan, while Bai Xinyan’s German shepherd dog Xiaotian (啸天, 啸 meant whistle and 天 meant day, sky, heaven) deliberately blocked Bai Xinyan firmly.
It had no sibling love (同胞爱) for the Labrador who came to fight for favour and directly drove it out with Li Zhibai, the owner who made the dog displeased.
Bai Xinyan could only hug Xiaotian to the other side, soothing it for a long time, and then let it reluctantly stop targeting Lizi who came to grab Bai Xinyan from it.
However, the scene turned into two dogs tired of Bai Xinyan together and Li Zhibai’s lonely figure looked very sad this time.

Even without adding any subtitles, special effects, music clips, the effect of the program had exploded just by watching the scene.
The other guests and the surrounding staff were full of laughter.

The only thing that couldn’t laugh probably was Tang Yuying.
Seeing Li Zhibai look a little melancholy and pitiful, Tang Yuying was wishful thinking to feeling distressed for her male god.
Naturally, she had no good feelings for Bai Xinyan, the guy who robbed Li Zhibai’s dog and the limelight.

The instructor first taught them how to communicate with the dog, and then let them carry out the simplest instruction training, such as sitting, standing up, and lying down.

Bai Xinyan was naturally completed without pressure.
Sometimes even before his instructions were finished, Xiaotian had already completed the action one step ahead.
It looked smart and obedient.

Gu Chenghao, who had been tossing for a long time and couldn’t make his German shepherd dog obedient, couldn’t help gasping and said to the instructor, “Instructor, is Xiaotian really an unqualified and eliminated dog? It performs very well, and how can it be eliminated with such a powerful name?”

Instructor Wang couldn’t help but smile when he heard the words.
“It’s performing well now.
You can see what happens if you change it to another person.”

Instructor Liu couldn’t help saying, “Xiaotian is very powerful.
When it first came here, it had the best physical fitness in all aspects.
That’s why it came up with such a powerful name.
But police dog obedience is more important than being powerful, Xiaotian’s temper is not very good, too impatient, and sometimes it doesn’t listen to the instructor.
Our chief instructor can’t help it, so no one can convince it.
The most important thing is that it’s not obedient enough.
Naturally, it won’t pass the assessment and got eliminated.”

Gu Chenghao was stunned when he heard the words.
He couldn’t help looking at Xiaotian, who was lying in front of Bai Xinyan, who was smarter than the other dogs.
He muttered, “This… isn’t this very obedient?”

“Alas, so I said that Bai Xinyan has an advantage over you.
See, this is the advantage of attracting dogs.
No matter how fierce the dog is, they can take the initiative to obey.
What a talent.” Instructor Wang showed a lot of envy in his tone, “Xiaotian has a bad temper and arrogant personality.
In fact, it shouldn’t recommend you to choose it.
I didn’t expect it to take the initiative to choose Bai Xinyan.
This is really… if our chief instructor sees it, maybe he will do everything possible to keep you as a trainer.”

Seeing the other people’s expressions still a little unbelieving, Instructor Wang told Bai Xinyan to retreat and commanded Xiaotian for them to see.
In the end, Xiaotian didn’t pay much attention to him at all, but it obviously knew him.
It raised its head and greeted, then it didn’t care what Instructor Wang was doing, it just wanted to go to Bai Xinyan.

“This is over now.
Xiaotian really regards Bai Xinyan as its master.
It used to reluctantly cope with the orders we gave, but now it ignored them.” Instructor Wang immediately sighed after looked in surprise.
He looked at Bai Xinyan and said, “The chief instructor probably wants to keep you even more now.”

Bai Xinyan smiled and didn’t answer.
After all, he couldn’t really be a trainer.
However, it was understandable—he beckoned to Xiaotian, Xiaotian immediately jumped over, with strong speed and explosive power—such a good dog, because no one could completely tame it, so it could only be abandoned.
It was indeed a pity.

Several other people had now discovered how good Bai Xinyan and his dog relationship was.
Seeing that the first part of the training was completed in a few minutes, their dogs hadn’t yet established trust in them, there was a burst of envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Fortunately, the training process could be considered very fun, especially for people like Ai Qiao and Jian Han who liked dogs.
Although they joked the first and last places had been set, they didn’t need to work too hard to compete for three to five places, but in fact, they were still patiently trying to communicate with the dog.

The last one that had been determined was also working hard, but his efforts were obviously of little use.
Staying next to Li Zhibai seemed to have exhausted Lizi’s tolerance and the clever Labrador completely ignored his instructions.
Li Zhibai almost wanted to break the jar and use a little more demon force to suppress Lizi to be more obedient.
However, he just released a little more demon, and the keen Xiaotian screamed at him unceremoniously.

Li Zhibai and other people were startled.
Bai Xinyan noticed the cause of the incident and looked at Li Zhibai sympathetically and persuaded him, “Forget it and accept the reality.
Anyway, it’s just a loss.”

Li Zhibai: “……” I lost in the first issue and I lost so badly.
Can I still have my face and personality!

Although he was still not reconciled in his heart, Li Zhibai looked at Xiaotian which was staring at him and thought about his poor cultivation base.
In front of such a group of people, it wasn’t easy to use the technique.
He might not be able to completely control a particularly powerful dog like Xiaotian.

A fox human life… was difficult.

Li Zhibai basically gave up, but considering that Shao Ping told him not to be passively lazy on the show, so as to avoid being hacked, he continued to try to get acquainted with Lizi although Li Zhibai was tired.

Labrador’s temper was still relatively good.
In addition, Li Zhibai had been close to Bai Xinyan.
The surrounding environment pleased Lizi’s mood, or it might have been a long time and slowly got used to Li Zhibai’s smell.
In short, after other people had almost established a basic trust with their dogs and could do the simplest instructions, Lizi was finally willing to be with Li Zhibai.

Although the training task was still not completed, Li Zhibai, who could really move Lizi, was overjoyed and almost directly showing a silly smile.
Fortunately, the reaction was fairly quick.
He barely controlled himself, restraining the exaggerated laugh foolishly to the degree of a reserved smile of joy.

When the time for the first stage passed, the instructor took them to start the second stage, doing physical training and obstacle running.
The two of them first demonstrated Liefeng and Zhenlei.
After running, he said to them, “This training is actually very familiar to them, but you still need to communicate with them to complete it smoothly.
There is no requirement at the beginning.
Just take them for a few laps.” After speaking, he looked at Bai Xinyan and said, “Bai Xinyan, do you want to try with Xiaotian first?”

Bai Xinyan touched Xiaotian’s head and asked, “Do you want to go?” In fact, he already felt the thoughts in Xiaotian’s heart.
Since being eliminated, it had rarely been able to run here, but Xiaotian always thought that it was the strongest dog in the base, which was stronger than Liefeng and Zhenlei.
So how could it not want to rush headlong and prove its strength?

“Ao!” Sure enough, Xiaotian yelled as if it was right.
Bai Xinyan smiled and patted it, “Then go.”

Xiaotian jumped out immediately, like yellow-black lightning.
When encountering obstacles, there was almost no slowing down and without Bai Xinyan’s instruction, it could quickly cross over by itself.

Xiaotian ran two laps in the field in one breath before Bai Xinyan called it back.

“It’s only five minutes, good boy, faster than Liefeng.” Instructor Wang looked at Xiaotian, who was so powerful, his eyes were complicated, “What a pity.”

What a pity, no one at the scene couldn’t understand at this time, but there was no other way except pity.
Instructor Liu sighed and said to the others, “Be careful when training, especially if you are a novice.
Don’t let the dog accelerate too fast, just get used to the process and instructions.”

Bai Xinyan completed the task from the very beginning.
The rest of the time, he only needed to watch other people work hard.
However, finding that Xiaotian hadn’t fully enjoyed himself yet, Bai Xinyan took him a few more runs.

“What the hell, no way? Bai Xinyan actually ran as fast as Xiaotian?”

The other trainees felt like two gusts of wind had just passed by.
When they looked up, it turned out that Bai Xinyan was running with Xiaotian.
Moreover, at the speed of Xiaotian, Bai Xinyan was able to follow it steadily, which seemed to be effortless at all.

At this time, even the two instructors were stunned.
After Bai Xinyan stopped, he couldn’t help but go over and inquire about it.

“I exercise very well and climb the mountain every day at home.” Bai Xinyan said with a well-behaved smile.

Others looked up and down Bai Xinyan after hearing the words, compared the thickness of their own and the other’s legs, and then inexplicably felt cheated.
At this moment, the director had a flash of inspiration and remembered something.
He pulled over the assistant and asked, “The one with the car door that was particularly popular on the Internet before… the strange boy? Is it our Bai Xinyan?”

The assistant was taken aback.
After recalling it for a moment, he immediately took out his mobile phone and searched it, “Well, it seems to be him.” The name was correct, the identity was correct, and the appearance was correct.

The director suddenly slapped his thigh, “It turned out to be him! No wonder I said how Xinghuan arranged for a pure newcomer to come over, no wonder.
This time I really picked up a treasure!” The director rubbed his hands with excitement, “We have to add something to the publicity plan and this Bai Xinyan has to be the highlight.
Tsk, tsk, with such a good candidate, it would be hard to tolerate the fact that our show is not popular.”

Bai Xinyan’s popularity had been on the Internet for more than half a month.
The online news gossip was changing day by day.
He had no follow-up and works.
For many people, it was just a flash in the pan and forgot about it.
Including the director and others, they didn’t associate Bai Xinyan with the “strange boy” on the Internet at the beginning because he was a pure newcomer and the collection of his personal information wasn’t so important.
They only read the information provided by Xinghuan.
Therefore, until now, the director discovered that Bai Xinyan, as a pure newcomer, had already revealed his face in front of the public.

It seemed that Tang Yuying was the only one who was lagging back among these permanent residents, the director thought in his heart.

Li Zhibai’s popularity was almost unmatched.
Coupled with that face, even if there was no sense of variety and just standing stupidly, the director had the confidence to rely on him to raise the ratings.
Ai Qiao had appeared on more than one reality show and performed well.
After the end of the show, all parties evaluated her very well.
She was obviously an artist with a strong sense of variety.
Gu Chenghao had been in the circle for so many years.
Even if he wasn’t particularly brilliant, he would certainly not make mistakes.
Moreover, the status and qualifications of the new film emperor were placed there.
His calm personality could adjust the relationship between everyone and make ends meet.
These three people could be regarded as carefully selected by the program group, just to improve the effect and ratings of the program.

As for Bai Xinyan and Tang Yuying, the two newcomers who were squeezed in because of investors’ requirements, the original idea of ​​the program crew was to bring them casually.
Even though Tang Yuying was said to be a relative of a director of Youjia, but the brand of Strawberry Satellite TV was here, there was no need to sell a newcomer’s face specifically for this.
Anyway, as newcomers who could only eat the program dividends, Bai Xinyan and Tang Yuying wouldn’t have many shots in the director’s plan at the beginning.

However, after nearly a day of shooting, Bai Xinyan’s shots were particularly numerous, which completely exceeded the director’s expectations.
And Tang Yuying seemed to be unwilling to be ordinary and she was quite squeamish.
If he really wanted to edit into the film, he might be able to rely on her to run some hot spots.
However, that would be a negative development for Tang Yuying.
Considering that she still had some background, the director hadn’t yet decided whether or not to use this idea, just let people shoot first.

Anyway, according to his vision, if Tang Yuying had been performing like this afterwards, it would either help the program team to edit the bad places for her image, or this would also reduce her shots.
At the end, when other guests would have their own highlights, she would certainly become the most transparent person without a sense of existence.
And if these clips were released or even emphasized, then Tang Yuying’s enthusiasm could be there, but she had to make her debut directly in black and red.

The director recalled the highlights and the performance of each person in the current recording.
He felt that he should try to mention Tang Yuying first.
The publicity and direction of the program 《Career Story》 were very positive.
Now that there was no shortage of highlights and topics, the director still hoped that the guests could get along with each other in harmony and behave positively, without turning the program into a show with the black and red route.

After an afternoon of training, everyone became really familiar with the dogs they trained.
Xiaotian was even more intimate with Bai Xinyan.
After dinner, in the evening, they continued training for more than two hours in accordance with the training time set by the base dog trainers every day.

At this point, everyone could almost do the basic sitting and lying instructions and obstacle running training.
Including Li Zhibai, he also made Lizi reluctantly listen to a few words when it was in a good mood.
Although he brazenly rewarded Lizi with contacting Bai Xinyan, it was gratifying anyway.

* * *

That night, a group of people lived in a very simple base dormitory.
The dormitory conditions were average, but there was a bathroom with WiFi, so it was okay to stay for only two or three days.
The photographers also took pictures of the situation after they returned to the room for a while, but the room was cleaned and they didn’t need to clean up.
Several people were tired for a day and had no energy to make big news.
Seeing they couldn’t shoot anything, the director could only end today’s filming and let them rest early.

However, there was actually a bit of excitement that night.
Seeing that there was no one else at last, Li Zhibai couldn’t help but begin to complain to Bai Xinyan when he was surrounded by a group of dogs for one day and should be surrounded by despair for another two days.
There was a scream from the female dormitory on the other side of them, which directly frightened Li Zhibai back and couldn’t help but a hiccup.

“Why, hiccup, what’s going on? It scares me to death, cough,” Li Zhibai said with difficulty.

Bai Xinyan looked at him sympathetically and said, “Stop talking and straighten out your qi.” Then he answered his question, “It sounds like Tang Yuying’s voice.”

Li Zhibai immediately looked at him in awe, “This, you can hear this?”

Bai Xinyan was also not humble, “My five senses are very sensitive.”

Li Zhibai finally straightened out his qi and stopped the hiccup.
At this time, there was another scream.
Fortunately, it didn’t frighten him again this time, but he still couldn’t help becoming more dissatisfied, “What the hell is this? Is it a ghost? There are dogs here, who want to come?”

Bai Xinyan said, “There must be no ghosts.” He didn’t feel any ghosts.

“Well, we don’t need to go see it, right? We can’t go in the girls’ dormitory either.” Li Zhibai said.
Suddenly he had a flash of inspiration, looking at Bai Xinyan, he said, “Could it be that Tang Yuying acted deliberately, thinking of me going over there and seeing her specially?”

Bai Xinyan paused after hearing the words, “…are you sure?” Even if she wanted Li Zhibai to see her, calling it like this would ruin her image too much, right?

Although Li Zhibai was overconfident in his own charm, thinking about it, he found it unreasonable.
After all, Tang Yuying didn’t live alone and Ai Qiao was still there which had no effect.

“No matter what, let’s just ask about the situation on WeChat.” Li Zhibai said and clicked on the group of the program group.
He saw more than one person was surprised by Tang Yuying’s screams and asked about the situation.
However, they hadn’t yet recognized that it was Tang Yuying’s voice and it was more irrelevant.
Some people simply directly explored the cool urban ghost legends.

Upon seeing this, Li Zhibai didn’t directly expose Bai Xinyan’s extraordinary hearing but instead joined the imaginary army of supernatural stories.

After another scream, Ai Qiao, who lived with Tang Yuying, sent a voice.

“Don’t talk about Sadako (贞子, or called Zhenzi?) and the old lady Maolian (猫脸老太太, cat face old lady, here).
There is a cockroach in our bathroom.
Tang Yuying was scared and called several times.
The cockroach has been beaten to death by me.”

The WeChat group was silent for a moment in awkwardness.

After a while, someone sent a message: I wasn’t scared by the screams, but by your ghost stories!

A certain photographer who had just posted a ghost story pretended to be okay: It turned out to be cockroach.

Li Zhibai couldn’t help but complain again: There are so many dogs here, where are the ghosts coming from?

A timid female employee was immediately happy: Yes, dogs can bark when they see dirty things, which can be regarded as warding off evil spirits! Ah, I can sleep peacefully, the dogs are great!

Li Zhibai drooped his mouth when he saw this.
After listening about the dogs for a day, he even said nice things to the dog himself.

At this time, Tang Yuying, who was the instigator, finally appeared and made a speech in a grieved tone: “I’m sorry.
I may have scared everyone just now.
That cockroach is really scary, especially the big one.
It suddenly climbed onto the wall in front of me and was very close to me.
I was too scared, so I shouted a little loudly.
I thought girls were afraid of this kind of thing and had to ask boys to come over to get it away.
I didn’t expect Sister Ai Qiao to actually not afraid, just slap such a big cockroach to death, it’s amazing.”

Tang Yuying’s voice was as sweet and soft as her appearance.
She deliberately spoke in a very aggrieved tone, which sounded very pitiful.
However, for Li Zhibai, who was so narcissistic, the fox demon, whose talent to charm others was much higher than that of Tang Yuying, wasn’t moved by this little trick at all.
He could hear the meaning of so little white lotus.

“Is this Tang Yuying not pleasing to Ai Qiao? Aren’t they from the same company?” Li Zhibai couldn’t help but say.

Bai Xinyan opened a dialogue with Yin Heng without much interest and replied casually, “Yes, and Ai Qiao shouldn’t like Tang Yuying either.”

“Huh? Her company’s senior also directly offended?” Li Zhibai was still a little happy when he heard this.
“It seems that Tang Yuying is really annoying.
After that, if I ignore her, there shouldn’t be anyone who will give her an injustice, right?”

Bai Xinyan was about to send a message to Yin Heng when he saw that “The other party is typing…” appeared in the dialogue box and the corners of his mouth suddenly turned up.

“Huh? Are you laughing?” Li Zhibai looked at Bai Xinyan with a sad face, “I feel like Tang Yuying will have goosebumps today and you have been stared at by her several times.
How can you still laugh!” Bai Xinyan, who heard words come in his ear and out of his other ear, still with a smiling face, said directly without moving his eyes, “I’m going to chat with Mr Yin.
You can talk to someone else.”

Li Zhibai was stunned.
“You are paying too much attention to the colour… No, I should be considered to be the colour.” (重色轻, probably Li Zhibai wanted to say 重色轻友, meant paying more attention to colour or the opposite sex than friends, here) (我应该算是色才对啊, not sure but probably Li Zhibai said he was Bai Xinyan’s pair now, remember they want to fry CP)

At this time, Bai Xinyan heard what he said clearly and retorted Li Zhibai ruthlessly, “It’s just that you value the colour over friends.
That’s right.
You were not as good as Mr Yin in the first place.” (the colour here meant his appearance probably)

“……” Li Zhibai deeply realized that Bai Xinyan really insisted on defending Yin Heng.

Seeing the sour smell of love written on Bai Xinyan’s face, Li Zhibai sighed, but silently felt sorry for the mirror, and relied on his beauty to repair a single dog… Bah, the single fox heart was injured.

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