48 Little Snake (小蛇)


Until they got on the helicopter and went down the mountain, Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng didn’t continue this somewhat embarrassing topic.

The people at the foot of the mountain didn’t think they would be in danger at first, but when Zhang Kai said that a helicopter was arranged to pick them up, they thought the situation was serious for a while.
However, when the helicopter arrived, they saw that the entire group had come down by themselves unharmed, and there was no imaginary situation where anyone was seriously injured and it was inconvenient to move.

Looking at the rescue helicopter with an extraordinarily large space, everyone suddenly felt that they were making a big fuss and burning too much money (小题大做, idiom meant to make a big fuss over a minor issue).
However, after they saw that Yin Heng was burning a lot of money, they no longer had the heart to think about how much money was wasted on this trip.
Even Li Zhibai had been compared.
With such a face, he wasn’t an artist but the big boss of the company.
The world was really full of unexpected magic.

Many people were stunned by Yin Heng’s face, but because of Yin Heng’s identity and momentum, even if they wanted to please him, they would only dare to watch from afar and not dare to amuse themselves.
Only Tang Yuying, who returned to the hotel ahead of time, had the same reaction as she saw Li Zhibai when she accidentally saw Yin Heng who came with Bai Xinyan.
She blushed quickly and didn’t say anything.
She looked at the other party with obvious shyness and timidity.

Seeing this, Bai Xinyan’s face turned black immediately.
Even though Yin Heng didn’t give Tang Yuying half a look, but seeing someone wink at him like this, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help feeling a sense of crisis that his food was being stared at by others.
For Li Zhibai’s imaginary “rival in love” status that didn’t exist at all, Bai Xinyan could drink a stomach full of vinegar, not to mention Tang Yuying’s longing was so obvious.
Moreover, the other party also had a small brain capacity, not like a normal person who knew the proportions and only looked from a distance.
Looking at Tang Yuying’s appearance, if it wasn’t for Yin Heng being surrounded by Bai Xinyan, a person she hated very much, perhaps she would have come up long ago and let people introduce her as she did to Li Zhibai.

Although Bai Xinyan didn’t like Tang Yuying before, but he didn’t show it directly, but not this time.
He glared fiercely at Tang Yuying, who had been staring at Yin Heng, then pulled Yin Heng away quickly and went to his room.
Regardless of other people who saw this scene later, they immediately thought about it.

“Just now is the person I told you about she liked Li Zhibai.
She’s always targeting me, very annoying.” In order to handle the threat of a rival in the bud, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help telling Yin Heng as soon as he entered the room and closed the door.

Yin Heng originally didn’t take an ordinary person he didn’t know seriously, but when Bai Xinyan said that, he frowned slightly, “She always targets you? What’s going on?”

Although Tang Yuying clearly showed her dislike of Bai Xinyan, she hadn’t treated Bai Xinyan because of her limited ability.
Therefore, Bai Xinyan never mentioned this to Yin Heng before.
But now, Bai Xinyan naturally spared no effort to fight against his love rival.
He added oil and vinegar to the stupid things that Tang Yuying had done before (添油加醋, added oil and vinegar meant adding details while telling a story).

Yin Heng frowned when he heard this.
Although it sounded like Tang Yuying was unlikely to really hurt Bai Xinyan, it was a hidden danger after all.
It wasn’t so safe to stay by her side.
“Do you want me to find a way for the program group to replace her?” Yin Heng asked.

Bai Xinyan was stunned for a moment and shook his head with sweetness in his heart.
“No, she’s just an ordinary person, so she can’t do anything to me.
It’s said that her background is quite big.
It must be very troublesome to replace her.
Forget it.”

Of course, Tang Yuying’s so-called background, Yin Heng ignored it, but Tang Yuying had already recorded several episodes.
Now the temporary replacement would definitely have some impact on the program 《Professional Story》, and maybe some bad rumours would happen.
This was Bai Xinyan’s first appearance in front of the audience.
Of course, it was best not to make any negative news.

Yin Heng thought so, and temporarily dismissed the idea of ​​driving Tang Yuying away, but then he thought of another point.

Yin Heng hesitated for a while, but still couldn’t help saying, “Otherwise, I’ll help you activate the demon power…” Yin Heng tried his best to maintain a natural demeanour, saying, “There are still several episodes of the show.
This Tang Yuying might bad things in the future.
It’s safer to activate the demon power.
I, cough, I promise not to look at it casually.”

Yin Heng tried his best to make himself look at Bai Xinyan with honest eyes, but he still couldn’t control it well.
He was a little bit timid (稍微漏了怯).
Fortunately, Bai Xinyan was more embarrassed than him.
Hearing this, he didn’t even think about Yin Heng’s impure motives, so he blushed first.

“…okay.” Bai Xinyan immediately agreed with a red face, but he was thinking that if his cultivation level was higher, he would be able to see Yin Heng’s situation at any time.

Not knowing that Bai Xinyan was trying to “monitor” him, Yin Heng carefully upgraded that ray of demon power and added more functions.

After the completion, Bai Xinyan felt that the demon power in his hand seemed to be more agile.

“In addition to the demon power now, there is also a ray of my divine essence in it.
If you have any information you want to tell me, you can pass it directly through at any time.” Yin Heng said.

Not only that, this divine essence could also help Bai Xinyan resist the illusion like before and could help Bai Xinyan cultivate.

“Will it affect you if you separate your divine essence?” Bai Xinyan asked.
Although he might not be able to reach the Nascent Soul stage in his entire life, he also knew that if his divine essence was incomplete for a long time, it would generally cause damage.

Yin Heng said, “It’s all right.
Qingxin Vine you sent is enough to make up for it.
And during this time, I feel that my bottleneck seems to be a little loose.”

Bai Xinyan saw that he really didn’t force himself, so he stopped refusing and said, “Then I will try to stay as close to you as possible in the future.” In this way, the loss of Yin Heng’s divine essence could be reduced.

Actually, that bit of loss was a drop in the bucket for Yin Heng, but Yin Heng looked at Bai Xinyan, moved his lips, and finally replied, “Okay.”

Only then did Bai Xinyan take a closer look at the evolved version of the “Demon Power Bracelet”, and found that with the addition of Yin Heng’s divine essence, it became more and more like a little snake with the same breath as Yin Heng.
Bai Xinyan suddenly had an idea and said to Yin Heng with starry eyes, “Mr Yin, can you make it look like your body?”

“……” Yin Heng paused for a moment, remembering the time when Bai Xinyan asked him if his original form was also pretty, and felt helpless for a while.
Even if Bai Xinyan wasn’t afraid of him, the rabbit shouldn’t think the snake was pretty, right?

However, Yin Heng couldn’t refuse Bai Xinyan’s earnest gaze.
In the end, he followed him to transform the demon power, and even made it have all kinds of snake characteristics.

Bai Xinyan looked at the black and white snake on his wrist, and immediately said, “wow,” and “It’s so beautiful!” Bai Xinyan carefully tapped the other’s small head with his index finger, which felt smooth and cold.
The little snake let Bai Xinyan touch him without saying a word and took the initiative to rub his hand, even spat out a letter and licked Bai Xinyan.
As a rabbit, Bai Xinyan not only wasn’t frightened, but also showed a somewhat stupid smile.

“So cute!”

Yin Heng’s body was a many-banded krait (银环蛇, Taiwanese krait or Chinese krait, here), with black and white patterns, and the glossy scales were really pretty.
However, the many-banded krait was a very poisonous species.
If you really encountered it in the wild, probably no one would think it looked good.

The little snake and Yin Heng felt completely connected.
Hearing Bai Xinyan say that it was cute, Yin Heng’s face was stiff at that moment.
When he recovered, Bai Xinyan had already turned his “stupid” look to him and asked, “Mr Yin, did you look like this when you were a child?”

Yin Heng suddenly stiffened again and nodded.

Bai Xinyan’s eyes brightened, “Then how old are you now? Can I take a look?”

“……” Although some demons didn’t pay attention to it, they could allow the other party to see their original form if they had a very close relationship.
Yin Heng didn’t treat Bai Xinyan as an outsider, but he just felt that it would be a little hard to resist Bai Xinyan’s reaction to the snake on his body… (本体, meant main part or noumenon, the object of purely intellectual perception according to Kant, but I will use “original form” instead to make readers understand)

“I can also show my original form to Mr Yin.” Seeing that Yin Heng didn’t respond, Bai Xinyan said it again immediately.

“…it’s not appropriate now.
We will talk about it next time.” Hearing Bai Xinyan’s words, Yin Heng had to admit that he was a little moved, but he also felt that he still had some things to think about.
It was still not suitable for now.

Bai Xinyan was depressed for a moment when he heard the words, but soon became happy again, and used his spiritual sense to contact the little snake: Mr Yin, can you hear me?

Yin Heng looked at Bai Xinyan.
His eyes softened involuntarily: En, I can hear you.

Bai Xinyan enthusiastically tested the new functions of the little snake for a long time.
When everyone in the program group had dinner together, he didn’t stop to do so.
It was much more convenient than when he had to eat and talk with his mouth.

After a meal, other people present felt that although Bai Xinyan didn’t seem to communicate with Yin Heng, but for some reason, it was so blinding.
They didn’t say anything about each other’s dishes.
Occasionally, they had a tacit understanding when they looked at each other and smiled.
It seemed that what they were eating wasn’t rice, but pure dog food.

Everyone thought silentlythat these two people really have no scruples.
Bai Xinyan was a newcomer after all and he was still a minor of the same sex.
He dared to show it so unabashedly.
They had to say that he deserved to be praised for his courage (勇气可嘉, idiom here).

These people had no idea that Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng weren’t in a romantic relationship at all.

Although they ate dog food, most people felt quite satisfied, but Tang Yuying certainly didn’t feel that way.
After seeing Yin Heng, she immediately left Li Zhibai behind, but her disgust with Bai Xinyan continued.
After all, this time, the interaction between Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan seemed to be much more ambiguous than between Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai before.

Tang Yuying didn’t think there was anything wrong with her thoughts, but she despised Bai Xinyan in her heart.
However, it was useless for her to be unhappy.
Yin Heng didn’t have to save her face like Li Zhibai did.
People in the program group didn’t want to offend Yin Heng at all.
They took the initiative to separate the two and didn’t give Tang Yuying a chance to drag them down.

Tang Yuying was so angry when she found that everyone was against her.
Seeing Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng showing off sweetly for a long time, and then he pulled the other back to his room, thinking that Yin Heng never gave her a straight look from beginning to end, only then did she look at Bai Xin viciously.
However, when she looked at Bai Xinyan, he gave her a cold glance that made her shiver.
She couldn’t help crying for a while.

However, even though she cried so much like raindrops on a pear blossom (梨花带雨, idiom meant tear-stained face of a beauty, here), the others didn’t mean to comfort her at all.
Instead, they only felt that her head was getting bigger.

However, there weren’t a few people who rejoice in other’s misfortune (幸灾乐祸).
Ai Qiao was completely happy that Tang Yuying kicked the iron plate (踢到铁板, meant the other is soft persimmons and easy to bully, but as the result, he’s better and suffers no loss, here).
As for Li Zhibai, who seemed to be able to get rid of the other party at last, although he should be happy about it, when he thought of Tang Yuying’s performance, it directly meant that he wasn’t as good-looking as Yin Heng, and his mood became complicated again.

Fortunately, Yin Heng never showed his face outside.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to boast that he was the most beautiful man in the world.
It was heartbreaking to think about it!

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