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However, before people from the program group arrived, news about the incident had begun to spread on the Internet.

It was also a coincidence that because they discovered Bai Xinyan, many people took pictures and videos of him, and Bai Xinyan’s entire process of commanding Xiaotian to subdue the assailant happened to be recorded by a passerby.
The person himself felt that the scenes of Bai Xinyan patrolling with Xiaotian were very beautiful.
The way he squatted down and interacted with the dog was also very warm, so he kept on filming.
After Xiaotian rushed out and found the assailant with the knife, although he was also very scared, he couldn’t help but continue to shoot.
After the matter was resolved quickly and satisfactorily, this person recovered and couldn’t restrain the excitement and moved emotionally.
He posted the video directly on the Internet, and circled the local official Weibo and several life V accounts.

The video content was quite thrilling.
The big V that discovered it reposted immediately and it spread in the local circles of H City soon after.

When the director arrived with a group of people from the program group, the official account of the H City Public Security also posted a message, briefly announcing about the malicious knife-wielding incident near Shixin Kindergarten (世新幼儿园) on Fengyu Road (风雨路) in the city.
At the present, the suspect had been arrested.
No one was injured or killed except the suspect.

As soon as the official news came out, some large media blogs with millions of fans immediately reposted it.
Although there were no casualties, the malicious knife-wielding attack that occurred near the kindergarten was still shocking to see.
The news immediately attracted considerable attention.

Bai Xinyan was explaining the situation to the police at this time, “At that time, the knife was about to hit the kid.
I was afraid that time was too late, so I kicked a stone to his right hand and knocked out his knife.
After that, Xiaotian rushed to stop him.
By the way, I punched him when he was about to escape.
If I took my strength back, would it be regarded as an excessive defence?”

The investigating police looked at Bai Xinyan who was still a little worried.
He couldn’t help but laugh and say, “Don’t worry, you definitely won’t.
You are doing what is right and doing meritorious deeds!” The policeman looked at Bai Xinyan who was worried about being too defensive.
With a well-behaved and tender face, he thought that even if he used his full strength, he might not be able to defend himself too much.

However, regarding what Bai Xinyan said, the police couldn’t help but continue to ask, “Do you know that you can kick someone? Or just try it?” Such a small stone hit the assailant’s wrist with just one kick and still made him drop the knife, this wasn’t a simple matter.

Bai Xinyan was startled and replied, “Of course, I have to kick.
If I don’t, won’t the child be injured?”

When the police heard this, his face was a bit complicated, both in disbelief and admiration, “Then have you ever practised this specifically?”

“Well, that’s right.
I often hunt with stones at home.” Bai Xinyan said truthfully.

The policeman who asked the question didn’t know what it was like to hunt at home.
After all, few people lived in the deep mountains where they could hunt was possible these years and Bai Xinyan still looked like a delicate skin and tender meat.
At a glance, he should be the child who was spoiled and grew up in the city.

“Are you shooting the show? This is the police dog you borrowed?” The police then changed the subject and looked at the majestic Xiaotian at Bai Xinyan’s feet, boasting, “This dog is indeed good.
What is the program? Which unit did you borrow it from? We need to check it.”

At this time, the director and producer finally rushed over, just in time to take over the communication with the police.
Bai Xinyan and Xiaotian were very helpful this time and the program crew would naturally not be embarrassed.
After a period of time to verify the related issues, the police had a good attitude to let them leave.
However, with regard to Bai Xinyan, the police said that when the assailant was interrogated and prosecuted later, he might be required to assist in the investigation and testify.

This was a rare piece of big news.
Bai Xinyan didn’t think about what to do, but the director actively asked him some questions and asked the silk banner for him (锦旗, as pennant, an award, or a gift, here).
If possible, the director might want the police to cooperate with them in propaganda.

Fortunately, the police were really easy to talk to, because they had helped a lot, saying that Bai Xinyan, Xiaotian, and the program group, all of which would have pennants.
As for publicity, the official organization must not engage in the entertainment industry, but it was definitely okay to praise and thank Bai Xinyan and the program group reasonably.

The director who received a satisfactory answer immediately went to carefully watch the footage recorded by the cameraman who was filming with him.
While directly experiencing the thrilling and exciting atmosphere of the scene, he couldn’t help but think about how to play this video in order to achieve the maximum and best publicity effect.

Bai Xinyan, this newcomer was really so proud! What a rare opportunity for free publicity! The director thought happily.

“Director, things have been uploaded on the Internet! The videos are all available!” A staff member suddenly shouted.

The director’s wonderful imagination was interrupted.
After being stunned, he jumped, “What’s the matter!? Who put the video on it?” He also wanted to keep this video as the ultimate killer to tempt these people to watch the show!

Although the director was very frustrated, the fact that someone posted the live video on the Internet was irreparable.
Although the video made by that person wasn’t as clear and beautiful as their professional cameraman, it was very complete, and the key points weren’t lost.
When the video spread, they would hide their own video and wait for some time before the program was broadcast.
It was estimated that no one wanted to watch it anymore.

The best plan was killed at the beginning.
The director suddenly felt suffocated in his heart, unable to go up and down.
The producer looked at the situation on the Internet and said to the director, “In this case, let’s just follow this and start the promotion.
The effect is definitely good.”

So far, 《Career Story》 had very little publicity, but less didn’t mean low-key.
As one of the three major satellite TV stations, Strawberry Satellite TV planned to launch a blockbuster program in the summer vacation time.
Although there were few official announcements, there were a lot of messy gossip discussions and releases outside.

At present, 《Career Story》 only revealed the schedule, general theme, and the number of guests.
But at the same time, it was also very appetizing that more than one super-popular first-line joined and gave a lot of specious adjectives.
This made the gossip account and the fans spontaneously guessed the candidates and walk through all the traffic.
Even if the program group itself didn’t deliberately contribute to the flames, it had attracted a lot of attention to 《Career Story》.

Gu Chenghao, the first guest to be announced, was beyond everyone’s expectations and attracted everyone’s interest even more.
Although Gu Chenghao was getting older and his popularity wasn’t tepid, but his had a good national reputation.
He was also a film emperor who just won Jinyue Award.
He had become one of the hottest recently.
Moreover, it was the first time that Gu Chenghao appeared on a reality show and his status was the first guest to be announced.
It was conceivable that most of the remaining guests would be more popular.
Everyone’s appetite was suddenly lifted.

After the show started shooting, the relevant information was still concealed very well.
According to the contract, the guests couldn’t disclose the itinerary at all.
So everyone knew that the show had already started to be recorded, but there was no way to dig it up.
The rumours here and there on the Internet tend to be slapped in the face quickly, making these onlookers increasingly anxious.
Even if they were sure that their idol had no schedule, it would definitely not appear in the show, but many people couldn’t help but keep following the news of 《Career Story》 out of curiosity.

Originally, according to the plan of the program group, it was like this to slowly release the material and continue to maintain the heat.
Ai Qiao and Jian Han were both popular enough to generate a large wave of traffic.
When they were about to be broadcast, they would release the biggest gold finger, Li Zhibai as it was his first reality show, to ensure that the first episode’s ratings would be beautifully bright.

Unexpectedly, Bai Xinyan first created an unexpected publicity opportunity and such an opportunity could be said to be unattainable.
It wasn’t only rare but also free.
The director had calmed his good mood from the disappointment of being taken one step ahead by others.
He discussed with the producer and decided to take this opportunity to announce Bai Xinyan as the second resident guest of 《Career Story》.

So the publicity staff of the program team worked overtime to finish the manuscript and plan.
Seeing that the related heat on the Internet had risen, when they were about to send it out, they suddenly discovered a serious problem—

Bai Xinyan didn’t even have a Weibo yet!

The panicked publicity staff of the program group discovered this problem.
Those new Bai Xinyan fans who were once again fancied by a street-shooting video that wasn’t high-definition had been complaining to the relevant Weibo with nowhere to put the enthusiasm for a long time.

【Although he’s still a newcomer, I’m not convinced that he doesn’t even have one on Weibo.
For the first time, I can’t even find the owner.
I’m really convinced】

【Didn’t you say that this is shooting a show? Does this means that our little cutie’s going to debut? In this case, even if there is no news about the show, what’s the matter with not giving one Weibo! Isn’t our little cutie managed by an agent?】

【Why don’t send a personal message to the official blog of Xinghuan Entertainment, let them release their words!】

The small group of fans of Bai Xinyan who just gathered had been sharpening their swords towards Xinghuan official blog, while other netizens who were attracted by the news discovered that Bai Xinyan was actually the strange boy who broke the door with his bare hands.
Unconsciously, the topic crooked in a strange direction—

【I want to know how much strength he used to hit people on the head…】

【In fact, people’s skulls are very hard, it’s not particularly serious for ordinary people to punch from such a short distance.
But with the strength of this buddy, emmmmm…】

【I think mostly he was beaten up became stupid.
After seeing that rascal was beaten, the whole person became stupid, he just stopped moving, and he almost couldn’t stand up】

【Will there be direct intracranial haemorrhage?】

【If this Bai Xinyan used the strength of dismantling the car door, maybe…】

【Although I have no sympathy for this kind of scum who retaliates against society, but thinking of someone being punched on the head by this strange boy, it feels funny and distressing.
How damaged he?】

【I also… think about the pain that makes me doubt life.
But he deserves it.
I watched the video several times, and at first, I was very worried, but now the more I watch it, the more I want to laugh 233333】

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