66 Scandal (丑闻)


Although he was a highly anticipated star in China, the guests of the show hadn’t received any preferential treatment since they arrived here.
These people who came to do volunteer work weren’t racist or anything, but they weren’t relentless in calling them up.
When they saw that they procrastinate and make mistakes, their attitude was also very strict.
Coupled with the worse living conditions than the domestic mountainous areas, the people in the program group felt a little difficult.
Li Zhibai, who was more adaptable than ordinary people as a demon, was somewhat complaining because there wasn’t much water here.
It was inconvenient for him to clean and skin care every day.

However, they were working hard and volunteering was also very rewarding, especially when the patients were sincerely thanked after they had recovered, all the previous hard work suddenly felt worthwhile.
Staying here for more than a week could be regarded as sublimating their hearts involuntarily.

There were many conflicts and highlights in this recording of medical volunteers, but apart from Bai Xinyan’s physique that seemed to have a panacea, the most exciting was Li Zhibai’s experience of directly encountering a pack of wolves.

The ecology here was still quite primitive.
They naturally encountered wild animals from time to time.
However, for safety, the staff who were residents here know to choose the road that the locals were familiar with, avoid places where people were rarely seen, and avoid walking outside at night.
Therefore, when Li Zhibai went out with the doctor, it was definitely a small probability event that he encountered a group of wolves at one time.

Although Li Zhibai and the others encountered a total of seven or eight wolves, the number wasn’t too many, but compared to the four or five of them, they were obviously still very lethal.
The locals accompanying them were good at hunting, but it was still too difficult to deal with seven or eight wolves alone.
Seeing that the group of wolves didn’t take the initiative to avoid them, but followed not far or near as if preparing to wait for an opportunity, the group was very nervous and quickly tried to contact them for support.
Even if the other party responded that they would come to pick them up immediately, seeing that the sky was getting dark, the pair of green eyes of the wolves became more and more obvious, some people were still so scared that they couldn’t help trembling slightly.

Li Zhibai wasn’t particularly afraid.
After all, he was a demon, but his cultivation was so poor that he couldn’t use to drive these wolves away with his demonic energy.
He might have to stand up to fight later.
He couldn’t guarantee that no one present wouldn’t be injured.

When the sky was getting darker, the greedy wolves finally showed their fangs to them.
Fortunately, at this time, the people who supported them also arrived.

However, after seeing the person who came, except Li Zhibai, everyone else was surprised and disappointed because Bai Yin was the only person who came.

What is the use of being alone? Even carrying a gun wasn’t enough!

Others were in despair, but Li Zhibai was completely relaxed and said with joy, “You’re here.”

Bai Yin smiled a little and said a few words to Li Zhibai without feeling nervous at all.

The other people on the side looked at them with despair on their faces, thinking to themselves, when there were wolves around you like this and you two still in the mood to flirt?

However, in the next moment, they were surprised to see that the wolves who were just now baring their teeth at them and preparing to surround them, for some reason, lost their momentum and shrank under Bai Yin’s casual glance.
After hesitating for a while in the place, they turned their head and ran away with a flinch.
They ran as if some beast was chasing them, which were more cowardly than they were before.

The group went through the crisis so inexplicably.

The process of this incident was completely recorded by the accompanying camera.
Although it seemed a bit anticlimactic, the director specifically asked Bai Yin if he could include this part in the show.
After all, encountering wolves was as exciting as encountering a tiger last time, which was also a rare sight to see.

Bai Yin didn’t refuse.
After Li Zhibai went out again, he took the initiative to accompany him every time.

Others murmured in their hearts, thinking clearly that Bai Xinyan was Bai Yin’s nephew, why did he ignore Bai Xinyan and only care about Li Zhibai’s safety?

In fact, Bai Yin knew that Bai Xinyan had been keeping the big killer Yin Heng on his wrist, so of course, he didn’t have to worry about him.
However, other people who didn’t know the truth quickly found a reasonable explanation.
Bai Xinyan even kicked a tiger.
It was estimated that he wouldn’t be afraid of wolves.
It would be similar to training a dog at that time.
Their family might have a natural way to deal with animals, so Bai Yin drove the wolves away without doing anything.
Naturally, he didn’t worry about Bai Xinyan.

Everyone didn’t mention all kinds of gossip.
In short, after nearly ten days of hard work, they had also finished recording this episode of the medical volunteers, leaving only the final episode to be finished.

The content of so many episodes arranged by the program group was almost all hard work and a relaxing one.
They had just worked hard.
Most of the last episodes could be comfortable.
Therefore, before reaching their destination, many people had discussed their next entertainment plan.

Fortunately, they didn’t get it wrong.
The theme of the last issue was guarding the island.
The island was still well-equipped and had beautiful scenery.
Rounding up, it was almost as if they only travelled and got a vacation.
And because it was the last issue, the director didn’t make any difference in ranking this time.
The first and last places in the last issue were treated the same this time.
They were all enjoying delicious food, beautiful scenery, and luxurious accommodation.

A few days later, the recording of the program 《Career Story》 finally officially ended.

At this time, most of the first four episodes had been broadcasted.
The popularity and response were very good.
No matter how hard the directors and the producers worked they were happy every day.
On the day after the recording of the program, everyone had dinner together.
The director happily said a lot of good things to several guests, including Tang Yuying who had a good attitude, and encouraged them.

“This time when you return to China, it’s estimated that your worth should have increased a lot.
If I have the opportunity to work with you again in the future, you will have to give me a discount!” The director drank a lot of wine and said vaguely, “Especially Xiao, Xiao Bai, let me tell you, my vision must be accurate.
You will definitely be popular this time.
When you shoot or film the drama, I will mention it and definitely buy it.
It must be fitting!”

The producer smiled and said, “You still need to say that Xiao Bai is already popular now.
At that time, everyone will be rushing to ask for his drama and you will need to mention it.” Reality shows weren’t the same as buying TV dramas.
As a matter of fact, Bai Xinyan performed well in the show, but the filming wasn’t necessarily good.
The director drank a little too much wine and boasted.
The producer hurriedly remedied him to avoid Bai Xinyan really taking it seriously.
He would think that the director could buy his drama if he said something about Strawberry TV.

Bai Xinyan didn’t think about it so much and focused on eating.
It was just that other people had some ideas in their minds.
Although the modern social network connected all parts of the world, they were busy recording programs and didn’t have a deep understanding of the real effect of domestic program broadcasting.
Hearing that the director was so optimistic about Bai Xinyan, they were somewhat speechless.

This sense of imbalance became more obvious after they returned home.

After the four episodes of 《Career Story》was broadcast, Bai Xinyan was really popular.
This time was different from the previous kind of intermittent big news accumulated, which seemed to be a little vain heat.
Instead, it had actually surrounded a real circle of fans.
At the same time, he had a lot of popularity, so the circle realized that a new star was about to rise.

Passers-by watching the excitement was still waiting for the next episode of 《Career Story》 to be broadcast.
Those who really paid attention to Bai Xinyan had already begun to wonder about his next work or to explore the possibility of cooperating with him.

He just participated in a reality show and Bai Xinyan already had some high-priced endorsement advertisements coming to his door, as well as many other variety shows.
There were quite a few scripts that wanted to invite him to play in.
At present, Bai Xinyan had at least a second-tier worth!

However, although there were a lot of resources, he had no foundation after all.
The money given by the partner for his current popularity wasn’t small, but it wasn’t enough in terms of professionalism and compulsiveness.
Endorsements were relatively small.
The key was the script of various dramas, which were basically idol dramas with little content or idol dramas in disguise.
They were the kind that give people a headache when they read the script.

It was normal for Bai Xinyan to be mostly given supporting roles.
After all, his true popularity was still unclear.
Unless it was specifically to support him, it was impossible to directly play the leading role.
But if the script didn’t work, it couldn’t be accepted.
Obviously, the outside world viewed Bai Xinyan wasn’t consistent with the route he actually wanted to take.

Fortunately, Bai Xinyan didn’t have to worry about this.
It didn’t matter if he didn’t have a suitable script.
Anyway, he already had a satisfactory script and role to shoot.

For the other endorsements and variety show invitations, Zhang Kai picked them up first and only a few were left to show to Bai Xinyan, but they were all rejected by Yin Heng who stayed with him.

“There’s no shortage of money and exposure, so there’s no need to consume your popularity right now.” As Yin Heng said, he pushed down a few invitations that could be paid at a high level.

Bai Xinyan only liked acting.
Of course, it didn’t matter if Yin Heng pushed him, so he didn’t take up a new job.
He devoted himself to being with Yin Heng every day and worked hard to cultivate to reach adulthood as soon as possible.

《Trace the Source》 hadn’t yet started publicity, but it would start filming next month.
By the time 《Career Story》 was broadcast, Bai Xinyan would join the group.
Therefore, those who were relatively well-informed in the industry had already received some news.

The well-informed news mentioned here wasn’t the industry insiders who could directly contact the crew of 《Trace the Source》, but some gossip accounts.
After all, although the former had known for a long time, they wouldn’t reveal the news casually.
And the gossip accounts who paid attention to the news in the circle would release the information as soon as they got the news to attract attention.

The original work of 《Trace the Source》 was a best-selling novel.
As soon as the news of the adaptation of the film and television drama was brought up, it would have a certain degree of popularity.
Before that, there were actually some marketing accounts that had let go of some fake news and from time to time, there were questions like “Who do you want to appear in 《Trace the Source》”, “The male star who best suits Zhu Ling”, “I heard that he is going to play Lu Zifeng,” and the like, which were speculated by marketing accounts or topics that were hyped up by artists to get the attention.
The book fans had been strolled around several times and even passers-by who ate melons had learned to no longer easily trust online materials and press releases.
Therefore, this gossip account that played the wind didn’t get the attention it wanted at first.

【Trace the Source is going to shoot again? So, when will we see it?】

【I don’t believe it anymore.
I won’t believe it unless it’s officially announced.
Let’s go】

【When did Xinghuan film it, Trace the Source is such a big IP they bought and then put it to ashes?】

The popularity didn’t rise.
Netizens expressed that they wouldn’t give eyes to them.
The gossip account that broke the news almost had a mouthful of old blood.
But it didn’t take long for the wind to turn.

Gossip about those things V: Next month, Xinghuan has a big cake to start shooting.
The starring has been decided.
The melon friends can actively start to guess [doge]

The gossip was still a fairly authoritative big V.
The news had always been quite accurate, especially about Xinghuan, which had never missed it.

When it said this, netizens immediately guessed.
They all wondered what the big cake was.

Xinghuan’s style was a bit old-fashioned.
Basically, they never deliberately let the actors stroll in the scenes they shot.
As long as some artists took the initiative to rub the heat, it was their consistent style to start the game next month without showing any news.
It had to be said that it was very simple.
It wasn’t at all different from other cheap people who had made the masses fly from the beginning of the project.

Xinghuan had a lot of cakes in their hands.
However, combining with the news of the ignored gossip account, someone quickly guessed that it was “Trace the Source”.

Netizens immediately went to the gossip for verification and got an answer that wasn’t clear, but almost implied.
And the other party also revealed some information about the main creators other than the actors.

【Damn, Tracing the Source is really going to be filmed this time!】

【I feel a little complicated… I have been looking forward to it for so long, but now I hear that it is really going to be filmed.
I feel a little more right.】

【Wow, it turned out to be Zhang Cheng, it’s really a big cake!】

【The main actor has been decided? Who is it, can big V reveal it?】

【Xinghuan Investment is definitely a priority for Xinghuan, there shouldn’t be many options for the right position and schedule】

【Report—Someone has already posted a notice to predict who the main actor of Trace the Source will be】

Pushing around, Li Zhibai performed Zhu Ling was quickly recognized by netizens.
After all, the conditions were suitable and the schedule was right.
There were many possible candidates for other roles, especially Lu Zifeng, who seemed to be able to perform a lot, but there was no particularly suitable one.

Bai Xinyan was also an option, but most people think it was unlikely.
Even if he suddenly became popular now, but the male protagonist who directly played Zhang Cheng’s drama? A coffee table with Li Zhibai? Think more.

Even if the two male protagonists were changed to Zhu Ling’s male protagonist and Lu Zifeng’s second male lead, it was unlikely that it would be Bai Xinyan’s turn due to the rigid requirements of this role.

If it wasn’t for the bonus card of Bai Xinyan and Chairman Xinghuan, he would probably only appear on the list of candidates for other supporting roles.

The gossip account didn’t continue to break the news, let the netizens guess, and bombed their Weibo into a mess as they didn’t move like a mountain.
And other marketing accounts quickly spread the big news.
In addition, with some private goods of their own, soon the casting of Trace the Source became the focus of attention in the circle.

But soon, netizens were attracted by new hot spots.

This hot spot was nothing else, but Bai Yin who briefly appeared on the 《Career Story》 program for a few minutes.

With his consent, the director put the content of him that easily drove away the wolves into the show, which really caused quite a bit of repercussions after the broadcast.

Just like the situation of Bai Xinyan’s trolling of tigers before, netizens were having a heated debate again, looking for a reasonable explanation or a fake loophole.
However, after searching around, the most accepted conclusion was that their Bai family might have a special talent in this regard.

But this wasn’t the most sensational part of the netizens.
In fact, the real surprise was Bai Yin’s identity—

Not as Bai Xinyan’s uncle, but as a well-known investor in U Country, who had been known in the most powerful financial magazine, a successful person who was unimaginable to ordinary people.

It was said that his assets were at least tens of billions.

Netizens were immediately shocked.

Of course, they knew people with assets of tens of billions of dollars.
There were many well-known big business executives in China.
It was estimated that many were richer than Bai Yin.
But they had to say that he was so rich but still so young and looked very handsome.
Judging from his resume, he still graduated from a top university.
With the investment vision of genius, he almost started from scratch to reach the current level.
In this way, it wasn’t easy to find someone who was a tall, rich, and handsome man with that talent and appearance.

Compared with Bai Yin, those rich second-generations who were of the same age but only rely on their ancestral shadows to make some small investments and enjoy the pursuit of netizens every day were really not enough.

After confirming that Bai Yin was a well-known investor in U Country, Bai Xinyan’s Weibo immediately exploded.
And for the first time, netizens didn’t care about him, but his uncle.

【Wow, Litlle Cutie, is your family so rich?】

【Seriously, do you still need an aunt?】

【Forget about an aunt, does your uncle lack pets? The kind that sells cute in college!】 (like sugar baby probably)

【Can you let your uncle share a little investment experience, I will be satisfied with that if I can earn 1/10,000 of his income TAT】

【Their genes are so good, I am really envious】

【May I ask what kind of experience it is to have an uncle with a net worth of 10 billion?】

【Coach, I want to learn reincarnation…】

【So Xinghuan treated you so well, did they know about you and your uncle’s relationship? Alas, I thought they were really appreciating the character, escape escape】

【What should I do, I somehow feel that a girl who eats dirt isn’t worthy of being his fans… suddenly sad.jpg】

In addition to celebrities, this kind of gossip about rich people was also popular among the people.
Bai Yin’s experience was quite the style of successful learning.
For a time, there were related articles on various self-media and it became popular almost overnight.

In addition, some regular financial magazines and programs wanted to invite him to do interviews, but most of them were pushed by Bai Yin and only accepted a simply written interview from the most authoritative magazine in China.

Bai Yin’s identity was discovered.
Besides Bai Xinyan, there was also Li Zhibai who became popular.

After all, the scene where Bai Yin appeared was when he was with Li Zhibai and the interaction between the two seemed quite familiar in just a few minutes.

Especially when Li Zhibai saw Bai Yin coming, he was obviously relieved enough to arouse some people’s ambiguous associations.
In addition, the appearance matched the character and was delicious.
CP fans began to appear unintentionally.

Originally, this wasn’t a bad thing.
Although there were a few remarks that ridiculed Li Zhibai for deliberately hugging his thighs because Bai Yin was rich and used his previous good attitude towards Bai Xinyan as evidence, it didn’t cause any storm.

However, for some unknown reason, the news suddenly emerged that Li Zhibai had an improper relationship with Bai Yin.

□□ came unexpectedly and spread to the sky overnight.
Obviously, someone did it on purpose.

The other party not only fabricated a set of decent Li Zhibai and Bai Yin’s improper trade but also had photos and videos.
The video was a surveillance video of the hotel corridor.
It could be seen that Li Zhibai entered the room, and after a while, Bai Yin came over and knocked on the door, and quickly entered.
(对方不仅编造了一套像模像样的黎知白和白寅进行权色交易的经过, I changed it into “improper trade”)

The video was quite clear.
The camera was facing Li Zhibai’s door and his face was clearly captured.
Coupled with the fact that the time displayed in the video was still at night, it was simply conclusive evidence.

In an instant, there was an uproar on the Internet.

After all, Li Zhibai was the most popular little fresh meat at the moment.
Such a scandal with “conclusive evidence”, someone deliberately spread it, which quickly caused a bloody storm in fans and circles.

Shao Ping almost went dark when he saw the video, so he went to Li Zhibai to ask about the situation.

“The video is fake.” Li Zhibai said to Shao Ping calmly, “It should have been edited.”

It was true that Bai Yin sometimes went to his room at night, but of course, it was impossible to be seen or even captured.
At other times, it wasn’t avoided, knocking on the door in the morning or noon that wouldn’t be hidden from other people’s sights.
However, this kind of situation would come out soon, so he wouldn’t stay in his room for too long.

This video didn’t seem to have any flaws, but it was very easy to cut the video of different periods together with the still picture of the hotel corridor.
Although the video had time to display, it wasn’t impossible.

After listening to Li Zhibai’s explanation, Shao Ping finally calmed down a bit.

It was okay if it was fake, at least they wouldn’t to be nailed to death by scandal.

But Shao Ping still had a headache because even if the video was fake, this kind of thing couldn’t be fully explained.
Especially since someone deliberately targeted Li Zhibai and spread the news all at once.
There might be a later move.
In this way, Li Zhibai’s public impression was estimated to have stained a bit.

“Who is the one who has a deep hatred for you and made this happen?” Shao Ping frowned.
Li Zhibai knew it was hard to avoid being jealous.
However, other than that, he had never really made enemies with anyone.
When Li Zhibai’s accident happened, it was normal for some people to fall into the pit, but this incident wasn’t a small skill.
In a short period of time, before they could react, they pushed the scandal all over the place.
The cost was at least several million.
And this person also got the hotel surveillance, so they almost didn’t take another intimate photo.

Shao Ping took a deep breath and said, “You stay at home for now.
I’ll discuss with the public relations department how to respond.
Let’s put things down first.”

Li Zhibai nodded, but he wasn’t as anxious as Shao Ping.

His mind was quite simple.
Anyway, the other party was fabricating and spreading rumours, which had no impact.
Moreover, the other party also brought Bai Yin to him.
With Bai Yin’s temper, he would definitely not make the culprit easier.

Thinking about it this way, he had nothing to worry about.

When Xinghuan’s public relations department was nervous, Bai Xinyan, who was slow to respond, just saw the hot video on the Internet, and exclaimed to Yin Heng after realizing it, “Wow, it turns out that my little uncle has an affair with Li Zhibai!?”

Yin Heng: “……”

Although the video was fake, it didn’t seem that it was wrong for them to have an affair?

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