en if she had a background, didn’t look at the coffee positions of other people in their show, was she able to hold back her face? (也不看看他们这节目里其他人的咖位是她能够摆脸色拖后腿的么)

The director’s impatience with Tang Yuying continued.
In contrast, his eyes to Bai Xinyan became kinder.

After the second episode of the program was recorded in two days, they would fly to M City for recording the third episode.
The program group unified to book the air tickets for the afternoon, so they also had a rest time of one night and one morning.

Jian Han had left the group and the next special guest would be replaced by someone else.
As the director saw Xiaotian’s expression pack spread more and more widely, Bai Xinyan’s popularity as a “martial art master” also remained high.
There were tens of millions of fans.
Many of them were struggling to call Bai Xinyan made a Weibo, took a selfie, and made a broadcast live, so he took the opportunity to let Bai Xinyan and Gu Chenghao work together on a Weibo interview on 《Career Story》 program to draw more attention to their program.

Bai Xinyan faced enthusiastic fans for the first time, but he was able to cope well.
Probably because he was cute, a minor, and a good boy who was brave enough to do justice, fans and netizens had very gentle questions and there was nothing out of the ordinary.
In addition to caring about his strength and career plan, they were curious about other guests on 《Career Story》 program.

《Career Story》 had a lot of battles and there were many front lines.
Now it had been recorded for two episodes, but the guests who were announced only two.
Many people naturally wanted to know who the other people were, but Bai Xinyan and Gu Chenghao had been told that they couldn’t leak the secrets for the time being.
At the same time, the producer also specifically mentioned them, saying that they could answer some questions about other guests ambiguity, such as whether they were male or female, actor or singer, their age, and the characteristics they had, etc., which could be half-hidden.
Speaking in half-hidden could raise these people’s appetite even higher.

Of course, Gu Chenghao was familiar with this kind of thing, but Bai Xinyan, who was difficult to lie, was not very good at dealing with them, so he simply avoided these questions of temptation.
But this was an interview organized by 《Career Story》 program.
Certainly, it was impossible not to answer questions related to the program at all, so Bai Xinyan specifically picked up questions about the content of the program to answer.

【Bai Xinyan V: The director asked to keep it secret.
// What should I do if I’m hungry: If the first episode of the show is a dog trainer, what is the second episode?】

【Bai Xinyan V: Actually, training police dogs is very tiring for both men and dogs.
Short-term contact may be fun, but it will definitely be boring for many years.
// Don’t eat to lose weight!: Yanyan, is it fun to train dogs? Whether the police dog is super well-behaved or not!】

【Bai Xinyan V: Very smoothly.
The protective measures are in place and there is basically no danger.
It’s true that there are unexpected situations, but it’s not a dangerous accident, but a more interesting thing.
You will be able to see it when the show is broadcast.
// How can I lose weight if I don’t eat enough: Did the recording go well? Is it still a bit dangerous to get along with a big dog, have there been any accidents other than the knife-wielding assailant?】

【Bai Xinyan V: I have better physical strength, so I’m not tired.
Everyone is basically easy to get along with.
// Why can’t I eat without being fat: Is it tiring to record a show? What do you think of the other people in the program group? Is it easy to get along with?】

【Bai Xinyan V: …is it serious? Well, I will improve.
Actually, I’m not a serious personality qvq // I want to gain weight but I’m also desperate not to eat fat: Yanyan’s answer is so serious, are you really a type of veteran cadre with a strong sense of responsibility? I thought you would be cute and lively when you were only seventeen years old QAQ】

After all, when facing unfamiliar people, Bai Xinyan responded more rigorously, but in the absence of face-to-face visual bonuses, his tone really seemed a bit serious.
However, Bai Xinyan soon saw the problems that made him unable to get serious.

【The value of appearance is justice: The chairman of Xinghuan is so mysterious, I can’t find a photo showing his face! But I can’t control my brain just by seeing his figure and hands! Yanyan, you must have seen what he looks like, right? Can you tell me, handsome! Is he handsome that matches his figure and beautiful hands!!】

This person actually didn’t expect to be overturned, but Bai Xinyan paused and replied to this question.

【Bai Xinyan V: I think he is the best looking in the world~ // The value of appearance is justice: …】

With Bai Xinyan’s reply, except for the person who asked the question, everyone else was shocked.
After a while, a lot of questions related to Yin Heng suddenly came out and then it was out of control.

【Bai Xinyan V: It’s a very good relationship.
// Refuse dog food: Are you really in a good relationship with the chairman of Xinghuan? I thought it was just exaggerated out of politeness…】

【Bai Xinyan V: It looks like he’s less than thirty.
The picture cannot be posted, but he is really the best looking, better-looking than everyone I have ever seen! // Eat melon: I want to know how old the chairman is? How good is the best looking one in the world? Can you give me a picture?】

【Bai Xinyan V: Yes, I’m actually not serious all the time_(:з」∠)_ // Melon is too big to hold: Why is Yanyan talking about the chairman of Xinghuan in not serious speech right away? I… I’m honestly a little bit TAT】

【Smelling the smell of dog food: Isn’t the best looking in the world usually what we, star chasing girls, describe as our idols? In addition, I can only think of one possibility, in the eyes of the lover…】

By this, Bai Xinyan was restrained and didn’t reply anyhow.
After all, he still knew that he and Yin Heng weren’t even lovers.

However, the more direct reason was that the director, who found him flying over his head, after being frightened, immediately came over and asked him to shut up.

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