04 Dispute (争端)


“Puff…” As soon as Bai Xinyan’s voice fell, someone burst into laughter uncontrollably.
However they had self-control and quickly restrained, but there was still a smile on their face.

Among them, the voice from Bai Xinyan’s right was the loudest.
He couldn’t help but shifted his gaze to take a look.
He found that the person was the only punk-dressed young man with thick smoke makeup on his face sitting not far from him, looked very extraordinary from others.
However, Bai Xinyan’s observational power was strong, and he could see that the other party’s facial features were still good.
He was just covered by heavy makeup, which reduced his appearance.

Finding that Bai Xinyan was looking at himself, the extraordinary young man smiled at him very generously.
He seemed to be inconsistent with his appearance.

But the little-eyed man reminded by Bai Xinyan was different.
Bai Xinyan’s words and the ridicule from other people afterwards had made his face distorted.
Reflexively, he stretched out his hand to cover his eyes and pointed his other hand at Bai Xinyan.
He wanted to fight back but couldn’t think of what to say.
His face flushed with the suffocated breath, and he was trembling a little.

Bai Xinyan looked back innocently.
Seeing the other party’s movement that blocking his eyes, he wanted to say something.
He hesitated to say after seeing the other party was so angry.
Later Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but said, “Uh, sir, you covered the wrong eye.
It’s the double eyelid sticker on your left eye.”  

“…cough, cough…” This time there was another burst of suffocating laughter, which was even more exaggerated than before.
The small-eyed man even more stiffed, silently put down his right hand, but he was too embarrassed to stretch out his hand to cover his left eye.
He could only stare at Bai Xinyan bitterly.

In fact, the opponent’s double eyelid sticker was only slightly tilted, which was not too serious for the time being.
In addition, the other party wore a lot of makeup on his eyes and used long and thick false eyelashes, but his attention was focused on mocking Bai Xinyan.
Therefore, except for Bai Xinyan who had excellent eyesight, no one else had noticed it.
He didn’t even feel the problem himself.
However, according to the difficulty of opening his eyelids with the double eyelid stickers, this small problem might soon become bigger, so there was nothing wrong with Bai Xinyan saying that his double eyelid stickers couldn’t hold it anymore.

Sure enough, when the small-eyed man was struggling to stare at Bai Xinyan, he just couldn’t help but blinked a few times and the double eyelid sticker that had only been curled up suddenly rose by a third.
Especially the wide double eyelid tape stuck his left eyelid into a funny “eight (八)” shape, wide at the front and narrow at the back, looking ridiculous and difficult to not laugh at.

At this time, a man with small eyes couldn’t cover his eyes anymore.
When it was so obvious and got more serious, he could only lower his head in a hurry to deal with it.

This time, someone really laughed out loud, and even secretly gave Bai Xinyan a thumbs up, boasting in a low voice, “Good job!”

It was the extraordinary young man sitting on his right.

Bai Xinyan gave an innocent look and blinked without answering.

He didn’t mean to laugh at others, he really meant to remind him.
Otherwise, if he waited a while and started the interview and the double eyelids fell, wouldn’t it be even worse?

It was a pity that no one but him felt that way, especially the small-eyed man himself who was “kindly reminded”.
At this moment, the small-eyed man was being irritated by other people’s ridicule, and he felt extremely embarrassed.
For Bai Xinyan this “culprit” was almost full of hatred.
After spending a long time reapplying for the new double eyelid stickers, he immediately wanted to find Bai Xinyan to settle the account.

“Did you deliberately do it? Find my fault and point it on me out loud?” The other party’s arrogance seemed to be expanded with his eyes (对方的嚣张气焰仿佛是跟他的眼睛一起重新被撑大了), nevertheless, he still looked bold and confident.

But this time, before Bai Xinyan could speak, the extraordinary young man next to him unexpectedly slapped the person back: “Okay, squint, are you done? Who is stab who? The eyes are small but quite wide.
Are you the director of Xinghuan? Beep this, beep that.
If you have the skill, it is better to practice applying double eyelid stickers.”

“!!! You…!” The little-eyed man flushed more thoroughly this time.
His mouth was open for a long time, but he couldn’t spit out any powerful counterattack.

The extraordinary young man dressed up as a second-degree boy, but his mouth was very poisonous.
He stabbed in so hard that he couldn’t speak.
He couldn’t help but sneered when he saw it.

Before Bai Xinyan arrived, the other party also insinuated his appearance, but it was not as obvious as Bai Xinyan’s pertinence.
So, he thought that when the interview was not good, he would not hear it.
Unexpectedly, this person was a man who loved to give pointers then he targeted Bai Xinyan, which was nothing ordinary.
However, once he was attacked, it turned out to be a completely weak chicken, with no combat effectiveness, to die.

The smart young man unceremoniously relied on his much larger eyes to glare back at the small-eyed man, his heart full of sarcasm.

The little-eyed man had no advantage in the lethality of words and sight.
Later he discovered that there were nearly twenty people in the whole lounge, and among them, there were more than those who looked at him with contempt and unfriendly look.
But none of them seemed to agree with him.
On the contrary, Bai Xinyan and the smart young man seemed to have formed an alliance.
Two to one, he was obviously going to suffer.

After realizing this, the little-eyed man finally became rational.
He suppressed the desire to continue provoking them with hatred.
After a heavy “humph”, he stopped talking about them, pricked up their villainess in his heart.

The little-eyed man shut up.
The smart young man and Bai Xinyan didn’t chase him anymore, the scene was over.
But other people who watched the good show weren’t disappointed.
After all, the result was quite good.

The storm passed, and the other people looked away from Bai Xinyan, but the smart young man came to him and said: “Hey, I’m Ding Qichen.
What is your name?”

“Bai Xinyan.” The other party was helping himself to speak, so Bai Xinyan’s impression of him was naturally not bad.
Although he didn’t understand his smoky makeup (Bai Xinyan thought the other party’s original appearance is obviously more refreshing and beautiful), this would not affect his judgment of the other’s character.

“How old are you? Aren’t you still a high school student?” Ding Qichen asked curiously.

The other person looked good and tender.
It could easily arouse people’s desire to protect.
Ding Qichen was not surprised that the staff just now gave Bai Xinyan’s special treatment.
After all, women had almost no resistance to such creatures.
Even he himself couldn’t help but made an appearance for the other party just now.

However, the other party looked a bit too tender.
Those who submitted their resume to Xinghuan were usually at least adult.
The younger juvenile idols chose Xinghuan through other channels or if they were optimistic about deliberately made the company digging their potential out, they wouldn’t take the path of applying.

“I’m two… teen, seventeen!” Bai Xinyan almost blurted out the truth.
When he noticed it halfway through, he hurriedly braked and changed his words.
But even though he finally tried to increase his tone to win others’ trust, he still felt a little cautious.

“Twenty-seven?” Ding Qichen opened his eyes wide.

Bai Xinyan shook his head quickly and said, “No, no, it’s seventeen.
I will become an adult next year.” His human ID card was seventeen, which was not a lie, was it? Bai Xinyan thought.

“Oh, that’s pretty much the same.
I don’t think you look like an adult.” Ding Qichen nodded and couldn’t help asking again, “But aren’t you still in high school when you are seventeen? How come you come to Xinghuan to apply? What’s the matter with your clothes…?”

Ding Qichen looked a little dignified as he talked about it.
It seemed that his brain had filled up with something very complicated.
His eyes looked at Bai Xinyan with a hint of sympathy and affection.

Bai Xinyan: ?

Bai Xinyan, who felt very keen on others’ feeling, was a little confused.
Under the “kind” gaze, he replied in a daze, “I didn’t go to high school, and there was an accident on the way so the clothes become like this.”

This answer didn’t make Ding Qichen’s “kindness” in his eyes disappeared, but made his brain was filled up more things: What kind of family let their children don’t even go to high school now? It must have been a hard time and it’s probably the same for getting the interview’s invitation.
He finally got it.
As a result, there was an accident on the road.
It was not easy.

Ding Qichen was trying to comfort Bai Xinyan when the staff opened the door and walked in.

“The interview begins.
Tong Yu is the first and the next is Lu Ling, be ready.” After a brief explanation, the staff called out Bai Xinyan alone and said, “You’ll be interviewed soon.
It’s too late to find a whole set of clothes to change but I found you a coat.
How about you try it on?”

Bai Xinyan was stunned.
He didn’t expect that the other party said he was so dedicated to helping him.
He also helped to find clothes.
He quickly thanked him.

“It’s okay.
Our company’s clothes are easy to find.” The other party waved his hand indifferently and handed the clothes to Bai Xinyan.
“I deliberately picked a simple style that should be easy to match.
You should try it quickly.”

Bai Xinyan took off his suit and vest jacket then put on the white casual coat given by the staff.
The other party’s eyes lit up immediately: “Not bad, not bad! It’s really good.”

Bai Xinyan looked in the mirror.
It was really good.
It didn’t go against the original shirt and trousers.
It also added light and casual feeling.
Compared with the suit he wore before, it was a different style.
But it was also pretty and could cover all the shirt sleeves stained with blood.

The clothing problem was basically solved and the staff quickly asked Bai Xinyan to return to the waiting room.
Seeing his changed clothes, other people once again cast all kinds of gazes, but this time, including the man with small eyes, there was no more direct sarcasm.

Ding Qichen was very happy for Bai Xinyan and patted him on the shoulder encouragingly.
However, because the entire waiting room had entered a tense and quiet atmosphere, the two did not talk anymore, each of them preparing for the interview.

After a few people, it was Bai Xinyan’s turn.

Seeing Bai Xinyan solved the problem of his clothes, he seemed to have a close relationship with the Xinghuan staff.
Many people had a sense of crisis in their hearts.
The man with little eyes was the first to bear the brunt.
After Bai Xinyan went out, he couldn’t help but whisper: “This is going to the back door, so what about the interview? If you have the ability, you can go directly to the company by going through the back door.”

Ding Qichen immediately looked at the man with small eyes when he heard this, but the other party didn’t remember about the scene before.
He still glared at him, “Why? He just walked through the back door, so I can’t say it?”

“Who’s going through the back door?”

The door of the waiting room was pushed open.
A man they hadn’t seen before walked in with a few people.
Looking at the people present, he asked in a serious voice.
The staff member who was in charge of guiding them before was just one of the people who followed the other side and came last, obviously the lowest level, and his face was a little embarrassed when he heard the words.

“Assistant Zhuo, it’s like this…” The troublemaker little-eyed man was startled.
For a moment, they did not dare to speak.
The staff hesitated for a moment and they were still ready to take the initiative to explain.
But the other party quickly interrupted.

“Okay, I’ll report to your superiors later, do business first.” The leader man gave orders with great dignity.
After a few people behind him nodded in fear, he looked at these people in the waiting room again.
At the same time, his tone became more gentle:

“Is classmate Bai Xinyan here? Our boss wants him to go up and meet him.”

The protagonist wasn’t present at this time, but everyone present couldn’t help showing a look of surprise upon hearing the words.

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