46 Rescue (救援)


Everyone couldn’t help but think, what should the tiger’s attitude towards Bai Xinyan be? What kind of attitude could tigers have towards people if they didn’t have this attitude? The more they thought about it, the more they felt that Bai Xinyan was probably a fool.
Could the tiger be like the dog before, wagging its tail when it saw Bai Xinyan?

When everyone thought so, they saw that the tiger opened its bloody mouth full of fangs at Bai Xinyan.
It seemed that the terrifying sharp teeth would pierce Bai Xinyan’s body in the next second.
Their hearts suddenly accelerated and couldn’t even help but shout.

“Stay away!” the forest ranger suddenly shouted.
However, Li Zhibai, who was particularly afraid of tigers, was relieved when he saw this, thinking that Bai Xinyan should be able to get rid of the tiger.

Just when the others were most nervous, the tiger let out a deafening roar at Bai Xinyan, posing an attacking posture, but it didn’t really bite.

People involuntarily held their breath for a moment, but they quickly regained their hearts.
Looking at this tiger’s appearance, Bai Xinyan was still in a very dangerous state!

However, then they saw that Bai Xinyan not only didn’t change his face when dealing with the tiger one or two times his size, but even turned his head and walked away without warning after the tiger demonstrated to him… (甚至直接在老虎对自己示威之后)

These people couldn’t help looking at each other blankly.
Li Zhibai realised something, but when he saw the tiger that was no longer blocked by Bai Xinyan, he was too frightened to think about the reason for Bai Xinyan’s actions.

“This tiger is definitely not real.
It’s probably just an illusion.
Even the cave and the rain may be faked.” Bai Xinyan whispered to himself after discovering that the tiger’s reaction was wrong.

In fact, what these people guessed just now was really correct.
The normal tiger Bai Xinyan knew wasn’t like the dogs in the first issue, but they would definitely be very close.
It was impossible to roar at him like this.
Because the original form of Mother Bai was a tiger, and she was also a big demon with very powerful demon power, Bai Xinyan also had the vitality that all animals liked.
Under the dual effect of blood pressure and pleasant physique, ordinary tigers must be very well-behaved in front of him.
This one wasn’t behaving properly.
It was clearly not a normal tiger.

And since they couldn’t go out for a long time, Bai Xinyan felt a little bit wrong.
After the rainstorm poured down, the wrong feeling became more and more obvious.
Coupled with the tiger’s appearance, Bai Xinyan completely concluded that they must have encountered an abnormal situation.

Although Bai Xinyan’s cultivation level was poor, he still had basic knowledge of cultivation techniques.
At this time, he almost guessed that they were likely to fall into an illusion.
It was just that his cultivation base was average.
Relying on his relatively keen intuition alone, he couldn’t find the cause of the illusion at once.
Moreover, things like illusions weren’t better than direct attacks, which needed to rely on spiritual knowledge to resist, and simple defensive magic tools weren’t effective.

However, Bai Xinyan had Qingxin Vine that was good for spiritual consciousness, so it wasn’t easy to be completely restricted by the illusion.
And if you look for it carefully, you should be able to find the flaws in the illusion and break it.
It was just that this was really troublesome.
It was estimated that it would take a lot of time.

Bai Xinyan was going to work so hard to search and check the surrounding things bit by bit, but at this time, he felt that the demon power that Yin Heng gave him on his wrist seemed… suddenly increased.
It was as if he had woken up from hibernation and become active.

“Is this the discovery of a monster nearby?” Bai Xinyan’s eyes suddenly lit up.
However, his performance this time wasn’t the same as when he met Li Zhibai last time.
Bai Xinyan couldn’t get any information from Yin Heng’s demon power, but he felt that his spiritual power suddenly filled up as if his cultivation had improved a lot at once.

Bai Xinyan was stunned for a moment.
Before he had time to think about what was going on, he easily discovered the centre of this illusion with the help of his cultivation.

Others saw that Bai Xinyan threw down the tiger directly, turned his head, and walked towards the entrance of the cave.
He then suddenly squatted down and reached out to find something on the ground.
The tiger, seeing Bai Xinyan’s back to him, didn’t attack directly, but turned to look at… Li Zhibai and roared again.

However, this time, before Li Zhibai was scared, Bai Xinyan grabbed something on the ground and pulled it out.
He had a lot of strength and the strength of his hands wasn’t small this time.
He didn’t know if it was because of this reason that the illusion was quickly destroyed.

Li Zhibai saw that the big tiger, which had a fierce look at him before, suddenly disappeared.
After being surprised, he realised something.
He suddenly felt that he had lost face.
He was frightened by the illusion and didn’t realise that something was wrong…

However, except for Li Zhibai, the others were completely stunned.
Tigers were scary, but it was also scary when a tiger suddenly disappeared in front of you!

And it wasn’t just that the tiger disappeared, but also the cave where they stayed, and even the pouring rain outside.

They found that the golden sunset was still hanging in the clear sky.
There was no sign of rain at all.
The trees and soil were also dry.
Their group were huddled together, without a drop of water on their bodies, and foolishly hugging their raincoats…

This, this… what the hell?

These ordinary human beings looked at each other and found that they had the same stupid and shocked expressions on their faces.
They couldn’t help but shiver again.
Although the sky was still fine now, after experiencing such a strange thing, everyone felt a chill for a while and was even more afraid than before.
At least the tiger could be seen and touched, so it was better to hide.
The unknown things like ghosts were really hard to guard against.

Bai Xinyan knew that these people would definitely be frightened by the sudden broken environment, but he couldn’t change their memories for them.
It was estimated that Li Zhibai would also be useless.
He could only catch the culprit and see if there was any way.
Therefore, Bai Xinyan looked at what he was holding…

A chubby mushroom!

This was a chubby, short mushroom.
It was half a finger wide and the colour was vibrant and gorgeous.
It looked quite cute.
But what it did wasn’t very cute at all.

Bai Xinyan looked at it and felt that this was also a mushroom that had become proficient.
Now that it had become a mythical goblin spirit (精), it meant that it did that on purpose to confuse them with illusion before!

Bai Xinyan immediately used more force on his hands.
Then soon, he felt the mushroom in his hand conveying the emotion of begging for mercy to him, “It hurts, so hurts… let me go QAQ”

Although this mushroom goblin didn’t really do anything to them and probably because of insufficient cultivation, it couldn’t even let the tiger in the fantasy realm bite them, but it caused them trouble anyway.
It really scared them, except Bai Xinyan.
Of course, Bai Xinyan wouldn’t let go so easily.

Yin Heng stimulated the demon power that was given to Bai Xinyan.
When he arrived according to his position, Bai Xinyan was “torturing” the chubby mushroom, but there was no result.
The mushroom seemed to have matured not long ago and was naughty by nature.
It was rare to encounter such a large group of people, so it relied on its talent to create a fantasy to play with them.
Now that the illusion had been lifted, the mushroom was nothing but this talent.
It was obviously hopeless to rely on it to erase the memory of this group of ordinary people.

Although this wasn’t what he did, there was no need to be afraid of getting a penalty and being re-educated by the Non-Human Administration.
After all, it was a show.
As a result, a group of people thought it was a ghost and the impact on the show was expected to be bad.
And Bai Xinyan’s performance was special.
Maybe it would make them think of something.

Because of this, Bai Xinyan was frowning and had been thinking about whether to find a way to call Zhang Kai to come over and change their memory before these people went down the mountain to reveal it to others.
But at this time, Yin Heng arrived.

When Yin Heng came from the forest, everyone was stunned.
Except for Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai who knew the unexpected appearance of Yin Heng, the rest of the ordinary people were surprised by his face at first.
After they finally recovered, they couldn’t help but take a breath and beat drums in their hearts.
They suspected that Yin Heng was a goblin ghost that could confuse people.
In addition, Yin Heng’s aura was cold and frightening, so even though he looked so impressive, these people shivered involuntarily and backed away a little.

Then they saw Bai Xinyan happily pounced on the goblin ghost who could charm people by his appearance alone.

Before they could reach out to stop the “too simple” Bai Xinyan, they heard him run up to the other party and say something like this, “Mr Yin, why are you here?”

Wait! Bai Xinyan knew this goblin?

The faces of these people didn’t know how many times they collapsed in a day and when they remembered that Bai Xinyan called the chairman of Xinghuan like that in the previous Weibo interview, their expressions suddenly became more distorted.

The chairman of Xinghuan like this? Are you kidding me!?

Everyone felt that they had fallen into some kind of illusion again.
After a while, this “Chairman of Xinghuan”, who hardly looked like a real person, would probably disappear suddenly like the tiger before.

Bai Xinyan didn’t know that these people were doubting life.
After seeing Yin Heng, he was so happy that he forgot everything.
His face and eyes were full of undisguised joy.

Yin Heng was in a hurry when he came, but now he saw that Bai Xinyan wasn’t in any danger, and his originally ups and downs suddenly calmed down.
However, seeing Bai Xinyan’s eyes full of himself, his mentality suddenly became unstable.

Taking a deep breath without a trace, Yin Heng temporarily suppressed the throbbing that he had been aware of.
In the end, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch Bai Xinyan’s head.
He said warmly, “Zhang Kai said that he suddenly couldn’t contact you all of a sudden.
I was worried that something was wrong with you, so I came to see.” Of course, now it seemed that Bai Xinyan had nothing wrong.

In fact, the probability of Bai Xinyan having an accident was very small, not to mention he had the defensive magic tool he carried that had demon power left by Yin Heng.
As long as he encountered an attack above the foundation, it would take the initiative to give a message to Yin Heng and provide Bai Xinyan’s location.
That was to say, whenever Bai Xinyan was slightly dangerous, Yin Heng would know immediately.

And this time, Yin Heng didn’t receive anything.
Obviously, Bai Xinyan didn’t encounter any major trouble, but he couldn’t help rushing over immediately.

Even though he deliberately ignored the past for a while, Yin Heng actually realised in his heart that his attention to Bai Xinyan… was somewhat beyond the limit.


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