03 Arrived (赶到)


A few minutes later, Zhuo Xuan received a very reserved reply from his boss:


However, at this time, Bai Xinyan had already chosen to take the other taxi driver’s car under the enthusiastic invitation of a taxi driver.

This driver happened to be the one who drove him before.
Before, Bai Xinyan paid for the rescue and got out of the car.
Unexpectedly, the driver did not drive away.
After watching Bai Xinyan saving the people, he was very proactive to give a ride.
The driver’s reason is also very good because Bai Xinyan had already paid the fare to the destination, so he must send the person to the destination.

The driver was enthusiastic and didn’t take advantage of it.
Bai Xinyan naturally had no reason to refuse.
It was more convenient to take a taxi than riding in another car.
Therefore, Bai Xinyan left the traffic police with personal information and got in the taxi directly.

And Zhuo Xuan, who had just received the boss’s order, must bring Bai Xinyan to ride in their car and wanted to stop the person at this time.
But it was not appropriate to think do that now.
He couldn’t tell Bai Xinyan that their car was dozens of times more luxurious than a rental car, so he should take their car, right?

The execution of his employer’s orders on this Xiao Bai was unexpected, and Zhuo Xuan felt that his career might be in crisis.
But Zhuo Xuan thought about it again and felt that it had nothing to do with his workability.
Especially this time, he couldn’t be blamed but he should blame his boss for being too “reserved”.

Or the spiritual power transmission was unsmooth just now.

Zhuo Xuan excused himself silently, but when he got back to the car, he took the initiative to put the pot on his back: “I’m sorry, Sir, I didn’t plan well.
Young Master Xiao Bai took another car.”

Zhuo Xuan observed Yin Heng’s reaction carefully, but he was not surprised to see that he was still in the usual indifferent appearance as if he had not treated Bai Xinyan differently from beginning to end, but he said lightly: “Keep up.”

Zhuo Xuan suddenly understood—oh, he was “seeing the screen” with divine consciousness all the time, so he knew it a long time ago.
He really didn’t expect his boss to be such a gentleman!

Zhuo Xuan was vomiting the boss’s noise in his heart (卓轩内心吐着老板的嘈), but he drove off very obediently, and not too far away, he followed the small car with the same destination as their destination.

“Looking” at the little nervous and anxious teenager sitting in the taxi, Yin Heng glanced at the time and confirmed that Bai Xinyan should be able to catch up with the interview in time if there was no accident later, so he put down his plan to postpone the interview.
But seeing the boy’s clothes became dirty and even stained with blood, Yin Heng frowned unobtrusively.

It was obviously inappropriate to go to the interview like that.
Although he had already greeted, Bai Xinyan would definitely pass, but it was not good to leave a negative impression on other unknowing people in the company.

Few people knew about the special treatment he gave to the other party, and Bai Xinyan couldn’t find out, so he couldn’t do too much action as not to be too obvious.
In this case, it was obviously inappropriate to directly greet the people involved in this interview in advance, and there was no reasonable explanation to help prepare a new suit before the interview.

Yin Heng thought for a while and decided that since he happened to meet him on the road, he should make full use of the accident.
It was a good thing for Bai Xinyan to save people.
Even if someone was dissatisfied with Bai Xinyan’s messy appearance at the beginning, they would change their views after knowing the causes and consequences.
The effect of suppressing first and then raising might be better, but this was not necessarily just a negative effect.

Yin Heng had thought and once again awakened Zhuo Xuan: “Don’t avoid them, just go normally.”

In order to avoid being discovered by Bai Xinyan that someone was opening the back door for him, Yin Heng hadn’t planned to meet Bai Xinyan, so Zhuo Xuan also avoided Bai Xinyan’s taxi from time to time when driving.
He was naturally surprised when he heard Yin Heng’s instructions.
However, Zhuo Xuan quickly understood what Yin Heng meant and realized that his boss might be planning to change his strategy.

Secretly opening the back door to someone was troublesome to operate, and there was always the risk of being found wrong.
It was better to find an excuse to give the other party favourably.

The teenager who helped to rescue a car accident on the road turned out to be a newcomer to his company, so he admired the other party’s quality and gave him some care.
This kind of thing was completely reasonable, and he didn’t need to be cautious about doing it.
In case, if he happened to make friends, the relationship would get better in the future, and that many good resources would come.
Otherwise, he would have to toss around a few times before he could become popular.

Zhuo Xuan understood it and was very happy because this was equivalent to reducing the workload for him.
God knew how much he had a headache to study the future “career development” of this Young Master Xiao Bai in Xinghuan these days.
Like today, he had to come forward for all the troublesome things and now it was really desirable to have the opportunity to omit these things!

For example, now, he didn’t need to waste his mind and spiritual energy to cover up their car, just simply drove it normally.

Very pleased and moved, Zhuo Xuan not only stopped avoiding Bai Xinyan’s taxi but also deliberately overtook each other several times.

Originally, this expensive car from the beginning to the end had a strong sense of existence on the road.
After this, the taxi driver and Bai Xinyan were even more likely to fail to notice.
It was just that there were only a few routes where the city’s morning rush traffic was concentrated, and the two of them didn’t think much about finding that this luxury car had been on the same road with them.

But when he arrived at his destination, Bai Xinyan was still slightly surprised.
The taxi stopped at the entrance of Xinghuan Entertainment, but the luxury car drove directly into the underground parking lot of the building behind them.

“Oh, maybe the guy in the car is your boss in the future.” The driver also saw this scene, chatting on the road and knowing that Bai Xinyan wanted to enter Xinghuan Entertainment as an actor, and he came for an interview today.
He couldn’t help but smiled to Bai Xinyan: “Maybach, at least the director level can afford it.”

Bai Xinyan didn’t know much about luxury cars, so he thought about it and added: “Maybe it is a popular artist.”

When Bai Xinyan said this, he was just stating the facts, but the driver seemed to understand that he was envious, and immediately said: “It’s okay, I think you will definitely be red and you will be able to drive a Maybach soon! I have a very accurate vision.
Yes, you can rest assured!”

Bai Xinyan smiled upon hearing this, although he had no interest in driving Maybach, but—

“Well, I also think I will definitely be popular.”

Bai Xinyan said goodbye to the driver and got off.
Looking at the beautiful gate of Xinghuan Entertainment, he bent his mouth and stepped in.

* * *

Xinghuan was worthy of being a film and television entertainment company.
The entire office building was fashionable from the exterior to the interior decoration, and most of the people who came and went were also bright and beautiful.
Even if they were not artists and not young, they were all neat and tidy.
At the same time, the number of young men and women with excellent looks was quite large, and even the appearance of the front desk girls was not worse than some net celebrities.

Bai Xinyan’s face value was not at all inferior to anyone, but because he got dust from the scene of the car accident, his clothes seemed to be a little shabby.

In fact, Bai Xinyan had already dealt with it a little bit in the car, but this kind of clothes was very delicate and tossed down by him.
If he wanted to restore to the previous state, even if he dried and ironed carefully, it couldn’t be recovered easily.
After Bai Xinyan’s simple treatment, some wrinkled marks and some scarlet bloodstains were still left.
Others here were all dressed up, and Bai Xinyan’s clothes were in a mess in contrast.

Bai Xinyan also thought about whether he could buy one and replace it on the spot, but the time was running out.
After weighing the options, he chose to wear it a little bit instead of being late.
After all, he had confidence in his own strength and self-confidence could make up for the shortcomings of falling clothes.

But other people obviously didn’t think so.
Looking at his “various” clothes, several people cast surprised eyes.
Fortunately, Xinghuan staff was very professional.
Although the eyes also showed a little surprise, the attitude and service were all in place.

Of course, this might also because of Bai Xinyan’s physical.

In short, Bai Xinyan arrived at the waiting room for the interview smoothly.
The staff who guided him also expressed very kindly that he could help him see the order of the interview.
If he ranks further behind, he can hurry to change his clothes.

Bai Xinyan hurriedly thanked the staff and sat down on the few empty seats left in the waiting room.

Although he encountered accidents and troubles, he felt the kindness of others several times this morning.
He also encountered a good monster that did good deeds without leaving a name.
Bai Xinyan was in a good mood.

Human society is actually quite good, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help thinking that.

However, as soon as he thought about it, the next moment he felt the malice from human beings.

“Some people are not serious, right? They almost came to the interview in tatters when they were almost late? Do you think Xinghuan can enter by just fooling around?” In a quiet waiting room, with a low volume but a bit sharp and piercing, a voice rang abruptly, full of presence.

This remark was clearly targeted, so many people’s eyes immediately focused on Bai Xinyan.

The other people here basically arrived quite a bit earlier, and Bai Xinyan did come a little late, so he was very noticed as soon as he walked in.
Coupled with the clothes and the preferential treatment of the staff, a lot of people paid attention to him.

But more importantly, Bai Xinyan was also very good-looking that could be said to be better than the others waiting here.
In addition, there was a kind of temperament that couldn’t say what it was, but it made people feel comfortable.
On the whole, it was definitely a very competitive opponent!

Many people would feel jealous and unpleasant to those who were obviously stronger than themselves, especially among competitors.
Under normal circumstances, this kind of jealousy would be hidden, but because Bai Xinyan did make a lot of mistakes on one side.
This gave some people whose hard conditions were not as good as him the illusion that they were actually better than the other party.

Mo Ming (莫明) had a superior appearance but he knew that the other person was very threatened.
People who were jealous, impulsive and irritable would likely vent their emotions in an attempt to prove their superiority and step on the opponent.

For example, the person who satirized Bai Xinyan.

That person was a little clever, knowing that he would wait until the staff left to speak, and he gave Bai Xinyan a hat of misbehaviour.
In the meantime, he gave Xinghuan a little bit to cover up the fact that he was actually looking for a sense of superiority.
But being able to say such harsh words in front of a room with many strangers before the company interview was obviously stupid in nature.

Bai Xinyan was taken aback when he heard it, turned his head to look, and saw a man sitting at the other end of the room with a decent look but small eyes, sneering at him.
In order to show the effect of contempt, the other party squinted slightly when he saw Bai Xinyan, so the thin eyes became even smaller.

The small-eyed man dressed up very carefully.
At least Bai Xinyan could see the thick makeup on his face, the double eyelid stickers and false eyelashes that tried to make his eyes look bigger, and the big-brand “LOGO” that was intentionally or unintentionally exposed on his clothes.

Some of the people around were watching Bai Xinyan’s good show while others frowned at the small-eyed man, but they all just watched and did not intend to wade into the muddy water.

Seeing Bai Xinyan looking over, the eyes on his small face were big and energetic.
The man with small eyes suddenly felt a stubborn heart, and couldn’t help but sneered again: “Why? Did I say something wrong? Can’t you buy it? Since you have been wearing counterfeit goods and deliberately made such a mess, want to pretend to be genuine? Or think that this will attract the attention of interviewers? There are so many dramas this day.” The little-eyed man said and leaned back, LOGO on his clothes was more conspicuous.

“……” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help being silent when he heard the words, and for a moment he didn’t know where to start to refute.
But after thinking about it, he said first: “Sir, your double eyelid stickers don’t seem to hold up…”


The author has something to say:

No responsibility OOC small theatre:

Zhuo Xuan: →_→Let you be reserved and let people go

Yin Heng: Who said that, he obviously took the initiative to throw into my arms (^_^)

Zhuo Xuan: ……why come to the company to apply for a job like you are married, and no one else knows that you are the big boss -_-#

Yin Heng: Shut up, if you still want to live.
Anyway, you should be responsible for killing the theatre without responsibility 

Zhuo Xuan: …… (T_T)

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