45 In Danger (遇险)


It was just a faint roar.
After a while, others thought that maybe they heard it wrong.
“It may be the sound of wind in the distance.” The forest ranger reassured them.

However, Li Zhibai quickly hid by Bai Xinyan’s side and said firmly, “It must be a tiger!”

Others didn’t believe what he said at first.
They just thought Li Zhibai was overreacting, but after seeing this team, they were ready to go back.
However, what they didn’t expect was that after they walked for a while, they heard the animal’s roar with a vicious aura again.
And this time it was much clearer than last time.

This time, people who didn’t take it seriously at first couldn’t help but change their faces slightly.
Li Zhibai was even more panicked.
“We won’t get closer to that tiger, right?”

“It’s alright, even if we do encounter a tiger, it will take the initiative to avoid so many people.” The forest ranger was still very calm.
The others, who had been influenced by Li Zhibai, also quickly calmed down after listening to him.
The group continued to walk down the mountain.

It was just that they didn’t go out after walking for a long time and the sky was getting darker a little bit.
It even began to gradually become cloudy, with signs of heavy rain.

“What’s the matter? According to the weather forecast, it’s obviously impossible to have rain today.” Seeing the dark clouds approaching, the light in the forest was getting worse and worse, everyone was more worried than when they found out that there might be tigers.
In the mountains and forests of modern society, encountering severe weather was much more dangerous than encountering wild animals.
On rainy days, slippery roads were troublesome, not to mention that in the event of thunder and lightning or landslides caused by heavy rain.
Weak human beings couldn’t withstand any one of them.

The forest ranger’s face became very ugly after the weather changed.
According to his estimation, they had walked for two or three hours and should have almost reached the periphery of the forest.
However, now they seemed to be lost and had been spinning in one place.
Afraid of other people’s worries, the forest ranger didn’t say that they seemed to be taking a detour, but after looking at the compass and walking for a while, he finally said, “The weather is not very good.
Let’s contact the people at the foot of the mountain to help us.”

The others were also a little flustered.
They hurried to get in touch, only to find that the signal in the forest was very poor and the phone couldn’t get through.
Even the specially prepared radio communication equipment had a problem, it was impossible to contact the people at the down of the mountain.

“What, what to do with this!?” Everyone panicked even more.

It was at this time that the dark clouds that had been accumulating for a long time finally began to roll and collide, then a thunderstorm sounded.
The next moment, the pouring rain fell “crashing”.
Even if there were dense trees and branches to resist, people in the program group were poured with a deep chill.

Although they brought raincoats, the rain was so heavy that a thin raincoat couldn’t cover them much and they were still greatly affected when they moved.

Under the double threat of heavy rain and lightning, the forest ranger could only take them to find a place to shelter from the rain first.
He had walked in this forest for more than ten years and was still familiar with where he could take a little shelter from the rain.
It was just that they got lost their way inexplicably before and this time, he didn’t know if they could find the place smoothly.

The forest ranger was very worried, but it didn’t take long for them to find a cave that was half the size, enough for them to take shelter from the rain for a while.

“This cave can’t be an animal’s nest, right…” A staff member who was already quite frightened couldn’t help but say while seeing it happily.

“There are no traces of wild animals nearby.
It should be fine.” The forest ranger said, stepping forward carefully, “I’ll take a look.”

Li Zhibai was worried that there would be tigers in the cave, so naturally he didn’t dare to go there for a while.
However, Bai Xinyan kept up with the forest ranger and still followed him after seeing this.

Fortunately, there was nothing in the cave.
There was no smell or trace of animals living here.

The group entered the cave, finally taking a breather.
But it was still mid-spring.
Even though they were wearing raincoats, they were still somewhat wet.
At this time, they couldn’t help feeling the chills penetrated into their bones.
Although there was a place to shelter from the rain, it was still very uncomfortable.

More importantly, they seemed to be completely trapped on the mountain because of the heavy rain.
Not only couldn’t go down the mountain by themselves, but they couldn’t even communicate with the outside world.
Thinking of this, these people panicked.

“It’s alright.
We can’t get in touch when it’s raining.
The people at the foot of the mountain will definitely find someone to pick us up.” The director who especially followed their group on the mountain road for a day was actually tiring and cold, but he still tried his best to appease the others.
“We shouldn’t be far down the mountain now.”

The forest ranger couldn’t say that they seemed to have gone the wrong way and got into trouble.
He could only try to calm down and comfort the others together.

After all, they were all modern people who had never really encountered danger.
They still subconsciously felt that something wouldn’t happen to them.

Only Bai Xinyan, who had nothing to worry about, still frowned slightly, feeling that something was wrong.

At this time, the people at the foot of the mountain had indeed discovered the problem.
It was already evening.
According to the plan, the guests should almost come back.
Tang Yuying, who had sprained her foot in the morning, had already gone down the mountain smoothly.
Ai Qiao’s group also came back on time.
Only Bai Xinyan and his team, not only did they not go down the mountain in time, they couldn’t be even gotten in touch!

Although they thought they might just be a little late, out of concern, the program group prepared to go up the mountain to rescue.
They also informed Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai’s agents.

After Zhang Kai learned of this, he was much more nervous than the staff for a while.
He immediately reported it to Yin Heng and planned to follow the rescue team to find them if there was still no one there.

However, Yin Heng’s reaction was more urgent than his.
Even after confirming with Zhang Kai, saying that Bai Xinyan just hadn’t come down and couldn’t be contacted.
There should be no danger.
Yin Heng still quickly arranged more professional rescue teams and equipment and decided to go up to find people first.

“It’s very likely that they encountered something difficult in the mountain.
The rescue of ordinary people is probably useless.
I can know where Xinyan is and go to him to solve the problem first.
Let the rescuers come directly after I inform you.” Yin Heng explained to Zhuo Xuan and Zhang Kai.

Zhang Kai quickly agreed and then told the people in the program group, “Our chairman happened to be in M ​​City.
I heard that there might be an accident and another team of rescuers was arranged, which has already gone up the mountain.
If there is any news, I will inform you at any time.” Of course, in fact, only Yin Heng was up the mountain now.

Others didn’t expect Yin Heng to “make a big fuss” and it didn’t go well, so he specially asked someone to rescue them.
It seemed that Bai Xinyan or Li Zhibai was definitely valued by the big boss.

And in a short period of time, a qualified rescue team could be pulled up, which wasn’t only something that could be done with the money.
This chairman of Xinghuan, who had always been unusually low-key, seemed to have a quite complicated background.

Many people couldn’t help thinking like this at the moment.
At the same time, the person in charge quickly said that they would immediately send out the rescuers on their side and wouldn’t continue to wait.
After all, artists from other companies might have had an accident in their show and directly asked the company boss to arrange for someone to rescue them.
If their program group was still watching, it wasn’t reasonable.

However, Zhang Kai stopped him, saying that there was no need to rush up the mountain and wait for some feedback from there to come over.

Although the person in charge didn’t understand the reason for the other party’s behaviour, he was still persuaded by Zhang Kai in the end.
In fact, Zhang Kai was just afraid that they would go up and cause trouble for Yin Heng.
With Yin Heng’s ability, since he knew where Bai Xinyan was, it would be easy to solve the problem.

At this time, the group of people trapped in the cave by the rainstorm encountered another big crisis—

There were other “things” who also thought of this cave to shelter from the rain! And this “thing” was nothing else but the tiger that Li Zhibai was terribly afraid of!

Due to the smell of soil and grass and leaves splashed by the rain, coupled with the uncomfortable feeling of having clothes sticking to the body wetly, and most importantly, worrying that his hair would be wet and messed up by the wind and rain, which affected his image, Li Zhibai didn’t notice any other aura approaching the cave for a while.

It wasn’t until the sensory cells that he ignored began to protest strongly that Li Zhibai was suddenly surprised.
However, at this time, a huge figure in yellow and black had appeared at the entrance of the cave.
Li Zhibai wasn’t the only one who discovered it.

“Ti, ti, ti, tiger!!” Someone shouted one step ahead of Li Zhibai in horror.
All of a sudden the nerves of everyone who had just relaxed were tense again.
And this time, it was even tighter.
After all, it was a big tiger with sharp teeth and was more than half the height!

This time, even the forest ranger changed his face, let alone other people.
Trembling legs, shivering, and heart palpitations were normal phenomena.
And Li Zhibai, who had expressed his fear of tigers incisively and vividly before, hid directly behind Bai Xinyan at this time and even almost uncontrollably changed back to his original form.

Back then, when he hadn’t cultivated into a demon, he was so frightened by a tiger that he was almost eaten directly.
The psychological shadow hadn’t improved so far.
Even if he encountered a tiger now, even if he couldn’t beat it, he could still run, but he was still afraid.

He didn’t expect to participate in a reality show and meet a tiger.
This show wouldn’t be against him, right! Li Zhibai didn’t care that Bai Xinyan was actually a less timid rabbit than he was.
Hiding behind Bai Xinyan, he refused to come out again.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t move.
It should just come to hide from the rain.
We have a lot of people, as long as we don’t provoke it, it shouldn’t take the initiative to attack.” The forest ranger tried to stabilize his voice and soothe them in a low voice.
At the same time, let everyone get closer to each other, made room for the tiger, and stayed away.

Maybe he was right.
The huge tiger saw a group of people in the cave but didn’t show any signs of attacking.
Instead, after a moment of silent confrontation with them, it slowly paced to the open space in the cave and half lay down.

Seeing that the tiger really didn’t attack them and assumed a peaceful attitude, the forest ranger breathed a sigh of relief and was about to tell them to be careful next time, but he saw a scene that made his heart jump out of his throat—

Bai Xinyan suddenly approached the tiger for some reason.
He even seemed to want to reach out and touch it.
And the tiger was really stimulated.
It stood up all of a sudden, took a defensive attitude towards Bai Xinyan, and let out a threatening growl.

“What are you doing! Come back quickly!” The forest ranger almost turned black, thinking that Bai Xinyan, this child had always been obedient, why did he suddenly rise to die!

However, Bai Xinyan didn’t listen to him and didn’t show a look of fear.
Instead, he suddenly realized something and said, “I just said that something is wrong.
How could a normal tiger have this attitude toward me!”

Others who heard:  ……???

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