50 Meet Again (再遇)


The few people who followed Bai Xinyan thought that the rest of the time was going to pass so leisurely.
They didn’t expect that Bai Xinyan really seemed to have some kind of troublesome physique so that when they were relaxing, they met another accident.

“Just now… what was going by there?”

The cameraman, who saw something in the camera, was the first to say hesitantly.
The others looked around, “What’s there? Are you farsighted?” (你看花眼了吧?)

The cameraman himself couldn’t see it clearly.
He was uncertain for a while, so he accepted this statement.
It was just that he still couldn’t help mentioning in his heart.

However, Bai Xinyan’s five senses were much sharper than theirs, so he could see clearly what the cameraman said—the fur with black lines on a yellow background, the huge and vigorous body, and it was obviously a tiger.

Illusion again? Bai Xinyan frowned slightly and felt that it shouldn’t be.

In other words, they really encountered a tiger this time.

Bai Xinyan hesitated for a while, but still didn’t tell the other people present.
After all, the tiger flashed by in the distance and didn’t mean to come at them.
In this case, there was no need to say it to make these people panic.

However, it seemed that the faint roar they first heard when they went up the mountain was probably the sound of the real tiger.
But when they went down the mountain, they accidentally approached the fat mushroom, which discovered the fear of tigers, trapped them in such a false illusion.

There were several people on their side, carrying things as big as cameras.
Generally speaking, wild animals would take the initiative to avoid them if they weren’t very hungry or provoked.
Moreover, Bai Xinyan could also notice the movement around him at any time, so he wasn’t worried about any accident because of the tiger.
However, to his surprise, when Bai Xinyan and the others went down the mountain, they unexpectedly met the tiger.
And the other party didn’t avoid them, but walked in a place not far from them in a state of indifference, not attacking but not avoiding.

This tiger was calm enough, but the staff that came into close contact with it weren’t calm at all.
After a few screams, they almost wanted to throw what they were holding and run straight out.
Fortunately, the tiger didn’t stare at them.
Knowing that running away might attract the attention of the other party, they trembled and dared not move.

The tiger was obviously not afraid of people.
After walking around, it became curious about these people.
It couldn’t help but get closer and looked at them.
The people, who were closer, were so frightened that they quickly stepped back a few steps and even fell directly to the ground.
Seeing this, Bai Xinyan could only step forward and block the tiger who wanted to come over.

Bai Xinyan’s speed was very fast, and other people naturally couldn’t stop him.
Seeing that he ran less than one meter in front of the tiger, everyone showed a terrified expression similar to the famous painting《The Scream》 (呐喊).
But before they could scream, they saw the huge tiger pounce on Bai Xinyan, and then… rubbing against him!?

Those who saw this scene couldn’t help but widen their eyes even more.
Some even blinked and even rubbed their eyes.
However, looking at it again, the scene that they thought would be blood splattered on the spot was still harmonious.
Such a big tiger was cuddling in Bai Xinyan’s arms, and Bai Xinyan touched his head or even pinched its ears, which looked almost the same as a cat.

The cameramen quickly took the camera back on reflex.
He was nervous and excited to capture this scene.

Seeing Bai Xinyan rub the tiger recklessly, the others couldn’t help but slowly let down their guard.
They even felt a little envious, wanting to experience the feeling of rubbing the tiger.
But envy was envy.
They still dared not really approach such a wild animal.
Of course, if they knew how hard the tiger rubbed against Bai Xinyan, and how deep the barbs of its tongue were on Bai Xinyan after several attempts to lick Bai Xinyan, they probably wouldn’t be envious.
If it wasn’t for Bai Xinyan’s extraordinary strength, he would have been knocked down by the tiger’s big head.
Moreover, the fur of a tiger wasn’t like a cat.
It was much rougher, and the hand feel wasn’t so good.

However, after all, his mother was a tiger.
Bai Xinyan still preferred tigers.
He took the initiative to give a lot of vitality to this big cat, which rubbed and played coquettishly so that the other party didn’t want to leave at all.

The cameraman excitedly photographed the interaction between one person and one tiger for a long time.
Seeing that the big tiger was lying comfortably on the ground, it showed its belly to sell cuteness to Bai Xinyan.
At this point, they who had been given up were eager to try again.

This was definitely the credit of Bai Xinyan.
When he said that he had a good relationship with animals, it was obviously not limited to domestic animals such as cats, dogs, chickens, and ducks, but included wild animals like tigers, and even the level of intimacy was even greater.
Although they couldn’t understand the reason at all, they all had absolute confidence in Bai Xinyan’s animal affinity.
If they also wanted to go up and play with it, it was obviously only possible with Bai Xinyan.

So the courageous one couldn’t help but ask Bai Xinyan if he could touch it, but Bai Xinyan refused, “After all, it’s a wild tiger.
It definitely doesn’t like being touched casually.
But you can stand over and take a photo or something, it won’t bite you.”

After hearing this, everyone looked at Bai Xinyan’s hand still rubbing the tiger’s ears, and then excitedly and cautiously went to take a photo with the tiger.

This was an extremely rare opportunity.
Most people didn’t expect to take a photo with a tiger without a cage in their entire life.
The people who came over were still very scared at first.
They almost screamed and ran away when the tiger moved a little until they found the tiger was lying there lazily all the time, only paying attention to Bai Xinyan, not even looking at them.
The courage grew slowly.

Later, they also took several pictures with the tiger standing up.
The cameraman even burst out of creative inspiration, trying to make Bai Xinyan and the tiger pose in various poses for shooting.
Bai Xinyan only picked a few simple ones to complete it and was ready to say goodbye to the tiger.

However, the big cat, which was already addicted to the vitality, wasn’t willing to leave Bai Xinyan.
In the end, the tiger followed them directly to the edge of the forest.
It was Bai Xinyan, who used Yin Heng’s demon power to shock him, and then it reluctantly left.

Although he encountered such a minor accident, Bai Xinyan was the first guest to come back, and the types of creatures he got were very complete.
However, no one cared about it at this time.
The staff along the way with Bai Xinyan talked about their encounter with the tiger, and everyone’s attention was on the tiger.

The director, who thought they were joking at first, was shocked and excited after seeing the footage recorded by the cameraman.
For a moment, he was almost speechless.
After a while, he slapped his thigh with trembling lips and shouted, “Wonderful!”

Just for the scene of Bai Xinyan and Tiger, their show would be impossible not to explode!

After the director was excited, he couldn’t help but sigh in shock again.
Bai Xinyan could make the tiger so tame.
Thinking that the previous incident of stopping the murder was also the reason why Bai Xinyan brought the heat to the show.
This time, he made big news again.
He suddenly felt that Bai Xinyan’s future was unlimited.

Just focus on this topic, don’t worry about being red!

The director and the producer discussed how to make good use of today’s event, and they were a little slack about the follow-up shooting of the day.
Fortunately, there was no problem behind, except that Tang Yuying took a bunch of messy things and only got one right, and she cried a little, everything went smoothly.

Finally, after combining the previous scores, Bai Xinyan took first place in this issue, followed by Gu Chenghao, Li Zhibai, Ai Qiao, and Lin Shao.
Of course, the last place was Tang Yuying.

So far, the content of the third episode of 《Career Story》 about forest ranger had been filmed.
They could take a night off and start recording the fourth episode tomorrow.

However, the director, producer, and the staff in charge of publicity didn’t have much time to rest.
Instead, they carefully discussed how to use the encounter with the tiger to gain the greatest heat and benefits for the program group.
Then that night, a small staff member of the crew posted this Weibo: 【Today I went up the mountain for filming and met a tiger! ! ! [picture]】

The staff member’s Weibo was relatively deserted, but encountering a tiger in the wild was quite exciting after all.
After a period of time, the related forwarding comments would be much more than the previous Weibo.
However, most of them were suspicious of the authenticity.
Even if you met a tiger, could you get so close to taking a photo? It looked like P! (P, edited photo)

After the staff posted it, they only interacted with their mutual friends, and then didn’t respond to these questions.
It seemed like they were lying and pretending to be dead after being exposed.

In fact, this was the request of the program group.
It was only been about a week since the knife-wielding murder in H City.
Bai Xinyan’s popularity and the program group hadn’t dissipated.
Now that the news of the program group encountering a tiger was revealed, it seemed a bit wasteful.
And after filming the fourth episode, the recording would be suspended for a month, and the next episodes wouldn’t be filmed until the editing of the program was put on file, which meant that there would be no such good publicity opportunities again in more than a month, so it was natural to cherish some of them.

Let the staff post one first to make it easier for netizens to be “famous detectives” in the future.
After all, everyone would think that the news that had been picked up was more interesting and more credible than the direct announcement, but the large-scale publicity would have to wait for some time.
If they could wait until this thing naturally stirred up the heat, then, of course, it would be better.

Therefore, everyone in the program group was asked not to leak this incident.
If it was leaked, they would face severe punishment.
Fortunately, the confidentiality requirements of 《Career Story》 were very high at the beginning, and the staff also confirmed this again and again.
Otherwise, the selection of guests couldn’t be concealed until now.
It was the people who saw the tiger with their own eyes couldn’t vent their excitement and choked badly.

However, the busy work started again the next day.
They naturally didn’t have the energy to think about anything else.

After the baptism of climbing the mountain twice, the guests who had been exhausted for a while weren’t very hopeful about the theme of the fourth issue.
However, what they didn’t expect was that the director, with his usual malicious smile, revealed that the occupation was actually—

Travel Experiencer! (旅行体验师)

This, wasn’t this the legendary super cool job where they could eat, drink, and have fun? The program group found this out of conscience?


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