d his waist, pinching the soft flesh around his waist.

Bai Xinyan was feeling very ticklish.
He was so startled while avoiding such a pinch and came back to his senses.
He was held in Yin Heng’s arms, avoiding Yin Heng’s wicked hand, but he pressed to his chest and his ears rubbed directly against Yin Heng’s lips.

Yin Heng’s body was also cold.
Even if he was very close, he didn’t feel uncomfortable, but the soft touch on his ears still made Bai Xinyan freeze for a moment.
He lowered his head, losing his confidence.

Bai Xinyan usually spoke very calmly.
He didn’t hesitate to say things like missing or liking.
However, when there were really any intimate actions, he was very easy to be shy and had no boldness in words at all.

However, he was quite honest.
After all, he was still a little demon who hadn’t yet reached adulthood.
It was normal to feel embarrassed about close contact.
However, Bai Xinyan was shy at this time, but he had no intention of avoiding it at all.

His ears were burning while leaning in Yin Heng’s arms.
Bai Xinyan’s heart was beating loudly.
He couldn’t help but wanted Yin Heng to really kiss him and rubbed in the other’s arms unconsciously.

Yin Heng’s breath was unsteady when he rubbed against him for a moment.
The hand on his waist quickly exerted force, holding him down to prevent him from moving, so as not to rub him.
But Bai Xinyan was so ticklish that he immediately struggled to avoid it a few times.
The warm little thing arched his back and forth in his arms, where they touched, he could clearly feel the heat and smooth skin of the other party, as well as the unique smell of Bai Xinyan’s body, which kept digging into his nostrils, directly piercing Yin Heng’s sanity beyond the topmost clouds (九霄云外, idiom).

“Yan… Yanyan, be good, don’t move.” Yin Heng whispered slightly in Bai Xinyan’s ear and took a deep breath.

“Ah?” Bai Xinyan looked up at him blankly.
His beautiful eyes were still looking like he seduced him.

Yin Heng had built several floors in his heart, but at this time, he was completely defeated at once.
He couldn’t help but closed his eyes and then directly lowered his head and kissed him.

It had been clear that the relationship was in that short time, but their intimacy had been very restrained before.
At most, it was kissing on the face.
There had never been a real kiss.

Yin Heng had imagined the feeling of kissing Bai Xinyan many times, but after the real experience, he found that all his imaginations were far worse than this.
It wasn’t just a simple touch and trembling on the body, but when he met this person’s lips, his whole body was overwhelmed by the huge joy that poured out from the bottom of his heart.
It was like being in the clouds, making people feel light and dizzy.

Bai Xinyan’s eyes widened suddenly.
For a moment, he was so nervous that he completely held his breath.
After a while, he realized that he returned to his sense.
While his face was extremely hot, he involuntarily grasped Yin Heng’s clothes and got closer.

Feeling Bai Xinyan’s obedience and response, Yin Heng’s heart was filled with excitement and joy.
He couldn’t help licking Bai Xinyan’s soft lips and then drove straight into the warm mouth, tenderly but inescapably intertwined with his lips.
The sound of the TV program covered up the faint sound of water, but the two of them in the kiss could hear it clearly.

Even though Yin Heng was a cold-blooded animal, he felt that the blood on his body seemed to have to boil at this time, which was even more serious than when he entered the estrus period.
He almost wanted to put Bai Xinyan in his arms to do it on the spot (就地正法, idiom).

It was a pity that it wasn’t the right time yet.
Bai Xinyan hadn’t passed the estrus period.
After a fierce kiss, the whole person softened.
He was completely at the mercy of Yin Heng, but there was still no movement below.
(It may refer to Xinyan didn’t get hard or turn on)

Yin Heng couldn’t help it.
Although his eyes were turning red, he still couldn’t do anything but kiss.
After a while, he let go of Bai Xinyan, who was soft in his arms.

Bai Xinyan quickly took a few breaths, feeling something under him, and couldn’t help burying his blushing face into Yin Heng’s neck.

“…will it be uncomfortable?” Bai Xinyan asked in a low voice embarrassed after a moment.

Yin Heng paused then chuckled, “It’s alright.
It will be fine in a while.”

In order to recover as soon as possible, the two stayed so quietly.
The show on TV continued to be played, but no one was paying attention to it now.

* * *

《Career Story》 was broadcasted on Strawberry Satellite TV first.
After the first broadcast, the online video platform would be launched.
So, if you couldn’t watch TV and miss the first broadcast, you could watch it online in a few hours.

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people watch TV on time.
On the contrary, more and more people watched webcasts, especially students, who didn’t have the conditions to watch TV but could use their mobile phones to watch online anytime, anywhere.

Sun Rui (孙蕊) was a female college student.
She was also one of the backbones of entertainment gossip and passionate star chasing groups.
Recently, she had entered the period of chasing the fallen star.
The former star she chased had lost their fans and she hadn’t found a suitable new idol that could be fanned.

However, even during the empty window period, Sun Rui had been paying attention to all kinds of gossip in the entertainment industry.
She naturally knows about the program 《Career Story》 that had become hot on Weibo recently with the strong line-ups.

Originally, Sun Rui didn’t have any interest in watching shows without their own main character or on the top wall, but 《Career Story》 had been very popular recently, and the line-up was very strong.
Although she wasn’t a fan of Li Zhibai herself and because the resources of the male stars she was chasing in the past were far inferior to Li Zhibai, she also spoke ill of him sourly.
His appearance was supported by medical aesthetics and later stages.
The so-called noble child’s personal design was all fake.
However, now that she learned that he was going to participate in the reality show, Sun Rui still had some interest and wanted to take the opportunity to see what Li Zhibai’s appearance and personality were like.

In addition, as a newcomer, Bai Xinyan had made big news several times.
Sun Rui was also very interested in him.
She believed that she had been chasing stars for a long time and had a lot of knowledge in the circle.
She had always been a little sceptical about such a fast-rising topic newcomer, thinking that there must be someone behind Bai Xinyan and the big news before must have been deliberately operated.

However, no matter what, it seems that this newcomer was operating very successfully at present, so Sun Rui wanted to see how this newcomer performed in the show.

Sun Rui couldn’t watch TV at school.
In order to avoid spoilers, she also deliberately didn’t watch related discussions on Weibo and forums after 《Career Story》 started.
She couldn’t wait until the video website showed that 《Career Story》 had been updated.

Sun Rui came early, but there were a lot of people waiting for it.
The barrage in the video quickly became densely packed.

【Finally the waiting!! Let me first confess to our super cute Miss Ai Qiao!】

【Crazy calls for Bai Bai’s reality show debut!!!】

【Support the best goddess Jian Han, please pay attention if you are interested in the new album coming out next month】

【Ah ah ah ah ah, I want to know the beauty of the male god Zhibai!!!!!】

【Scared, I feel that other family members are much better… Am I the only one who came to see a strange power and wulin master cutie?】

【Raise the hand weakly, and me…】

In the beginning, all the fans were confessing as if a lot of brushes proved their popularity.
Bai Xinyan had been very popular recently, but there weren’t many loyal fans.
There were only two or three kittens in the barrage army ahead.

Sun Rui was accustomed to this scene.
She swept the barrage at will and waited for the official start of the show.

The first part was, of course, the introduction of all the guests.
There were a lot of fans calling in the barrage.
Sun Rui closed the barrage with a frown and took a close look at everyone’s close-up, especially Li Zhibai’s.

Li Zhibai still looked flawless.
Even if Sun Rui was in the mentality of picking faults, it seemed that she could only suspect that he wasn’t pure and natural.
She couldn’t say what was ugly.
Moreover, compared with other people, Li Zhibai’s appearance was even more outstanding.

However, compared to Li Zhibai, what surprised Sun Rui more was Bai Xinyan.
Most of the photos and videos about Bai Xinyan found on the Internet were far away and blurry.
Later, the official announcement of 《Career Story》 gave the HD version, but most of them were carefully posted.
Regarding Bai Xinyan’s true appearance, Sun Rui was also quite picky, thinking that a newcomer that Xinghuan was trying so hard to push should be very good-looking, right? If it was just so-so, it would be very disappointing.

Sun Rui thought so.
After seeing Bai Xinyan appearing in the camera, her attitude suddenly changed.

Bai Xinyan wasn’t as good as Li Zhibai in terms of appearance.
But for some reason, even when he was in the same frame as Li Zhibai, Bai Xinyan didn’t feel like he was being compared at all.
Unlike other people who were more or less were robbed Li Zhibai, when Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai stood together, Sun Rui even felt that it was easier for her to notice Bai Xinyan.

However, if you looked closely, Bai Xinyan didn’t seem to look so good.

Sun Rui was very puzzled.
She paused to study for a long time and found that Bai Xinyan was really pleasing to the eye.
She didn’t know what was going on.
After thinking about it, it could only be explained by his pleasing appearance and temperament.

She couldn’t help but open the barrage, wanting to see other people’s reactions.
Until she found a lot of people who boasted about their beauty under the barrage of re-flashing their idol, she felt a little comfort.

【Wow, the two newcomers are good looking.
I thought it was P before】

【Is Bai Xinyan so cute? It really doesn’t match with his strength and personal design…】

【Bai Xinyan is really a little fresh meat as tender as green onions.
I suddenly want to be a mother’s fan】

【Don’t remind me how strong he is, thank you.
He looks really cute.
I want to touch his head and want to pinch his face like crazy 1551】

【Have you found out? This newcomer lives in the same frame with Li Zhibai, how did he do it?】

【Li Zhibai and Yanyan suppressed everything? A newcomer was stealing the limelight.
No one was taking good care during this period of time?】

【No, aren’t the others still being suppressed, so this Bai Xinyan is the only one who can hold it? So it seems that this newcomer has a future.】

【Li Zhibai is naturally good-looking and never deliberately overpowers anyone.
We Gardenia will not take the blame for haters’ remarks, thank you】 (栀子花, zhi zi hua or cape jasmine, it seems to be Li Zhibai’s nickname)

【Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai have different styles.
Both of them should be the best looking in their own style.
Bai Xinyan really makes people feel comfortable, so he can’t be overwhelmed by a beauty like Li Zhibai】

【Li Zhibai’s real effeminate is really annoying to watch.
Although Bai Xinyan isn’t very manly, he is a bit better than Li Zhibai】

【Where is Li Zhibai’s effeminate? Is there something wrong with the front one? A little newcomer has been on the hot search for a few times before to press the first-line seniors? Li Zhibai is much good-looking than him, though?】

Seeing that there were signs of fighting in the barrage, Sun Rui couldn’t help but post a barrage—

【There is really nothing wrong with Li Zhibai’s face, but I prefer Bai Xinyan’s style】

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