51 Cohabitation (同居)


After learning about the theme of this issue, everyone was happy but still a little vigilant.
Fortunately, the director didn’t cheat them this time.
The work in this issue really only needed to travel, and then gave corresponding comments and suggestions.
At the same time, however, there was a great gap and negativity between several guests at the very beginning.
Because the tour routes arranged by the program group for each person were different, there were high-end routes for living in luxury villas, there were also affordable routes for living in rural earth houses, and there were even poor travel routes for renting open-air tents.

And which route they were assigned to depends on the ranking of people in the previous issue.
There was no doubt that the first place Bai Xinyan enjoyed the most high-end luxury hot spring villa.
Li Zhibai is a home stay with a good environment, and the last place Tang Yuying could only sleep in a tent.

In addition to the obvious difference in the place where they lived, the difference in the items to go sightseeing wasn’t too great.
The recording time of this episode was two days.
On the first day, everyone must visit the famous scenic spots in M ​​City, but on the second day, everyone would start from their own place to experience some of the surrounding tourism projects.
For example, Bai Xinyan could soak in hot springs, eat a big meal, and play jet skis.
Gu Chenghao, who lived in a star-rated hotel, went to museums, parks, and snack streets.
Li Zhibai experienced fishing, mushroom picking, digging wild vegetables, etc.
In short, it could be said that each had its own characteristics, and it was also good publicity for the tourism projects of M City.

The best-treated Bai Xinyan had undoubtedly received the envy, jealousy, and hatred of others, especially Tang Yuying, whose dissatisfaction was extremely obvious.
Fortunately, Bai Xinyan didn’t take it to heart.
For him who was used to living in the mountains, but his family conditions were absolutely not bad, he could accept any route.

And although it seemed that the conditions of several people were very different, whether it was to attract tourists or not to offend the fans of these guests, no matter which route, the conditions weren’t too bad.
Even Tang Yuying, who was at the bottom, wasn’t really a poor traveller.
It could only be said that it was a more primitive route.
The tent sleeping bags rented by the program team for her were very good.

In the end, it was a tour, which was much easier and more enjoyable than the tasks in the previous issues.
Tourism in M ​​City was now in the off-season.
There weren’t many people, so the experience of going sightseeing was naturally better.
Everyone was in a good mood after a day.
Aside from the psychological gap caused by the accommodation environment, the activities on the second day were also very rich, and they were all good tourism projects.
Obviously, the planning should have been carefully discussed by the relevant departments of M City.

After the whole episode was recorded, several people were quite satisfied with their experience, but it was a bit difficult to write a review in this way.
There weren’t many suggestions that could be thought of.
Most of these artists’ literary talents weren’t very good if they specifically boasted, and in the end, the things they wrote were basically dry.
The director was also a little embarrassed when he saw this.
In the end, in order not to ruin their image, he could only secretly release water and allow them to find someone to polish it before handing it over.

Everyone thought that the rankings of this issue would depend on this evaluation.
Unexpectedly, the director let them go sightseeing and read their manuscripts shamelessly, but said, “So here, the recording of our fourth issue is over.
Since the recording of the next episode will be a month away, it will not be ranked this time, so the next episode will be a new start.
We can finally have a vacation, are you happy? We will meet again in a month, okay.”

A few people couldn’t help but be stunned when they heard the words.
After a while, Ai Qiao said, “I’m not happy at all.
This is not a holiday at all! Rather than going back to catch other announcements, I would rather stay and continue travelling…”

Lin Shao and others also agreed when they heard the words, but Bai Xinyan wanted to go back to S City with Yin Heng for a long time and resumed life where they could meet and eat together every day.
His independence of action was so obvious.

But no matter what, everyone had to go.
Ai Qiao left the earliest and went to catch the plane that night.
Bai Xinyan got on the plane with Yin Heng as he wished, but Li Zhibai, Zhang Kai, and others were also present.
Fortunately, the two of them had always been like there was no one else, sitting together and completely ignoring everyone else in the background.

Bai Xinyan didn’t know that Yin Heng had already noticed his thoughts about him, and decided to boil the frog in warm water and cook it directly when he reached adulthood.
But he also vaguely felt that Yin Heng’s attitude towards him seemed to have changed a little bit.
It was good, it was still the same, but there were obviously more physical contacts such as touching the head than before, and the usual communication was also much more active.
(温水煮青蛙, boil the frog in warm water meant there’s no awareness of danger in times of peace, no sense of urgency, pretending there isn’t a problem, here)

Although he didn’t know why, this was, of course, a good thing in Bai Xinyan’s view.
Yin Heng’s initiative made him feel more attached to the other party.

“I will probably find an apartment closer to the company when I go back.” Bai Xinyan said to Yin Heng.
Father Bai and Mother Bai still like the foggy mountains in their hometown with more spiritual energy and didn’t like places with too many people.
Therefore, after Bai Xinyan went to record the show in other places, they returned to their hometown.
They would only come to stay for a few days when he was free in the future.
In this case, the villa they bought before was very impractical for Bai Xinyan.
It was too big and too far from the city centre.

Bai Xinyan was going to find a house that was close to Xinghuan Entertainment and had convenient transportation, but in this case, he and Yin Heng, who lived in the suburbs, wouldn’t be able to go back together every day.
Of course, Bai Xinyan wasn’t satisfied with this, so he deliberately mentioned this to Yin Heng, trying to find an opportunity for Yin Heng to move with him.

However, Yin Heng didn’t need his guidance, so he took the initiative to say, “It’s hard to find a suitable house near Xinghuan, but I happen to have a house that’s not too far away.” After all, it was a prosperous area and housing was still very tight.
As long as there was enough money, it was certainly not a problem.
For Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng, it wasn’t that difficult to find a satisfactory house.
It was just that Yin Heng remembered that he had more than one house in the city centre and would be a waste to have it empty, so helping Bai Xinyan to find another house was obviously better than letting the other party live in his own house directly.
If Bai Xinyan lived in his house, he would have a reason to live with him for a night from time to time.
This was definitely an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

Yin Heng, who had such an idea, didn’t know that after hearing his words, Bai Xinyan was actually thinking the same as him.
Originally, Bai Xinyan just wanted to live closer to Yin Heng so that they could go home together, but now he was going to convince Yin Heng to let him live in that house too.

As for Yin Heng’s house not so close to Xinghuan? It didn’t matter.
It was never farther than from the suburbs before.
And when he didn’t have to go to training classes, he would basically go to other places to catch the notice and didn’t need to go to the company every day.

“Okay, I’ll pay the rent.” Bai Xinyan agreed immediately and then pretended to inadvertently ask, “By the way, I was curious before.
If you come to Xinghuan every day, why do you always live so far away? Is it because you don’t like places where there are too many humans like my parents?” Bai Xinyan didn’t know that if it wasn’t to accompany him, Yin Heng wouldn’t have to come to Xinghuan often.
He was still thinking about how to find a breakthrough to allow Yin Heng to move.

Yin Heng heard the words.
After thinking about it for a while, he still admitted directly, “Actually, I only came to the company once in a while before, so I’m used to living there.”

Bai Xinyan didn’t immediately hear the problem, but couldn’t help asking eagerly, “What about after that? Do you still want to come to work every day?”

“…yes.” Yin Heng looked at Bai Xinyan, hesitated for a moment, and then heard himself answering this without conscience.

Bai Xinyan’s eyes lit up when he heard the words and quickly took the opportunity to say, “In this case, it will be inconvenient for Mr Yin to still live in the suburbs, right? Why don’t you move here too?”

Even if Bai Xinyan wanted to cover up, he didn’t know why his good acting skills would be useless at this time and could easily be seen through.
Yin Heng looked at Bai Xinyan, who pretended to be calm in a tense expression.
He was in a trance as if he saw a little rabbit jumping up and down to set a trap then happily wanted to bring in the prey, but he didn’t know that he had stepped into someone else’s pit.

Yin Heng coughed lightly, putting aside the thought in his mind.
He didn’t mention that he had another house and said to Bai Xinyan, “It’s really convenient to move here, but will it bother you? Are you used to getting live with others?”

“Of course not! Actually, I’m not used to living alone.
And since I’m the tenant of your house, I should be the one who bothers you.” Bai Xinyan saw that Yin Heng had basically agreed, immediately bent his eyes happily and tried to dispel the other party’s concerns.

Yin Heng originally only thought about going to live there once in a while.
Unexpectedly, Bai Xinyan seemed like he couldn’t wait to live with him for a long time.
Although it was unexpected, he naturally wanted it too.
He pretended to evade and settled the matter, “Then I’ll show you the house first and see if you like the decoration and furniture.
If you don’t like it, replace it as soon as possible.”

So the matter of the two people (agreeing) to live (together) in the S City was confirmed.
After getting off the plane, the two went to see the house first.

As Yin Heng said, this house wasn’t too close to Xinghuan, but it was only a 20-minute walk away, so it was more suitable nearby.
The house was located in a high-end community.
It was a two-story duplex with an area of ​​almost 300 square meters and a garden terrace with a large area.
The original decoration was in a cold style.
The furniture was complete and not ugly, but there was no warm feeling.
Although Bai Xinyan thought that he shouldn’t be picky and should respect the aesthetics of the owner of the house, but he finally bought many accessories that didn’t match the style under Yin Heng’s guidance.

The whole house didn’t change much, just changed the wallpaper, sofa covers, bedspreads, tablecloths, and added some pillows, lazy sofas, dolls, and lovely hanging paintings.
It gave people a completely different feeling now.
It was a lot more warm and lovely in an instant.

Yin Heng originally wanted to arrange for the designer to redesign and decorate the house according to Bai Xinyan’s preferences, but Bai Xinyan resolutely refused.
However, Yin Heng didn’t expect that Bai Xinyan’s talent in design and arranging seemed to be good.
With such a simple change, the effect looked very good.

There were exactly two bedrooms upstairs in the house, one for Yin Heng and one for Bai Xinyan.
After arranging the living environment in the future, Bai Xinyan went back to his house and moved the things he needed.
At the same time, he reported to his father and mother, who were far away in the mountains that he rented Yin Heng’s house to live in.

However, when reporting to Father and Mother Bai, Bai Xinyan didn’t say that he tried to get Yin Heng to live with him but only said that Yin Heng was going to live in that house.
Seeing that he wanted to find a place close to the company, he rented the spare room to him.
Although he didn’t think Father and Mother Bai would definitely object to his liking for Yin Heng, Bai Xinyan still subconsciously hid it first.
After all, he was still a little demon, who hadn’t reached adulthood…

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