onally, “There must be one.”

Bai Xinyan said with a frank expression, “There really is no such thing.”

Li Zhibai: “……”

The cameraman who was in charge of shooting them had already laughed so much that he couldn’t stabilize the camera.
The director and others were also dumbfounded for a moment, but their faces soon became happy.
The recommended two guests from Xinghuan were really good! Just looking at the contrast interaction between Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan, the popularity of this show would definitely not be bad!

As for Li Zhibai, it seemed that there was a problem with his set-up personality which was somewhat collapsed.
Anyway, his agent Shao Ping didn’t say anything, nor did he ask the program group to delete this and that, like Tang Yuying’s agent did.
When the release time came, these interesting scenes would be focused to watch.
It was said that Li Zhibai’s participation in the reality show meant a bit of transformation, but now it seemed that the effect was just right.
At least in their opinion, Li Zhibai’s performance that didn’t conform to his previous personal settings wasn’t annoying but also quite interesting and pleasing.
Even if he would lose some followers, it was estimated that it would be able to attract more new followers.

The director urged the cameraman to take more pictures of Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan.
When they were about to start serving customers, the director showed them the information of the available customers.

There were a total of twelve people, each of them had to serve two, and they could only pick one at a time, which meant that they needed to complete one round before they could make the second selection, instead of picking both of the two that seemed to be talkative at once.
In this way, the influence of the selection order was reduced a little.

Bai Xinyan was naturally the first one to pick.
He quickly read the simple information of twelve people, then pondered for a moment, and chose the only one… elementary school student.

Others were quite surprised by his choice.
When the director asked, Bai Xinyan said truthfully, “I think children should be more straightforward and their distressing problems should be easier to solve.”

His idea was also very reasonable.
Others couldn’t help but feel that they didn’t have such a different idea and immediately reconsidered the remaining eleven people.

After the six people had selected their customers, they started to □□ separately.

The primary school student Bai Xinyan chose was a small fat boy with good family background.
At first glance, he was a child soaked in a honey jar, with smooth-skinned and a little weak.
After Bai Xinyan came, he asked directly, “Can you help me do my homework?”

Bai Xinyan, “…no, you should write your own homework.”

Xiao Pangdun suddenly lowered his face, “Didn’t you say you can solve my troubles?” (小胖墩, meant little fatty actually but I used this name instead for some reason)

Bai Xinyan said without changing his face, “Yes, so I can help you do your homework.”

Xiao Pangdun avoided his face, “What’s the use of that? I just don’t want to do homework, I want to play games! I tell you, I play xxxx very well, but I will play e-sports and become a world champion in the future!”

Bai Xinyan, “…then shall I play games with you?”

Xiao Pangdun was surprised, “You want to play games with me? Didn’t my parents say that you came to persuade me to do my homework?”

Bai Xinyan said, “Didn’t you say you played super well? Then let’s make a bet.
If you can take me to win a game, I will persuade your parents to give you more time to play games, in order to be the champion in the future; if you can’t win a game, then you will have to finish your homework before playing the game.”

Xiao Pangdun’s eyes lit up suddenly, “Really?!”

Seeing Bai Xinyan nod, Xiao Pangdun asked suspiciously, “Are you very weak at this? How many games do you want to win?”

“…not weak, but I haven’t played the game you mentioned.” Bai Xinyan said, “As long as you can win a game with me, do you want to bet?”

Xiao Pangdun opened his eyes wide and nodded quickly after a moment, “Yes, yes, yes! How can I not win any games.
Hahaha, are you stupid?”

Xiao Pangdun laughed.
Others in the room also thought that Bai Xinyan was mostly stupid, but Bai Xinyan still said calmly, “Wait until you win.”

He had tried it.
The metaphysical buff on his body that “you will lose if you don’t team up with Yin Heng” was applicable to almost any PVP game, and most of the game Xiao Pangdun played was the same.
In other words, as long as he teamed up with Bai Xinyan, Xiao Pangdun would basically have no hope of winning and would definitely lose.
Of course, if Xiao Pangdun really won, then either his technique could match Yin Heng, or he had a victory buff as powerful as Yin Heng.
If this was the case, Xiao Pangdun was indeed suitable to be an e-sports player, and then he recommended that the other party’s parents tried to give him a shot in this direction, there was no problem.

Xiao Pangdun still didn’t know what he was about to face, but happily instructed Bai Xinyan to open the game registration account.

“You remember to listen to my command.
You can’t deliberately drag your legs back, do you hear me!” Xiao Pangdun said fiercely.

“No problem.” Bai Xinyan agreed without guilty.

The program group had no idea how the promised hug teacher became a game player.
In order to ensure the playback effect, they had to toss about the problem of phone screen recording for a long time.

At that time, the editing would probably have to find someone who understood the game.
The cameraman thought silently.

The game began, the first game.

Xiao Pangdun: “Do it again!”

The second game.

Xiao Pangdun: “…it’s okay, do it again!”

The third game.

Xiao Pangdun: “Do it again! There are so many opportunities, it’s a big deal to play ten games and eight games.”


The eighth game.

Xiao Pangdun’s eyes were fierce: “…you, you go wash your face and hands with me! This is too dark!”


The tenth game.

Xiao Pangdun had already begun to believe in metaphysics: “…you are really poisonous, right? You haven’t won once after ten games, no wonder you dare to make this bet with me.
No! There is no limit on the number of times, why can’t you win even once!”


The fifteenth game.

Xiao Pangdun was helpless: “…I was superstitious about science until I met you.
Are you on the blacklist of the game company, my God!”

The twentieth game.

Xiao Pangdun finally collapsed, dropped his mobile phone, and shouted, “Aaah! I can’t take it anymore!! I’m not playing anymore!!”

Bai Xinyan, who hugged Yin Heng’s thigh, hadn’t lost this much for a long time, but his state of mind was very stable when he was mentally prepared.

“If you don’t play, then let’s do your homework.” Bai Xinyan said with a smile.

Xiao Pangdun, whose body and mind had just been tortured: “……”

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