36 Thrilling (惊险)


Xiaotian’s physical quality was slightly better than that of a qualified police dog like Liefeng and Zhenlei.
It was generally better than these good partners who had also been eliminated by more than one grade.
The previous difference was obedience and execution, but now with Bai Xinyan, a trainer who could easily feel and understand its ideas and was recognized by him, Xiaotian naturally performed no worse than any other of its kind.

After a series of regular assessments, Xiaotian and Bai Xinyan won first place in all the projects as expected.
Li Zhibai was also unsurprisingly at the bottom.
Except for Tang Yuying, who had a clear gap, the performance of the others wasn’t much different.
They basically completed the tasks one by one, but they were far from Bai Xinyan in terms of efficiency.

After the basic assessment, the six people were ranked in order: Bai Xinyan, Ai Qiao, Jian Han, Gu Chenghao, Tang Yuying and Li Zhibai.
However, this wasn’t the final ranking.
In addition to the basic assessment, the program team also arranged another “practical exercise”.

The actual combat exercise had several different tasks, including patrol, inspection, guard, and so on.
The director asked them to choose through drawing lots, and the order of the drawing lots was based on the previous ranking.

Bai Xinyan was the first to draw and he got a routine patrol.
The director was a little disappointed when he saw this.
After all, patrolling was just walking on the street.
There was nothing to watch, nor could they show the power of Bai Xinyan and Xiaotian.

However, it turned out that Bai Xinyan never needed to worry about lack of highlights and watching focus.
It was originally a simple routine patrol, but in the end, there was big news.

When Bai Xinyan wore a police training uniform and walked on the street with Xiaotian, he caught the curious eyes of many people.
A good-looking young man with a pretty big dog, he was already quite eye-catching, and he was still wearing a “military uniform”, with a cameraman behind him taking pictures.
Naturally, it was easy to think he was probably doing a show.
Many passers-by couldn’t help taking out a few photos of Bai Xinyan with their mobile phones, and the courageous people came over to ask for an autograph, and even wanted to touch Xiaotian.

However, Bai Xinyan refused very seriously, saying that he was performing the task and couldn’t do irrelevant things.
And the police dog couldn’t be touched casually, otherwise, it might be regarded as an assault on the police.

Bai Xinyan looked good and had a good attitude, and had a special physical bonus.
Even if someone was rejected and unwilling, looking at Bai Xinyan, their temper would quickly disappear.

Others recognized Bai Xinyan as the strangely powerful boy on the Internet before and wanted him to show how strong he was, but they were all rejected by Bai Xinyan.
So these people only took a few more photos and posted them on Weibo one after another.

【On the way, I met the strange, little cute who was on the Internet before! I don’t know what program he’s recording, but he’s on patrol with a police dog.
I wanted to take a photo with him, but I was seriously rejected 2333, but he was really super cute!! My hand that took the picture just couldn’t stop! [Picture][Picture][Picture]】  (2333, represents 哈哈哈 (pinyin: hāhāhā), here)

Many people have posted similar Weibo, but Bai Xinyan was still very transparent, and most of the information in 《Career Story》 was still confidential.
At present, only very simple propaganda had been made, and only Gu Chenghao was clearly disclosed as the resident guests.
Therefore, no one currently associated Bai Xinyan with the 《Career Story》 program group and Bai Xinyan’s own popularity wasn’t enough.
He hadn’t opened Weibo and even had no fan base, so these people that had posted Weibo didn’t arouse much splash at the beginning.

This afternoon should have passed so plainly.
Even the director didn’t pay attention to the pictures of Bai Xinyan.
Instead, he focused on the other guests with more difficult tasks.
However, when the sun was going down and the light on the street became warm and golden, Bai Xinyan suddenly felt a strange feeling.

Although he could feel the emotions in other people’s hearts, there was a distance limit.
However, Bai Xinyan distinguished it, only to find that the strange emotion didn’t come from the few people close to him.
And that emotion was filled with a kind of weird anxiety and excitement, but at the same time it was filled with guilty conscience and fear.
It was different from any emotion Bai Xinyan felt before and even difficult to judge whether the other party’s mood was good or bad at this time.

Bai Xinyan frowned and noticed that Xiaotian seemed to feel something.
It suddenly became more vigilant as if it had spotted criminals and entered a state of preparation.

Bai Xinyan had a bad foreboding when he saw this.
He looked around, trying to find out the source of the strange emotion.

The street they were on was quite peaceful and harmonious at this time.
The simple shops on the street were lovely and warm.
Not far away was a kindergarten.
You could feel the vitality inside without getting close to Bai Xinyan.

The strange emotion suddenly disappeared at this time.
Bai Xinyan frowned, squatted down and patted Xiaotian.
He asked softly, “You also feel that something is not right, don’t you? Did you find it somewhere?”

Xiaotian responded in a low voice and then smelled it carefully on the ground, but it still seemed a little hesitant.

Bai Xinyan suspected that his physique and instincts were reminding himself that he had only felt that something was wrong for a while, but in fact, the source of that emotion was too far away and wasn’t within his detection range, so he couldn’t feel it at all now.
Perhaps the only thing he could rely on was Xiaotian’s judgment which had actually sensed something.

“It’s okay, you can make the surest choice, I believe you.” Bai Xinyan whispered to Xiaotian.
He wasn’t sure if Xiatian could really understand his words completely, but he used his vitality and aura to strengthen Xiaotian’s five senses.
At the same time, he believed that this would allow Xiaotian to understand what he meant.

Sure enough, after hearing Bai Xinyan’s words and smelling in the air, it took Bai Xinyan and walked in the direction of the kindergarten in front.

The cameraman didn’t know what Bai Xinyan said to Xiaotian when he squatted down just now and didn’t feel anything wrong at all.
He just continued to follow until Bai Xinyan stopped again.
A police officer who was arranged to accompany him to ensure his safety also found nothing.

At a place more than a hundred meters away from the entrance of the kindergarten, Xiaotian stopped and re-judged the position.
Bai Xinyan also tried to amplify its talents and felt the emotions around it.
But not knowing if the other party had become cautious, Bai Xinyan never found anything.

At this moment, melodious music sounded.
Bai Xinyan was startled before realizing that the kindergarten was over.

Bai Xinyan was suddenly surprised when he thought of the depression and fear in the excitement he had just felt.
Although he couldn’t understand, he had also heard of terrorist attacks, revenge against society, and so on.
Children who were helpless were often the targets of their attacks.
And the emotion just now, if it was a person who was planning to commit a brutal injury or even murder, it seemed to be in line with it!

Bai Xinyan suddenly became anxious when he had such a guess.
The kindergarten had ended school.
There were many parents at the entrance to pick up their children, and the flow of people at the door would be even greater after school.
If he couldn’t find the ill-intentioned person from here as soon as possible, once the opponent rushed into the crowd and committed an attack later, even if he was a demon, he couldn’t protect everyone’s safety.
After all, his cultivation base wasn’t good, but his physical strength was superior.
The magic weapons on his body were all defensive types and there was no way to protect so many people at once.

Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but become a little anxious and brought Xiaotian towards the entrance of the kindergarten.

If the other party was really going to commit a crime, it was obvious to wait for the children in the kindergarten to come out.
They would definitely rush to the most crowded door, or just mix in the crowd at the entrance.
In any case, going to the kindergarten gate was definitely useful.

However, when Bai Xinyan approached, he was stopped by the parents that eager to protect their children.

“Little classmate, can you stay away from here with your dog? The kids will leave school right away.
It won’t be good if you scare them.” A grey-haired old woman blocked Bai Xinyan and persuaded.

Bai Xinyan couldn’t explain, so he could only respond casually, walked out slowly, and at the same time quickly explored the emotions of the people present.

Xiaotian was, indeed, quite a deterrent.
Seeing that some children had already appeared, when Bai Xinyan was walking slowly, someone urged him again.
Fortunately, Bai Xinyan had quickly finished observing the waiting people at the entrance and felt that there should be no problem, so he walked a little further.

The children began to come out one after another.
Bai Xinyan couldn’t help tensing his nerves, maximizing his five senses, and quickly analyzing and processing the surrounding environment in his mind.

The children were picked up one by one by the waiting parents and everything seemed normal.
Seeing that nothing happened, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but wonder if he had guessed wrong so that he thought too much.

Although he hoped this was the case, Bai Xinyan still didn’t dare to let go of his vigilance.
At this time, Xiaotian seemed to have discovered something and suddenly bared its teeth in one direction.

Bai Xinyan quickly looked over and saw a person coming out from behind a billboard across the road.
The zipper of the black coat was unzipped.
His hand reached in and was holding something.
Before Bai Xinyan could see his face clearly, he first noticed the flash of cold light in his arms.

“Xiaotian!” Bai Xinyan yelled immediately.
Xiaotian immediately jumped out after receiving the order and rushed to the suspicious person on the opposite side.

At this time, there were already many children led by their parents across the road, very close to that person, even a few steps beside him.
They didn’t notice the danger around them.
Instead, after hearing Bai Xinyan’s voice, they saw the ferocious big dog leaping towards this side, suddenly screamed, and tried to avoid it.

However, the man realized that he might have been spotted.
His face changed.
He gritted his teeth and took out the thing in his arms.
He reached out and grabbed the nearest little boy and was about to cut him off with a knife.

The people on this side of the road had seen this scene with their own eyes and suddenly there was a louder scream.
The cameraman who was in charge of the shoot was stunned and almost smashed the camera in his hand.

Everything happened in a flash (电光火石之间, here).
Seeing that the knife in the assailant’s hand was about to slash at the little boy who couldn’t escape.
The cold-blooming blade was less than 20 centimetres away from the little boy.
The little boy’s mother almost went into madness, desperately rushed to the assailant, trying to push the child away and block it by herself.
At this time, Xiaotian just jumped up from a distance of three or four meters and rushed towards the assailant in mid-air.
It seemed it was too late.

Many people seemed to have seen the tragedy happen and closed their eyes unbearably and didn’t dare to look at it again.
But at this moment, Bai Xinyan kicked a small stone with one move.

The sound of breaking the wind suddenly sounded, but in the blink of an eye, there was a muffled sound that hit the flesh, and there seemed to be a sound of cracking bones.
The assailant cried out in pain and the weapon in his hand fell to the ground unexpectedly.
However, he didn’t have the energy to pay attention to this for a while and almost fell down in pain.
He could only hold the injured wrist with his other hand and wailed miserably.

Everyone didn’t notice Bai Xinyan’s actions and was immediately surprised by the assailant’s sudden reaction.
The little boy’s mother was the quickest to react.
The little boy who was let loose was immediately pulled aside by her and the two stumbled away.

At this time, seeing Xiaotian also pounced on the assailant, its sharp teeth were about to be directed at the opponent.
The assailant who felt the shadow suddenly panicked and frightened.
He quickly endured the severe pain in the wrist bones and picked up the knife falling from the ground with his other hand, trying to defend himself against Xiaotian.

However, with the time that Bai Xinyan had just bought, Xiaotian didn’t give the assailant any more chance to make trouble this time.
It directly and accurately bit the other hand that wanted to take the knife.

“Ah—” There was another miserable howl.
Xiaotian ruthlessly tore the assailant’s flesh with sharp teeth.
At the same time, it slammed into the opponent with great strength and completely threw the person to the ground, avoiding the opponent trying to resist and constantly kicking it.
The legs and feet completely suppressed the enemy without wavering.

Although Xiaotian had excellent physical quality and had undergone special training, its strength might not be comparable to that of a mature man and its weight was quite different.
Moreover, Xiaotian couldn’t make any fatal attacks on the opponent.
If the assailant’s other hand hadn’t been temporarily abolished by Bai Xinyan’s blow and couldn’t use the other hand to fight back with weapons, Xiaotian might not be able to stop the opponent unscathed yet.

Bai Xinyan also rushed over at this time, stepped on the assailant’s struggling leg to prevent him from resisting, and then let Xiaotian retreat.
He locked the opponent’s hand behind his back and buckled the person.

Xiaotian was very obedient and didn’t hesitate to execute Bai Xinyan’s orders.
The assailant saw that Bai Xinyan’s face was tender and thought that this was a chance to escape.
After Xiaotian let go, he immediately rose up to resist and used his head fiercely to hit Bai Xinyan.

Unexpectedly, Bai Xinyan reacted very quickly and took a half step back, and then directly squeezed his fist and slammed it down on the opponent’s head.
The aggressive action of the assailant stopped abruptly.

This time, Bai Xinyan also deliberately took a lot of strength, but after being hit by Bai Xinyan, the assailant completely lost the ability to resist with the naked eye.
Although it didn’t seem to hurt anything on the surface, the whole person was dizzy.
His eyes were dizzy and couldn’t lift his strength, so he was easily buckled by Bai Xinyan.

Xiaotian was told to closely guard the assailant.
Bai Xinyan then let the comrade policeman who had stood with the cameraman handcuff the person.
This comrade policeman was far away just now.
Although he rushed over after finding that the assailant was drawing his knife, the most dangerous part was over when he really arrived.

The comrade policeman who was late felt embarrassed.
Even Xiaotian too, after all, it was a trained backup police dog.
It should be right to subdue the prisoner.
But seeing Bai Xinyan, a thin young boy rushed directly in front of the assailant without any fear, and stunned the person with a punch, and also buckled him so skillfully that he didn’t even have a place to take an action at all.
The comrade policeman found it a bit subtle.

However, after a short period of subtlety, a great sense of joy and relaxation came.
Things happened too fast and everyone’s mood was like a roller coaster in a short period of time.
It wasn’t until the gangster was completely subdued that they gradually became aware of what had just happened.

The little boy and his mother who had been most frightened, the panic expressions on their faces finally faded, turning into a surprise for the rest of their lives.
They hugged each other and cried happily and fearfully.
The other people who had witnessed all of this slowly recovered, sending out applause and cheers with appreciation and gratitude.

In order to avoid another accident, the police didn’t let other people approach.
A few minutes later, the police sirens roared.
The armed police with guns and live ammunition escorted the still dizzy assailant away, and at the same time conducted related investigations and evidence collection on those present.

At this time, the rest of the program group had just received news of this incident.

“What are you talking about!?” The director suspected that he might have heard it wrong.
“Bai Xinyan took Xiaotian and caught a guy who wanted to kill people to avenge the society?”

“Yes… it’s sure, now the police are asking questions.
We may not be able to return to the base in time.” The accompanying assistant said to the director.

When the director heard this, his heart pounded.
He couldn’t help taking a breath and couldn’t help but emphasize, “Was it Bai Xinyan who really caught it?”

The assistant’s tone was also shocked and replied, “Indeed, Xiaotian first rushed to bite him and then Bai Xinyan punched the man and subdued him.
I saw it with my own eyes.”

The director heard that the excitement in his heart became higher and higher.
He quickly said with joy, “What base are you still eager to return to! Wait, we will be there right away!”

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