35 Make a Fool of Oneself (洋相)


At six o’clock the next morning, the noisy wake-up bell rang.
It didn’t take long before the cameraman of the program team came and knocked on the door.

It was common for artists to go to bed late and get up early.
They were already mentally prepared, so there wasn’t much time to sleep.
Both Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai reacted very quickly.
After getting up, they quickly changed their clothes and tidied them up so as not to be shot indecently.
When the cameraman knocked on the door, Li Zhibai was washing.
After Bai Xinyan opened the door, the cameraman was immediately disappointed when he saw the situation inside.

The clothes were changed, the hair wasn’t messy, there was no sleepy expression, and even the quilt on the bed was folded! There was nothing to shoot!

If it weren’t for Li Zhibai’s crookedly folded quilt, which was so “artistic” compared to Bai Xinyan’s square stack, the cameraman would really dislike the wasting of film this time.

Except for the two of them, Gu Chenghao and Jian Han’s room had nothing to shoot.
Both of them seemed to be quite self-disciplined and their living environment requirements were relatively tidy.
When the cameraman arrived, they had already arranged them.

However, this raid was still a bit rewarding.
Ai Qiao and Tang Yuying were two people, who seemed like a chicken flying and a dog jumping (鸡飞狗跳, meant in chaos or disarray).
Ai Qiao woke up very early, but Tang Yuying, a newcomer who hadn’t suffered a bit, obviously didn’t adapt to getting up at six in the morning.
When the cameraman knocked on the door, Ai Qiao hadn’t succeeded in calling her up.

Ai Qiao wanted to leave her alone, but she also knew that if she did this, the company executives would definitely make trouble for her.
In the end, she held up her breath and pulled the person out of the bed, pushed her into the bathroom to let her change clothes as soon as possible.
She calmed down her breath and opened the door.

However, Tang Yuying was simply a mud that couldn’t support the wall (烂泥扶不上墙的, meant useless, worthless, inept, here).
Hearing someone outside come to shoot, she knew she had to take care of it before coming out, so she called Ai Qiao rudely, “Sister Ai Qiao, get me a cosmetic bag.”

Later, when the camera chased her over, Tang Yuying pretended to make a shy “Oh,” and directly closed the bathroom door.
“It’s too ugly to shoot now.”

As a result, Tang Yuying stayed in the bathroom for ten minutes.
It was almost half-past six and the door of the bathroom was still closed.
Ai Qiao’s temper was about to come up immediately.
She didn’t have time to wash in order to get Tang Yuying up.

“Yuying, are you done?” Ai Qiao tried to resist the irritability in her heart and said with a gentle attitude, “Can you come out to put on makeup? The time is up, I haven’t washed yet.”

“Sister Ai Qiao, you haven’t washed yet?” Tang Yuying’s surprised voice sounded, “Well, wait a moment, I’ll be done right away.” When she said this, she unconsciously brought grievances in her tone.

Ai Qiao outside the door couldn’t help but rolled her eyes in her heart again and cursed secretly at hypocritical sentences.
It wasn’t impossible to put on makeup outside.
Tang Yuying deliberately occupied the bathroom in order not to be shot without putting on makeup.
She didn’t even think about it for others.

Said it was right away, but Tang Yuying still took a few more minutes before coming out.
There were only a few minutes left for Ai Qiao.
She could only wash up quickly and could only apply a layer of sunscreen and isolation of her skincare products.
Naturally, she didn’t have time to put on makeup a little.
In comparison, Tang Yuying’s makeup was a bit thicker than yesterday’s makeup.
She even applied a quite obvious eye shadow and blush.

Ai Qiao had no strength to be angry with her.
She didn’t bother to remind her when she saw it.
She just sneered in her heart.
The police dog trainer’s task was dressed up in such a gorgeous dress, which was against harmony and unprofessional.
Tang Yuying thought she was doing a good job.

The cameraman’s lens faithfully recorded these scenes.
Others didn’t mention Tang Yuying’s makeup.
In short, at 6:30, several people arrived on the playground smoothly.

Tang Yuying suffered from squeamishness again while running.
After breakfast, she would start a new day of training.
However, after the two instructors noticed Tang Yuying’s face, they asked her to remove her makeup.

“If the cosmetics are licked by a dog, it won’t be good.” The instructor insisted regardless of the pitiful look in Tang Yuying’s eyes.

In fact, several of their artists had makeup on their faces yesterday, except for Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai, who had a demon physique.
But yesterday, a few people were wearing light makeup.
In the eyes of the two straight male instructors, they were almost without makeup.
However, today Tang Yuying applied coloured eye shadow and blush.
You were blind because it was obvious that she put on makeup.
So Tang Yuying naturally hit the gun.

Although the police weren’t soldiers, they also paid attention to strict discipline.
Even if Tang Yuying looked so pitiful, the instructor must let her go back and remove her makeup.

So far, from the guests to the entire program group, they basically felt that the newcomer Youjia had a background and her brain wasn’t very good at the same time.
Some people thought it was funny and some people sighed in their hearts, but they still didn’t show a trace on the surface.

After all, except for Tang Yuying’s stupidity, this was also the basic requirement of mixing this circle.

The director also felt more and more that Tang Yuying might not be able to hold it up.
After all, he specially mentioned to her agent yesterday to make her be more careful and serious in the show and to give her a lot of positive shots.
In the end, not knowing that Tang Yuying was so “careful and serious”, she fought for the lens! The director was about to laugh angrily.

After today’s training officially began, the director finally slowly determined the direction for Tang Yuying when editing.
Seeing this, the program team couldn’t save it.
If there were too few shots after being cut by the time, there might be people who thought that the program team was bullying and targeting her, so it was better to just cut it according to what it was.
And for two newcomers, sometimes the effect of having a control group would be more obvious.
For example, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai’s attraction to dogs; and Bai Xinyan and Tang Yuying’s performance and attitude in the show.

Maybe there was a future.

* * *

On the second day of training, they reviewed yesterday’s content first and then the instructor began to let them learn the more difficult parts.
It included distinguishing and tracking special smells, as well as biting, subduing enemies and so on.

This was much more difficult than yesterday’s content.
Even these dogs had been trained in this area before, but the complexity of this task was much higher, and the requirements for receiving and understanding instructions were also higher.
The guests who had just gotten some satisfaction from yesterday’s little success, today were suddenly shocked and couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

Especially when Bai Xinyan, an unscientific fellow, was making a comparison.

Seeing that Bai Xinyan carried Xiaotian and completed the task with as much efficiency as or even better than that of the instructor, others couldn’t help but doubt Bai Xinyan’s identity.
For example, like the director did before, made some guesses that didn’t conform to materialist values.
After all, judging from Bai Xinyan’s performance, this was no longer just a matter of getting along with animals!

In fact, Bai Xinyan and Xiaotian seemed to be able to communicate.
For every instruction of Bai Xinyan, Xiaotian could execute perfectly.
Some of Xiaotian’s reactions weren’t special, but it seemed that Bai Xinyan unexpectedly could also understand the correct meaning so that the efficiency of completing the task was greatly improved with the cooperation of one person and one dog.

Instructor Wang no longer knew how many times he sighed.
Their chief instructor definitely wanted to detain Bai Xinyan, and everyone else had such a feeling—Bai Xinyan’s talent was really too outrageous if he didn’t become a dog trainer! (暴殄天物, it actually meant to waste natural resources recklessly / not to know how to use things sparingly; and in idiom, it originally refers to the destruction and extinction of all natural creatures / after referring to spoiling things at will, I don’t know how to cherish it; here)

However, some people showed off and others made fools of themselves.
Except for Li Zhibai, who was destined to be the last one, Tang Yuying was also the one who would make a fool of herself.

The director’s special suggestion obviously didn’t work.
Tang Yuying still didn’t completely let go of the dog she brought and seemed quite reluctant during training.
However, with Li Zhibai at the bottom, she could be considered so-so and able to get through.
But when it came to training bite, there was a serious problem.

In order for the police dogs to practice biting and subduing the enemy, it was natural that someone needed to act as the “criminal suspect”.
The program group specially arranged for them to act in pairs and act as each other’s criminal suspects.
This was also for the guests to experience the process of police dog training more comprehensively.

For ordinary people, even if they had protective equipment on them, watching such a big dog pounce on them was still very scary, especially among the six of them there were three girls.
Therefore, the requirements of the program group were actually a bit difficult, but it wasn’t too much to say.
With complete protection and care, the guests themselves would certainly not be in danger.
After all, it was a reality show and it must have a “show” element.
If you couldn’t even spare this point, then the professionalism of the artist might be a question mark.

In short, the program group had decided, so they couldn’t refuse if they wanted to have an opinion.
But apart from one Tang Yuying, the others didn’t have any opinions.

For the girls, the instructor gave them some relief and asked them not to be afraid as much as possible.
As a minor, Bai Xinyan also received special treatment.
However, the subsequent development completely wasted the instructor’s painstaking instructions, which made people not know whether to laugh or cry.

Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai were in a group.
As a result, when Bai Xinyan commanded Xiaotian, Xiaotian immediately bit on Li Zhibai’s protective gloves, which looked extremely vicious and was reluctant to let go for a while.
Li Zhibai lowered his head to look at the fierce Xiaotian in front of him.
Although he tried to restrain his instinct as a fox, his handsome face still couldn’t hide the colour.
This scene was very joyful that everyone else laughed without sympathy.

However, when it was Li Zhibai’s turn to let the dog bite Bai Xinyan, Lizi rushed very quickly, but when it reached Bai Xinyan, it neither rushed nor bitten, but just rubbed affectionately as if it wasn’t going to defeat the enemy but going to surrender to the enemy.

Comparing the two in the same group, the comedy effect directly rose double.

Originally, there were Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai “bejewelled” (珠玉在前, meaning there have been very outstanding works before as a reference for comparison, here) and the other groups’ highlights were much duller, but Tang Yuying was really unwilling to be ordinary and she just made a lot of excitement.
When she directed her dog to bite Ai Qiao, she didn’t hesitate at all.
But when she was playing the suspect, before Ai Qiao’s dog rushed to her, she looked scared and wanted to try to hide behind.

The instructor explained that they must stand still, because they needed to learn the most basic action instructions, and this could also reduce the danger because once the “suspect” escaped, the police dog would be more aggressive when chasing.
It was also more difficult to control.
These dogs had been trained in hunting down.
If they saw that the opponent wasn’t standing in place but trying to run, they would probably catch up and attack like its habit.
It was difficult for the guests to stop them in time, which was more dangerous than standing in place and directly letting a police dog bite on thick protective gloves.

However, despite the instructor’s special emphasis, Tang Yuying still failed to control herself.
Because she was so scared, she raised her hand to block herself and backed away.
Upon seeing this, the instructor immediately yelled to tell her not to move and at the same time quickly gave the dog an instruction to stop.
However, Tang Yuying couldn’t help but panic directly.
Her footsteps were a bit messy and fell straight down.

The dog reacted quickly and stopped in time, but still rushed to the side of Tang Yuying who fell on the ground.
After Tang Yuying fell, she couldn’t calm down completely.
Seeing that the big dog who wasn’t much worse than her rushed to her side, she couldn’t help closing her eyes in fright, screaming and crying.

Everyone heard a scream of déjà vu.
They looked at each other while their eardrums were aching and then confirmed one thing in each other’s eyes—yes, Tang Yuying did the scream last night.

Tang Yuying covered her face and screamed for a long time.
She closed her eyes and didn’t even notice Ai Qiao calling the dog back.
She looked very embarrassing.
Seeing Tang Yuying’s frightened look, many people frowned.
It was okay to be timid, but even she was too small, she was obviously too squeamish and unwilling to overcome any difficulties.
Everyone’s impression of Tang Yuying couldn’t help but diminish again.

Tang Yuying slowly recovered from the trance until the instructor told her that she was all right.
Then she arranged the kind of weak and pitiful posture of self-taught and came back to rest with a slight sob.

Tang Yuying actually felt that she had been desperate for this kind of performance.
Compared with other people, she even cried and fell.
She didn’t know that other people’s evaluation of her was getting worse and worse.

The director didn’t want to care about Tang Yuying anymore.
She liked to make a fool of herself, it would make her ugly.
However, even for the female artist, the video of falling to the ground and crying just now still destroyed her image.
So the director relented once and offered Tang Yuying to take a rest and try again.
The accident just now didn’t need to be included in the show.

As a result, Tang Yuying didn’t appreciate the director’s kindness at all.
Instead, she said politely, “I’ve been so frightened, so how can I do this dangerous thing? That Bai Xinyan hasn’t been bitten before.
Why not let him come?”

Now the director was completely planning to give up on Tang Yuying.
He retorted unceremoniously, “Haven’t been bitten? The dog hasn’t even touched your clothes, so it is more sensible than you.”

Tang Yuying was stunned by the director’s sarcasm and immediately wanted to explode with anger and grievance.
Fortunately, her agent finally caught up to control her this time and gave the director an apology.
She took Tang Yuying aside for a long time to teach and call a director of Youjia, her backer, on the phone.
In the end, she suppressed the demon Tang Yuying, asked her to apologize to the director, and agreed to be a suspect again.

Tang Yuying still looked aggrieved when she apologized, but her agent had no more extravagant expectations as long as she could be well-behaved in the camera.
However, this time her partner, Ai Qiao, was unwilling.

“Forget it.
If something goes wrong, it’s not effective.
It will be troublesome if the show can’t be recorded.
And it will be Fengbao (风暴, meant Storm) will be punished by then.” Fengbao was the name of the dog that Ai Qiao brought.
Although she had only been together for a day or two, Ai Qiao, who loved dogs, had absolutely no resistance to Fengbao, which was much smarter and obedient police dog than ordinary dogs.
She wanted to really become Fengbao’s master.
How could she be willing Fengbao to be punished because of Tang Yuying’s demon accident?

The agent thought Ai Qiao would help her for the sake of the same company and Tang Yuying’s background, even if she knew that Ai Qiao didn’t like Tang Yuying.
But she didn’t expect Ai Qiao, who had endured many times, this time because of Fengbao, she wouldn’t endure it anymore.
After stopping Tang Yuying, who seemed to be dissatisfied with Ai Qiao, the agent had a headache for a moment.

When the director saw Ai Qiao’s refusal, he didn’t mean to favour Tang Yuying and was reminded by Ai Qiao that Tang Yuying herself was unreliable, and there might be an accident again.
If something really happened this time and got hurt, then the next recording of the show would be big trouble.
Otherwise, followed Tang Yuying, just forgot it.

How could the agent really make Tang Yuying be so embarrassed in front of the audiences all over the country at that time, every guest who played the “suspect” would have to come, and it was impossible to cut off Tang Yuying’s part directly.
With a headache, the agent had to reluctantly think of a way.

“Director, can you change the group.
Let Yuying and Li Zhibai go together, would you?”

The director was taken aback, but soon understood the agent’s plan.
Li Zhibai was the only one who couldn’t direct his dog to carry out biting training.
Lizi would basically not listen to his instructions.
Tang Yuying and Li Zhibai were in a group, so there was no need to worry about being frightened by the dog rushing over.
At that time, the audience would only see Li Zhibai’s Lizi disobedience and wouldn’t find that Tang Yuying was too cowardly and timid.

From Tang Yuying’s point of view, it was indeed a good solution.
And as soon as she heard that she was going to team up with Li Zhibai, Tang Yuying, who had been reluctant, was immediately happy.

However, for the director, Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan were in a group.
The comparison between the two produced a particularly good program effect.
To help Tang Yuying waste such good material, the director was reluctant to think about it.

Tang Yuying’s agent was also well-known by Youjia.
Seeing the director hesitate, she understood his thoughts.
While complaining about Tang Yuying, she gritted her teeth and communicated with the director.
After paying some price, the director finally agreed.

However, Li Zhibai, who learned that he had suffered a sudden disaster, was like a big enemy.
After hearing the director’s request, he looked difficult.
Regardless of Tang Yuying standing next to him, he said directly, “Can I refuse?”

The director wasn’t too embarrassed and didn’t dare to offend Li Zhibai.
He lowered his posture, persuaded him, and promised, “Just this time, just help our program crew and the little girl, only once.”

Knowing that the director knew that he was unwilling to get too close to Tang Yuying, for fear of getting gossips, so he said in disguise that he wouldn’t let them team up again after this time.
Li Zhibai reluctantly agreed.
Fortunately, the two people were separated by a thousand miles, so Tang Yuying probably couldn’t do anything.

Li Zhibai thought so but then realized that he was too optimistic.

After re-adjusting the groups, except for Gu Chenghao and Jian Han, the other four had to be retaken.
Everything went well in the team of Bai Xinyan and Ai Qiao.
Li Zhibai’s side, Lizi didn’t go to bite Tang Yuying, this level was considered to have passed.
But after the two changed their roles, Tang Yuying couldn’t help starting to be a demon again.

When giving the order, Tang Yuying hesitated and was sticky.
Looking at Li Zhibai, she looked worried look and very reluctant.
She didn’t give the order until she was urged twice by the instructor, which was completely different from the previous treatment of Ai Qiao.
When the dog pounced on Li Zhibai, Li Zhibai wasn’t doing anything.
She screamed and closed her eyes.
After a while, she opened her eyes and saw that Li Zhibai was bitten to death.
She quickly wanted the dog to let go.
But Li Zhibai’s enmity was too steady and Tang Yuying wasn’t clear enough.
The decisive instructions couldn’t let the dog loose.
Seeing the dog still fiercely tearing Li Zhibai’s hand, Tang Yuying suddenly panicked, acting as if Li Zhibai had really been bitten into the flesh.

Li Zhibai, who was originally uncomfortable when bitten by a dog, finally knew what was worse than being bitten by a dog.
When the instructor let the dog loose, he looked dark and didn’t look at Tang Yuying, who was worried and about getting close.
He turned around and walked to Bai Xinyan.
He gritted his teeth and said in a very low voice, “What the hell is this guy playing so much!”

Bai Xinyan just saw Tang Yuying’s gaze chasing Li Zhibai over and then gave him a dissatisfied and disgusting look.
He frowned slightly and said, “We can only ignore it.
She likes to sing a one-man show, let her sing then.”

The training on the second day was originally much more difficult than the first day and there were more twists and turns.
After the end of the day, several people felt even more tired.
Although Li Zhibai wasn’t tired as a demon, he was the most tired.
Only Bai Xinyan could finish all tasks quickly with Xiaotian, which was extremely easy.

“Your second-day training is now over and the assessment will be conducted tomorrow.
So there’s no regular training program tonight.
You can choose to practice your weak points.
For the assessment tomorrow, all these points will be reviewed.
I hope you can perform well,” the instructor said to them in the evening.

Then the director added, “The result of the assessment is related to your treatment in the next professional experience.
Not only are there rewards and punishments for the first and last ones, but each ranking is also different.
So except for Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai, the others don’t even think about paddling (划水, the same with not doing anything), you have to give your best! Do you hear me?”

After a few people responded, the director deliberately said.
“Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai, you two should also have the spirit of competition and go all out to respect your opponent, understand? Especially Li Zhibai, although it makes no difference whether you go all out or not, but you can’t just paddle lazily like this, do you understand?”

The others laughed when they heard this.
Only Li Zhibai had a black face, “I understand.”

Except for Tang Yuying, everyone trained very hard that night, including Li Zhibai, who had become accustomed to being surrounded by dogs, and Bai Xinyan.

In fact, Bai Xinyan no longer needed special training, but he could feel that Xiaotian had been eager to identify and prove itself after being eliminated.
Although the non-professional assessment in a reality show might prove nothing, he wasn’t willing to hit Xiaotian’s enthusiasm.
Xiaotian wanted to work hard, wanted to win, and wanted to continue galloping on the training ground.
He also hoped to give it a chance.

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