64 Become Fans (转粉)


After posting the barrage, Sun Rui continued to look down.
According to her years of experience in the fandom, such a small dispute, as long as there is no bigger □□ (problem), most likely wouldn’t cause any major trouble.
Of course, if this Bai Xinyan’s face and presence weren’t compared to Li Zhibai’s, but he also grabbed Li Zhibai’s limelight in the following shows, then she was afraid of a fight between fans would be inevitable.

Although Sun Rui felt good about Bai Xinyan, she wasn’t even a fan of the road at present.
Naturally, she didn’t have the heart to worry about it, so she just continued to watch the show.

But looking at it, she felt that she might be about to end her empty window…

“Damn it, where is this cuteness come from…” Sun Rui couldn’t help but murmured while looking at Bai Xinyan’s bright smile on the screen.

Seeing that Bai Xinyan was overwhelmed by a group of dogs, she laughed firstly in surprise and then became helpless.
Later when he helped distribute two Labrador Retrievers to Li Zhibai and Tang Yuying, it seemed that he explained the basis seriously and the dogs could understand the words.
He patiently guided them several times without any temper.
After starting training, he was praised by the instructor for his amazing performance.
The expression on his face was both shy and a little proud, not to mention how lively and cute he was.
Even though she knew that this might have been set up by someone, but Bai Xinyan’s appearance was so real and contagious.
No matter whether his expression was too cute, Sun Rui was completely moved by the other party when she looked at it.

Seeing Bai Xinyan smiling happily with Xiaotian, Sun Rui couldn’t help holding her face and laughed stupidly.
It wasn’t until the camera cut to other people that she woke up to her senses.

“No, no, I’ve agreed that this time I will find an absolutely reliable leader to enter the pit.
I can’t just fall into the trap!” Feeling that she was about to fall into the pit of a newcomer like Bai Xinyan, Sun Rui quickly alerted herself and tried her best to shift her attention away from Bai Xinyan and focus on other people and the barrage.

However, in this way, Sun Rui realized a big problem—Li Zhibai’s character design seems to have, collapsed a little?

Li Zhibai’s persona had always been a kind of high-ranking noble son who didn’t eat human fireworks.
However, 《Career Story》 show had just started and it seemed that they had almost destroyed his image.

Being hated by the dogs no longer made him look arrogant.
After that, in order to complete the tasks required by the program, he begged and coaxed Lizi several times, but he almost collapsed.
Compared with other guests, he was really down to earth.
If it wasn’t for the high-level appearance and self-esteem, it would be more fun than his character design.

Moreover, in order to deal with the dog, Li Zhibai also asked Bai Xinyan for help several times.
The key point was that his attitude wasn’t arrogant.
He looked familiar and didn’t say anything.
He also took the initiative to bow his head.
These shocked Sun Rui directly.

It stood to reason that Li Zhibai was looking for help from Bai Xinyan.
It was normal to be polite, but Li Zhibai’s status was much higher than that of the young newcomer Bai Xinyan.
His previous personality had always been high and cold.
He liked to ignore people he didn’t know well and even if he did, he had very little to say.
This made his attitude towards Bai Xinyan extraordinarily special.

“What’s going on with Li Zhibai? Is Bai Xinyan’s background so powerful that even he has to bow his head?” Sun Rui couldn’t help thinking.
She looked back and saw at the barrage again.

Obviously, a lot of people had noticed this.
Many people were mentioning it in the barrage, but the main thing was that Li Zhibai’s persona seemed to have collapsed.
There were very few people who were suspicious of the relationship between Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan like her.

But to be honest, although Li Zhibai’s performance wasn’t in line with the previous character set, it had to be said that it was quite interesting.
Compared with the arrogant and noble son-like, this kind of performance was more likeable in the show.
Therefore, passers-by who were neither fans nor haters were all hahaha and feel sorry for Li Zhibai.
There weren’t many negative reactions.
However, Li Zhibai’s fans didn’t seem to be too affected.
The organization seemed to be pretty good.
They didn’t brush any kind of myth-busting feeling.
Instead, they were commenting, explaining about Li Zhibai, and getting rid of some people’s intentional sarcasm.

On Bai Xinyan’s side, it was clear that fans shouldn’t be in the mood, but for some reason, the relevant content of the barrage was also very good.
The people on Li Zhibai’s side seemed to be polite and there was no dispute.

In fact, this was, of course, the role of Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai’s public relations team, but Sun Rui hadn’t thought of it yet.
She was just a little surprised, wondering if it was because Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai’s relationship was really good.
The fans on both sides weren’t angry?

This guess was actually the same, but Sun Rui’s attitude wasn’t optimistic.
Because the relationship between the two was very good, but there were many examples of fans tearing it up badly.
From the beginning, Bai Xinyan wasn’t suppressed by Li Zhibai.
Later, Li Zhibai was disliked by the dog, but Bai Xinyan seemed to be the star holding the moon and Li Zhibai asked Bai Xinyan for help.
Bai Xinyan’s reaction was natural and impolite.
As long as these points were picked out by random people and publicized, they could easily cause the two fans to pinch each other.
And once they really did pinch, Bai Xinyan would definitely suffer here.
(众星捧月, the star holding the moon meant to view sb as a core figure; to group around a revered leader; to revolve around sb)

Although she warned herself not to fall into a trap like this, but thinking that Bai Xinyan might be torn apart by Li Zhibai’s fans, Sun Rui immediately felt a sense of worry.
She was always feeling worried when watching the later shows.

However, this episode of the show was really exciting.
Even if she had something in her mind, Sun Rui was slowly and completely immersed in it.
In particular, the process of the guests’ hard training of the police dog and the interaction with the police dog made people feel moved by the editing.
Especially Li Zhibai, the person who had the most difficult task, even though he seemed to have collapsed his character, but such a good-looking person didn’t lose his patience and his temper in such an unfortunate state, nor did he show any complaints or dissatisfaction.
Obviously, he was very pitiful, but the way he had been doing things seriously wasn’t completely annoying.

Fans in the barrage were all distressed.
Some said that they thought Li Zhibai was forced to pretend, but now it had changed a little.

In this way, the interaction between Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan hadn’t been regarded as an operation that was suspected of rubbing off the popularity, but was regarded by fans as the performance of Li Zhibai’s dedication and humbly learning seriously.
It was said that Li Zhibai might be supporting the company’s junior and senior.
In short, since Li Zhibai wasn’t stepped on, there was no need to point the gun at Bai Xinyan.

Sun Rui was a bit unexpected about this, but after thinking about it, she felt right.
Since the 《Career Story》 program group dared to broadcast it like this, they obviously wanted to cut out the pictures of Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai.
They certainly didn’t dare to have a negative impact on Li Zhibai.
After all, Li Zhibai was the most valuable guest.
Even Strawberry TV wasn’t easy to offend.

It seemed that Bai Xinyan’s background should be really tough.
As a newcomer, there were so many scenes and almost the whole process was with Li Zhibai.
After this issue, Li Zhibai’s topics were estimated to take Bai Xinyan along with him.
In comparison, the other young girl was much more miserable.
There was only one shot.
However, the newcomer’s part didn’t seem to be very good to look at.

After Sun Rui finished watching the first episode of the show, she quickly took out her mobile phone and swiped related topics on Weibo while thinking in her mind.
At first glance, she saw several related topics in the hot search.

#《Career Story》broadcast# directly brought the show name to occupy one place and the position wasn’t bad.
Besides, apart from the newcomer Tang Yuying, other guests also had at least one related hot search.
Ai Qiao, Jian Han, and Gu Chenghao were all one.
Li Zhibai, as the most popular young student with the most traffic, directly took three and one of them was put together with Bai Xinyan.

In addition to the hot search topic comparing the magical physique of Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai, Bai Xinyan himself also had a hot search for #Bai Xinyan Xiaotian#.
As a newcomer, it was more popular than other first-line Internet users.
Seeing this, Sun Rui unconsciously felt a sense of pride.
Only to react after a while, she sighed that she seemed to have fallen deeper and deeper into the pit.

Why didn’t she just be his fan? Sun Rui thought about it, and at the same time, she pointed her finger honestly into Bai Xinyan’s Weibo.

Bai Xinyan’s Weibo is actually nothing, but as a senior star-chasing girl, Sun Rui could easily find a lot of information.
The more she looked, the more she felt that Bai Xinyan was the man chosen by heaven.
The magical physique with its own topic and the heat were also too powerful, coupled with the temperament and appearance that wasn’t inferior to Li Zhibai and Chairman Xinghuan’s support, the resources seemed to be very good… This, this was already a super reliable love bean, right? She didn’t have to worry about not getting popular again in the future.

Sun Rui became more and more excited.
The last bit of struggle was almost over, but thinking of the lessons learned from the previous exhaustion, Sun Rui decided to go to the gossip forum to see if there was anything wrong with Bai Xinyan before making a decision.

The hot topic in the gossip forum was related to 《Career Story》 and the derivative posts were almost massacred.
Sun Rui found a high-rise building related to Bai Xinyan and clicked into it.
It was the discussion whether Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai’s performance in the show was real or fake.

The landlord meant to ask whether the two people who specially treated the police dogs were real or fake, but some people understood it as asking whether the relationship they showed was real or fake, so the two topics were parallel and the building was covered very high.

XXL: To be honest, I don’t really believe it, but how can this kind of thing be faked? Can a police dog be trained and controlled to such an extent?

XXL: I think it may be true.
Don’t you remember the incident when Bai Xinyan met a tiger before?

XXL: I thought Li Zhibai was very cold, but how could he be so attentive to a newcomer?

XXL: Is it because the newcomer has a background?

XXL: Why is Li Zhibai so annoying to dogs, has he never been bitten by a dog before?

XXL: I think Bai Xinyan’s background is definitely not just that he was appreciated by the Chairman of Xinghuan because of his righteousness and bravery.
Can Xinghuan give him such a good resource alone? It’s even more impossible for Li Zhibai to treat him with this attitude.

XXL: Li Zhibai’s high-coldness is just a character set that came out.
Except for that face, there is nothing to be a high-coldness person.
As soon as he appeared on the reality show, he showed his true form.
Fans also said that he was dedicated and serious.

XXL: Maybe he has been bitten long ago? But it feels really strange, how can it be this level?

XXL: Did the dogs not even look at Li Zhibai at first? They hate him so much that they didn’t even want to bite him, so he is safe and sounds now 8

XXL: Unless Bai Xinyan is really the reincarnation of a Druid, I really can’t understand this miraculous phenomenon!!!

XXL: I also think that Bai Xinyan’s background is not simple, but his previous news was really not achieved by background.
It can only be said that he was really lucky.

XXL: Do you really believe that this is real? Obviously, it was training and video editing.
How could it be possible to have such an exaggerated physique? Moreover, the two people participating in the show are exactly the opposite, so even if you think about it, it is impossible.

XXL: Bai Xinyan’s ability to see righteousness and be successful is also because of his strength.
It can’t be just luck.
Otherwise, there were many people present at the time, and he wasn’t the only one who successfully saved people.

XXL: I used to be superstitious about science, but Bai Xinyan really made me feel a little mysterious.
He became popular too fast and the related topics were very magical, just… I feel that this person really has a special physique, infinite power, and the reincarnation of the Druid, and there may be some big news that comes with him.
I feel that there is no way to explain it other than mysticism…

XXL: I don’t understand.
How much background does Bai Xinyan have to have Li Zhibai collapse in order to please him? A little friendship with Chairman Xinghuan is impossible, right?

XXL: I don’t think it has anything to do with Bai Xinyan’s background.
Maybe that’s how Li Zhibai gets along with people?

XXL: +1, I think the relationship between Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan is really good.
They are in the same company, so I guess they have known each other before and got along well.
Why do you have to think so darkly? Based on Li Zhibai’s current position in the industry, apart from those big directors and big investors, there really isn’t anyone else he really needs to hold on to, right?

XXL: Anyway, you have picked up Bai Xinyan’s background a few times before, but didn’t pick out anything except Chairman Xinghuan.
Whether he has any earth-shattering background can only be freely proved.

XXL: It’s too hard to fake it and it’s easy to be exposed.
《Career Story》 is already popular enough.
There’s no need to engage in such a risky fake gimmick.
The trend will be true.

XXL: Actually, as long as Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai do a live broadcast or something, or let people verify it on the spot, they will know if it is true or false.
If they dare not to do it, that’s probably fake.

XXL: Er, I have no responsibility to break the news.
Bai Xinyan’s background may be his family.
His family should be quite rich.

XXL: What level of wealth?

XXL: I’m not sure.
Maybe there are at least billions of shares in listed companies?

XXL: That’s not particularly awesome.
You can’t have such good resources at this level, right?

XXL: At least… I’m not sure about the specifics.
Anyway, I heard that Bai Xinyan’s uncle is very, very rich.

XXL: What’s his uncle’s name? Can pick it up

XXL: Er… Forget it.
I’d better not say it.
I just listen to my friend’s gossip casually and if you pick it up, it will be bad if it affects his work.
Out of the building (出楼了).

XXL: It’s not made up, right? Ask for a name and run away? As for the shareholders of the listed company, are they afraid of stealing their identity?

XXL: A lot of gossip bloggers dare not pick up Bai Xinyan.
I believe his background is very diao.
Maybe not just the rich second generation, but the red…

XXL: The person in front said that the rich one is his uncle.
Then maybe his father is an official.
The more it said, the more reasonable it feels.

XXL: …I feel like I’m going to believe it.

XXL: Don’t, don’t jump to conclusions if you don’t have a hammer at all.
Be careful to be used by the marketing account guarding your area as a material to stir up the heat.

XXL: It seems that Bai Xinyan’s background can’t be revealed, so now he and Li Zhibai live to confirm whether it’s more hopeful for him and Li Zhibai to have a Druid physique and the hatred of cats and dogs? (所以现在等他和黎知白直播证实是不是德鲁伊体质和猫嫌狗憎比较有希望吗?)

XXL: Actually… to be honest… Didn’t you find it easy to get slapped in the face about Bai Xinyan? Anyway, I won’t stand in line this time…

XXL: No, not everyone who slapped the face before was said to be fake, this time… you know.
Anyway, I think at least there is no evidence of Bai Xinyan’s falsification.

XXL: …all the roundings mean it can only be true?

XXL: You can still question, but the general direction is probably… you know.

XXL: I suddenly feel that Bai Xinyan’s fans seem to be very happy.
He has a great background and good resources.
He can make a face every time.
This time, his 《Career Story》 obviously feels that it’s going to explode.
It’s probably very comfortable to be a career fan?

XXL: Not only that but also his metaphysical physique has its own popularity.
He’s well-received by the public for being righteous and brave.
The mainstream media also likes it.
The image and temperament are liked by all age groups.
Good luck, passers-by… this young career fan woman decided to go into the pit now.

XXL: ? ? ? So is this actually Bai Xinyan’s Amway building in disguise? Li Zhibai didn’t even have a name after that, it’s scary…

Sun Rui spent a lot of time reading hundreds of posts, but she didn’t find anything to calm her down.
Instead, she saw that she became more and more hot-headed.
She no longer hesitated and decided to start becoming Bai Xinyan’s fan.

After the broadcast of 《Career Story》, there weren’t a few people like Sun Rui who became Bai Xinyan’s fans.
Moreover, Sun Rui was still quite entangled and tossed.
Most of the other people watched the show and had a good impression of Bai Xinyan, so they immediately began to pay attention to becoming fans and then gradually became more and more fans.

The broadcast effect of 《Career Story》 was quite good.
The average viewers rating of the first broadcast on satellite TV was close to 3%.
After that, the broadcast number of the webcast was also increasing and the Internet popularity was still high.
This was only the first issue and it had a good reputation at the same time.
There was no need to worry that the ratings of the next few issues would drop significantly.

Sure enough, when the second part of the police dog episode was broadcast the next day, the ratings and topic popularity didn’t drop but rose.
The audience said that they felt that this reality show was indeed more real.
It was very moving to see the guests training hard with police dogs.
The part of Bai Xinyan subduing the knife-wielding gangster was really exciting!

The pictures in the preview of the next issue had also caused a lot of discussion.
Netizens had speculated on what profession the guests would experience in the next issue, how the director of the program group would embarrass them, and whether the guests would make any more jokes…

Obviously, people who were originally watching the excitement or just watching some celebrities gradually became immersed in the content of the show and became loyal audiences.
The quality of the later episodes of the show was also very good.
The highlights were well maintained, so when the episode of forest ranger was broadcast in the third week, 《Career Story》 was already the most popular variety show that it deserved.
In each episode was broadcast, there would be several related hot searches on Weibo.

So since the broadcast, everyone in the program group had been so happy that they couldn’t keep their mouths shut.

Including Bai Xinyan and other guests, they had obviously benefited more or less from it.
Even Tang Yuying, who had few scenes and the least sense of presence in several episodes, had also increased the number of Weibo fans and topics.

At present, it seemed that Bai Xinyan was, of course, the most profitable.
Although Li Zhibai seemed to be more popular, the topic was somewhat controversial.
However, Shao Ping originally planned to let him make a little transformation through this show and he had already made preparations to deal with these controversies.
Now, on the whole, it was obvious that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
Li Zhibai’s image in the outside world had changed imperceptibly.
In the past, even the expression packs were [indifference], [you don’t deserve to talk to me who is beautiful and prosperous] and so on, but now they were cut out from the show.
There were funnier GIFs and expression packs in the grievances and pity.
There were also a lot of roast accounts to write related small jokes and people outside the circle also followed suit.
Moreover, the original fans also accepted it relatively well.
Their adaptabilities were very strong, so they followed the lord and changed the style of painting.
There were very few fans who took off their vest.

Therefore, Li Zhibai had no dissatisfaction or opinion on the editing of the show and the current situation, let alone Bai Xinyan.

In addition, the two of them had more CP fans unknowingly.
Although they were still far less than Li Zhibai’s original fans, the speed of attracting fans was getting faster and faster.

Regarding these CP fans, Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan didn’t deliberately take care of them.
Generally speaking, although most of the original fans weren’t used to CP fans, they were prone to conflicts, but as long as they didn’t really have a bad relationship with the real fans, CP fans always had a place.
Many times, the corrupted CP fans were more beneficial to male stars than frying male and female scandals because they could attack and retreat.
They didn’t need to directly announce their relationship.
They were always followed by paparazzi and could also gain a bunch of relatively enthusiastic fans.
As for whether the CP would collapse due to the purification of one of the parties after it was fired, that would be a matter of the future.

At present, the CP of Li Zhibai and Bai Xinyan was still in its infancy.
The abbreviation of the CP was still in dispute.
At least in the win-win situation, the agents on both sides didn’t intend to deliberately pour cold water on it.

But in this way, Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai themselves felt a little unlucky.
After all, there were two vinegar jars around and they had to bear their double dissatisfaction.

Bai Xinyan and Yin Heng were okay.
They had “argued” about this before and solved the problem with a kiss.
But other case was different.

For example, although Yin Heng expressed his understanding of Bai Xinyan, when he saw Li Zhibai, his attitude was unconsciously a little unfriendly when he thought of the remarks of those CP fans.
Remembering that most of the reason they fried CP was to help Li Zhibai avoid Tang Yuying’s entanglement, he was even more disappointed during this period of time.

And not to mention Bai Yin, Li Zhibai was still slowing down (his intimidation), slowing (the force), and trying to (lure) him (而白寅就更不用说了, 黎知白那边他还在缓(威)缓(逼)图(利)之(诱)呢, I’m sorry I don’t know how to translate them).
As a result, before he could fully catch the person, there were cults that had gained momentum first.
Naturally, he was out of breath.
And just when he was pursuing “with difficulty”, Bai Xinyan, the “adulter”, also took Yin Heng with him all day long, showing his affection in silence all the time, and then sometimes deliberately stuffed dog food into his mouth, which made Bai Yin more and more suffocating.
Therefore, the object of “asking for a teacher’s punishment” also included Bai Xinyan.

Bai Xinyan and Li Zhibai were very tired after being educated by Bai Yin.
After that, Bai Xinyan naturally went to Yin Heng for comfort, while Li Zhibai couldn’t help but complained a few words angrily and depressed, thinking why Bai Yin taught him a lesson.
He hadn’t agreed to be with him yet.
Besides, it wasn’t that Bai Yin didn’t know that he and Bai Xinyan had nothing at all.
But if he was still angry at him like this, he might be a domestic violence tiger in the future!

In fact, Bai Yin didn’t really look angry, he just said something half-training and half-warning, but Li Zhibai couldn’t help losing his temper, hiding in his room to sulk and didn’t want to go out.

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