05 Interview (面试)


The person who came to Bai Xinyan was naturally Zhuo Xuan.

After arriving at Xinghuan at the same time as Bai Xinyan, Yin Heng and Zhuo Xuan went directly from the special passage of the parking lot to the office on the top floor.

Unlike the CEO and some other high-level offices, which are located in the middle of the building, because Yin Heng rarely came to the company and did not deal with specific matters, so his office was placed on the top floor with the lowest utilization efficiency.
However, even if this office was rarely used, the layout and regular cleaning were still the same to ensure that Yin Heng could use it at any time.

As soon as Yin Heng arrived at the office, someone came to ask for instructions and confirm today’s work schedule for the big boss.

“First, I need a copy of today’s event schedule, and then send in all the information of the interviewer.
When the interview is over, call people up.” Yin Heng had already thought out the strategy, and then directly explained it.

This ‘activity’ naturally did not include the routine work of various departments, but some special meetings, film auditions, program recordings, and so on.
In short, it was those less frequent and less regular work content, and Bai Xinyan’s recruitment interview is naturally included.

Before and after contacting, Zhuo Xuan quickly understood what Yin Heng meant.
He was preparing to act a little bit, creating an illusion that everything was coincidental but completely logical.

The big boss occasionally visited the company.
First, he took a look at today’s activities and selected newcomers to have an interview.
Then he ‘accidentally’ discovered that there was a helping boy who he met on the way to the company.
Because of his appreciation, he specially called the person to the office to meet him.
In this way, the whole process was reasonable and there was no need to hide, but to let more people know the better situation.
He did not have to deliberately account for other people to take care of it, the following people would naturally take the initiative to care about the person (BXY).

Zhuo Xuan felt that this plan was better than the previous tasks of Yin Heng asking him to help Bai Xinyan (which barely completed?) and the order to offer a ride (this was a complete failure).
He immediately worked enthusiastically and filled out the detailed plan by himself.

The person who came to ask for the arrangement was the secretary of the president, so Zhuo Xuan naturally matched the schedule with her.

The secretary of the president, who received the order from the big boss to look at the company’s activities, did not think much about it and quickly submitted the relevant information.
The recruiting interview of the brokerage department was indeed included.

After a while, Zhuo Xuan conveyed his second request to the secretary.
In order to appear more natural and not deliberately, in addition to the information for interviewing newcomers, Zhuo Xuan also asked for information about the other two activities.
As expected, the secretary still didn’t think anything was wrong.
After a while, several documents arrived on Yin Heng’s desk.

Although it was just for a show, Yin Heng still opened the resume submitted by the interviewees today and quickly found the one that belonged to Bai Xinyan.

Just a little curious about how the other person’s human identity was shaped, but as the result of this resume, he felt a bit dumbfounded.

In addition to basic information on the resume, other positions were blank, such as what specialities, learning experience, practical experience, achievements, and so on.
Other people wanted to make the resume as colourful as they could.
However, Bai Xinyan could only fill in at most one sentence or two, but most of them were not written at all.
Practice and work were blank.
The education and learning experience was written as ‘distance learning of necessary professional courses’.
There were no academic qualifications, examination certificates, even special skills only to fill out a performance.

You must know that young people with good acting skills in the circle nowadays were really hard to find.
Bai Xinyan, who was not from the performance department of a professional art college, just took an online course on a long distance.
It was really unconvincing to say that he was good at acting.
On the contrary, it made people felt that he couldn’t do anything and it was a bit hard to accept him.

The whole resume, maybe only a few high-definition photos played a positive role.
An ID photo, a daily photo without makeup, and two hard photos with makeup, even an ID photo, were all eye-catching.

Yin Heng did not say something in advance when looking at the resume.
It was estimated that the reviewer made Bai Xinyan into the interview because of these photos.

No wonder, after all, Bai Xinyan was really good-looking, even in the entertainment industry where beautiful men and women gathered, he was absolutely superior.
Coupled with the temperament and age bonus, he looked really suitable for the entertainment industry.

Yin Heng was sure that Bai Xinyan’s face would not disappoint the interviewer.
It was just that, except for his face, he had nothing else.
Although Bai Xinyan was recommended by him, only the artists with a face could be promoted as a first-line star through operation, but Yin Heng didn’t want Bai Xinyan to follow the route supported by fan traffic rather than his works.

However, Yin Heng just thought about it and soon realized that Bai Xinyan could never be someone who was worthless except for his face.
Regardless of temperament and personality advantages, from the extremely brief contact with the other party today, Yin Heng felt that the other party would not exaggerate and would give him gold.
On the contrary, judging by the degree of blank space in Bai Xinyan’s resume, he was rather a straightforward type of person.

From this point of view, that ‘acting’ speciality was probably really showing that Bai Xinyan had talent and advantages in this regard.
According to the news that Yin Heng received, he was indeed determined to be an actor and he never worried about his failure.

Only Yin Heng could think so, but the interviewers who faced Bai Xinyan did not.
Thinking of the attitudes and reactions that Bai Xinyan might encounter during the interview, Yin Heng frowned slightly.
Perhaps he should be supported first.

So Zhuo Xuan waited a bit before finding someone to look more natural.
Soon after the interview started, he appeared in front of these people.

But unfortunately, he still came a little late.

Bai Xinyan had already started the interview and as Yin Heng expected, the extraordinarily simple resume left some negative impressions on several interviewers… Even if there were extra points in appearance, it was hard to ignore.

“Why didn’t you even have nine years of compulsory education experience on your resume?” One of the interviewers frowned and asked, “Can this be absent? Or are you too lazy to fill it out?”

Bai Xinyan replied honestly, “It’s not true, I always attend classes at home.”

The interviewer raised his eyebrows when he heard the words: “Take a class at home? Can I ask what kind of work your family do?” Even if the rich family hired tutors for their children, they would not stop going to school, unless there was any physical limitation for the children.
However, Bai Xinyan really looked healthier than others.
From hair to pores, it was the best condition for young people.

Bai Xinyan thought for a while, and replied, “It should be regarded as farming.”

Interviewer: “……” Are you joking? Can the children raised by farmers have the temperament and appearance like Bai Xinyan?

Seeing the endless expression on the interviewer’s face, Bai Xinyan realized that his answer might not be appropriate.
After thinking about it, he quickly made up for it, “My family lives in a mountain, it’s really a mountain.
Then… it’s not convenient to go out.
So I have a long-distance class through the network.”

It seemed that the family should be in a good condition.
Although it was strange to live in the mountains and not let children go to school, it was inappropriate to ask too much about other people’s private affairs.
So the interviewer thought, turning to other things, “You are not an adult yet, do you want to be an artist? Do your parents agree?”

Bai Xinyan nodded quickly, “Agree!” His eyes were shining and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.
A pair of dimples was looming, like a child who had found sugar.
He looked forward to joining Xinghuan and the entertainment industry.

The interviewer, who had a somewhat picky attitude, suddenly felt relieved when he saw this and almost wanted to make the decision and sign him immediately.

“Your goal is to be an actor and then do a special performance?” Another female interviewer who had been frowning all the time asked, “Why do you think acting is your strong point? In the case that you have neither accepted nor experienced the relevant professional performance.”

Bai Xinyan keenly felt the hostility from the other party, or maybe not the degree of hostility, just a little bit of rejection and disgust.
But Bai Xinyan could be sure that the female interviewer didn’t like him very much.

However, it was impossible for people to please everyone.
The other party did not show hostility and the questions asked did not offend.
Naturally, Bai Xinyan would not wear coloured glasses (no disrespect) to the other party on official business but answered the questions seriously.

“I have taken courses related to the acting major through the Internet with the teacher system.
Although I haven’t actually made a play yet, I have done a lot of practice.
The evaluation of my acting teacher is very high and I think I am very talented.” Bai Xinyan said truthfully.

After all, he just came down the mountain not long ago and he had basically no contact with humans before.
He didn’t know much about the art of human speech.
Most of the time, he would say what he thought in his heart, but at the same time, he was more objective when evaluating things about what they actually were.

Bai Xinyan was confident because his acting teacher was a powerful person in the acting industry.
His professionalism and vision were absolutely guaranteed.
However, in the other’s eyes, the level of an online teacher might be that he exaggerated to fool the landlord’s silly son, so he praised Bai Xinyan.

Bai Xinyan didn’t want to put his teacher’s aura on his head from the beginning, so he didn’t mention it on his resume, but he did not exclude it.
Feeling the disapproval of the interviewers, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help thinking whether he wanted to clarify the situation clearly and rectify his name for the teacher and himself.

However, according to his original idea, as long as the interviewer asked him to perform a scene live, this question could be self-explanatory.
After all, he wrote acting as his skill on his resume.
So it was impossible for the interviewer not to let him act, right?

Bai Xinyan thought so, but the result was the interviewer really didn’t let him try it out!

Several people whispered to each other and then the female interviewer who didn’t like Bai Xinyan directly said to Bai Xinyan, “Okay, your interview is over.
You can go back to the waiting room to prepare for the second round.”

Bai Xinyan was stunned, frowning for the first time since he went down the mountain.

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