62 Show Off (炫耀)


Yin Heng knew that his experience seemed thrilling and magnificent, but it was definitely not comparable to Father Bai and Mother Bai who had gone through several wars and played an important role in the war to protect the country and retreat from the enemy and then retired in a low-key manner.
And Bai Xinyan was a little demon raised in a honey pot.
He was afraid that he couldn’t understand the bloody battles and revenge that year, so Yin Heng didn’t go into too much detail.
Except for Father Bai and Mother Bai saving his life, most of the others had been mentioned.

It was true that Bai Xinyan had never seen any bloody scenes of the law of the jungle since he was a child.
Human society and the world of self-cultivation were becoming more and more peaceful.
Bai Xinyan’s cultivation base wasn’t good, but he was well protected by his parents.
Even it wasn’t easy for him to understand those guys who broke each other’s heads for a little resource and couldn’t sympathize with that kind of deep-seated hatred.
But after listening to Yin Heng’s understatement, Bai Xinyan felt extremely uncomfortable.
When he thought of the fact that Father Bai and Mother Bai didn’t take Yin Heng, if Yin Heng hadn’t persevered so desperately, if Yin Heng didn’t have the chance to recover from his injury and succeeded in revenge, as long as there was a little deviation in any place, Hong Yu and those people might have succeeded.
Even though Yin Heng was in front of him now, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but feel the roiling emotions in his heart when he thought of this and felt scared for a moment.

He couldn’t help but ask about the specific situation at that time for a long time.
Listening to Yin Heng, he wished he could travel back and remind Yin Heng to beware of Hong Yu earlier or let his parents take the initiative to save him at that time.

Yin Heng saw that he was filled with righteous indignation for himself, his heart was full of warmth, and he took the initiative to comfort, “The situation was too chaotic at that time, the two seniors have already made a lot of enemies.
For me, a strange monster that wasn’t related to them, but also provoked a bunch of people to chase and kill, they didn’t chase me away, but also helped me to repel the pursuers.
This is already very good.”

Bai Xinyan also knew this truth, but still couldn’t help feeling sorry for Yin Heng, and said unhappily, “Afterwards, those people weren’t good people either.
You obviously just wanted to get revenge without hurting innocent people.
They are afraid of you, even if they want to crusade against you, you can only go abroad.
It’s really bad!”

“If you hadn’t returned to China again, maybe I wouldn’t have the chance to meet you.” Bai Xinyan pouted slightly in dissatisfaction.

This was true.
Yin Heng thought about it and felt quite lucky.
Fortunately, he had been thinking about repaying the kindness of Father Bai and Mother Bai.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t return home.
And fortunately, Bai Xinyan’s interest was to be an actor, which gave him the opportunity to repay their kindness and get in touch with them in person.
Otherwise, with the attitude of Father Bai and Mother Bai, he might never have the opportunity to contact the Bai family in his life.

Yin Heng patted Bai Xinyan’s head and reassured him, “Don’t be angry.
We are together now and we have a much better life than those who harmed others.” Not to mention those who planned to plot against Yin Heng were directly solved by him.
He also returned tit-for-tat to those who tried to harm him later.
With his current cultivation base and assets, he was very favoured by relevant departments after returning home.
His status in human society and the cultivation world was quite high.
The guy, who had troubled him in the past, now had to be wary and cautious when he saw him.
Some even summon up their courage to curry favour with him.
The situation was no longer what it used to be.

Bai Xinyan was still angry, but when Yin Heng said they were together, he couldn’t help but become stupid.
The smile on his face couldn’t be hidden.

“I, I will work hard to cultivate and strive to become an adult sooner!” Bai Xinyan blushed and said in a low voice but firmly.

Yin Heng moved his lips, almost wanting to take a bite on Bai Xinyan’s rosy cheeks, but he still took a deep breath and held it back, maintaining a steady voice, “Then I’ll take you to practice now?”

Bai Xinyan nodded, took off the ring given by Yin Heng, turned into a rabbit, and jumped into Yin Heng’s arms skillfully, ready.

“……” Yin Heng originally wanted to suggest that he use a human form to cultivate this time.
After all, their relationship had gone further and they could also do some intimate actions with a human form.
He didn’t expect Bai Xinyan to be so self-conscious that he would turn into a rabbit without waiting for him to speak.

Yin Heng touched Bai Xinyan’s long fluffy ears and sighed inwardly, thinking that a rabbit was a rabbit.
At least, he didn’t need to test his self-control anymore.

With Bai Yin’s promise that he would no longer object, Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan directly practised together for a whole night that day.
Although one was in human form and the other was in original form, they were barely in the same bed overnight.
The next day, Bai Xinyan hadn’t escaped from the joy of leaving the group.
The whole rabbit was very excited and couldn’t wait to run to show off to the people around him.

Such as Li Zhibai and Zhang Kai who Bai Xinyan was familiar were the first demons to bear the brunt.
After that, ordinary people like Ding Qichen couldn’t escape.
Bai Xinyan wasn’t so daring on Bai Yin’s side, but he also verified.
He asked his little uncle and his parents whether they really agreed that he was dating Yin Heng and carefully showed it off.
(首当其冲, metaphor is the first to be attacked or suffered disaster)

Bai Yin originally thought that Bai Xinyan would be a little awkward after Yin Yan confessed, but he didn’t expect that he was “obsessed with lust” (色迷心窍).
Not only did not get angry, but he also sold himself directly and then gave money to the person.
Even though it was the nephew he favoured, Bai Yin felt annoyed.
However, he had promised not to object again before.
He also communicated with Father Bai and Mother Bai.
The two had no objection at the beginning and felt that as long as Bai Xinyan didn’t suffer a loss, it would be fine.
After knowing that Yin Heng could help Bai Xinyan solve the problems of cultivation and physique, the two were overjoyed.
So even if Bai Xinyan’s behaviour of showing affection made one feel itchy, Bai Yin could only bear it.
He turned to find Li Zhibai, so as to calm down and avoid falling behind his little nephew too much.

The people around Bai Xinyan were surprised, but most of them had expected it.
After all, the state of Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng’s relationship couldn’t deceive anyone, especially Bai Xinyan’s special behaviour towards Yin Heng.
Although the difference in identities between Yin Heng and Bai Xinyan could easily cause people to worry, but looking at Bai Xinyan’s cheerful appearance and thinking about Yin Heng’s special treatment of Bai Xinyan, it wasn’t easy for them to pour cold water.
After a burst of surprise, they all blessed them.

However, Bai Xinyan was still dissatisfied with this, so he posted on Weibo that he had watched if he had nothing to do.
He posted a blog saying that he was very happy now and showed off to fans implicitly.

In fact, according to the principle that Xinghuan had given him to be happy, Bai Xinyan would have liked to directly announce that he was taken, but this was still too self-willed and not good for his development, so Bai Xinyan still restrained.

Bai Xinyan V: A greaaat thing happened, I’m super happy!! [cheer] [cheer] [circling]

After a while, another post was sent.

Bai Xinyan V: I’m so happy.
Let’s have a forwarding lottery to make everyone feel happy~ Three red envelopes in cash 2020, four red envelopes in cash 425, the lottery will be drawn tomorrow~ [sprinkle flowers] [sprinkle flowers] [sprinkle flowers]

Bai Xinyan’s joy was beyond words.
Fans and passersby on Weibo hurriedly drew lots while discussing what made him so happy.

【Baby, you are finally willing to post! I thought I was paying attention to the fake star account, not providing any news for ten days or a half month!】

【What good thing happened, Wuli Yan is so happy】

【Little cutie still doesn’t understand the essence of posting on Weibo.
As soon as he comes up, he draws a lottery, what kind of prize will be drawn! He doesn’t take a selfie when he’s happy!】

【No no no, the prize still has to be drawn.
Of course, if there are some selfies, it will be a roar!】

【No one seriously discusses what Yanyan is happy about? I guess it may be a good endorsement!】

【emmmmm, I’m also thinking it’s about endorsements, Ke Rui’s regional endorsement is about to expire recently…】

【Don’t, don’t mention Ke Rui.
The powder of those pancakes has been torn into darkness.
We don’t know what to expect.
We’d better not mess with the pancakes at random.】

【It’s not necessarily an endorsement.
I feel like Yanyan doesn’t value endorsements and fashion resources so much.
Looking at his profile, he only said that he was an actor.
Maybe he got a good role?】

【Yes, yes, yes, I think so too! High-end endorsements or something, to be honest, the weight of the present is not enough, but a good role in a good crew, with Yanyan’s current popularity and his friendship with Chairman Xinghuan, I think it is very promising!!】

【Wow, when I think about it this way… I don’t know what role it will be.】

【Uh, you all think so professionally.
Maybe it’s something that has nothing to do with his acting careers, such as the family dog ​​giving birth to puppies, or winning the lottery or something?】

【What can’t you say about this kind of good thing directly, you haven’t chased the stars very much upstairs, have you? Such half-covered good news is basically all about getting some resources.
Before the official announcement, you should get a preventive measure first.
However, it’s very characteristic to forward the lottery at this time.
It seems that you have never seen such an operation before [laughs and tears]】

【Why do I have a bad premonition… This kind of secretive picture cake is particularly easy to tear up with other houses… Fireworks should pay attention recently.
Don’t guess what they are talking about, so as not to attract haters.】

“Fireworks” (烟花, Yanhua) was the name that Bai Xinyan’s fans had decided on themselves because the fireworks were beautiful.
It was just in line with the effect of Bai Xinyan’s big news that made people explode from time to time and successfully PK lost other alternative names and was elected.

Bai Xinyan’s fans were still very scattered at this time because there was no work yet.
Although his popularity was high, the fan base was still unstable.
However, Zhang Kai had already arranged professional fans and various public relations directions and had roughly completed the framework of fan group management.

The public relations team prepared by Zhang Kai might have to deal with the trouble of Bai Xinyan coming out of the closet directly in the future, so it would be no problem to deal with such a small disturbance now.

The recent promotion of 《Career Story》 had been getting more and more popular.
Even the popularity of Bai Xinyan had been high.
In addition, there was a lottery this time.
This Weibo of Bai Xinyan was quickly posted and also on a hot search.

Fans weren’t the only ones who wanted to know what Bai Xinyan was happy about.
Those gossip accounts who followed the news were eager to dig out the information first.
Some of them were brave enough to take advantage of the heat to summarize some of the better resources recently and list them one by one to guess Bai Xinyan.
This kind of operation would have easily caused fans to fight, but Bai Xinyan’s public relations team responded quickly and denied them all at the first time and warned the marketing account of random guessing to guide the line of sight, leaving nothing to tear.

When another big wave of publicity for 《Career Story》 came, not many people were paying attention to this matter.

Bai Xinyan was a little depressed about this.
No one guessed that he was happy because he was taken.
The 1314 stem he specially set up in the lottery was completely missed.
Bai Xinyan sent a dissatisfied message to Yin Heng at the time: Didn’t it say that fans have eyes to catch fast and have a strong brain-enhancing ability, I deliberately gave them a hint and they didn’t guess it right!

To be honest, there weren’t many people who found the point of 1314, but Bai Xinyan was happy that it was impossible for them to think about him dating.
After all, Bai Xinyan was small fresh meat that was just starting out.
How could the agent and the company agree with him to open his relationship? Even such a subtle hint, it was definitely not possible.
(1314, usually preceded by a phrase such as “I love you” or the similar, and it represents 一生一世 “one life, one world”)

The premiere time of 《Career Story》 had been determined.
It would be announced together with Li Zhibai, the most important resident guest.
Suddenly, the heat exploded again.

In fact, Li Zhibai had been guessed to be one of the guests during this period of time.
After all, there were very few first- and second-tier stars who hadn’t announced their schedules for a while, and even fewer were bigger than the previously announced Ai Qiao.
Almost no one.
Although Li Zhibai had never been on a reality show, it was still guessed.
However, those who made this guess didn’t dare to be so sure, so when the program group really announced it, all the netizens who ate melons were still shocked.

After all, he was the most popular trending male star at the moment.
If Li Zhibai could completely overpower An Yan (安彦, I don’t know if it was a name or what) and win an authoritative award, it would be no exaggeration to call him a top trending actor at that time.
His reality show debut was naturally very popular and it directly occupied several hot searches on the day of its announcement.

Now people were more optimistic about the prospects of 《Career Story》.
They had a feeling of good luck for several other guests.
Especially the two pure newcomers Bai Xinyan and Tang Yuying, who could directly participate in the show with such a lineup, caused a wave of discussion and gossip about their backgrounds.

This kind of gossip couldn’t be avoided from the people who ate melons.
There would inevitably be people who deliberately wanted to bring the unspoken rules for various purposes.
Fortunately, Bai Xinyan’s image was very good no, and his so-called background was basically over the road, that was, Yin Heng, the chairman of Xinghuan, plus the strong public relations team, didn’t cause any negative impact.
Tang Yuying, on the other hand, was quickly revealed to have a real relationship.
She was the niece of a director of Youjia, but she wasn’t involved in the unspoken rules.

A few days later, the recording of the second part of 《Career Story》 was about to start.
Bai Xinyan would be away from S City for about ten days or a half month.

“Ai.” Bai Xinyan sighed, which was very not in line with his immature appearance and rarely had a sad look on his face.

Yin Heng laughed when he saw this and comforted, “It’s okay.
I can go to you like last time.”

Bai Xinyan continued to sigh, “That can only be a sneak. Ai, it makes me want to make progress and stop working.”

Yin Heng patted his head in a funny way and said, “Of course, you can do it if you don’t want to work, but don’t you like this business? Don’t be sad.
I will always be with you and I will go to you to practice every night, okay?”

Bai Xinyan was coaxed by Yin Heng and boarded the plane with Li Zhibai again.

Li Zhibai disliked Bai Xinyan recently because the other party not only always showed off to him but also made Bai Yin more and more crazy, which made Li Zhibai tired to deal with it.
This time, he was relieved to go out to record the show.

However, after getting on the plane, Li Zhibai was stunned to find that Bai Yin was also there!

“You, you… why are you here?” Li Zhibai looked at Bai Yin in horror.
He felt that ever since he met him, he had been at his mercy.
He couldn’t get rid of him at all! Although he finally got used to living with tigers, it was a little hard for him to like tigers or even □□… Recently, Bai Yin’s intentions had become more and more obvious.
He wanted to hide and think about it, but this guy came after him again!

Bai Yin looked at Li Zhibai, who was furious, and said with a smile, “I’m going to check Yanyan’s recording program and report it to my sister and brother-in-law.”

Li Zhibai: “……”

Bai Xinyan on the side said “Ah?”, looked back and forth at Bai Yin and Li Zhibai, and asked, “Does the program group allow you to go as an outsider?”

Bai Yin pushed on his glasses and said, “Of course, I have already asked your agent to communicate and the program group expressed their welcome.”

Bai Xinyan: “…Oh, that’s fine then.”

After Bai Xinyan finished speaking, he didn’t ask any more questions.
He didn’t feel the sadness in Li Zhibai’s heart at all.

Bai Yin took Bai Xinyan as an excuse.
Li Zhibai naturally couldn’t make him not follow him, but looking at the other party staring at him with interest, it was obvious that the so-called watching Bai Xinyan recorded program was just an excuse.
It was his poor self who was facing the tragedy…

So Li Zhibai was sullen all the way.
If he changed back to his original form, he would probably lose a lot of lustrous.

Bai Yin’s arrival caused a small wave in the program group because the man who claimed to be Bai Xinyan’s uncle wasn’t only the middle-aged man they imagined, but he was handsome and better than many stars.
And there was a unique temperament that was extremely extra points.
He looked gentle and elegant, but it made people dare not question and convince him.

“The rest of your family are probably pretty good looking too.” The director, who wanted to make Bai Yin show his face a little in the show, said with admiration to Bai Xinyan.
Bai Xinyan smiled when he heard the words, but didn’t tell them that Bai Yin wasn’t blood-related to him.
Bai Yin, the producer, director, and others had a very pleasant conversation.
It wasn’t like a relative who came to visit the class at all, but a little bit like an investment boss.
Li Zhibai watched from the side, thinking that Bai Yin didn’t need to be worried at all, but he needed to worry about himself.

It wasn’t until the others came one after another that Li Zhibai suddenly remembered that when Bai Yin came, he might have to worry about another person – Tang  Yuying.

Tang Yuying’s admiration for him was obvious.
She didn’t know how to completely restrain herself in front of the camera.
Bai Yin was also trying to do something to him now.
If Tang Yuying’s thoughts were found, Tang Yuying would be unlucky.
It made him feel even worse.

Li Zhibai felt nervous when he thought of this and decided that he had to hide from Tang Yuying even more this time.

Bai Yin didn’t know this at this time.
He was politely acquainted with the guests who were supposed to arrive.

The new special guest in this issue was Gu Yuan (顾远).
He was a middle-school student with strength.
His popularity wasn’t small and was stronger than Gu Chenghao.
It was also because 《Career Story》 had exploded in popularity recently and had a great prospect, so the program group successfully invited him.

The recording of this part was almost the same process as before.
Several permanent residents were now familiar with each other.
Except for Tang Yuying, they all got along quite well.
But to their surprise, Tang Yuying, who came back this time, seemed to be a lot more sensible than before.
She wasn’t as squeamish and gave a meaningful glance as before.
Although it couldn’t be said still unpleasant, but she wasn’t as annoying as she used to be.

The theme of this issue was a volunteer teacher in a mountain village.
Naturally, the conditions weren’t very good.
People in the program group thought that Tang Yuying must be more squeamish and picky than before, but they didn’t expect that although she was still obviously not as good as other guests this time.
At least, she wouldn’t complain directly without a wink.

And on the first day, Tang Yuying didn’t get close to Li Zhibai on purpose.
She seemed to be quite self-absorbed.
Li Zhibai was quite surprised and immediately felt fortunate in his heart.

This episode was recorded in a relatively biased place.
Naturally, Yin Heng couldn’t use any excuse to inspect the work.
He couldn’t be as open and upright as Bai Yin.
He had to use magic to avoid the sight of others and went directly to Bai Xinyan at night.

Compared to the last time, the meeting between the two was really a sneak this time.
The concealment effect of the mountain village earthen house wasn’t good.
Even in the room, Yin Heng needed to get a barrier and a cover-up first.

Although it was only a day apart, when Yin Heng appeared, Bai Xinyan couldn’t help but threw himself directly into the other’s arms, buried his head in Yin Heng’s chest, and rubbed it.
He said frankly, “I miss you so much for a long time.
If only you could stay here like my little uncle.”

Yin Heng kissed the top of his hair and said, “How about I turn into Bai Jiahei to accompany you?”

When Bai Xinyan heard the words, he raised his head.
His eyes suddenly lit up.
“Are you turning into Bai Jiahei and pretending to be my bracelet?”

Yin Heng was also softened because he saw Bai Xinyan acting like a spoiled child.
At this time, he actually had a little bit of regret, but seeing Bai Xinyan’s eyes full of expectations, he finally nodded.
“Anyway, I don’t have anything to do, so I can accompany you all the time.
By the way, we can strengthen our cultivation.”

Bai Xinyan was extremely happy, “Then you show me your original form first.
I haven’t seen your original form!” Although Bai Jiahei was actually the same as Yin Heng’s original form, it was still different from his real original form.

Yin Heng didn’t take the initiative to show Bai Xinyan his original form, because he was somewhat worried that the rabbit would be afraid of him.
But if he wanted to see it this way, Yin Heng naturally wouldn’t refuse.

“Do you want me to become smaller?” Yin Heng asked.

“How big is it? Will it not fit here?” Bai Xinyan was stunned when he heard the words.

Yin Heng: “That’s not it.
I can make it up.”

“Then you don’t need to get smaller, I want to see your real appearance.” Bai Xinyan said.

“Okay, then I’ll change.
You… don’t be afraid.”

Yin Heng hesitated for a moment, let go of Bai Xinyan, backed away a little, and then Bai Xinyan’s eyes saw a flash.
The tall and handsome man in front of him disappeared, replaced by a very long, big many-banded krait.

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