Later he wanted to be further more explicitly, but because Bai Xinyan hadn’t yet reached adulthood and Bai Yin objected, so he could only temporarily suppress all kinds of thoughts, all of which had been said one by one.

Everything was hard at the beginning, but once you started, it was easy later.
The more Yin Heng spoke, the smoother he felt, and he felt that his face was getting thicker and thicker.
He no longer felt the embarrassment he had when he expressed his intentions before.
Instead, he looked at Bai Xinyan who listened with his face becoming redder and became more interested.

“I always planned to wait until you reach adulthood before making a formal confession, but your uncle came to me two days ago and said that he won’t oppose us in the future.
He asked me to confess the matter to you myself, so I had to advance the arrangement.” Yin Heng said.

Bai Xinyan’s face was flushed.
He was happy and a little embarrassed when he heard Yin Heng’s words.
He always felt that he and Yin Heng were already a couple, but in Yin Heng’s opinion, he would have to wait until he was an adult before he could officially confess.
Although it wasn’t emotionally significant, it still seemed that he was a bit self-indulgent.
Fortunately, Yin Heng didn’t seem to notice this, so Bai Xinyan pretended not to be and just asked, “Why do you have to wait for me to become an adult, since you said you like me, can’t we be together earlier?”

Yin Heng paused, looking at Bai Xinyan’s innocent face.
He explained after a moment, “You haven’t reached adulthood, so many things are inconvenient.
It’s okay if the relationship isn’t clear.
If we’re already together, then I might not be able to bear it.”

Yin Heng was still a little embarrassed to say this, but he thought that since he would treat Bai Xinyan as his lover in the future, this kind of thing always had to be experienced and get used to.
Although Bai Xinyan hadn’t reached adulthood yet, he could almost get used to it now.

It took a while for the pure Bai Xinyan to realize the meaning of Yin Heng’s words.
This time, it was red from the roots of his ears to his neck, and even the vitality and spiritual energy in his body were tumbling more and more.
“Then… then what do I do now? Is there any way I can do to reach adulthood faster?”

Seeing that Bai Xinyan didn’t mean to resist at all, Yin Heng couldn’t help but take a deep breath, but he could only do that.
He reached out and touched his head, saying, “It’s okay.
I can wait for a while as long as you are willing to stay with me.
That’s enough.”

“Of course, I would.” Bai Xinyan nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.
His soft hair rubbed twice in Yin Heng’s hand.

Since getting to know Bai Xinyan, Yin Heng now smiled a lot more often and naturally.
At this time, he gave Bai Xinyan a gentle and tolerant smile, but he thought in his heart that it was still better to find a way to make Bai Xinyan reach adulthood earlier.

After establishing the relationship, Bai Xinyan took the initiative to turn the topic to another aspect but didn’t pursue the matter that Yin Heng concealed.

“It must have been my parents who came to you secretly and didn’t let you tell me, right? They seem to have read a lot of human-family education books and often think that because of my poor cultivation, I will have psychological problems or a rebellious period.
Sometimes it’s okay, but occasionally I think it’s too much.
To be honest, it’s okay to tell me that they’re looking for you to take care of me and I won’t be angry for whatever reason.” Bai Xinyan didn’t take this well-intentioned concealment too seriously.
He quickly asked Yin Heng, “You said that my parents saved your life, what’s the matter? Did you almost die?”

Seeing Bai Xinyan’s worried look, Yin Heng felt warm and said, “That was decades ago…”

Decades ago, before Yin Heng was transformed into a human form, he met a fox demon named Hong Yu (洪裕).
Yin Heng had very good talent.
Although the spiritual energy in the world had become thinner at that time, his speed of cultivation was still much faster than that of ordinary demons.
Hong Yu was much older than him.
The two were just about the same level of cultivation and they were demons from the same place.
At that time, the world was quite chaotic.
The two of them encountered many times of crises together, but fortunately, they all passed and also had a life-long friendship with each other.
The trust gradually deepened.
Later the two became the sworn brothers.

It was just that there were always very few people who were consistent and things that had been changed beyond recognition by time abound.
After more than ten years of friendship between Yin Heng and Hong Yu brothers, there was a clear gap in their cultivation.
Yin Heng’s talent was extraordinary.
Even if his cultivation wasn’t as hard as Hong Yu’s, his cultivation was far superior to him.
Moreover, Yin Heng had a face that was unmatched in the world, so the various treatments they received outside were often very different.
Seeing that the gap between the two was getting wider and wider, Hong Yu’s mentality gradually changed.
He cultivated extremely hard and considered himself to be a fox demon who was famous for his charming appearance, but he was compared to Yin Heng in these two points.
Not only that, even the woman he liked, the object of his affection, was falling in love with Yin Heng.

Hong Yu’s jealousy and hatred towards Yin Heng increased day by day.
Later, he obtained an evil cultivation method.
He could use human souls to help him cultivate, which really moved his thoughts against Yin Heng.

That was Yin Heng’s cultivation base, which was already rare, but it hadn’t yet reached the top.
So Hong Yu privately contacted some greedy Taoist sects and demon cultivators, and attacked Yin Heng in an attempt to obtain his demon pill and demon body for alchemy and refinement.
Hong Yu also planned to use Yin Heng’s soul.

Because he wasn’t prepared for Hong Yu, Yin Heng was seriously injured but didn’t let them succeed.

Hong Yu and others chased and he killed them all the way, but they didn’t dare to move rashly when he reached the mist mountain where Father Bai and Mother Bai were.
If Yin Heng’s cultivation at that time was only first-class in the world, then Father Bai and Mother Bai were already the unbearable world’s best at the time.
Moreover, it happened to be a time when human society was in turmoil, and even the world of self-cultivation wasn’t very calm.
Father Bai and Mother Bai sheltered some well-connected humans and monks, releasing the news that they didn’t allow those who tried to chase and kill to step into the mist mountain for even half a step.
They directly strangled the first few groups of guys who didn’t believe and shocked everyone else.

With such a stumble block, Hong Yu and the others didn’t dare to enter the mist mountain rashly, even if Yin Heng was the one chasing to kill them.
They also wanted to communicate with Father Bai and Mother Bai, but the other party ignored them completely.
After guarding outside the mountain for a while, Father Bai and Mother Bai rudely drove people away.

Hong Yu and others didn’t dare to fight against Father Bai and Mother Bai.
In the end, they could only return without anything.
However, because Yin Heng was seriously injured, and during that time, Father Bai and Mother Bai were directly strangling the demon cultivators who entered the mist mountain without permission, these people acquiesced that Yin Heng was dead, but it was a pity that they spent a lot of effort, but such a good demon body, they didn’t know who would be cheaper.

Hong Yu and others thought that maybe Father Bai and Mother Bai wanted to take it for themselves, so they didn’t hand over him to them and drove him all away.
But in fact, Father Bai and Mother Bai didn’t do anything.
Although they checked Yin Heng who had entered the mist mountain, they neither killed him nor deliberately saved him.

Of course, because Father Bai and Mother Bai blocked those who were chasing Yin Heng, they still saved him.
Yin Heng had excellent talent.
He was seriously injured this time and didn’t die.
The mist mountain was full of spiritual energy.
They reluctantly supported him and found some healing spiritual plants in the mountain, which could be regarded as saving his life.

Later, he avoided Hong Yu and others and then went to other places to cultivate and recover, but he encountered an unexpected opportunity.
Not only did he completely recover from his injury, but his cultivation also increased.
Yin Heng, whose strength had greatly increased, stopped hiding and took revenge on those who had plotted against him at the beginning.
Among them, several sects were involved in this matter.
Yin Heng almost wiped them out overnight.

As for Hong Yu, Yin Heng dug out his demon pill and then destroyed it together with his demon body, which almost turned him to ashes.

This incident quickly caused an uproar.
Yin Heng didn’t communicate much with other cultivators at first.
When this incident came out, he didn’t hide that he did it, so he was quickly avoided.
Some people wanted to attack him either for interest or for righteousness, but they were beaten back by him.
Because he couldn’t help it and they learned that Yin Heng was just taking revenge, not killing innocent people at will, so the attack against him slowly died down.
However, Yin Heng still had a terrible reputation that could stop a child from crying at night and almost no one dared to contact him among the cultivators in the country.

Yin Heng wanted to repay Father Bai and Mother Bai for their kindness at that time, but because of his reputation, he couldn’t show closeness to them, so he could only secretly send some things to express his gratitude.
But Father Bai and Mother Bai had completely retired at that time.
They didn’t have much contact with the outside world’s human cultivators and didn’t accept his things.
They only said that they didn’t help much.

Yin Heng was a little disappointed by this, but he no longer bothered and simply went abroad.

As an outsider abroad, it wasn’t easy at first, but Yin Heng became a lot colder because of Hong Yu’s betrayal.
He didn’t pay attention to others, except for the kind Bai family.
He had dealt with people who were blocking the way in foreign countries with ruthless means and also took some subordinates, from a lone demon cultivator who only cultivated in a low-key manner to a giant who called the wind and the rain.

Because of the accumulation of a lot of assets in human society, the country gradually forgot about the terrorist act of slaughtering several sects overnight.
A few years ago, he received an invitation from the domestic department that wanted him to return to China.
Thinking that he hadn’t repaid Father Bai and Mother Bai for saving his life, Yin Heng chose to come back.
Xinghuan Entertainment was one of the companies he established after returning to China.

However, even after returning to China, Father Bai and Mother Bai lived more secretly.
Yin Heng contacted them through the high-level management of the non-human management office, but Father Bai and Mother Bai still refused Yin Heng’s intention to repay their kindness, saying that they just took the good intentions.
After all, they didn’t lack anything and really only took in Yin Heng at the beginning.
They had no intention of taking the initiative to save him in the first place.

So it wasn’t until Bai Xinyan wanted to go down the mountain to become an actor that Yin Heng finally had the chance to repay his gratitude.

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