43 Meet (见面)


Thanks to the program group, after staying in the hotel, they had to start recording directly the next day after a night’s rest.
Most of the people who had been on the plane and bus for a few hours also had a backache, so they took the time to rest after arriving at the destination.

Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai, demons who had more energy, were still very energetic.
After Li Zhibai put a mask on himself, he habitually went to Bai Xinyan to play games together, but he didn’t know that Bai Xinyan had no thoughts about him at all at this time.

“Are you in M City?” Bai Xinyan received Yin Heng’s news and immediately dialled a video call with a surprised expression.

Yin Heng was still a little uneasy at first and felt that what he did on purpose was a bit strange.
However, when he saw Bai Xinyan’s bright eyes, he suddenly felt that all the strange feelings were gone.
This decision was completely correct!

“En, I have a job to come to M City and I will probably stay for a week.
When your program is finished, we can go back together.” Yin Heng said in a warm voice.

Bai Xinyan was naturally happy to hear this.
He couldn’t help but ask after a while, “Where do you stay? No, do you not come and see me?”

Looking at Bai Xinyan’s anticipation and shyness, Yin Heng immediately had the idea of appearing directly in front of him, holding the person in his arms, and rubbing his head.
But in the end, he just paused and said, “…I’ll see you when it’s convenient for you.”

Bai Xinyan didn’t hear the patience in his tone, but immediately said with bright eyes, “It’s convenient for me now!”

“……” Seeing this, Yin Heng couldn’t help but hold his breath.
His Adam’s apple rolled slowly and then said helplessly, “Don’t make trouble.
You have to record the show tomorrow.
The people in the program group are all there.
It’s not appropriate for me to go to the hotel to find you.”

“I can come out and find you!” Bai Xinyan answered quickly.
Obviously, he didn’t give up on meeting him immediately.
It was okay that Yin Heng didn’t come.
Now that he knew that the other party was in the same city as him, it was very close to him.
Bai Xinyan, who had been thinking about him for several days, naturally couldn’t sit still.

Yin Heng had no choice but to take Bai Xinyan and finally agreed to meet him.
Bai Xinyan didn’t know any spells at all.
It was estimated that he would be discovered in minutes if he slipped out.
It was better for him to use a hidden spell to go directly to Bai Xinyan’s room.

Bai Xinyan, who persuaded Yin Heng, sat happily on the bed and waited for the other party to appear.

This hotel was in average condition.
As a newcomer, Bai Xinyan didn’t book a luxury suite.
The room wasn’t small, but except for the bed, there was only an old two-seater sofa, which looked uncomfortable.
Bai Xinyan just finished taking a bath, still wearing his furry rabbit pyjamas, and sat on the bed without any precaution.

When Yin Heng appeared in the room, he saw such a picture and was caught off guard, all the thoughts in his mind were cut off for a moment.

Although he just watched the video, Yin Heng didn’t know that Bai Xinyan was wearing pyjamas because he only saw the face and not the whole body.
It was the one with fur, hat, and long ears! At first glance now, even if Bai Xinyan hadn’t put on the hat with rabbit ears, Yin Heng couldn’t help but think of Bai Xinyan’s real rabbit ears he had seen once.

The boy with fluffy ears made him feel excited and even almost lost his temper at the beginning.
However, now the other party was still sitting on the bed softly, with some scent and water vapour from the shower.
He looked at him, who suddenly appeared, defenceless, surprised, and with expectation…

Yin Heng suddenly felt… it was really hard to resist.

He coughed uncomfortably, forced himself to look away, and even nearly ran away from the room.

“Mr Yin, you’re here!” Bai Xinyan couldn’t feel the storm in his heart at all and jumped at him directly from the bed in surprise.
Fortunately, there was still a little bit of restraint left and he stopped in front of Yin Heng, instead of jumping directly into his arms.

“Finally, I can see Mr Yin again.
I feel that Mr Yin has become more good-looking again!” Bai Xinyan showed Yin Heng a dazzling smile without hesitation.

Yin Heng was caught off guard by him, but he still remained calm on the surface.
He could only simply say “um” to avoid exposure.

Bai Xinyan didn’t care either and pulled Yin Heng to make him sit on the bed.

“…I’ll just sit on the sofa.” Yin Heng said with a cough a little.

Bai Xinyan insisted on giving half of his bed to Yin Heng, “The sofa is empty and it’s not comfortable to sit at all, so it’s better to just sit on the bed.”

Just as they were chatting, there was a sudden knock on the door, accompanied by Li Zhibai’s voice calling him, “Xiao Bai, what are you doing?”

“……” Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan were both stunned.
Yin Heng frowned when he heard the knock on the door then paused and said, “Someone is coming, then I have to leave first.
I’ll see you when I have a chance.” If someone found out that he suddenly appeared in Bai Xinyan’s room at night, it would cause some trouble.
They had met face to face.
After that, he could chat remotely if he had anything to say and didn’t have to stay here.

However, Bai Xinyan immediately caught Yin Heng when he heard the words and said to Yin Heng without hesitation, “Mr Yin, you don’t have to go.
I can solve it right away.”

Yin Heng didn’t plan to change his mind, but seeing Li Zhibai’s knocking on the door getting more and more urgent, he seemed to be in a hurry, and Bai Xinyan insisted on holding his sleeves to keep him from leaving, so Yin Heng had to compromise.
“Okay, I’m not leaving.
You can open the door.” After speaking, he took the initiative to go to the place where he couldn’t be seen from the door and used a trick.

Seeing that he agreed, Bai Xinyan smiled and ran to open the door.
However, when he opened the door and faced Li Zhibai, he didn’t look like he was soft and sweet to Yin Heng.
Instead, he gave Li Zhibai dissatisfied look and said in a bad tone, “Why?”

Li Zhibai first breathed a sigh of relief when he saw this and then couldn’t help scolding him.
“Why didn’t you reply to my WeChat for so long? And it took so long to open the door after knocking on the door.
I thought something happened to you.”

Bai Xinyan was very dissatisfied with the fox who came to disturb his “date”.
At the same time, he also retained a little worry that Yin Heng would like Li Zhibai’s face.
He immediately wanted to send him away, vigilantly and rudely said, “Nothing, I probably didn’t see your WeChat.
I’m going to sleep now.
Don’t disturb me again.”

Li Zhibai was taken aback by his tone.
Although Bai Xinyan became ruder to him after becoming familiar, but such an obviously stiff tone seemed to be hidden something and it seemed like someone else was listening.
Li Zhibai quickly thought of some movies and TV dramas.
Soon, he came up with a bad guess.
He looked at Bai Xinyan who didn’t let him in, swallowed his saliva, and his heart was beating wildly.

Could it be that Bai Xinyan was threatened by someone?

Seeing that Bai Xinyan seemed impatient to drive him out, the thought in Li Zhibai’s mind became clearer.
Bai Xinyan had always been polite.
He hadn’t slept so early recently and he wouldn’t speak to him in such a stiff tone.
Obviously, if he didn’t reply to his WeChat and didn’t let him enter the door, he might be forced and the person who threatened him was probably in the room! Li Zhibai naturally discovered the vitality of Bai Xinyan after getting along for so long.
With such a special physique, it might provoke something unclean!

Thinking of this, Li Zhibai was in a hurry.
After making up his mind, he pretended to leave, but when Bai Xinyan wasn’t prepared, he used the agility of the fox to get in.

Although Bai Xinyan felt that Li Zhibai was a little worried and anxious, he had no idea what direction his thoughts had dispersed.
For a moment, he didn’t notice, let Li Zhibai jump into the room.

However, it was useless to jump in.
With Li Zhibai’s cultivation base not much stronger than Bai Xinyan’s, of course, he couldn’t see through Yin Heng’s sly tricks.
But Bai Xinyan didn’t realize this.
What he paid more attention to was that now Yin Heng could see Li Zhibai’s face directly and immediately followed after the reaction.

“You… there’s nothing strange…” Li Zhibai didn’t see anything wrong, so he couldn’t help but look suspiciously at Bai Xinyan who was like a great enemy.

Bai Xinyan didn’t see Yin Heng.
For a moment, he thought that he didn’t keep his promise and sneaked away.
His expression changed immediately.
But soon, the ray of demon power belonging to Yin Heng on his wrist suddenly moved.
Bai Xinyan was stunned for a moment and immediately felt that the person with the same breath was standing beside him.

After Bai Xinyan realized that Yin Heng hadn’t actually left, his mood immediately improved.
Moreover, Yin Heng specially used a trick to prevent Li Zhibai from seeing it, which made Bai Xinyan once again confirm that he really didn’t have any special thoughts about Li Zhibai, so his attitude towards Li Zhibai was much better.

“It’s all right.
Hurry back to your own room.” Don’t stay here to waste time between myself and Yin Heng.

Li Zhibai was still a little sceptical.
Although he wasn’t a powerful demon himself, he still had a little bit of senior care for Bai Xinyan, a seemingly heartless guy.
Worrying that something bad might affect his mind, Li Zhibai immediately wanted to call Zhang Kai to check the room again.

Bai Xinyan originally wanted to rely on his physical strength to throw Li Zhibai out.
However, seeing that he was on guard and even wanted to call others to help, Yin Heng simply set up a barrier then directly removed the cover and stood in front of Li Zhibai.

Fortunately, Li Zhibai was also a demon, and after this period of observation, it seemed to be quite trustworthy.
It wasn’t a big problem to be seen by him.
It was better than disturbing a group of ordinary people in the program group.

When Li Zhibai was about to be vigilant when he found that a person suddenly appeared in the room, he saw Yin Heng’s face…

“You, you are…” Li Zhibai was stunned.
Although he had seen Yin Heng’s photos, the impact of seeing the real person in person was still great, especially for Li Zhibai, who had always refused to admit that he wasn’t as good as the other.

Bai Xinyan was also surprised to see Yin Heng’s sudden appearance.
However, seeing Li Zhibai’s incoherent expression of being “stunned” by Yin Heng’s appearance, Bai Xinyan suddenly approached Yin Heng with a sense of crisis, deliberately showing off and said to Li Zhibai with the meaning of the protest:

“Mr Yin also came to M City, so he came to see me on purpose.”

“…ah?” Li Zhibai was stunned for a while until he saw his possessive expression before he slowly understood what Bai Xinyan meant.

Li Zhibai: “……” For a moment, he didn’t know whether it was because his beauty was being suppressed, or whether he was worried about Bai Xinyan, and in the end, he was forced to be given dog food by the others.

What a love-brained little white-eyed wolf who didn’t know good hearts!

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