Everyone’s expressions became more and more strange.
They couldn’t help but look at Bai Xinyan several times with meaningful eyes.

Seeing this, Bai Xinyan felt that a cauldron had fallen from the sky and was very innocent.
Looking at the director, it seemed that he was still not ready to let go, so he simply dismantled Li Zhibai’s real purpose, “Director, he is afraid of encountering tigers, so he can rest assured if he’s with me.
Otherwise, to the extent that he is afraid of tigers, I guess this episode won’t be able to shoot well.”

When the director first heard Bai Xinyan’s words, he thought he was joking.
However, when he looked at Li Zhibai again, it turned out to be an expression of being betrayed guilty conscience that was exposed.
The next moment he gritted his teeth and admitted it then insisted on teaming up with Bai Xinyan and used the excuse of not affecting the shooting of the show.

“……” The director and the others were stunned for a while.
The forest ranger couldn’t help but emphasize again, “Actually, it’s almost impossible for us to encounter the tiger.
You don’t need to be…”

Before the word “afraid” was uttered, Li Zhibai had already shown how frightened he was.
With obvious fear on his face, he said without hesitation, “What if I encounter that slightest chance?”

In the end, the director couldn’t, so he changed the group for Li Zhibai.
After all, depending on his appearance, if he didn’t agree, it would really affect the shooting of the show.
And the point of being afraid of tigers was also very explosive, so he wouldn’t be afraid of being with Bai Xinyan, he guessed it would poke the cute point for CP fans.
Therefore, he let them get together for another episode.

So in the end, Bai Xinyan, Li Zhibai, and Tang Yuying formed a group.
When the forest ranger took them to the forest, he couldn’t help but repeat that they would never encounter a tiger.

“I’ve been working for so many years, but I haven’t seen it once.
Usually, the cameras that are specially installed in the forest occasionally take pictures.” The forest ranger said, “I’ll take you to the deeper place, you’ll know that there are no tigers.
In fact, there aren’t many larger wild animals now.
They are very clever and will hide from people.”

The forest ranger took them, explaining the work content and precautions while introducing the plants and animals they encountered from time to time.

It was really hard to walk in the mountain forest without roads, but for the two demons Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai, of course, it was easy to walk for an hour or two.
But Tang Yuying couldn’t do it.
Although she was wearing well-fitting sports shoes, she was tired after walking for a long time.
She asked others to stop and wait for her to rest.
Without saying anything, she sprained her foot.

The accompanying staff immediately dealt with her, but Tang Yuying obviously couldn’t walk by herself for a while.

This episode of the show would have to be recorded for two or three days.
As a result, she sprained her foot at the beginning and didn’t know if she could continue to participate in the later filming.

The director’s face suddenly turned ugly after learning about it, but it wasn’t easy to be angry with the injured person, so he could only ask someone to send her down.
Unexpectedly, Tang Yuying really had no EQ at all.
She was unwilling to temporarily give up today’s filming and go down the mountain, but she couldn’t go down the mountain, so she hoped that Li Zhibai would carry her.

For a while, the eyes of everyone present looked at Tang Yuying and couldn’t say a word.

The mountain road was already difficult to walk, but she was embarrassed to expect Li Zhibai to continue recording the show while she was behind his back.
How big of a face and how thick-skinned was this to say that?

Many people in the program group had already fallen to the bottom in their impression of her.
The forest ranger, who had just met, originally saw that Tang Yuying was young, sweet, and lovely, felt distressed that the little girl had a sprained foot.
At this time, he couldn’t help but feel that this person was so ignorant.

Tang Yuying was sent down the mountain after that, so Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai felt more comfortable afterwards.

“Your Majesty called me to patrol the mountains~” Bai Xinyan’s family lived in the deep mountain.
He was familiar with “patrol the mountain” and hadn’t felt the fresh air in the mountain for a long time since he left his hometown.
Now when he had a chance, he couldn’t help but slowly spread his joy, humming messy tunes and running around the forest vigorously.
(“大王叫我来巡山咯~”, the song probably refers to this song)

Although Li Zhibai was a demon, he didn’t grow up in the forest.
His energy wasn’t as good as Bai Xinyan’s.
Although he wasn’t tired, he wasn’t interested in running around like Bai Xinyan.
The focus was on watching out for a tiger that might appear in the slightest.

Bai Xinyan’s running and bouncing look were lively and cute, just like a small animal that really lived in the forest.
It didn’t destroy the natural atmosphere of the forest in the camera but had a strange sense of harmony.
People couldn’t help showing a comfortable smile.
Coupled with some interesting little details and interactions, the director’s mood that was destroyed by Tang Yuying had been restored.
He had a hunch that the effect of this cut-out and broadcast must be very good!

The work of the forest rangers was very hard, so they had to stay in the mountain all day to record the program, and only eat some dry food at noon.

In the afternoon, they had entered a deeper part of the forest.
However, after such a few hours of peace and safety, Li Zhibai’s nervous tension due to his fear of tigers gradually relaxed.
Seeing that the sun began to set in the west, they were about to go down the mountain, Li Zhibai was almost no longer worried.

However, the world made people, and at this moment, a faint roar suddenly came from a distance.
(然而世事弄人, not sure but I guess it’s something to do with “fortune tricked people” or “a quirk of fate”?)

The voice wasn’t real.
The others were still wondering, but Li Zhibai’s face turned pale with a “swoosh”.
With his keen sense of fear of a specific race, Li Zhibai already knew what it was.

You, you said that it was impossible to meet a tiger!? QAQ


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