47 Dog Food (狗粮)


“I’m fine,” Bai Xinyan suddenly revealed a brighter smile upon hearing Yin Heng’s words.
At the same time, he remembered the chubby mushroom in his hand and immediately handed it to Yin Heng, “We were caught by this mushroom’s illusion just now.
It’s all right now.
But it can’t blur the memories of those people.” Bai Xinyan lowered the volume of the following words, so that the director and others who were already confused couldn’t hear them.

“It’s okay.
I’ll solve it.” Yin Heng glanced at the chubby mushroom, and then said to Bai Xinyan, “Next time, don’t take this kind of thing with your hands.
It might be poisonous.”

Bai Xinyan was stunned and obediently said “oh” without telling Yin Heng that he was so courageous because he wouldn’t be poisoned.
There were so many vitalities in his body that there was no place to put them.
Harmful toxins couldn’t get in at all.

The chubby mushroom was very discreet.
It was already trembling when Bai Xinyan caught him, but it became more honest after Yin Heng appeared.
It wished that it would immediately lose weight to a strand of hair, so as not to attract Yin Heng’s attention at all.
However, since it used the illusion to play Bai Xinyan, even if it had short hair, Yin Heng would definitely not let it go easily.

“I’ll take care of this.” Yin Heng took the chubby mushroom from Bai Xinyan’s hand.
The fat mushroom that fell into the demon’s clutch suddenly shivered.

Although Bai Xinyan was strong, his cultivation base wasn’t high and there was no strong pressure, but he was still full of vitality.
Any creature would feel comfortable when approaching him.
On the other hand, Yin Heng was different.
Even if he didn’t release the pressure intentionally, the cold aura around him was enough to scare a little goblin like this chubby mushroom to death.

At the same time, the chubby mushroom was trembling and couldn’t help begging Bai Xinyan for help, “Woo woo woo, I was wrong, I shouldn’t tease you.
Can it be because I didn’t intend to really harm you, no, don’t let this person eat me  ┭┮ ﹏ ┭┮”

“He won’t eat you.” Bai Xinyan said immediately upon seeing this.
However, seeing the pitiful appearance of the chubby mushroom, he softened his heart and asked Yin Heng, “Mr Yin, what are you going to do with it?”

Yin Heng originally wanted to retaliate in his own way, by throwing the chubby mushroom into a terrifying illusion for a few days to frighten it for a few days.
However, seeing Bai Xinyan’s apparent softened heart, Yin Heng paused for a while, then changed the answer, “I have a place dedicated to managing and educating little monsters like this.
I’m going to throw it in too.”

Knowing that this “management education class” was actually training for the little goblin who had just become a mythical spirit and Zhang Kai also participated in this kind of training, Bai Xinyan felt that Yin Heng’s treatment was very kind.
As for Yin Heng rudely throwing the chubby mushroom into the storage utensil and deliberately using exaggerated words to intimidate it, Bai Xinyan simply ignored it.

After solving the culprit, it was time to deal with the remaining issues.
The whole program group was still caught in the cognition of whether it was true or false.
Even after seeing Bai Xinyan’s reaction, they were still a little wary of Yin Heng.
However, this didn’t prevent Yin Heng from setting them up.
Without moving a finger, these people were directly set by Yin Heng.

Yin Heng blurred their memories, removing the part about the rain and the meeting with the tiger, and then changed it to: they walked a little deeper into the forest, so they accidentally walked to a place with a particularly poor signal.
At this point, it was actually more appropriate for Yin Heng to directly delete the parts where he appeared.
After all, it was obviously unreasonable for him to find these people so quickly.
However, considering that Bai Xinyan would have to record several episodes of this show, maybe he would come across such a hidden and dangerous place again in the future, so Yin Heng didn’t choose to hide himself.

The director and others only felt that their brains were confused for a moment, and then the memory just came back.
They were a little lost and couldn’t contact the people down the mountain.
They found a place to sit down and rest temporarily, and then Yin Heng, the chairman of Xinghuan, quickly appeared.
At this time, everyone still had the panic and disbelief emotions left in their hearts.
After changing their memories, they found out… they didn’t know why they were so shocked and scared.
Obviously, they didn’t encounter any extremely bad situations.

This confusion was finally calmed down by Yin Heng’s face.
Everyone felt that it was absolutely shocking to see such a face.
When they thought that this was the chairman of Xinghuan, the feeling of doubting life was completely normal.

Anyway, Bai Xinyan testified this time and these people no longer associate Yin Heng with goblins and ghosts.
The director, who didn’t know that it was true, came over to greet Yin Heng after he recovered.

Yin Heng had always been indifferent to outsiders, but he would still say what he should say, “You are all right now.
I have arranged for a rescue helicopter.
Do you want to continue walking or take a helicopter?”

“He, helicopter?” The director swallowed hard.
They hadn’t encountered anything yet, and this chairman had made such a big battle?

Finally, considering that it was getting dark and that they had just lost their way, it might not be safe to walk down the mountain, so the director chose the helicopter.

Of course, in addition to this, the director also wanted to film this part as program material.
Although it wasn’t an exaggeration for a helicopter to appear in the show at this time, the helicopter rescue in forest distress was still very gimmicky.
Of course, the director felt that the more gimmicky one was definitely Yin Heng’s face, but unfortunately, he overdrew his courage in the next life and asked Yin Heng if he could show his face in the show and was rejected.
However, Yin Heng only said that he wouldn’t show his face, but he didn’t ask him to completely conceal the fact that he went up the mountain to save people and arranged for a helicopter.

In order to give these people a new memory, the signal of the communication equipment still hadn’t recovered, but Yin Heng could naturally contact the outside world.
When they asked, he said his equipment was specially made.
Everyone couldn’t help showing an expression of understanding and hatred for the rich, thinking why there was a person like Yin Heng.
Even if he looked good, he was still so rich! Even if he had money, he still looked so good! The so-called darling of God was this kind of person.
Compared to the rich people they had seen before, or the good-looking star artists, they were far worse!

Everyone sighed in their hearts, but they soon discovered that Yin Heng not only made people want to hate the rich, but also made people want to raise the torch FFF!!

While they were waiting for the helicopter to come over, the director had given up on going with Yin Heng, and the others were even more embarrassed to approach him.
But Yin Heng wouldn’t seem out of place at all, because Bai Xinyan was directly attached to him!

The two of them stood at a distance from them and spoke in a low voice.
They looked at each other’s eyes.
Their expressions were warm and gentle.
They could feel the sour smell coming from a far distance.
Their tired bodies that had walked down a mountain road for a day suddenly felt… the urge to jump up and rush over to throw the torch.

There was no way out, all the people present were old men.
Seeing pink bubbles filled the two men who were better-looking than themselves, they would only be choked to death by dog ​​food and didn’t have CP powder skills to get the pleasure from it.

It was just that, even if the dog food choked people, they had to admit that the two of them standing together was indeed very pleasing to the eye and the love between the two was very obvious.
They didn’t need any special intimacy to show their love to the extreme.

In short, the people present were now very clear about why Yin Heng appeared here with such a fuss.
Someone secretly looked at Li Zhibai, who was also shown a face, and sighed in his heart: an artist from a company and he was also a popular cash cow, but the big boss didn’t say hello to him when he came.
Instead, Bai Xinyan, a young newcomer, directly turned a group of people into a background board, and made a “two people’s world” with the big boss.
(二人世界, or married life)

No wonder Bai Xinyan mentioned the attitude of Chairman Xinghuan in the previous interview.
This… if this wasn’t true love, then what! In addition to true love, what big boss would go to the mountain to find them in person for the sake of a little star he raised before the other party wasn’t necessarily in danger? Would he only focus on falling in love with the person and completely ignore the cash cow of his subordinates?

Although they wanted to raise the torch, the crowd couldn’t help being moved.
Especially when compared with Li Zhibai, they didn’t know why, but they had a sense of superiority—although they were eating dog food together, Li Zhibai was obviously worse than them.

Li Zhibai, who noticed the meaning of other people’s sights, said: …they are both fallen from the end of the world, so why is it too urgent to fry each other!

Although they sent a lot of dog food to other people, Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng, who were the parties, were actually unaware.
They thought they were just standing together and talking.

“Will you delay your work if you come here suddenly?” Although Bai Xinyan was happy that Yin Heng appeared, he didn’t want to cause trouble for others.

“No, I actually don’t have much work to do on this business trip.” Yin Heng paused and said, “And it didn’t take much time.”

“That’s good,” Bai Xinyan breathed a sigh of relief, then remembered something and shook his left wrist, “Did you rely on this to find me?” Naturally, he was referring to Yin Heng’s demon power.

“…yes.” Yin Heng was a little worried that Bai Xinyan didn’t like this kind of behaviour but he still said, “I was worried that something happened to you, so I activated it and can locate it.
But don’t worry.
I can’t feel where you are at ordinary times.”

Bai Xinyan was stunned, then bent his eyes and smiled, “It turns out that you activated it with your demon power.
No wonder I suddenly feel that my cultivation has improved a bit.
If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be able to break the illusion so quickly!” Bai Xinyan’s eyes suddenly lit up when he looked at Yin Heng and said that.

“Can you keep it active all the time? That way, I can pretend that my cultivation isn’t that low!” Bai Xinyan said in a very excited tone.

Yin Heng was completely stunned when he heard the words.
After a while, he hesitated and said, “If I keep activating it, then I can know where you are at any time and even see the environment around you…”

Bai Xinyan blinked, “What does it matter? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to come and save me if something happened this way? And… I have nothing to hide from you.” Bai Xinyan’s voice was involuntarily lower at the last sentence.
He couldn’t help but lower his head.
His sight drifted down to the ground timidly, he was embarrassed to look at Yin Heng.

Yin Heng looked at his face, which gradually revealed a beautiful crimson, and had to take a deep breath again.
However, when he spoke again, the dryness and tension in his voice were still obvious, “If I can see the environment around you at any time, that is to say, when you take, cough, take a shower, I may also see it…”

When Bai Xinyan heard the words, there was a “boom” in his mind.
He was almost steamed directly and said, “Yes, that…”

The wind blew through the leaves that rolled up on the ground, but it didn’t blow away the heat between the two’s faces and hearts at all.


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