55 Accident (意外)


Bai Yin was also taken aback by Li Zhibai.

Before the other party entered the door, Bai Yin realized that it was a fox, but Li Zhibai’s appearance still surprised Bai Yin.
He had just met Yin Heng, a great-looking demon, but he didn’t expect to see another one who was so good-looking in a short period of time.
Although most of the demons were good looking, it was still quite rare to reach the level of Li Zhibai.

Bai Yin’s body was a tiger, so he didn’t have a good impression of foxes, but most of them were visual animals, whether they were humans or demons.
Seeing Li Zhibai’s good looks, Bai Yin couldn’t help but have a much better impression of him.
And Bai Yin also remembered that Li Zhibai should be the fox friend Bai Xinyan mentioned.
He had a good relationship with Bai Xinyan, which also made him love the house and its crow a bit.
(爱屋及乌, idiom meant to love all related to him/her too)

However, this kind of goodwill disappeared immediately after Li Zhibai’s earth-shaking voice.
With a dark face, Bai Yin looked at Li Zhibai, who was panic-stricken, as if he was some kind of brutal beast.
He took a deep breath to suppress the bad emotions in his heart and still gave Li Zhibai a polite smile.

However, his reluctant kindness wasn’t accepted by Li Zhibai.
To be honest, in Li Zhibai’s eyes, he had automatically translated Bai Yin’s expression into meaning that he was very satisfied with his food, so he trembled even more for a time.
He also wanted to hide back or even run directly out the door, but unfortunately, his legs were too weak to move.

Seeing this, Bai Yin’s impression of Li Zhibai was downgraded again.
The polite smile could no longer be maintained as the corners of his mouth were slightly downward.
He looked at Li Zhibai with meaningful eyes, making the other party even more frightened.

Facing such a powerful tiger demon, Li Zhibai was almost scared to lose his mind due to the combined effect of his genetic instinct and psychological shadow, as well as the suppression of his cultivation.
He barely maintained his transformation.
Unable to hold back, an urge to change back to his original form and run away rammed in his mind uncontrollably.
Li Zhibai’s face was pale, just like those who were accused of harming the country and the people and ended up miserable.
He was stunned to get the visual effect of a little white flower with a coquettish face, which showed how much Li Zhibai’s reaction to Bai Yin was.

Seeing this, Bai Xinyan hurriedly tried to appease him, “This is my little uncle.
Although he is a tiger, he won’t do anything to you.
Don’t be afraid.
My little uncle is a decent demon, neither eating people nor demons.” After Bai Xinyan finished speaking to Li Zhibai, he went to explain to Bai Yin, “Little uncle, Li Zhibai is particularly afraid of tigers.
It’s an instinctive habit.
It’s not that he resents you.
Don’t take it to heart.”

Bai Yin felt relieved when he heard Bai Xinyan’s words, but Bai Xinyan’s appeasement did nothing to Li Zhibai, so when he saw that Li Zhibai was still extremely wary and had a bad reaction to him, Bai Yin wasn’t happy again.

What’s the matter with this fox? After all, he was a demon.
He was so weak that he couldn’t even understand people’s words? Or was he really that terrifying, he looked like the kind of demon with a black heart and a black hand that would kill the same kind of demon? Bai Yin thought with dissatisfaction.

“Yes, why don’t I go to other places with Li Zhibai, and Little Uncle, wait for us here?” Seeing Li Zhibai, still too scared, Bai Xinyan had no choice but to suggest it.

However, after hearing this, Bai Yin was even more dissatisfied.
Thinking in his heart, wouldn’t it be true that he looked scary? This was still okay.
So Bai Yin thought about it and then said maliciously, “It will be very inconvenient in the future.
We should slowly adapt and change it.
Why don’t I give him a demon environment to exercise, maybe I can cure this problem.”

“Ah?” Bai Xinyan was startled when he heard the words.
He felt that this wasn’t good.
But what Bai Yin said seemed to be right again.
Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment.

Bai Yin smiled slightly, looked at Li Zhibai again, and asked, “What do you think?”

“……” Li Zhibai, who barely got his sense, was about to shout no, but found that the voice he made when he opened his mouth changed to, “Yes.”

Li Zhibai: “!!”

The frightened Li Zhibai looked at Bai Yin and saw that the other party showed him a rather evil smile.
He put it on the skin and interpreted the words “educate the scum” incisively and vividly.

Help, help me ah!! Li Zhibai cried out in his heart, but now the only one who could save him, Bai Xinyan, obviously didn’t realize that he was under Bai Yin’s control, so he said something contrary to his own heart.
Moreover, Bai Yin also directly deprived his opportunity to speak and escape.
Li Zhibai suddenly looked desperate.

Bai Yin said that he wanted Li Zhibai to exercise in the fantasy realm.
Naturally, he did what he said.
After controlling Li Zhibai and agreeing, he quickly used an illusion and set up a barrier in advance to avoid Li Zhibai from making the same shrill scream as before.

Before Li Zhibai could struggle, he fell directly into an illusion.
There was nothing else in the illusion, it was the tiger that Li Zhibai feared the most, and his cultivation was similar to that of Bai Yin.
The original form was a huge tiger with one-floor height.
It was said to be exercise, but Li Zhibai, who was trapped in the illusion, had no resistance at all.
He couldn’t even run.
He could only fall in place and tremble.

Seeing the giant tiger’s mouth wide open and its sharp fangs getting closer and closer to him, Li Zhibai’s heartbeat became more rapid.
Eventually, he couldn’t control the fear in his bones and changed back to his original form with a “poof”.

Bai Xinyan and Bai Yin saw that Li Zhibai’s legs were so soft that he fell directly to the ground.
His face was shaking with horror.
After a while, he couldn’t even maintain his human form.
There was no Li Zhibai’s person on the ground but only leave a white fox, wrapped in thick fur, still trembling badly.

Bai Yin couldn’t help but raised his eyebrows and said, “With such guts, he hasn’t died because of fear before he succeeded refined?”

Bai Xinyan: “……”

Bai Xinyan actually felt that something was wrong for a long time.
Although Li Zhibai personally agreed to Bai Yin’s proposal, he didn’t seem to agree with his own personality.
Moreover, Bai Xinyan could feel their emotions.
Li Zhibai was so frightened.
Not to mention that Bai Yin wasn’t entirely for Li Zhibai’s good.
On the contrary, he also brought a lot of meaning to watching a good play.

It was just that Bai Xinyan also knew Bai Yin’s character.
Although he looked like a gentleman and polite person, in fact, Bai Yin’s character had always been a bit bad.
He liked to hold grudges.
In addition to being very good to the Bai family, some other goblin animals in the mist mountain had basically been rectified by Bai Yin.
If someone accidentally made him unhappy, Bai Yin could remember the grudge and play them back after a long time.
The party who was grudged was almost impossible to prevent that.

Considering this, Bai Xinyan wasn’t good at stopping Bai Yin.
At least now he could still be there to watch, not too much.
If Bai Yin remembered his hatred for the next time and chose to target Li Zhibai when Bai Xinyan wasn’t around, it would be even more difficult to say what the consequences would be.
Moreover, Li Zhibai’s fear really needed to be adjusted.
If it could be cured this time, it wouldn’t be bad.

However, now it seemed that there was no hope of a cure.
He was afraid he was even more frightened.
Bai Xinyan looked at the fox curled up in a ball and sighed.

“Little Uncle, put away the illusion.” Bai Xinyan said, “It’s useless.”

Bai Yin deliberately frightened Li Zhibai for a while, and then at Bai Xinyan’s urging, the illusion was lifted.
He felt that his dissatisfaction was downed.
Bai Yin finally showed a sincere smile and said, “It’s estimated that one time is not enough.
It should be useful to do it a few more times in the future.”

Bai Xinyan, “…forget it.” It seemed that Li Zhibai was really going to be remembered by his little uncle, so Bai Xinyan silently lit some candles for him in his heart.
Thinking that this was also a disaster that he had caused to Li Zhibai because he forgot to remind him, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help feeling guilty for a while.

The illusion disappeared and it took Li Zhibai a long time to come back to his senses.
Then he found Bai Yin staring at him and immediately shivered again.

When he was in human form, he was afraid and wanted to escape into his original form.
However, now he had really changed back to his original form, Li Zhibai felt even more afraid.
His fox legs were still soft now and he wasn’t as secure as when he was in human form! Tigers ate foxes without psychological pressure, but demons ate people at least a little…

It was just that, after Li Zhibai tried it, he found out in despair that he was so scared that he couldn’t even change into his human form back!

After learning about this problem, Bai Xinyan got more and more headaches.
After Li Zhibai came to his place, he disappeared, and then he went out and turned into a fox.
If someone found out, it would be completely hard to explain.

Feeling that Bai Yin still had a sense of taking joy in calamity in his heart, Bai Xinyan rolled his eyes and simply grabbed the white fox and stuffed it into Bai Yin’s arms.
(幸灾乐祸, meant rejoice in other people’s misfortune)

“Little Uncle, I will leave Li Zhibai to you!” Bai Xinyan said with a smile.

The fox smell came to his nostrils.
Although it wasn’t unpleasant, Bai Yin, who was a tiger, suddenly turned black.
He almost immediately wanted to throw the fluffy mass off his body.

Bai Xinyan hurriedly stopped him and said, “Li Zhibai has become a fox.
You can only take him out with the cover technique.
Moreover, Li Zhibai’s current situation is caused by you.
Little Uncle, you have to be responsible!”

Bai Yin: “……” The dark-faced Bai Yin wanted to refute, but after glancing at the fox lying on his lap, he didn’t speak for a moment.

After Li Zhibai was shoved onto Bai Yin by Bai Xinyan, he was about to cry without tears.
The fear factor may have reached the threshold, so he couldn’t rise, but the desire to escape was unprecedentedly strong.
It was just that he tried his best to push his four legs to stand a few times.
Not only did he not stand up, but he also stepped on Bai Yin’s thighs many times.
The thigh muscles under the claws were firm and the texture was very hard when stepped on, which made Li Zhibai quickly think of the cultivation and strength of the opponent’s original form.
He suddenly didn’t dare to move.

When Bai Yin lowered his head, he happened to see Li Zhibai lying on his lap tremblingly, shrinking in a ball carefully, wishing he could just vacate himself and not touch him.
Li Zhibai’s original form wasn’t large, smaller than the average adult fox.
In the eyes of a demon with a much larger original form like Bai Yin, he looked like a cub.
He had long hair as white as snow and his tail was like a big brush, which looked and felt very good.
The fox had a sharp face and a kissable mouth, but he didn’t know if Li Zhibai’s hair was originally too thick, or because he was still young, his whole face looked more round and lovely.
His ears were even bigger than ordinary foxes.

Different from the gorgeous appearance in human form, Li Zhibai in fox form was delicate and cute.
It made people feel that their hearts were about to melt.

Bai Yin wasn’t someone who was very cold to cute things, but looking at the pitiful little fox with tears in his big, watery eyes like glass, he couldn’t help but soften his heart.

Forget it, just treat him like a little brat and didn’t care about him. Bai Yin thought so, grabbed Li Zhibai’s neck and picked up the poor little fox.

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