42 Miss (想念)


After Bai Xinyan was stopped by the director in horror, he was educated very seriously, “How can this kind of thing go wrong? The impact isn’t good for you, don’t you know?” The director found Zhang Kai again and asked, “Why don’t you look after him as an agent and explain what he can or can’t say? He’s still young and doesn’t understand it.
As an agent, you should take good care of him.
Xiao Bai’s development momentum is this good now.
It would be a pity if it was stopped because of such an accident!”

On the one hand, the director didn’t want the show to be tainted with unspoken rules, but on the other hand, he was really worried about Bai Xinyan.
This kind of news didn’t really affect the program with a lot of investment.
For a popular star with a certain status, as long as they didn’t keep a real hammer, it had little impact.
However, for a newcomer like Bai Xinyan who had no foundation, an unspoken rule of black material might be enough to cut off his star path.

Although they had only been working together for less than a week, the director really liked Bai Xinyan now.
Not only was he very optimistic, but he also meant to take care of him.
Bai Xinyan had a promising future, which brought a lot of heat to the show.
He looked likeable and had a well-behaved personality.
In addition, he also had the bonus of golden fingers created by his special physique.
Therefore, the director’s words were naturally sincere.

However, unlike him, Bai Xinyan himself and even his agent, Zhang Kai, looked very calm.
Bai Xinyan looked innocent and at a loss.
Zhang Kai said to the director, “Don’t worry.
This matter will not have any negative impact, and we will handle it.
As an agent, I will deal with Xiao Bai’s problems and will not restrict his free will.”

In fact, the main idea that Yin Heng told Zhang Kai to take care of Bai Xinyan at the beginning was one—Bai Xinyan was happy and could do whatever he wanted.
Anyway, he would take care of everything for him.

Yin Heng knew that with Bai Xinyan’s character, he wouldn’t really do anything bad that was irreparable.
He was confident that he could solve other minor troubles with his own energy.
In this case, there was naturally no reason to restrict Bai Xinyan and control him too tightly, depriving his like and joy.

Zhang Kai felt that there was nothing wrong with the order he accepted, but the director was surprised and puzzled after hearing it.
Even the biggest and most capricious artist he had ever seen, he had never seen an agent indulge to such a degree.
The meaning of Zhang Kai’s words was almost to say that if Bai Xinyan got into trouble, he and the company would wipe his ass and deal with the follow-up.

What, what this kind of mind that Xinghuan could make such selfless dedication to Bai Xinyan? The director instantly remembered that Bai Xinyan had suddenly and cheerfully answered a series of questions about Chairman Xinghuan.
His expression was stiff and couldn’t say anything more.
But later, the director still mentioned Bai Xinyan in private several times and warned him that the most important thing was to develop and improve himself.
Don’t think too naively, “so pleased to lose the sense of measure”, or “being spoiled”.

After the director left helplessly, Bai Xinyan finally restrained a little, and then avoided the question about Yin Heng.
But even so, his previous performance had already caused an uproar.
In addition to the people who had been asking questions under his Weibo, various gossip forums had also opened relevant posts quickly.
However, the gossip marketing accounts which had always heard the wind were unexpectedly quite silent.
It was estimated that they were more and more cautious about the gossip of the chairman Xinghuan after the last incident.

However, although Bai Xinyan’s performance was enough to provide people with a lot of reverie, but in the end, there was no real hammer.
Zhang Kai contacted the public relations department.
After spending efforts on various platforms to control the evaluation, as a whole, nothing negative influence happened to Bai Xinyan but developed a batch of CP fans.

【If it is really a shameful relationship, who would say it so openly, it’s obvious that the relationship is really good if he dared to say so】

【I think Bai Xinyan is obviously the kind of child who is raised in a family with very good family conditions.
It’s more credible to say that he was raised by Chairman Xinghuan than to say that he’s a relative of the chairman.】

【Actually, I want to say… Since the chairman of Xinghuan is not the kind of middle-aged greasy uncle, but a rich and handsome man… it’s, it’s not impossible to really have a deep  relationship ( */ω\*)】 (高富帅, meant Mr.
Perfect in Internet slang or a rich and handsome, here) (深入的关系)

【Gee… I’ve made up about a million words of beautiful essay about entertainment circles, the standard general master gong X the little white rabbit shou, delicious!】

【Are you all demons? What if the real chairman doesn’t match the figure in the photo?】

【Didn’t Bai Xinyan say that the chairman is the most beautiful in the world? Even if it’s exaggerated, it’s not ugly, right?】

【Alas, after saying that, I really want to know what the chairman looks like.
Bai Xinyan should have seen a lot of handsome men and beauties in Xinghuan, it’s better to see what the most beautiful look like aaa! I’m really scratching my head wanting to know! ! ! ! !】

【I think… don’t hold too much expectation.
You can see how the most beautiful is in the eyes of the lover in the eyes of Bai Xinyan when you look at Bai Xinyan’s rapidly changing attitude…】

【Wait, wait… is this directly stamped Wuli Yanyan likes the chairman? He’s still a minor, so he shouldn’t fall in love early!】

【Mentioning about the other party, they are elated and treated differently.
They think the other party is the most beautiful in the world, and advertise it widely.
They don’t avoid suspicion, which means they have a good relationship with each other.
Then think about the previous video of Bai Xinyan getting in the chairman’s car and the performance that Xinghuan attaches special importance to Bai Xinyan.
In fact, I think it’s not only because of nili Yan’s liking for the chairman but almost both of them can be sealed →_→】 (其实我觉得不仅是nili言喜欢董事长的问题)

【Good, good, good! Sweet, sweet, sweet! I knocked this CP!】

Because of Zhang Kai, or more precisely Yin Heng’s connivance, Bai Xinyan didn’t feel that he had made trouble.
Seeing that his Weibo was still in harmony, especially many people were happy to accept his affairs with Yin Heng.
After that, he was in a good mood and took the initiative to ask Yin Heng for credit.

Yin Heng, who specially made people spend a lot of effort to control the comments, but didn’t expect to develop into a CP of himself and Bai Xinyan: …why does it seem that Bai Xinyan is still very happy about this?

Still unaware that Bai Xinyan had “improper thoughts” about him, Yin Heng hesitated for a while, but still didn’t ask more.
In his opinion, Bai Xinyan’s thoughts were simple.
He answered the questions of fans truthfully and it was estimated that he didn’t consider too many consequences.
Since he just wanted to make Bai Xinyan happy, there was no need to pursue anything.

Moreover, Bai Xinyan didn’t give him a chance to speak and quickly changed to another topic.

“We’re going to M City tomorrow, and the recording will take a week to end.” Bai Xinyan couldn’t help sighing, “We haven’t seen each other for a week, and we have to wait at least another week.”

In fact, they chatted or played games together every night, and even made a video call if they had the chance, which was much sweeter than many couples.
However, not being able to meet him in person, it still felt a little worse.
It could be said that Bai Xinyan was at the beginning of his love affair.
He hadn’t experienced the estrus period of demon sexual maturity, so he was naturally very young about falling in love.
Although he and Yin Heng couldn’t be said to have a love affair yet, “one-sided lovesickness” was just as unstoppable, but after a few days of not seeing him in person, it felt like grass had grown in his heart.

Yin Heng was stunned by Bai Xinyan for a while.
His heart was beating even more than before as his brain was in a mess.
He didn’t know how to react.
And Bai Xinyan didn’t know what kind of impact he had caused to the other party and he was still saying more life-threatening words, “Mr Yin, I miss you so much, do you miss me?”

“……” Yin Heng was silent for several minutes until Bai Xinyan began to look wrong because of his long silence, Yin Heng had to bite the bullet and reply, “…I think so.”

It wasn’t against his heart to say this, but there seemed to be something wrong, which made Yin Heng always feel that something was becoming more and more out of control.
However, looking at Bai Xinyan’s happy look again, Yin Heng didn’t have the heart to worry about other things, but couldn’t help coming up with a thought—

In fact, he could go directly to H City to meet Bai Xinyan.

It was good to have a cultivation base.
You could go from S City to H City in a blink of an eye.
It was convenient to go back and forth without being discovered.

In fact, when Bai Xinyan encountered an accident that someone was wielding with a knife before, Yin Heng thought about going directly to H City to help him deal with the follow-up.
However, Zhang Kai was very capable and Bai Xinyan didn’t encounter any trouble, so Yin Heng dismissed the idea.
Now that Bai Xinyan said he wanted to meet him, Yin Heng naturally brought this plan to the front.

It was just… With his relationship with Bai Xinyan, it seemed a bit strange to go to meet him when there was nothing to do?

However, even so, Yin Heng still didn’t plan to give up the idea.
In order to not act so strange, he finally decided to find an excuse to go there for a business trip.
However, in this way, it wasn’t good for Yin Heng to go to H City that night.
Bai Xinyan would go to M City with the program group tomorrow.
If he went to H City, he might only meet him at the airport.

Thinking of this, Yin Heng decided to wait a little longer.
After Bai Xinyan arrived in M ​​City tomorrow night, he would go directly to M City to meet him.
The schedule arranged by the program group was very tight and he estimated that Bai Xinyan didn’t have much free time.
However, after two more episodes were recorded in M ​​City, the first phase of the recording would be over.
Yin Heng could stay in M ​​City for a while and then go back to S City with Bai Xinyan.
That way, it wouldn’t feel like he hadn’t seen him for such a long time as now.
Bai Xinyan should no longer be unhappy about it.

Yin Heng made up his mind, but instead of telling Bai Xinyan immediately, he called Zhuo Xuan and asked him if he had any related work in M ​​City that he could inspect.

Although it was just an excuse, Yin Heng felt that it would be better if there should be such a thing, so that he would feel more at ease.
As for why he felt at ease like this, Yin Heng subconsciously ignored the past with a sense of crisis.

For this reason, Zhuo Xuan had to carefully look through the information for a long time and finally reported to Yin Heng, “A resort in M ​​City has just been renovated, just in time to take a look.” Although this resort was very small, it was far from necessary for Yin Heng to inspect it in person, but as a border city with not a particularly developed economy, M City was the only project that Zhuo Xuan could find that was a close industry related to Yin Heng.

Fortunately, Yin Heng originally only needed to have such a thing.
He didn’t dislike inspecting a small broken project.

The next night, 《Career Story》 program group took a plane and then chartered a car to the hotel in M ​​City.
For the convenience of recording and due to limited conditions, the hotel arranged by the program group this time was only a very general three-star hotel.

At the same time, Yin Heng also easily came to his only property in M ​​City, the luxury resort of a small broken project.

Since they weren’t in S City, the distance between the two was only a few dozen kilometres for the first time.

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